with the entire 360

It’s too hot for anyone to move, let alone pack up. Lardo’s stuff is mostly gone from the room, except for the paint stains on the ceiling, which Nursey suspects will outlive everything in the Haus. Except maybe the couch. Then again, he’s pretty sure that Bitty’s first official ruling as captain will be to burn the couch in effigy, so anything could happen, really.

It’s late enough in the afternoon that the sun is on the other side of the Haus, leaving the Reading Room cast in a shadow that offers him and Dex some reprieve from the unrelenting sun. Even still, Dex put on sunscreen before they climbed out, and Nursey has chirped him enough times that it’s lost a bit of its luster.

He has no idea how they’re going to survive the next two years in a fairly small room together. They’re friends now, but they still argue all the time, sincerely or not. Not to mention their clashing schedules and their differing study methods and, oh, the fact that Nursey’s had a stupid crush on him for at least the past four months. “At least” because he’s fairly sure he’s been attracted to Dex since at least the Final Four last year and has been repressing it for his sanity’s sake.

As if reading his mind, Dex says, “I think we’ll manage it. Living together.”

Nursey raises an eyebrow because it’s too hot to move anything else. “Oh really?”

Dex smiles, a small smirky little thing that is completely unfair, Nursey is already so hot and now he’s bursting into flames. Dex says, “Yeah, I mean. I know we have our differences, but I respect you as a player and a person, and I think we have a good relationship, despite it all.” He shrugs, turning his head to lazily look at Nursey. “I’m glad it’s you, at least.”

It’s such a 360 from when Dex spent an entire day staring at a quarter stuck in the floorboards that Nursey can’t help but be an ass about it. “Not to scare you, Dexy-do, but that was hella gay.”

Dex smirks, full on, and Nursey’s heart starts pounding despite himself. 

Then Dex winks. He fucking winks.

Oh yes, Nursey thinks, the next two years will be interesting indeed.


v a p o r ・ t r a i l | marin county, california

Artist: Lorenzo Montezemolo | [tumblr || instagram]

If your bucket list doesn’t include visiting one of the Pacific coast redwood forests, it’s time to get updating. This trail (Matt Davis/Steep Ravine) from Stinson Beach to the top of Mt Tamalpais in Marin County, California is one of my favorites. You begin at the ocean and journey nine miles through half a dozen microclimates before reaching the top of Mt Tam. At the summit, you’re treated to a 360-degree view of nearly the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Along this great trail you’ll find brooks, mossy bridges, redwoods, ferns, fog and banana slugs. The trail isn’t particularly difficult, but there are a few ladders to help you on the more challenging parts.


if you watched the eclipse from a place where it was 98% and thought to yourself “I don’t need to go see the 100% of the eclipse, it’s only 2% it’s not that much different” BOY HOWDY were you WRONG and you MISSED OUT

98%, with glasses: there’s a glowing banana in the sky, neat

98% without glasses: it’s a bit colder and other than that you don’t notice anything

100% with glasses, glowing banana slowly vanishes, neat!

100%, without glasses: the last fifteen or so minutes before totality feel unsettling and erie in some fundamental but unidentifiable way. The sun is shining, but it’s cold enough to put on a jacket (an hour ago, you were sweating in the shade). The light has changed subtly. It’s dimmer, but not twilight-dim, or any other kind of dim you’ve experienced in your life. It feels like you’re wearing sunglasses, but you can’t take them off. Like twilight, it’s cold and dim, but the sun is still directly overhead. It’s weird man. Suddenly, over the course of fifteen or so seconds, the lights just go the fuck out like God turned down the dimmer switch. You go from erie daylight to twilight, almost instantly. You look up. There’s a black hole in the sky, surrounded by a glowing white halo. People around you scream and gasp in awe. Stars appear. We saw Venus. The sky is dark blue, fading to a slightly lighter shade towards the horizon. Turn around- there’s a 360 degree sunset. All around you. Everywhere. The entire horizon is pink and orange. And there’s a black fucking hole in the sky. And it’s glowing. Almost three minutes later, at the edge of the black hole covering the sun, a ray of white light bursts forth from a single point, the brightest thing in the sky, like the tip of a heavenly sword heralding the return of the sun. Look away, but don’t put on your glasses- the next fifteen seconds is the light coming back, just as suddenly as it faded, again, like a dimmer switch. Watching the world around you go from twilight to sunlight in fifteen seconds is the most unnatural and beautiful experience. Then, it’s over, and you can put on your glasses and watch the glowing banana become a glowing potato become the sun again. It really is a religious experience, and I’m an atheist. Imagine experiencing that as someone with no scientific knowledge, who didn’t know it was coming! A sunny day, an erie quality to the light and an unnatural chill, then god steals the sun for two fucking minutes and replaces it with a hole in the sky. Then, with a bright burst of light, it’s back. The total solar eclipse isn’t something you watch, it’s something you experience.

Basically, 98% is like a normal sunny day, just a bit chilly. Totality is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before in your life.

So anyway my mom and dad and I drove up to Wyoming to see it. Dad and I kept going north to Montana to take me back to school, and Mom headed back south to Colorado. We had no traffic on the way to Montana. It took us a little over three hours to get from Boulder, Colorado to Orin Junction, Wyoming, and it took my Mom thirteen hours to make the return trip. She texted me after she left (four hours and twenty miles down the road) to say it was still worth it!

My theory on the new AD update (really just the painting tbh):

First, I definitely think Olai is an Arrow sibling, and the eldest.Crow and Raven refer to him by name, implying that they are close with him (not emotionally, but in a familial way). Raven mentions his “moods”, so they’ve known each other long enough for her to have noticed a trend in his behavior. (And if they’re always as destructive as the room we’ve seen, “moods” would definitely be an understatement that she makes due to the familiarity of their occurrences.)

We’ve been given a large view of their mother’s study (not an entire 360 degree view, but we get it) to see only Odin’s picture on the wall, so I’m guessing that he was originally favored by his mother over the other Arrow siblings. He appears closer with his parent(s) anyways - he’s got his mother’s ring, he’s mentioned a “role” from them (not a “job”) that he won’t shy away from (like an inherited royal position, as seen by the crown/diadem thing on his head), and the others don’t seem sentimental about their mother, seeing as they’re all cool with her study being destroyed. But if for whatever reason Odin was favored by his mom, I can totally see Olai being super jealous and treat him horribly (let’s keep in mind that, while they’ve employed Merita to clean house, Odin has been starved) - ample reason to destroy his portrait.

There was also a curtain drawn over it? That usually happens when said person has caused shame unto their family, or has died. And I think he died. I think the placement of his hand over his hip (while a common enough pose for royal figures) can’t be coincidental with that huge scar Ava saw with the Limbo-Lenses.

I wouldn’t be surprised though, if the curtain had been drawn over him due to causing his family shame. We know Odin seeks redemption of some kind (finding the hosts??) to make things right with his family. Until then, Olai has no problem taking out his anger on his brother’s portrait.

Something worrisome I noticed is that Odin is way too young in the portrait, and it’s never been updated. So either he did something wrong and no one wants to commission a painting of/paint him - or he or his mother died before it could be updated. Cue Pedri, who, by the looks of the portrait, had not found a host in Odin just yet.

Meeting Your Maker

A short time after the events of Tron: Legacy, Sam finally brings Alan in on Flynn’s big secret.  The Grid. After becoming more familiar with the new world, Alan decides to try and find his old program, Tron…

(This short story also has illustrations after the Read More cut!  Comments on here or AO3 are very much welcomed!)

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Alan had never been all that great at riding motorcycles.

Fortunately, in this world, that apparently didn’t seem to factor in as much. The high-speed whine of his light cycle cut through the silence of the Outlands as he sped on, the lights of Argon City still bright behind him. He found it a bit unnerving that despite going at such a high speed, there was no perceptible wind on his face; yet somehow the tail of his overcoat managed to flap in the non-existent breeze.

Perhaps something about me being a User and expecting my coat to react causes it to react? How much am I subconsciously affecting without realizing? The implications made him nervous, so he tried distracting his mind with other matters.

The Outlands looked as if they could continue on for miles… or the Grid’s version of miles, at least. The signal was growing stronger though, so he had to be getting close. He briskly took a turn at a large snowbank and saw a large strangely pointed mountain peak above him. Bringing the light cycle to a stop at the base of the mountain, he got off and examined the area.

There’s something about this mountain, he thought. I can’t explain it, but I know if I was going to hide somewhere… it’d be here.

He placed his outstretched palm experimentally against the rocky wall and closed his eyes. Even with them shut, he could sense the vague lines of circuitry running through the matter in front of him. One circuit in particular gave him a little tickling sensation in his head. He opened his eyes and traced a line down that circuit’s path.

A large shifting movement startled him, as he realized a large slab of the wall beside him had pushed in and away, revealing an entrance.

Okay then.

Alan uneasily entered the darkened cave. Suddenly, lights ticked on around him in a sequence that followed him as he walked, illuminating a simple elevator at the end.

That’s… certainly interesting…

The elevator brought him up smoothly into a huge open interior. The large area had what appeared to be one-sided windows along the entire stretch of walls surrounding it. A perfect 360 degree view of the outside. So this was all hidden inside the mountain , he marveled. Pretty slick, Tron.

He walked up the small staircase in the middle of the room, which lead up to a platform overlooking the section of Outlands he had come in from. As he was about to stroll up to the windows, he stopped dead in his tracks.

There was something lying near the window ahead of him.

A body.

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non exhaustive list of best yariyumi moments in no particular order

  • “feed your meaningless pride to the dogs” “you said dog, archer?” “yes, if you have any pride you should get rid of it right now” iconic. eternal. the original and ultimate. this is the equivalent of archer 360 noscoping cu from across the entire map with an insult. nothing else could have possibly made cu this fucking mad. archer had talked to him 1 time before at this point but he Knew. 
  • that whole part where archer smiles more while getting his ass kicked by cu than in the entire rest of the anime combined. that was genuinely the most fun both of them had in the entire grail war and probably in the entire vn to be tbh
  • “he praises the spearman in blue from the bottom of his heart” that relatable moment where you’re half dead from trying to block a nuke with your mind but all you can talk about is how cool the dude who fired the nuke at you is
  • their first fight in the prologue where cu’s like “ok so who the fuck are you” and archer’s like “you’re so strong and talented I don’t even have to ask who you are” I’m only barely paraphrasing here yall archer was having a Moment there
  • cu replying with “you flatter me, archer” but with that murder smile. thenks ufotable for my life.
  • fgo material mentioning how they’re literally destined to always run into each other across grail wars like what kind of star crossed lovers BULLSHIT i’m eating it right up
  • archer being a nuisance at cu’s fishing spot in fha and then getting mad at gilgamesh for doing the same because he was TRYING to have some BONDING TIME here gilgamesh don’t be such an insensitive DICK
  • that one time they crashed shirou’s pool date with saber and ate his lunch
  • that other time they were already at the pool together & fucking obliterated rin & shirou at volleyball 
  • the time where they tried to break into the exclusive pool party illya was hosting
  • shirou calling them “that macho servant duo”
  • that one bit where you’re going home from the play at the temple and they exchange like 4 lines on screen while they’re going home together but each of those lines is a thinly veiled mortal insult and they’re smiling while casually going for each others throat
  • “if you want a servant capable of hooking up there’s always the child of light” I still can’t fucking believe this happened fate/extra is a good game. archer could’ve cut that extremely uncomfortable conversation short so much earlier but he just HAD to mention cu as someone his at that point not even subtext anymore crush should hook up with. buddy.
  • that one convo they have in extella where cu’s like “hey archer!! pay attention to me!!” and archer’s like “gladly, you’re really strong & amazing and its a gift getting to watch you fight” and cu’s like “what” that was good
  • “let’s go all out and have our usual fight” BITCH!!! I’m still hollering over this i cant beLIEVE how much I got pandered to with first order. “servants only vaguely remember previous summonings” my ASS
  • then they banter about how they created a paradox in their attempts to kill each other once while archer’s got his swords at cu’s throat like clearly he wasn’t all that intent on actually killing cu that’s just how they flirt
  • cascu: anyway let’s fucking fight
    shadow archer: :)
  • cascu saying “but to think he’d be using a bow” with a smile shadow archer saying “such petty fancies are the death of a bowman” when he notices he’s disappointed that cu’s leaving thenks type moon ace for my life your shadow archer will always be the superior one
Trampoline AU

Title: Moments

Pairing: SasuHina

Summary: He fell in love through her smile, her breathless laughter and how real and ethereal she is. For him, she is more than enough.

It was a mid summer’s dream when he saw her wild indigo tresses flouncing around with the sticky humid wind. 

She was young, breathless and full of love and fervor. It’s like the sun has sucked out of its rays and blessed it upon this small, cheerful and happy little girl bouncing on the trampoline at Konoha Park. 

Sasuke was only six years old when he fell in love.

He was six years old when he realize that one day he will anything to be with her and just like the rubber of the trampoline and the weight of the little child jumping on it, life decided to take its up and very very dark downs. 

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days / min yoongi

getting over him was harder than you thought

min yoongi angst

 One day.

 You still couldn’t believe it. You sat alone in your living room, dressed in black, sitting in dark silence. You were still waiting for his phone call, his texts, him.

 He’ll text, you thought, you believed, you were trying to convince and reassure yourself. He’ll come back.

 Two days.

 This time, you were in bed, staring at the ceiling, letting your mind drift into a hundred different places. Hugging your pillow, you took in the sweet scent of men’s perfume on the pillow.

 You imagined that the pillow was him. Hugging it tighter, pulling it closer to your heart.

 Your heart still believed that he would come back.

 Four days.

 You were slowly starting to lose hope, but you couldn’t give up; you wouldn’t give up. Any second, he could walk through the main door, take off his shoes, pull you into a warm embrace and kiss your lips.

 Any second now.

 A n y m o m e n t n o w.

 Seven days.

You were starting to completely lose it; you were going insane. You couldn’t handle it anymore; you couldn’t wait any longer. All you wanted was him. All you wanted was a way to release the pain and longing that’s been in your chest for the longest time.

So, you decided to destroy things. You broke plates, threw things around; the biggest tantrum you’ve had since you were a child that didn’t get her ice cream.

You let out the loudest and the most painful scream that your throat could muster. You didn’t give a shit if the neighbours would hear and complain. All you wanted was a release.

Reality was starting to kick you in the face, in the chest, in the heart. He was not coming back. He is not coming back.

And for the first time in seven days, you cried.

You cried for him.

Ten days.

Your heart has lost all hope; your mind screams for him; your heart was craving for him. You felt like you can’t handle another moment without him.

You miss him so much; it can’t be put into words. You miss his laugh, his lame jokes, the way his nose would scrunch, his tight hugs, his sweet butterfly kisses, the way he lets you know that he loves you, him.

But no amount of hope can bring him back.

Twelve days.

Hello! You’ve reached me, and if there’s anything important that you have to say, leave a message after the beep! And Y/N, if this is you, I’ll get you food and I love you!”

Fifteen days.

So far, you haven’t left the house. You were living off ice cream, sappy television shows, delivery and ready-to-eat food. The house you once shared with the love of your life, the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, was a complete mess.

The place you called ‘home’ didn’t feel like home anymore. It was empty and quiet and there was no more joy and love.

You didn’t bother to clean up; why should you even bother? There’s no point in keeping the house clean anymore.

Tissues were strewn everywhere, used and broken plates were left all over the house, dirty clothes and random things were littered everywhere.

The house was a mess, just like you without him.

Twenty days.

 You woke up in the middle of the night crying. You reached for the ‘him’ that wasn’t there, just to realise that the other half of the bed was completely cold and empty. You cried even harder when you remembered what you dreamt of.

 You dreamt about that day, the day.

“All I ask of you is to be around a little more, to spend a little more time with me, to put in a little more effort!” You were so tired of being lonely at this house, waiting.

“I work for twelve, thirteen, fourteen hours a day, just for our future, Y/N, why can’t you understand that?” He was equally as annoyed as you, he was so exhausted. He didn’t come home to be lectured and fight with you.

“I’m sorry that I can’t always be around and spend time with you, I have a life besides you, you know?”

He was screaming back at you, his eyes blazed in fury that you’ve never seen before.

“I’m not asking you to choose between me and work and your friends, all I want is for you to spend a little more time with me! Do you know how lonely it gets at night without you?”

“And do you know how tired I am? Do you think I want to live this way? Please, Y/N, I’m exhausted, I need some space.”

You couldn’t believe the words that came out of your mouth, “Then go get your space. Get out.”

The moment they came out, the pit of your stomach was filled with regret. This was the exact opposite that you wanted.

“If that’s what you want,” he spat and walked out the door, not taking another look back.

And that was the biggest mistake of your life.

Twenty-seven days.

If you could have a time machine or a magical spell, you would turn back the time. You’d do anything to change the past. Too bad that that was impossible. Life only moves forward, there are no slow motions, back forward, fast forward or pauses.

Your heart ached as you remembered the rest of the ordeal.

You were so angry, yet so guilty at the same time. You contemplated calling him, but stopped yourself in fear that he’ll snap at you.

It was nearly one in the morning, and anything can happen in the night. Despite the bugging feeling in your chest and the fear of his safety, you decided that what’s done was done and went to sleep.

He will come back in the morning, right?


The sound of your phone buzzing woke you up from your slumber. Groggily, you picked up the phone and you got over your sleepiness when you realised who was calling.

“Hello? Oh my God, jagi, please come home,” he cut you off before you could say anything more and the next three simple yet bittersweet words that came would haunt you for life.

I love you.”

And he hung up.

When the news reached you the next morning, you felt your entire world take a 360 degree turn.

And it was all your fault.

Thirty-four days.

It’s been more than a month, and you decided to get over yourself and clean up a little. You were disgusted at the state of your house and how much trash that has accumulated over the past month due to your broken heart.

You were cleaning your bedroom, sweeping the floor, when you swept a little box from underneath your bed. You’ve never seen this before. Was this his?

Opening the box, your heart was beating at the speed of lightning.

It was a diamond ring.

Forty days.

You visited him for the first time in forty days. You weren’t fully ready to visit, but you went anyway.

The place was empty and the wind was crisp, the wind blowing at your hair. You sat down on the grass, put down the flowers and started to talk.

“Hey, jagi, how are you? I know it’s been long,” your eyes started to water uncontrollably.

Not even a single sentence and you already lost it.

“I really miss you, you know? I didn’t even get to tell you how much I love you,” your words were starting to get incoherent, and you began to stutter your words.

“You left so abruptly, so unexpectedly, at such a young age,” your emotions were starting to build up, and everything was pouring out like a waterfall.

“Why didn’t you stay that night? Why didn’t you fight me? Why did you just go like that? Why didn’t you scold me like you always did? Why did you leave me? Why did you have to go?!”

“Now I have to suffer and live miserably, because you’re no longer around. But jagi, if you love me, why’d you leave me?”

Memories of that night came crashing down upon you and the guilt in your chest intensified.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, it’s my fault that you’re gone,” your voice dropped to a whisper.

And the entire graveyard was engulfed in silence.

Sixty-two days.

You found yourself making your way to your boyfriend. Playing with the diamond ring on your ring finger, you started to talk.

“I didn’t get to say this before, so I’ll say this to you now. If you’re out there somewhere and listening, Min Yoongi, I love you. I love you so much. And I miss you. I know that there’s no way that you’ll ever come back, and I won’t ever get to experience your hugs and kisses anymore, but that’s okay. It’s what I deserve anyway. I love you.”  

There was a sudden gust of wind, and you felt as if the wind was pulling you into an embrace.

And somehow, you knew that it was him.

Eighty-three days.

Life for you was slowly going back to normal, you’ve started to go back to your usual routine. You were slowly turning back into the Y/N Y/L/N that everybody knows and loves.

You were finally starting to let go and move on.

Ninety-nine days.

You were walking along the pathway, plugged into your earphones, completely unaware of your surroundings.

As you were turning, you weren’t paying attention at all and you accidentally bumped into someone.

You yelped as your head made contact with his, and you fell to the ground.

“Oh my God, miss, I am so sorry,” he held out his hand and you opened his eyes to look at his face.

He looked slightly familiar.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” you flashed a tiny smile at the stranger, who seemed to be staring at your face, as if he knew you before.

“It’s alright, anyway, I feel like I know you somewhere,” he flashed you an adorable gummy smile, which made your insides melt.

“Really? I don’t recognise your face,” you stared at his eyes, that seemed oh-so familiar to you.

“Strange, anyway, what’s your name?”

Your mother once told you not to talk to strangers, but you ignored it anyway.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N, nice to meet you!”

“That’s a pretty name, I’m Suga and why don’t we grab a coffee one time?”


A week ago, Dave and I along with a solid crew of five others, headed out west to ride the Oregon Outback. It’s a 360 mile, self supported ride that traverses through the entire length of Oregon, 75% of which are on dirt, gravel roads and the occasional river crossing. The ride was, for lack of better words, epic. I can tell you about descending down 40 mph on loose gravel or going up steep climbs, again on loose gravel, with a bike weighing about 60 lbs with gear. That endless dirt road that vanishes in the distance or bunny hopping a couple of snakes, hopefully with success. Although these are quite memorable, the one thing this trip reminded me is the remarkable places you can go and the amazing people you can meet with just a push of the pedal. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this or you wouldn’t be there reading this…

In case you were wondering, we ended up covering 380 miles (we got lost once and took a crucial 14 mile burger detour) in 3 ½ days, 30 hours moving time. Now please excuse me while I hop on a much lighter bike and try to go fast again.


New Year’s Eve with Shawn

Note: My family has a lot of traditions when it comes to New Years Eve. While spending time and celebrating with my family tonight, I couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to have Shawn there with me. So this happened. 



Shawn is with your family for New Year’s Eve. You guys wanted to be together for the holidays, but since he lives in Canada and you live in Hawaii you couldn’t exactly make it to both your families parties in the same night. You worked out a plan to spend the holidays with both of your families. Since his family was very big on Christmas but didn’t do very much for New Years, you met him up in Canada as soon as you finished finals at your university and you spent Christmas with him and his family. A few days after Christmas, you both flew to your home to ring in the new year with your family. It was a good compromise and allowed you both to spend the holidays with each other and with your families. 

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7x23 “Survival of the Fittest” // 8x01 “We Need To Talk about Kevin”

The Look over the Shoulder: Predator and Prey, Hunter and Hunted

Part 2 of ∞ in the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”: A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series (Previous Part)

“Standing too close to exploding Dick, sends your ass straight to purgatory.”
- Dean Winchester explaingng to Sam where he’s been the past year in 8x01 “We Need To Talk about Kevin”

Season 8 opens in the wilderness, miles upon miles of woods. Right in the middle, somewhere in the middle of nowhere a small tent. Two teenagers camping being woken by something happening, a bright light illuminating the Darkness, then steps around the tent, a shadow, creaking pieces of wood. Jeremy Carver not only chose to pay homage to the very early days of Supernatural by referencing and paralleling Dean’s escape moment from purgatory with 1x02 “Wendigo” (as previously mention in part I), he also decided to start into the season with an opener reminding of the beginning of every “Monster of the Week”-episode. The exception being that this time Dean Winchester is framed as the monster scaring the campers and with that setting up one major theme that would carry Dean’s arc throughout all of Carver Era: The fight against the monster within.

The shot over the shoulder is a very effective and common one when it comes to introduce the anatagonist and in this season premiere Dean fills that role for the two teenagers out there in the woods looking feral, dangerous and covered in blood from head to toe probably like their worst nightmare come alive. Confused Dean asks where he is, because while campers probably were hard to come by the woods as such don’t look all too different than the forest Dean had come to know as purgatory. But much more important than his first question to make sure he’s truly back topisde is his second one:

“Where’s the road?”

Because the road, that’s all Dean ever known. Navigating the roads across America like they were the backpocket of his jeans, the highways and backroads are like his compass, so asking for the road and not “a way out of the woods” is telling especially as this season’s underlying theme has always been playing with the notion that inside/outside as categories don’t really exist or rather that being out of purgatory doesn’t mean purgatory is out of you. And that very struggle we see in Dean’s PTSD for the first couple of episodes of S8. They show Dean’s problems with re-adjusting to normal life minus 360 degree combat for 24 hours for an entire year.

“Well I didn’t mean to kill anyone. At first… But I guess if you eat enough predators, you start to become one.”
- Chef Leo to Dean about how he became a killer in 9x05 “Dog Dean Afternoon”

How well Dean assimilated and embraced the simplicity of purgatory - kill or be killed - shows in the flashbacks of the first episode of Carver Era, because there Dean doesn’t seem out of place as he himself feels when him and Sam take a motel for the night

and Dean looks more than a little uneasy with the walls around him (like a caged animal) or how he prefers sitting on the hard cold floor rather than a comfy bed, because that’s what he was used to for a year. But in purgatory, in purgatory we see Dean in his element. Where S7 left with Dean looking over his shoulder to look into some red eyes and scared and running for his life, come S8 we see Dean take that place, be the one to stand behind the monster, hunting them down almost strategically. He’s made himself a name, “the human”, they call him, a flesh and blood human being trapped with a million of monster souls and he survived. Came to appreciate the easiness of not having to think about whether or not one of those monsters may be good or not or would have deserved to live and was victim once too. It was a question of survival and in that moment Dean was able to shut everything else out. Interestingly enough however, his experience in purgatory did not strengthen a black and white kind of thinking, but did the opposite: made Dean embrace and understand via Benny that there are millions of shades of grey between black and white. And therefore deemed it only fair to haunt a vampire’s soul within his body to the otherside, literally embracing the monster inside and released it from his left arm back into the world. One seemingly small action, but one that did foreshadow three season’s worth of Dean’s story. More on that specific pattern in the next installment of the “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”-Series titled:

“The Perfect Vessel: Dean as the Carrier of Souls and Bearer of the Mark of Cain”.

they call it an xbox 360 because if you see it you gain the ability to heat earth’s entire atmosphere to 360 celsius for 10 minutes, destroying almost all multicellular life and most evidence of human society’s existence

Marina Joyce #2

Post #1 - this has everything I noticed about her video “Date Outfit Ideas”

This video will mainly concern her videos “QUESTION AND ANSWER”  and “WHY I’M VEGAN”  and “EVERY DAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL”

Now, in her Q and A, she begins the video looking genuinely pretty happy, and looking into the camera. However, what is weird about this video is just her overall behaviour. Throughout this entire video, she is speaking very quickly, repeating almost everything she says, using over exaggerated hand movements, especially when she is addressing the “You’ve changed” comments, but honestly, the way she was addressing it and continuously repeating everything she said, it felt like she was more trying to convince herself everything was okay and that she hadn’t changed, and not trying to convince us. I may be reading into that too much, but that was just my first thought regarding the way she addressed everything. 

Also, this is the video that began to spark a lot of the allegations of her drug abuse. And, honestly, it’s pretty evident as to why people would think that. Many people are saying that her behaviour is a result of using speed. You just have to read the first few comments on that video to realise something is wrong, if you didn’t realise it already. 

Now, if you skip ahead to around 3:47, you can see her glance over at something/someone next to her camera, and her entire demeanour just changes from being excited and smiley, to suddenly very sad. Her mood does a visible entire 360. And this happens again at around 3:55. You know when you’re laughing and having a nice time, and you look over at someone and they’re frowning and shaking their had at you, and you feel your entire mood just drop and you almost feel fear run through your body? That is what I feel happened, it’s the exact reaction people would give in that situation. She kind of backs away from the camera slightly and then there is a jump cut to her being all happy again.

Now, to the “WHY IM VEGAN” video. She is acting similarly to how she was acting in her Question and Answer. For example, blinking a lot, and opposed to pausing her sentences, instead she just breathes in, and repeats herself a lot, just like in the Q&A. At around 1:45, she sounds like she’s about to cry, or throw up. Also, throughout the entire video, there is a piece of paper on her bed, some people are saying that it’s a script. I personally don’t know how much I believe that, but I can also see why people would think that. Her video’s recently do seem scripted.

I couldn’t find much else to address from the vegan video, so I will quickly address her makeup tutorial too. Now, she doesn’t introduce the video, like she usually does, she just kind of jumps straight in, and again, she appears to be looking at someone or something next to the camera for the majority of the video. Now, at 1:44, the camera angel changes slightly, exposing more of her room, and this time you can see a shot gun propped up against a cabinet in her room.

Now, as far as I am aware, guns are illegal in the UK. I believe you have to own a licence to own one. Now, why would Marina have, or need a gun? That is something both worrying, and intriguing me greatly.

There is also medication*? on her nightstand next to her bed. This could be anything, really. Medicine, nyquil, or drugs. 

Also, at 2:03, there is a random, unexplained change of location and outfit. Why did she film this on different days? What happened?

At 4:31, you can briefly hear a car engine in the background of the video, and you see Marina look out of her window, and again, her demeanour appears to change, and then she almost appears to be in a rush just to finish the video, not even filming the process of her mascara/eyeliner application, just showing what it looked like after. She then ended the video very quickly, and then the outro was only around 10 seconds long, and she appeared to of filmed that on a different day too. Before the video fully ends, in the finally couple of seconds you can see Marina look away from the camera, and suddenly look very sad and defeated, yet again. 

Teenage Days – Pt. 2

Summary: I really don’t wanna spoil it… Just read and discover.

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Words: 1300+

Warnings: Angst

Parts: 01

A/N: This was requested from a few of you, sorry for the delay but it just felt right till now. I know it doesn’t continues from where I left the first one shot but bear with me, please? Also, I’ve read a couple fics with this song as a “prompt” or inspiration and had to do one myself. Hope you guys like it :* (Gifs are not mine and my baby Riri just an example of a singer)

Let me know what you think?


Your entire life took a 360 spin when you first got discovered in a bar singing karaoke just for fun with your friends. Those events were nine years ago and you’ve been traveling the entire globe spreading your music ever since. Today was one of those nights you had to performance in a neat and nice lounge at Downtown, Kansas. You always loved this kind of set ups, they are more intimate and the connection with the crowd was on a higher level.

“We should perform that new song you recorded last night.” Steve, your guitarist proposed.

You shook your head, finishing putting on your nude lipstick. “I recorded that song because I was feeling sentimental.”

Steve sighs, rolling his eyes lightly.

“You guys are up” the manager of the place told the band.

You took a last look of your attire, red tight dress, *your hair color* curls went all the way to your chest.

“You look perfect” Steve said with a smile before walking into the stage.

Full of excitement for this performance, you turn and slowly enter the stage – the room is dim you only could mostly see some people’s faces around the almost full bar. Your heels clicked on the wood floors as you approach the microphone standing in the middle of the stage. As always, your eyes scanned the room finding a man sitting in a bar. He is wearing a black suit, white shirt, and his tie loosely undone. Having a sip of his whiskey, he looks down drowning on his own thoughts. Somehow he reminded you of that boy you met in high school that changed your life. You smiled to yourself, wishing he was the same boy even if it was clearly is impossible, since he’s lacking the superior cockiness on his posture.

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