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Tweek, what is the cutest thing that Craig does all the time that he finds totally embarrassing?

TWEEK: haha, well. he talks to his guinea pig sometimes and- i don’t know!

TWEEK: it’s like?? sometimes he keeps a conversation going with Stripe just like that OR he just says a bunch of sweet things to him and it’s.. really cute to watch?

TWEEK: ah- sorry if that sounded weird. but yeah!

I don’t want things.

I don’t want fancy dinners, expensive gifts, or to be spoiled with things.

I want crazy adventures. I want midnight talks about the meaning of life. I want to inspect the stars. I want to dance barefoot under the wide open sky. I want to drive all night to see the sunrise. I want to hike the Swiss alps. I want a Moroccan sunset. I want to find the best milkshake in the USA. I want to fly down a back road hanging out the window screaming The Rolling Stones and George Straight.

I don’t want a love that looks good on camera. I want a love that feels good in my soul.

I don’t want someone who tries to rein in my wild side. I want someone who sets it free.

Family Boardgame Night
  • Kankuro: Temari, relax, it's only Scrabble. It isn't even possible to cheat at this game anyway.
  • Temari: You were picking the letters you needed when I wasn't looking!
  • Game: *flies off table, loud arguing and fighting ensues*
  • Gaara: *remains silent*
  • Gaara: *looks into the camera like he's a character from The Office*

Now it’s cut to what I assume is a military base, probably that lit up boxy structure the camera rose up from the alley to show.

Going from the dossier that was briefly shown, the guy in the alley is “The Freezing Alchemist,” so I guess he… does alchemy with cold things? Man I have no context for what “Alchemy” actually means in this setting.

At any rate, now we got a dude with an eyepatch and a kick-ass mustache. And behind him is… Well, it’s a map, but I can’t quite tell of what. I think it’s this city?

you tell me
that I am not alone
with bright eyes
through a dim screen
and a warm smile
that lights up
millions of people’s lives.
and as i sit here
in dirty sheets
watching your new video
i wonder
what does that mean?
because i, of course,
am not alone.
i am surrounded by family and friends
some even found through a unanimous joint love
for you.
but I will never know how you pick clothes in a store
or how you hug your partner when they’re sad
or what you talk about
after you turn
the camera
and so you tell me
i am not alone
and as I sit here
in dirty sheets
watching your new video
i realize
of course i am.

of course i am.

I am saving up for a new camera soon; Canon EOS 6D. I can use it to record video too, which means I will most likely start making short films again! I used to film and make videos a lot when I was younger, but I haven’t for years now since I don’t have any camera to record with anymore. I think after 10 years with the same old camera (Canon EOS 350D) it is time for an upgrade. I am so happy and curious about what the camera is like, and I can’t wait. There will also be lots of new photography again. I haven’t felt inspired to photograph nature lately because I only have my phone camera, which is not good enough for me. I can’t wait to start photographing properly again, I have really missed it.

I am going to one of my cabins (the one I haven’t been to in a very long time) in the middle of March, and I will try to get my new camera before that trip so I can photograph and film when I am there. I am not that often in that cabin because it is much further away and in the winter it takes over a day to get there, because we have to use snow scooters to drive in the snow (there are no roads to the cabin, only nature and forest and water). I can’t wait to be at the cabin again, far away from society. It will feel wonderful. There is no wifi or phone data connection there either, so it will feel truly like a break from society.

I work a lot to pay rent, and even though I am far better off than many people on Earth, I still feel tired sometimes. Getting away from society feel like the only way I can truly rest.

Septic Super Week Day 7: What I want to say to Jack. It’s pretty much all the video I did for the #HeartsForSean project that the community did ^-^

I wish I could have said all this stuff on camera but anxiety said no :3 but at least I was able to do it in some way :)

@therealjacksepticeye if I’m somehow lucky enough that you see this, thank you for everything. You’ve changed my life more than you’ll ever know and I’m so happy that I found you and your channel! You bring me joy every day and never fail to make me smile, even when anxiety and depression are at their worst. You mean the world to me and hopefully one day I will be able to begin to repay you with hugs! Meeting you is a big dream of mine because you’re my hero ^-^ love ya, Jackaboy <3

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you should draw anti and mark and the gang with the silly emoticons bonus points if you do one with lenny

I mean yeah i will! But i don’t have my camera, which means i can’t upload drawings.

See my problem? 3 *cries*

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the height difference in the scene of Betty and Jughead (or Lili and Cole? Can't tell if they were filming) walking in the snow? My heart melts everytime.

they are filming. at least in most of them. the cameras are pointed at them and the boom mic is being held over them. plus, the people that took the pictures put a description of what they saw being filmed, “Betty’s Mom (Madchen Amick) overtakes Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Betty (Lili Reinhart) walking through the snow. The Cooper family stands in a huddle happily chatting.” 

their height difference is pretty adorable. i mean, nobody will ever top the height difference between my miles and lola, but it’s still really cute. i believe cole is quite tall, like 6 foot 

  • Rowena: Let me tell you a story.
  • Dean: Okay!
  • Rowena: Once upon a time, there was an angel, and he descended into Hell to save a Righteous Man... *proceeds to tell Dean & Cas's story* and today they are still alive, as best friends.
  • Dean: Best friends!?! You mean after all this, they don't get together!?! Why?
  • Rowena: Yes, I do wonder why...
  • Rowena *looks directly into the camera*

[shot of pidge playing overwatch. the team she’s on has just lost horrendously]

pidge: gg guys

[confession booth]

pidge: (to the camera) i always make sure to say ‘gg’ at the end of the game

cameraman: (off camera) even when it’s not a good game?

pidge: what? oh, no, i’m not saying ‘good game’, i’m saying ‘get gay.’ well, i’m also kind of saying ‘get good’, but ‘gay’ and ‘good’ pretty much mean the same thing in my book.

pidge: ‘gg’ can also mean ‘good gay’. keith and i like to say that every time we pass each other in the hallway.

(shot of pidge walking through the hallway. she passes by keith, who is holding a small alien)

keith: oh, hey pidge. gg

pidge: gg to you too my dude

What I’m actually quite surprised about is that no one seems to be talking about this scene

I think this is the first time since the Cup of China that Yuuri really doubts himself and his ability to win gold.

What’s also fair to mention is that the camera switches to Yuuri’s point of view for a moment and we are shown what he sees and I can guarantee you that there is meaning here. Because what is he looking at? The empty bed beside him and his left hand. And shall I remind you of the last moment his left hand was relevant to the visual language of the story?

Right there.

He’s thinking of Victor, and the fact that he’s not there. We know that because he just woke up asking “where’s Victor?” and a few seconds later mentioned Victor again (I’ll get to that in a moment), but I think it’s also fair to note the good direction of the show when we can tell that even without Yuuri explicitly telling us.

Right after asking himself the above question, we see a montage of successful jumps which plays in Yuuri’s head.

There, we see Phichit, Chris, JJ and Yurio - his competition, people who Yuuri knows are stronger and more skilled than him. We also know that he immediately begins comparing himself to them through a compilation of his own falls.

We can assume that these are from the last Grand Prix Final, which is probably what really bothers Yuuri. That this isn’t the first time he’s standing on such a large stage, but that he is in fact returning to it after a terrible failure. Rather than thinking that he’s not the same person anymore here, Yuuri worries that it will all be the same in the end, that he will fail again and will find himself devastated just like that time:

None of this is explicitly stated but we can tell it from the images we are shown and from the sheer proximity we have with Yuuri - he’s narrated most of the story for us and we can tell how and what he thinks by now.

Yuuri then desperately buries his face in his pillow and says this:

This again reaffirms the importance of his relationship with Victor. Just waking up without him there makes him think of his insecurities and weaknesses again. We can easily connect this to the Rostelecom Cup, how he competed there alone and also the first thing he did when he saw Victor at the airport. To some degree, Yuuri needs Victor by his side to feel good enough for the competition and about himself. Assuming that Yuuri was getting over his jetlag and napping, he probably hasn’t seen Victor for less than six hours but just this much is enough to affect him (which, in a way, makes it easier to imagine how difficult the Rostelecom cup must have been for him).

And on one hand you could say that it shows almost concerning dependence on Victor, but on the other it’s merely an expression of Yuuri’s own insecurity because his mental weakness and his anxiety haven’t just magically disappeared. It’s only that now he’s found someone who makes him strong, someone who’ll stand by his side and believe in him. He wants Victor to be there and he finds it difficult to deal with himself and his own thoughts when he’s not. That’s realistic, to say the very least.

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate this scene because it’s short but it’s really well made and illustrates Yuuri’s thoughts and feelings before the Grand Prix Final well, but it easily gets lost in the onslaught of exciting moments that is episode 10.

  • Allura: Shiro, if I understand correctly, you are a Child of the Leap?
  • Shiro: Excuse me?
  • Allura: Keith and Lance were telling me that, on Earth, every four years you have one extra day, and children born on this day are the "Child of the Leap", a person who takes way longer then others to age.
  • Shiro:
  • Allura: I must say that this is fascinating! It only makes sense that someone with such a honorable day of birth is the pilot of the Black Lion! Unfortunately, they said that this also means that you are way younger then I assumed. So please, tell me more about being a Child of the Leap.
  • Shiro: *looks at the camera like he is in The Office*

(Read right to left like a manga!) 

ZEN’S VALENTINE’S DAY AFTER ENDING GAVE ME LIFE. It was so perfect~ I have so much work to do, but I needed to get this doodled out real quick. 

I brought this up when I posted the CGs on my main blog. But there’s no lie that Zen and MC are going to bang it out on every possible surface of Rika’s apartment. 

The thing is, there are cameras inside the apartment. I mean, I think it was mentioned in a route that they’re only in the hallways (supposedly.) But still. There are cameras.

May God have mercy, 707.    


And Victor knows enough english to have his phone settings in that specific language, remember how in episode 10 he had it in Japanese? Well I’m sure he changes it once in a while just to be able to get used to the different languages he currently knows or is trying to practice. But why is this important?

WELL BECAUSE IT MEANS ALL THESE FIRST PHOTOS, WERE TAKEN BY NO OTHER THAN VICTOR HIMSELF. YUURI IS POSING JUST FOR THE RUSSIAN MAN. And the thing is, Yuuri’s looking directly to the camera in the first picture, and you can actually see how the person behind the phone (Victor) is trying to focus the image because god the other boy is pretty close. Just imagine Victor when he took the first one… Yuuri’s fingers are really close to one side of the camera, as if he’s trying to get the phone from Victor’s hands…

…so did the russian dork just tried to approach him, seeing as Yuuri was already dead-drunk, he might have thought it had no point asking, he just wanted something that’ll help him remember this gorgeous/crazy boy, but the moment he was ready to take the first photo, Yuuri noticed and it all began from there. Either way we know Yuuri just followed along, which of course lead to the rest of the photos in Victor’s phone.

And see this?! Yuuri is literally posing for the other man. Before the pole dancing and the dance-off with Yurio, everything started with just Victor and Yuuri, taking these goofy photos while everyone is just staring. What is Yuuri even trying to do… I have no idea, but I’m sure Victor loved it.

Oh! Victor Nikiforov wants a commemorative photo?”

The boy is just dancing as he drinks, to what we could assume is maybe a classy song played for the banquet guests, and all this just for Victor. He has the man in front of him, and we don’t know…

…maybe he is trying to mimic some of Victor’s past routines?! Even if that’s not the case and he’s just dancing for the sake of the booze in his head… We do know that this boy is trying to impress his childhood idol by dancing his heart out in front of the other’s camera.


I can’t even begin to imagine Victor’s delight. I’m sure this was a first for him, he must have been thinking how true it is when they say you only live once, and more so when it comes to things related to Katsuki Yuuri.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: There's unused animation for Umbra peeing and a dog camera mod that wasn't implemented, even more there's is a cat camera mod and animation for cats climbing around pipes in a train station in Niflheim whose a map wasn't implemented either, also there's the twitter picture of Gladio playing basketball when will I get shirtless Gladio basket minigame? One of the buildings in Insomnia has a football/soccer field inside. Why would they put that and leave it unused if it wasn't to make it useful later? When will we know why Cid and Regis fought? We never see past entries on the lovers notebook. Ignis mentions that Pryna is always with Luna while Umbra does deliveries. When will we interact with her? does she have the same powers as Umbra or can she do different things? when will we see how Luna awakened Ramuh or Titan, Shiva telling her about the covenants at age 13, her struggle and suffering because of said covenants, she traveling to Lestallum, the full extension of her powers like the barrier she raises in the omen trailer? We never saw Galahd nor Libertus again even though there's a lot of unexplained lore around the place like their music, tattoos, hairstyles, patterns, dishes and there's even concept art of the place they have a river where Noctis could go fishing. What parts of Ardyn's past was erased from history? How did Ifrits betrayal play? When and how did he make a pact with Ardyn? Tabata said the team was working on a massive unannounced update and there's so many things to expand on the game what in the heavens are they working on also what could Ignis DLC be about that is so closely related to the history of the game, the concept art screams heartbreak and I'm not ready there's so many unexplained things I-