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 johns description in the beatles cartoon wikipedia article contains the biggest lie in all of human history

“he truly cares about the band members and will do anything for them”

same goes for paul

who did they think they were really fooling?? john has never exhibited sympathy or kindness to anyone and paul goes out of his way to make peoples lives worse. mine included


The Beatles having a pillow fight at The George V Hotel, Paris, c. 27th January 1964. 

“John Lennon said, ‘No, we’ll all look childish and silly.’ They all turned and said, ‘Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, yeah…’

“Paul’s sitting there, drinking a brandy. I stretch out on the settee. John slips away and comes up behind him and hits him with a pillow and that was it. Went on for about half an hour. […]

“What that picture meant was that I was coming to America, [and] that I was not going back.”

[Henry Benson, talking about how he proposed his famous pillow fight picture, a few days before The Beatles would go to the US and become overnight sensations. People, 1st December 2016]

Aren’t these the most adorable photos?!

Pics: Harry Benson. 

George Harrison, late 1950′s.

“He was cocky, a cocky little guy. He had a good sense of himself, you know, he wasn’t cowed by anything. He had a great haircut. He had this long hair that he quiffed back. We had a, a friend, Arthur. And he used to describe it as, ‘a fuckin’ turban. Like a fuckin’ turban.’ And it did. It looked like a great, big marvelous thing.” - Paul McCartney, Living in the Material World

“[John Lennon said] ‘He had a real kind of wild style on the guitar. It’s as though… you know, that he and the guitar were joined together. He also looked like a Teddy boy, but as you know, Larry, he was hardly that.’
Hardly. Sensitivity to others was George’s great talent as a human being. On the aircraft and in the hotel suites, it was George who was always asking, 'Everything all right, Larry?’” - When They Were Boys by Larry Kane [x]

“He was never the Quiet One – that was a shallow, simplistic label– but he was the least flashy, the least brash  the one who was drawn least to the spotlight.” -Excerpted from ‘Behind That Locked Door” Graeme Thomson

“Summing him up, I’d say he’s a bit too honest for today’s plastic world. With relatives, colleagues or casual acquaintances he’ll say what he truly feels at the time. And if he’s sore about something at the time it’ll show without any cloak of conventional politeness to hide his bitterness.”  - Tony Barrow, The Beatles Book (1969)

Around The Beatles Rehearsal w/ Murray The K (Excerpt, Don't Tell Anybody)
  • Around The Beatles Rehearsal w/ Murray The K (Excerpt, Don't Tell Anybody)
  • The Beatles
  • April 23rd, 1964

April 23rd, 1964 (Hall of Remembrance, London): Sitting in on a rehearsal for the Around the Beatles television special, DJ Murray the K chats with Ringo and watches John and Paul run through Pyramus and Thisbe’s final scenes. 

JOHN: Dead, dead? A tomb must cover thy sweet eyes. These lily lips. [pause] This cherry nose. This cherry wayness. These yellow cowslip cheeks… [laughter]

Art and Obligation | Chapter 6

Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: Nc-17 (G, for this chapter)

Set in: 1820s (au)

Summary:  John Lennon works as the apprentice of a well-known portraitist and is tasked to do the picture of the young Mr. Paul McCartney. He is the son of Jim McCartney, a wealthy and powerful landowner, and has the reputation of an arrogant, spoilt brat with a pretty face, who has a way of wrapping anyone around his finger. But soon John finds that things are not as straightforward as they may seem.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles and this is fictional. I do not make money off this.

Author’s note: Oh wow! Chapter six! This is going pretty fast.

John listened to the rhythmic tapping of the rain against the window panes as he lay stretched out on the sofa with a book in his hand, a cup of tea in the other, and a grey knitted blanket draped over his body, enjoying his free evening in comfortable solitude as he read and drifted off to another world for a while. His round glasses had slipped off to the end of his nose, but since it did little to complicate his reading, he left them as they were, and simply turned the next page instead. He took a careful sip of his freshly made tea, and let out a hum as the warm substance warmed up his throat and belly, making him feel drowsy. On occasion, he let out a yawn or forced his eyes to stay open, wanting to take this free moment he had to read, which he hadn’t had the opportunity to do since Mr. Edwards had left a little over a week ago. It seemed like so much had happened since then, that it felt as if it had been longer.

Much to his disappointment, however, his peaceful evening was soon interrupted by the sound of loud and incessant knocking on the front door, jerking him out of his dream-like reading state, and back into the art studio. Groaning in annoyance, he put his tea aside and laid his book upside down on his lap, so he would not lose the page he was on, as he sat up and called out for his maid.

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On this day in music history: December 3, 1965 - “Rubber Soul”, the sixth album by The Beatles is released (US release date is on December 8, 1965). Produced by George Martin, it is recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London from June 17, October 12 - November 11, 1965. Recorded in just four weeks following their second world tour, the album is a major artistic milestone in The Beatles’ career, demonstrating yet another great leap forward in the bands’ material both musically and lyrically. The influence folk rock (particularly Bob Dylan and The Byrds) is apparent on several tracks. No singles are released from the album, but nearly every track becomes an airplay staple over the years including “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”, “Michelle”, “Drive My Car”, “In My Life” and “If I Needed Someone”. The US version of the album features a slightly altered track listing, removing the songs “Nowhere Man”, “What Goes On” (the first two are held back for single release in February of 1966), “Drive My Car”, and “If I Needed Someone” (first issued in the US on “Yesterday And Today” in June of 1966), with “I’ve Just Seen A Face” and “It’s Only Love” (from the non-soundtrack side of “Help!”) being added. The albums’ iconic cover shot is taken by photographer Robert Freeman. He changes the original picture to its distinctive altered state after showing the band slides of the photo session projected on an LP sized piece of cardboard. When the cardboard falls backward it slightly distorts their faces into the now familiar image. The stereo and versions of the  album are remastered and reissued on CD in 2009, with the original UK releases being reissued on vinyl in 2012 and 2014 respectively. “Rubber Soul” tops the UK album chart, spending eight weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 6x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Early days…
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