with the cake on his face

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Dad!harry would go all out for his daughters 7th bday, he would have pony rides and small rides in the back yard and everything would be decorated to her fave princess. He'd also get matching shirts for you, your daughter and the grandparents that say happy birthday to (D/N). And she'd be so happy and her friends would be there to enjoy it. Anne would be so happy because her first granddaughter is already 7 and ugh ;((( I can picture how happy he'd be

He’s also going to be documenting the entire thing. Every second of that party, he’s got his camera up and is taking pictures; pictures of his little girl opening her presents, smiling while she rides around on the pony, bouncing in the bouncy castle, getting cake all over her face, and he’d take a ton of family and group shots so everyone can have a picture with his little girl to help remember the day.

When everything is said and done and clean up is finished and the grandparents and friends have gone home, Harry will carry his newly 7-year-old daughter to bed - basically asleep in his arms already - and lay her down gently before tucking the covers in around her and giving her a kiss. And she’ll just peek one eye open and sigh before rolling over and cuddling into her pillow, muttering something that Harry can barely make out but it warms his heart.

“I love you, daddy.”

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Do you think Jin didn't want to speak because he was upset he didn't get to go for his graduation?

I don’t know, I’ve seen a few “theories” (I say theories because no one really knows lol) but I just took it as maybe rap monster said what he wanted to say and he freaked out and got nervous so he let jimin speak OR I’ve seen people say that jin thought leeteuk said jimin ssi instead of jin ssi (or jimin thought it idk) so jimin spoke instead.

I’m sure jin was upset he couldn’t attend his graduation because jimin said in the vlive that he was but he hid it (ahh my heart TT) but I’m sure he’s fine with it!! I mean did you see his face when jimin and hobi came in with the cake, he’s was super happy and touched! and they won at the ganon awards so I’m sure he’s fine :D

of all times shinee smashed the bday cake on each other the funniest fcking thing was jonghyun running to the end of the stage with taemin behind him holding a piece of cake the size of his arm and jonghyun trying to duck in to escape but going face first into the cake instead I swear to g ofdgj

Syrian kids deserve a chance to feel the childish joy of running out of their houses at the sound of an ice cream truck and buying ice cream

Pakistani kids deserve the chance to go to an amusement park and feel the rush of the wind in their face as they try the biggest rollercoaster in the park

Afghan kids deserve a day to sleep in and wake up lazily to the warm glow of the sun and the sound of happy voices coming from downstairs

A young Iraqi girl deserves the chance to discover the amazing world of cake decorating and realize that she was born to decorate incredibly stunning cakes

A boy from Uganda deserves to fulfill his dream of becoming a singer because his whole family and all his neighbours always praise his beautiful voice

A little Somali girl deserves to know all the different art mediums that exist so she can explore her God given talents as an artist and mesmerize everyone with her work

A brown man enslaved in Kuwait deserves to wake up early and surprise his wife with breakfast in bed and to hold her in his arms

A little boy in North Korea deserves to feel the nervous excitement as he gets on a plane to fulfill his dream of traveling the world

A Palestinian girl deserves her chance to stun the world with her superior acting skills, a surefire Oscar winner if the world ever knew it

A Kashmiri boy deserves a chance to delve into the world of literature and be the greatest poet we ever knew

A Native girl in Canada deserves to find out she’s an amazing swimmer and fulfill her dream of one day competing in the Olympics

A Sudani boy deserves to feel the excitement of seeing a magic trick for the first time and then putting on his own little magic show for the neighborhood

An Egyptian girl deserves to find out she can make the best blueberry muffins you ever tasted and she opens her own bakery to discover she’s a talented businesswoman as well

A black boy in America deserves the chance to graduate from his dream law school and become the best humanitarian lawyer to practice

A Nigerian boy deserves the chance to wake up at dawn and go on a beach trip with his friends so they can catch the sunrise and stare in awe at the explosion of colours against the sky

A Yemeni girl deserves to feel the exhaustion after spending an entire day doing dares with her friends and she goes to sleep with a smile on her face

If they were born on this planet, they were meant to be here. Everyone deserves a chance at a life. They deserve to know peace.

The daily struggles of the children around the world should include arguing with their parents about not wearing a sweater because it’s not that cold out, not making sure they live to see another day.

Everyone deserves a chance at life.

Do what you can to save humanity. Change starts with you.


🌸 I made a cake for my friend’s birthday last week!! 🌸

I present to you ヴィクトル・ケーキフォロフ !!! \(^♡^)/

good maybe underrated moments in tst

• sherlock throwing a cookie in his mouth and missing
• sherlock being gay and referencing the musical Oklahoma
• “Mr. Holmes!” *mycroft and sherlock simultaneously* “Yes?”
• john drawing on a balloon to make it look like himself and even the balloon looks hopelessly in love with sherlock
• sherlock and toby thanks
• the gay power ranger reference
• “I don’t know, you tell me!”
• baby rosamund throwing the rattle in sherlock’s face
• sherlock accepting being rosamund’s godfather for cake
• sherlock having his siri set to a man’s voice…hmmm lmao
• sherlock standing there eating cookies with his coat half off of his body
• the flower !!! behind john’s ear!!!!
• sherlock when mary was going into labor
• sherlock texting in a church..relatable
• the scene when john mouths lestrades name to sherlock is basically just Screaming that theyre married
• “i love acronyms, all the best secret societies have them”
• the elephant on mycroft’s fridge 🐘
• mycroft opening his fridge to find nothing there and closing it
• mycroft claiming to be wikipedia
• sherlocks fake world war 3 deduction that he did just to be dramatic and have fun
• sherlock’s phone not having a case..his heart is so exposed
• john and sherlock ??? together???? in 221b??? sherlock solving crimes and john blogging about it like they do i’m going to cry
• sherlock smashing that thatcher bust 🏳️‍🌈


Andrew “biggest little shithead” Minyard is an expert at first impressions.

Honestly idk why Neil didn’t /immediately/ fall in love with him I mean come on. First second face to face and he’s already taken his breath away.

Also David Wymack is a saint I don’t know how he puts up with these fuckers.

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Post-Baltimore Scene

AU where Until Dawn is an award winning movie and all the characters are actors in it. Just imagine.

  • Josh and Chris aren’t allowed to do interviews alone together for reasons that no one is allowed to say
  • Sam constantly brings the cast and crew coffee and hot chocolate every time they shoot in the snow
  • Bloopers of Mike constantly falling on his face as he’s doing his “heroic” run to save Jessica
  • Jess in the background laughing at him every time he falls on his face
  • “Fuck nuggets”, “Scared the blue out of my jeans”, “Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake”, and everyone other creative curse was completely improvised by Mike
  • Emily accidentally hitting Ashley while filming the slap-scene and Emily freaking out and apologizing
  • Theres a tabloid rumor that Mike and Matt hate each other and got into a fist fight on set, when really they just had a heated argument over who gets the last donut (Josh stole it while they fought)
  • Josh and Jess constantly forgetting their lines
  • Ashley going out of her way to meet fans and sign pictures for them
  • Mike taking every sexist question that Jess gets during interviews
  • Chris doing the same for Ashley and Josh doing the same for Sam
  • Matt not needing to do that, because Emily can handle the situation on her own
  • Matt visiting sick fans in the hospital
  • Hannah and Beth being famous twin actors, and the marketing purposefully misdirected it so it looked like Beth and Hannah were the leads to make their “deaths” more shocking
  • Josh and Hannah staying in their “villain” makeup (ie the psycho mask and wendigo makeup) and hiding in people’s trailers to scare them
  • Matt and Jess, during their first interview together, ended it with Jess beatboxing and Matt freestyle rapping. It becomes the most liked video on youtube
  • Emily being the queen of dubsmash, and it spreading to the whole cast constantly doing them inbetween shots
  • The guys having paintball games in between scenes and Ashley and Sam joining in only to destroy them
  • There’s several bloopers of Josh and Chris leaning forward about to kiss only to start laughing
  • “what were all thinking it” is Josh’s reasoning for ruining so many shots
  • Interviewer: “Who was your favorite member to shoot with?” Beth: “My sister of course. She’s my best friend and I wouldn’t want to do this without her”. Hannah: “Awww… mine was Mike”
  • Interviewer: “What was your favorite scene to shoot?”. Ashley“The Saw scene since it was so intense and and special effects were so amazing that it looked so real”. Chris“When i got to kiss Ashley” *Smirks*
  • Sam confirming the fan theory that her character is gay
  • Interviewer“Which fate would you want, death or wendigo?” Josh“how about a happy ending for my character instead”

some marching band robbie hcs for this lovely au by @seidurstown which i love to death

  • freshman robbie drank a milkshake before going to summer practice and has never regretted anything more in his entire life
  • he’s really good at slides (marching one direction with your body facing forward at almost a ninety degree angle) and it’s terrifying 
  • if robbie wasn’t playing the alto sax his horn angle would be atrocious 
  • (even now it’s not great but neckstraps are life savers)
  • robbie’s plume has never stayed in it’s proper angle in his entire marching band career 
  • robbie rotten managed to eat a piece of cake on a moving bus and not get one crumb on his uniform. magic is likely involved. 
  • he has gotten beaned by at least three different color guard members
  • he names all of his reeds and genuinely mourns their passing
  • (”farewell rottenella the third! you never squeaked during that part in the first movement, unlike some reeds” [[significant look at rottenella the fourth]] “you were a real hero.”)
  • robbie’s favorite stand tune is the horse, followed by crazy train
  • he and the other altos, and a few clarinets, bet on which trombone is going to mess up suicides first. he is currently undefeated. 
  • (”how do you know, man?” “you can see the hesitation in their eyes”) 
  • robbie always ends up next to the judges at competitions. he made one cry just by staring at him once. 

+ bonus sportarobbie

  • sportacus always wishes robbie good luck right before the halftime performance even though robbie insists he doesn’t need it. 
  • (he adds a kiss on the cheek once they start dating and robbie turns redder than his uniform)
  • sportapuppy makes this really sad face if robbie doesn’t eat his post-halftime fruit so he takes to having one bite and making a disgusted face
  • (it’s worth it to see how his face lights up)
  • sportacus encouraged robbie to become a drill instructor (DI) even though he was really scared he wouldn’t be any good at it
  • (”you’re going to be great, darling. i know it!” and he was) 

To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing how long it takes Kenma to notice.

Of course, he’s known Kuroo for forever. He’s seen him as a baby, seen him cry when he was attacked by a pigeon, seen him with cake smeared all over his face because he fell asleep at his eighth birthday party, seen him vow to boycott Disney after Bambi’s mother had died.

That sort of thing is pretty hard to be attracted to.

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I gotta say  – that bit with the birthday cake, the advice for his son – was kind of stupid and ridiculous. Mostly because he once again couldn’t come up with any believable answers - let’s not even try with “good” answers anymore. If he had just written a card to his son and said he felt pressured about it because as he said it was the first thing he was writing to his kid, wouldn’t he be able to share some of the advice he wrote on it? 

But literally his advice to a 1 year old is “WORK HARD. Don’t take yourself seriously.” This is a ONE YEAR OLD. The hilarious part is when he was first asked, his first answer was “Oh, I don’t know.” Didn’t he just write a card??

It was cringey, but honestly, I was just laughing too hard. His face gave it away too – he was just so weirded out and unenthusiastic about the cake. He was staring at it while they guy was holding it wondering what on earth to do with it! HAHAHA


(reposting this cause i didn’t like the bg color of the old one;;w)

also bonus: 

he bought a cake for his bf and put a makkachin candle on it; viktor, the best bf ever?? yeah i think so

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Please grace us a valentine fic revival time? I hope 2017 Mulder and Scully are still in love in this day :)

I couldn’t resist a little Vistor/Resident follow-up :)

He brings her lunch at work - a double order of sweet potatoes from Teaism and a sandwich for himself - and they eat together in her office, splitting a cupcake at the end of their meal.  She produces it from her desk drawer with a smile.  It’s apple spice cake, and it tastes like his grandmother’s recipe.  He licks his fingers clean and watches her dab crumbs off her face without removing her lipstick.

“You know Valentine was a martyr,” he says.

“I’m Catholic,” she reminds him.  She smiles wryly. 

“Not everybody’s versed in the mythology,” he counters. 

“Mulder,” she says, “first of all, I’ve spent long enough around you and studying ritualistic killers to have made a moderately exhaustive study of religious icons of any number of faiths.”

“Second of all?”

“Second of all, everybody knows that Valentine was a martyr,” she tells him.  

“Who’s your saint?” he asks.  

She smiles again.  “Catherine.”

“Of course,” he says.  “Who better than a princess who could out-argue anyone and who devoted herself to a higher cause?”

“Of course,” she says simply.  “My saint’s day always got folded into Thanksgiving.”

“We’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day in the office,” he says. 

“Is this leading up to some convoluted proposal?” she asks.  “Because you don’t usually devote lunch to hagiography.”

He reaches into his pocket.  “You know how to suck all the romance out of a room, Scully,” he says, setting a small box on the desk between them.

She looks at the box and back at him.  “Mulder.”

He nudges it toward her.  “Just open it.”

She reaches out and takes it, opening it gingerly, her eyes locked on his.  Gold gleams gently against the dark velvet inside the box.    

“It doesn’t have to be a wedding ring,” he says, as she reaches in and takes it out, rolling it between her fingertips.  “I had my mother’s jewelry melted down.  I wanted to make something new.”

“We already made something new,” she says, her eyes luminous as she looks at him.  

“This is it, Scully,” he says, taking her hand.  “For me.  This is it.  You’re it.  I just wanted to mark the occasion.”

She hands him the ring and he slips it onto her finger.  It doesn’t look like an engagement ring or a wedding band, exactly, but it looks right on her hand.  He cradles her fingers with his and it’s a perfect moment, as magical as he might have expected from a wedding.  They gaze at each other and he knows that this time, they’ll manage to make a life together that doesn’t draw the darkness to them.

“Don’t forget we have dinner reservations after therapy,” she says, and it sounds like a lifelong vow.

“I’ll be there,” he promises.

He goes back to work, feeling the absence of the box in his pocket after carrying it for weeks back and forth between his desk and hers.  It’s a Tuesday, like and unlike any other, and he will never be the same.  He passes a window and realizes that his reflection is smiling.  

Back at his desk, he takes out another box and opens it to look at his father’s wedding ring.  He weighs it in his palm for a moment.  His father, misguided, a man with poor instincts and worse friends.  His father, who wasn’t there when he needed him.  But his father was a patriot too, and loved his children.

He hesitates a second more and then slips on the ring.  It fits him, and he thinks of genetics, the link between his father’s hands and his own.  He opens his desk drawer again, takes out the photograph of William, and tucks the corner into the frame of the photograph of himself and Scully.  He’ll get another frame for it tomorrow, but no member of his family will stay in the darkness.  They are all made whole on this day of martyrs.  They are done with sacrifice.