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Ciao Sere.. oggi è il tuo compleanno. Oggi un anno in più, oggi un nostro ricordo in meno. Oggi non ti ho fatto gli auguri subito, sai, l’ho fatto apposta. Ti ho scritto poco fa, solo un semplice augurio nella chat di WhatsApp. Oggi mi sono ricordata la nostra amicizia, la nostra strada percorsa insieme, le nostre risate, le nostre cazzate, i nostri pianti, le nostre telefonate, i nostri “segreti” e le nostre parole. Ricordavo la nostra amicizia prima che Amanda ti portasse via da me, e prima che tu andassi via con Amanda. Traditrice. Non voglio ricordarti come “ex migliore amica”.. ormai mi fa male definirti ex. Sai, alla fine mi manchi anche se devo dirti che sei una stronza. Mi hai lasciata sola ma non importa, anche io ho trovato i miei veri migliori amici. Questa è la mia lettera di auguri per il tuo compleanno che non ti invierò mai. Oggi, in questo giorno speciale, il 22 marzo, vorrei ricordarti in particolare tutte le cazzate che abbiamo fatto insieme.. come quando ti piaceva Vincenzo e facevo di tutto perché vi parlaste. E quante figure di merda ho fatto per far sì che accadesse qualcosa.. e quanto ridevi per tutto ciò che facevo. Quando ti parlavo continuamente di Federico e non mi sopportavi più, e tentavi di farci parlare o almeno salutarci. Ti ricordi quando alle due di notte stavamo ancora insieme a parlare, ridere e sdrammatizzare tutte le cose brutte della giornata? Quando ci chiedevamo consigli a vicenda su come vestirci, come il giorno che non sapevo con cosa abbinare le Vans blu, e mi prestasti una tua canottiera, quella bianca che amavo tantissimo. Sai, mi manca parlarti di tutti i miei problemi, e mi manca ascoltare i tuoi. Mi manca quando mi telefonavi mentre piangevi, ogni giorno con un problema diverso. E sai, mi manca aiutarti, e mi manca essere aiutata da te. Mi manca un po’ tutto della nostra amicizia.. mi manca anche quando il giorno del mio compleanno uscii solo con te, a quella festa, e ti giuro, ci andrei altre mille volte con te… mi manca dirti TUTTI i miei problemi, le mie paure e le mie paranoie, e sentirmi dire da te “sei  paranoica, complessata”, mi manca perché mi dicevi la verità. “Sei troppo ansiosa”, così mi mettevi ancora più ansia. Ma non importa, c’eri tu. Quando feci un viaggio di tre ore per vedere Federico, e sei stata l’unica che mi ha fatto compagnia con messaggi e chiamate per tutto il viaggio, e alla fine, stranamente, Federico non c’era nemmeno. Lì un altro pianto, e lì un’altra tua frase dolce. E ti ricordi quando andasti al mare con Gaia e Alessia, dicendomi che saresti rientrata presto? Ma ti avevano lasciata sola, e allora io andai a prenderti e uscimmo insieme. E quando ascoltavamo canzoni vecchie e ricordavamo tutto? Basta, non voglio ricordarmi altro. Non voglio andare avanti. Ormai non siamo più migliori amiche. Ormai tu mi hai tradita. Volevo dirti che ti scrivo questo con le lacrime agli occhi, mentre ascolto “Te necesito”,  mentre mi tremano le mani.. mentre mi manchi e vorrei stare un po’ con te. Mentre sono costretta a considerarti “ex migliore amica”. Basta. Comunque voglio ricordarti così, ex migliore amica. Grazie per tutti i bei momenti passati insieme. Buon compleanno Sere..

imagining summer mornings with taehyung. he sits on the living room floor with music books surrounding him, sunlight streaming in on his fingers working a guitar. it’s out of tune and he smiles and says he’ll have a serenade ready for you by next week. there’s eraser shavings on the floor near the couch from when he was sketching all morning. he tells you a joke but gets distracted halfway by his stomach grumbling, a sheepish smile on his face bc he really can’t cook himself. the joke is forgotten over milkshake and scrambled eggs.

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hi can i request for bestfriend!seungcheol slowly realizing he has feelings for you AAAAAH (thinking of it makes my heart flutter) i love ur writings and thank uu in advance!!:]

  • you and seungcheol have known each other since you were literally kids,,,and therefore it’s no big surprise that you guys keep being friends even up into college
  • where you’ve just seen your best friend turn his childhood mischievousness into what he calls charm,,,,,or ‘grease’ even though every time you make a fake gagging noise at one of his pickup lines seungcheol just tells you you know nothing about the complex world of ‘flirting’
  • and random people in your classes keep asking you if seungcheol is single,,,,,because wow he’s got muscles,,,,anD a cute face,,,,,
  • and you’re like sure he does,,,,but did you know he snores like crazy????? in middle school he came over to play videogames, fell asleep on my couch and it sounded like a freight train was coming through my living room 
  • but people are like interested in him for his looks
  • which you do,,,,agree have gotten much better,,,,,like seungcheol went from being a lil chubby in the cheeks to have a killer jawline
  • and walking around in bomber jackets,,,hair slicked back from his face,,,,sunglasses hanging off his nose,,,,,,and,,,,,that secret tattoo he got and made you swear that you wouldn’t tell his mom
  • but like,,,,,you see the chic seungcheol but it’s nothing compared to the memories you have of him as a twelve year old standing next to you with dirty knees and a big dopey smile on his face because you guys managed to climb the neighbor’s fence and get back your frisbee without getting caught
  • but long story short he’s the hot campus flirt and you’re his bestfriend so everyone either assumes you’re dating or wants you to get them his number
  • and it’s annoying but it becomes even worse when you and seungcheol get the same part-time job at the mall
  • and you guy’s work at this clothing store and ,,,,,everyday it’s the same groups of people from your college coming in to giggle and flirt with seungcheol
  • and seungcheol is so easily entertained by it,,,,,,so you get stuck folding shirts while he sits at the counter batting his eyelashes
  • but you don’t complain because he does work too,, he lifts any of the heavy stuff and always helps you move around the mannequins but he also teases you if you happen to get tired 
  • so when people aren’t around it’s like you’re kids all over again,,,,,but then a flock will come and take him away and you will never admit it,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you’re kinda jealous,,,,like that’s your best friend and you guys barely hang out because class eats up your time so getting the same job kinda made you excited,,,but now,,,,
  • you don’t show it though and you don’t tell seungcheol. hell no you could never,,,,,,,,
  • but one day as you’re closing up you mention that the tuition is getting worse and you’re three hundred bucks in debt for textbooks and you forget you even tell seungcheol
  • but the next weekend when you’re in the mall, not for your shift but to see another friend, you can’t believe it but,,,,,,,,there’s seungcheol???? working extra shifts????
  • and you don’t know why and you’d ask,,,,but somehow you feel like you shouldn’t,,,,,he might have his reasons,,,,so you duck when he turns to look over his shoulder
  • and a couple of weeks go by and you know seungcheol keeps taking extra hours,,,,,and you’re like,,,,,,,,is his family having money problems?? why won’t he talk to me ??? does he not see me as his best friend anymore,,
  • and it hurts you won’t lie,,,because no matter how open and friendly seungcheol is with people - you always knew that he told you everything. and only you,,,,,,,but that seems to have changed
  • until,,,,,,you get an email before your shift about how your debts been paid off and you’re like ?????what?????but i??????didn’t????? do that????
  • but the fact makes you smile because thaNK GOD three hundred bucks is like ,,,,,,four weeks of work
  • and seungcheol walks by and is like “you look all happy, is it because i look amazing today?” and you roll your eyes and you’re like no!!! some kind soul paid off my debt!!!
  • and seungcheol ruffles your hair and is like you’re lucky! someone must really like you!! and you’re like yEAH omg i wonder who it wa-
  • and you stop mid sentence and look up at seungcheol and he’s like ?
  • and you’re like,,,four weeks of work is 300 bucks,,,,,,seungcheol was taking extra shifts for about three to four weeks,,,,,,he never mentioned having his own money problems,,,,,and he knew about your debt
  • and it all clicks in your head and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “it,,,,,was you wasn’t it?” and you say it quietly but you know seungcheol can hear it
  • and you see him shrug, smile at you and he’s like “i said it you know,,,the person who paid for you must really like you,,,”
  • and you catch your breath because wait,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,you,,,,,,seungcheol,,,,,,,likes you????
  • and you’re like “do you mean-” and seungcheol drops his eyes for the first time,,,,getting a flustered look that is so so so rare
  • and he’s like “i don’t want you to think im trying to lure you or anything, and if you don’t feel the same way we’ll just say i did it for you as your best frien-”
  • but you’re like pulling him down by his employee id and seungcheol is like!!!!!! and you’re pressing your lips softly to his beCause you know WHAT
  • you like him too!!!!! and that jealousy you felt might have been attributed to the fact that,,,,you’ve always wanted to be special to seungcheol,,,,but in more of a way than a friend,,,
  • and seungcheol is shocked, but his hand is almost reflexively moving to tug you closer
  • but you both have to tear away when your manager clears their throat so loud everyone in the store turns to look
  • but,,,,,,,you and seungcheol spend your shifts with giddy smiles and fast beating hearts and im not trying to hint at anything here kids but when the manager goes and it’s time to lock up,,,,,
  • well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,let’s just say you and seungcheol do a bit more than kiss in the employee room
  • and literally seungcheol against your neck is like: “ive liked you since we were kids,,,and now,,,,,,it’s like that childhood dream of mine is really coming true,,,”
  • and usually you playfully hit him when he says something corny,,,but that just makes you melt even more in his arms hehe 
Dancing On My Own

A/N: I’ve been wanting to do a one shot to this song for awhile, but the idea I initially had probably would have angered a decent portion of the Rucas fandom.  Then Nat ( @reytonbleyer ) did a beautiful cover to this song, and another idea immediately hit me.  So, this little one shot is dedicated to her and to my birthday girl Augustė ( @hopefulforus ).  

The song is “Dancing On My Own” by Calum Scott (with a minor lyrical alteration that Nat also did in her cover).

Word Count: 5917

Rating: T

College AU:  Farkle never figured out that Riley was stepping back for Maya; therefore, Farkle never stepped in and made the NYE announcement.  

Angsty. (Are you surprised? haha)

Note: I turned this into a multi-chapter.  This is chapter 1.  The other chapters are below:

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | J | Q | K | A | J |

Riley Matthews hissed as her fingers brushed against the hot curling iron.  She quickly set the device down before she turned on her sink.  As she ran her throbbing fingers through the cold water, she groaned in pain.  “Good going, Riles,” she mumbled as she examined her tender fingers.

She looked up at the mirror as she examined her appearance.  She had about half of her hair left to curl and then she would be done.  She had spent the better part of her day picking out the perfect dress to wear that evening.  Part of her, a bigger part than she would ever admit, didn’t want to go, but she knew that there would be no way out of it.  Besides, it was one of her best friend’s birthdays.  She wasn’t going to miss that for the world, even if it meant another backslide, another night spent staring at something she knew she could never have.

‘Because you lied in 8th grade, and never attempted to tell the truth.’

‘You’re my brother, Lucas,’ she once told him.  Those four words had haunted the brunette for the last seven years—nearly a third of her life.  She thought that she was doing what was best for everyone.  She and Lucas had their chance at a relationship, and it resulted in them not even being able to communicate with one another.  She didn’t want that.  She never wanted that.  He was one of her best friends, and she could never imagine her world without him in it.

At the same time, ever since that 8th grade proclamation, her world with him in it was slowly destroying her.

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hello! i just followed. would you be able to tag irl photos of bees? i love the bee posts but photos of bugs squick me out,, thank u for your time

ja! will be tagged as irl bees and also irl bugs if that work for u!!! 💛  would u like old photo of bee tagged too or just new bee from now on?