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“Paul is Dead” is among the wildest conspiracy theories of the 21st century. Theorists hold the belief that Paul McCartney was killed in 1966 in a car crash and was replaced by a lookalike called Billy Shears. As well as the usual “physical evidence” (just pictures of an aged McCartney that seems to baffle believers), people also picked up on a line said by John Lennon at the start of the track, Strawberry Fields that sounds like “I buried Paul”. Ringo Star later told an interviewer that Lennon was saying “I’m very bored”, not realising that they were in the process of recording.

In a 2013 survey, 5% of Americans said they were firm believers in the conspiracy theory.

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I'm showing my age here but to add to the discourse on closeting of artists it's not just about whether an artist is a homosexual. When Bon Jovi started out he was forced to hide the fact that he was married to his High school sweetheart (a woman, for the record) because it didn't fit with attainable womanizer rock image execs seem so fond of. I'm adding this to illustrate that the label can control an artists image how they see fit, read most profitable $$$- The forced closet is real kids

Yep absolutely. 

The same goes for John Lennon. He was married with a kid but they hid it from the fans for years because it ruined their romantic fantasies: 

it probably didn’t help that John and Cynthia had Julian out of wedlock and had to have a shot gun wedding (not quite the dream most young girls dreamed of when they fantasized about marrying their favourite beatle):