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AU where bitty is on the lacrosse team and manages to keep the lax bros out of smh’s hair long enough that the boys start to get suspicious

word count: 2252

edit: part 2 here

Bitty has never been the biggest fan of confrontation. On the contrary, he spends a great deal of time avoiding most conflict these days. Even on the field, confrontation is Bitty’s mortal enemy, a fact proven by the way he freezes up and nearly passes out every time someone threatens to check him.

There is one place Bitty accepts (if not exactly welcomes) confrontation, though, and that’s in the safety of the lax house. Or, more often, the safety of the front lawn of the lax house when the pesky hockey team across the street starts trouble. Realistically, he knows his own team contributes to some of the bickering and fighting that goes on on that lawn, but more often than not it’s the hockey team who barges over uninvited to complain about this or that.

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Watanabe Mayu starring in her drama as Kiriyama Saori in Sayonara, Enari-kun ep. 1 (170430)

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Bodhi/Cassian + “What time is it there?” - “We’re in the same time-zone.”

otp drabble challenge

The fact that Bodhi is very clearly exhausted is evidenced by the fact that the sound of his phone ringing startles him so much that he falls off the couch he’s been lying on (just resting, he’s told himself, not sleeping or anything – never mind that he’s clearly fallen asleep). His unruly hair falls into his eyes and he pushes it back, blinking blearily as he looks for his phone. He spots it dancing on the coffee table to the sounds of Do You Think I’m Sexy, his boyfriend’s name and picture flashing on the screen. Barely half awake, he reaches for it and hits answer.

“Took you long enough,” comes Cassian’s voice before Bodhi can even say anything. “I was starting to think you were dead.”

“Dead to the world,” Bodhi yawns. He curls against the couch, folding one arm o the seat and resting his head against it. “What time is it there?”

“You’re not overworking yourself again, are you?” Cassian answers instead.

“’M not overworking,” Bodhi protests. Not technically. He’s just…working. After all, it’s summer break and not everyone’s lucky enough to be on a community service project in Brazil. The fingers of his free hand go into his hair, twirling the strands. He sighs softly. “If you were here I wouldn’t be overworking. What time is it there anyway?” he asks again.

“We’re in the same time zone.”

Bodhi yawns again, closing his eyes. “I’m sleepy, Cass, not stupid. We’re not in the same time zone. What is it, like…five there?”

“We’re in the same time zone, Bodhi.”

He frowns, making an annoyed sound. “If you’re going to be that way–”



“Open the door.”

“I don’t want to open the–” He pauses, frowning deeper. “What?”

The doorbell rings.

Bodhi sits up, turning to look at the door, then at the phone. His heart starts racing. “How did you…”

“Open the door, Bodhi.”

He stands, goes to the door. “I swear, Cassian, if I open the door and see you there…”

“You’ll what?”

Bodhi can practically hear Cassian’s grin. He opens the door, and sure enough, there’s Cassian with a smug grin on his face, duffel bag in one hand and his phone in the other.

Bodhi hangs up, shakes his head. He doesn’t know what to make of this.

Cassian pouts. “What, not going to invite me in?”

“You’re a right arse, Cassian.”

“Yeah, but you love–”

Cassian doesn’t get to finish that, because Bodhi’s curling his fingers in his shirt and pulling him close and kissing him and making this very satisfied sound in the back of his throat and Cassian could not be more pleased with himself.

you find her on the ship.
you find her, and you understand
why your brother could not leave her behind.
her hair is like the gold 
like wheat in the times of harvest
like the white hot dunes of your home
of troy.
(helen of troy. you think
the name will fit her quite nicely.)
still, when you look into her eyes
you swear you can see the world crumbling around you,
kingdoms collapsing into dust.
you swear you can see the end of times,
that you can hear the languages of the apocalypse.
(you start to think
that perhaps you will never see your son 
grow into a suit of armor.)

you beg your brother to fight.
he does.
he fights boldly, valiantly, courageously,
and he loses.
he loses and then he crawls to your feet,
crawls to you like a man in the desert searching for water
rust dripping from his mouth and hands shaking
crying like the little boy he is.
you say you want to die for love
you remember snarling.
but you know nothing about dying,
and you know nothing about love.

you did not realize how true your words were until now.
‘is this what you left me for?’ menelaus screams at the sky
and you are ashamed to call him your blood.
embarrassed that the gods cursed you with kinsman weak as him.
but he is still that.
your family. your blood.
he is my brother. 
he is my brother.
he is my brother.

you push your sword through the warlord’s chest
as he tries to take your sibling.
somewhere in the distance,
you think you hear a brother’s scream too.

you fight achilles with an inferno in your veins 
and an avalanche on your lips.
he is the ocean.
you are the storm.
and gods, what a glorious catastrophe you make.
you dance with each other, swords flailing, sweat dripping
and the feral grimace on your face
feels all too much like a smile.
this is it.
this is what you were made for.
a slip of a sword, a split second opening,
you swing your arm and see blood
and your muscles scream triumph and your head glory.
but your soul screams something else. 
dread builds in you as you realize the king of the myrmidons
has gone down too easily.
you take off his helmet
and you for a moment, you are certain
it is your brother’s eyes looking back at you.
he looks so frightened,
so scared.
you know nothing about dying
do any of them? do any of them at all?
'he was his cousin,’ odysseus tells you. 'patroclus.’
it does not matter who he is.
it does not matter at all.
(you have killed a child.)

you see him waiting outside the gates,
wearing the armor of the child you slew.
he is like a ghost.
(if you saw armageddon in helen’s eyes
you are sure you see hell in his.)

'there are no bargains between lions and men’ he says.
you wonder if that is what you’ve always been
a man in a world of lions.
you once dreamed of becoming something great
of hearing your name whispered
with reverence, awe, and wonder.
(you realize now that it will not be your name
that will last through the centuries.
it will be his.)
hector. breaker of horses.
hector. the fool who thought he’d killed achilles.

—  hector of troy // you will be remembered as the demonstration of his rage

Persona 5 x NDRV3 Kaede Finishing Touch                                           

2nd place of top 5 Survey from Ndrv3 char tumblr P5 crossover selection
Idk what quote more fit for her kjahskajshkjajshas

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character aesthetics: simon lewis- the mortal instruments by cassandra clare

“Is this the part where you tell me you’re secretly in love with me? Vampire mojo strikes again