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Sources interviewed in Khartoum describe signs of a pending relaxation of economic sanctions against the North African country, which has been subject to a comprehensive U.S. trade embargo for nearly 20 years. The individuals, who independently cited conversations with U.S. representatives, said that the discussions have centered on how current restrictions have impacted ordinary Sudanese citizens and businesses.   

Images and caption by Kira Zalan.

For more of Kira’s reporting, visit her project, “Sudan’s ISIS Problem.”

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What are you doing now kira chan? No fanarts anymore? Also no animation?

(((Been very busy with a dash of art block. I have done some NS fanart recently, but I’ve debated posted them online. They aren’t very good anyway. Ask for the asks, there are plenty of those too, just incomplete.

Sorry I’m so slow, but I’m juggling at least 3 projects right now, 2 related to Shina)))

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not sayin killer queen looked like a toe in today’s ep, but killer queen looked like a toe

- If Kira takes time out of his busy and organized schedule to date, they should consider themselves lucky. He might not change his schedule for them, but he’ll try to chill with them in his free time. He mostly just invites them to sit with him on the bed or a couch.

- He takes them on a lot of lunch dates. They mostly meet up during his lunch break from his 9 to 5; during this time, he lets his partner tell him about their day so far and what they’re planning on doing later.

- Kira is AMAZING at remembering dates. There hasn’t been a single anniversary or birthday that he has forgotten. He buys lots of gifts a good few weeks before the actual date.

- He’s… not the most romantic person in the world. Most of the time, when he tries to show affection, he comes off as awkward. Kira knows this, and tries to keep his PDA to a minimum.

- He’s not gonna stop murdering people OR taking their hands, even when he’s in a relationship. If he seems like he’s being more distracting and affectionate than usual, it’s probably because his partner is a little too close to one of his victim’s hand.