with the beard flowing from the breeze

Stand, Climb, and Fall (RPG AU)

Day 1:  4209 words

Summary: Prompto is a bit of a shut in with no use for the outside world so his surprise when he woke up, outside, in a dingy foul smelling alley in a dress his shock was perfectly understandable. 

Warnings: Attempted non-con, violence, near/mild panic attacks, blood, shock. 

Prompto didn’t really get outside much. Which was to say he didn’t really get outside at all these days. Just about everything he wanted could be delivered to his door, from take-out to groceries (though his cooking ability was near non-existent he did know how to nuke cup noodles and fry eggs) to toiletries and comics. Everything he wanted was in his small apartment already in the form of his computer and various video game systems. The only IRL people he wanted to deal with were his parents and even then he tried not to do a lot of that.

Not that they were bad people because they weren’t. They were wonderful people who’d loved and supported him unconditionally his entire life. They’d never asked anything from him except that he do his best and be happy with whatever it was, had stood behind him in every activity and hobby, and that was why he hated visiting with them. They deserved better than son with no motivation, no prospects, and no desire to do any better than how he was currently doing.

One traumatic incident and he was functionally a shut-in, wasting all the effort his parents had spent on him, and they were too nice to even be upset. Worried. Sad. Ready to help the moment he asked for it, always lovingly reminding him that they were there for him, but never ever upset. They didn’t push and try to force him to rejoin the world, to get over it.

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anonymous asked:

A man with a long, flowing white beard dressed in robes of brilliant vermillion. He holds in his left hand the staff of ages, and his right hand rests on a stack of books that rises from the floor. With one gesture of hand and effort of mind great constructions grow from the ground fully formed, by his will alone they are erected. An errant thought dismisses the inspectors, a gentle breeze cuts all red tape, a heavy purse bulging with gold coin takes care of all others. That is a true architect.

Sounds more like the Christian God to me….

misstruzreblogs said: Or Vitruvius from The Lego Movie…