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You’re Suposed To Be My Anchor!

Request: A Anchor!reader x Theo where the pack is struggling to stay in control during the full moon and Theo gets jealous when the reader tries to help calm Liam because she’s meant to be his (Theo’s) anchor.                                                                                                                                            Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Note: I’m sorry if is short I hope that you’re going to like it..So if you do let me know :))                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               This was that time of the month that we all were gathering in Lydia lake house.It was a full moon tonight and pack needed help,so while Lydia was busy with the accidental party the rest of was were busy helping them to stay in control.Kira was helping Scott,Stiles was with Malia and I was with Liam and Theo..In any other occasion  I wouldn’t mind but tonight I couldn’t help but feel a little scared..I tied Theo and he was looking at me I nodded my head giving him a sign that I was okay..And then I moved to Liam while I tied him up I could see that he started to breath heavily and his eyes were yellow now..’Okay Liam calm down,just breath.’ He looked at me still breathing heavily.. ‘I don’t think I can do that.’ I put a hand on his cheek looking him in the eyes..’Just calm down,close your eyes and find your anchor..Hold on to something..Anything.’And in that moment his breathing was becoming steady and his eyes were back in his normal blue color..’Y/N I did it.’ I smiled ‘Yeah you did.’ and he smiled back and I untied him but then I heard a growl and I knew that wasn’t Liam because he was looking at me confused,then it hit me we both looked at Theo and he was now standing already fully turned into werewolf,the chains and ropes were ripped of and he started walking toward us..I was standing in front of Liam knowing he wouldn’t hurt me…Or I just had a huge faith believing he won’t..’Y/N move.Now.’ His voice demanding but I didn’t care to  move ‘Theo stop!.’ He came closer..”You’re suppose to be MY anchor not his..’Oh so that’s the real reason he lost control..He was jealous..’And I am,he just need help..’ He was now so close to me that I could touch his chest with my hand a pleading look on my face..Then I heard another growl and I closed my eyes knowing that now was Liams turn to get angry ‘Y/N you should leave.’ And that’s when I blow up ‘OH SERIOUSLY WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU TWO HUH?’They didn’t say anything but they looked surpriesed by my sudden outburst…’I was just trying to help okay,Liam is basically my BESTFRIEND,and I love only you Theo so if is the stupid jealous reason you turned in the first place,then find away and stop it or else we are DONE.’ By now they were back to their normal self,but I didn’t care I just wanted to leave so I did.                                                                                                                                                     I was lying on my bed trying to get some sleep,but I couldn’t help  but thinking about two dorks,then I heard a doorbell.I checked the time and it was 2:15am.I went down and opening the door,seeing Theo standing there with hands in his pockets..’Hey can I come in?’ I nodded my head and moved aside so he could walk in..I closed the door and turned to look at him..’What are you doing here Theo?’ At first he wasn’t sure what to say..’I’m sorry,I’m sooo sorry for acting like a fool tonight.’ I looked him ‘Yeah you were,a big one.’ He came closer to me putting his hands on my shoulders ‘It’s true I was jealous,scared actually that you would leave me for him.’ I put my hand on his cheek..’Liam is just my friend and I would never leave you for anyone.’ He leaned his forhead on mine..’Please forgive me.’ I smiled at him.. ‘I already did silly.’ He returned a smile and the he kissed me..It’s a good feeling being someones anchor,it gives you strenght to fight along side with them..                                  

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off set shinobu jokes about how her character is a freaq and kira chokes on his water because shinobu is still pretty Nasty in real life

Shinobu thinks it’s HILARIOUS

Kira’s too busy finding the selection for today’s lunch particularly interesting

State of Grace- Taylor Swift: Teen Wolf Girls Song Preference

And here’s the cover I found. 

Request: Can you do a song preference, the song State of Grace by Taylor Swift about the TW girls. 

A/N: As you can tell by the request this just features the TW Girls. The reader should be gender neutral.  I also already have another request for the next song preference.

All gifs and videos aren’t mine. They go to their respective owners.

Kira Yukimura

Originally posted by peterhale-remade

I’m walking fast through the traffic lights

Busy streets and busy lives
And all we know
Is touch and go
We are alone with our changing minds
We fall in love ‘til it hurts or bleeds or fades in time

None of your past relationships had lasted a long time. There wasn’t a specific reason, the feelings just faded quickly. That’s why when Kira had admitted that she had feelings for you, you ended up scared. You really cared about the kitsune and you didn’t want to hurt her because the feelings faded between the two of you after a few weeks. So for the first time you thanked the bell when it rang and interrupted you and tried your best to avoid her. Or at least not get alone with her. It didn’t take a long time for her to figure out that you were avoiding her, which only made her that much more determined to get a hold of you. She at least wanted a straight answer. A yes or no. 

“Y/N I need an answer. Do you have feelings for me too?” Kira asked right after a pack meeting. 

You pressed your lips together and sighed,“Listen Kira. Relationships are complicated with me,“ 

"What do you mean?” Kira asked with furrowed eyebrows. 

You ran a hand through your hair,“Every time I end up in a relationship… It’s a few weeks at most until we break up," 

Kira looked at you sympathetically,"So you do want to be with me. But you’re scared it’s gonna end?" 

“I’m scared it’s going to end badly between us Kira. And I don’t want to hurt you,” you responded. 

Kira stepped closer to you and gently pressed her lips against yours in a soft kiss. You closed your eyes and kissed her back, shivers running down your spine. “We can take it slow,” Kira suggested as you pulled away. 

You smiled back at the kitsune,”Okay I’ll give us a shot. How does a movie Saturday sound?”

Kira smiled at you, pressing another kiss to your lips,”That sounds perfect,”

You could take things slow with Kira. 

Allison Argent 

Originally posted by tw-edits

You come around and the armor falls
Pierce the room like a cannon ball
Now all we know, is don’t let go
We are alone just you and me
Up in your room and our slates are clean
Just twin fire signs, four blue eyes

Allison loved you. She loved being with you, just spending time with you was a wonderful experience for her. She wasn’t a saint, and no matter how much she made up for it. She would remember vividly how she had wanted to kill Isaac, Derek, Erica and Boyd. How she had come close to actually going through with it. With murdering her friends. But when she was with you Allison never felt like she was an almost murderer. She just felt like a normal teenage girl with you. 

    Allison didn’t realize that the feeling was mutual. Before you came to Beacon Hills you didn’t have a pack. And you would be lying if you said you had control whenever there was a full moon. You had probably broken into five different stores and attacked one person, you were happy when you realized they survived. But you decided enough was enough and began looking for a pack. But just like the brunette you felt like you couldn’t make up for your past. 

    That’s why you two held onto each other as tight as you did. It was why she always held onto your hand when you were close to each other. And why she would always find her head resting on your shoulder during pack meetings. Feeling that if she were a little bit closer to you, she would be able to deal with the danger better. 

    She never felt like she was a hunter with you. And you never felt like you were a werewolf. You both just felt like teenagers in love. Neither of you ever felt like  you were innocent or fully made up for what had happened in your past but you felt like you could deal with it. 

    Allison’s head rested on your chest as you played with her fingers, neither of you really paying attention to the movie playing. "I love you,” she whispered and sent you a small smile as she tightened her grip on your hand,“Never letting go," 

    You leaned down and pressed a small kiss to her forehead,"I’m never letting go of you either. I love you too,” 

Erica Reyes

Originally posted by emmawathson

So you were never a saint.

And I love in shades of wrong
We learn to live with the pain.
Mosaic broken hearts
But this love is brave and wild

When she needed someone you were the person she went to and vice versa. She could trust you before she got the bite and Erica didn’t forget all of the pain when she was a joke. But Erica also didn’t forget the smiles you would send her and how you would always hold her when it got too much. You loved her before the bite and Erica never forgot that. 

To say your brother Scott was wary of your relationship with the blonde was an understatement. You and Erica had been friends before she had the bite but after she got the bite and realized you were her anchor you both got together. And it didn’t matter how many times Scott and Stiles told you that she was dangerous, you loved her and she loved you. And to the both of you that was all that mattered.

Erica smirked at you before she pressed another kiss to your lips. Right after she did the bell rang, signaling the beginning of class. “We should really get to class,” you whispered against Erica’s lips with no conviction. 

“But do you want to go to class? Or do you want to hang out with your beautiful girlfriend?” Erica asked as she pulled away, still holding onto your hand.

You rolled your eyes with a playful smile on your face,”You’re lucky I love you Reyes,” 

Erica smiled at you as she pulled you through the now empty hallways,”Oh I know I am Y/N. Now do you want to go out into the woods or go see a movie?” 

“You can choose today. I chose last time,” you said to your girlfriend. 

Erica pulled you closer and kissed your cheek,”I love you,” 

“I love you too Erica,” you smiled before you both walked out of the school.

Lydia Martin

Originally posted by teamsciles

This is a state of grace
This is the worth while fight
Love is a ruthless game
Unless you play it good and right
These are the hands of fate
Your'e my Achilles heel
This is the golden age of something good
And right and real

Soulmates are a weird thing. Having a person in the world that was made for you and you were made for them by fate. Something that Lydia Martin had never believed in. She believed that you would find someone you would love for your entire life. But she never believed in fate handing you a soulmate.

 And then you walked into Beacon Hills High. 

At first Lydia had noticed your appearance. She found herself immediately attracted to you. Grabbing her textbook and shutting her locker and walking towards you as you searched for the first room on the top of your schedule. Lydia didn’t expect that you would be supernatural. Or that you would end up joining the pack. 

The one thing she never expected, even after what had happened, was for you to mean this much to her. She never expected herself to calm down once you grabbed her hand. Or for the amazing feeling she got when you kissed her. Or the relief when you said ‘I love you’ back to her. 

When you left for pack fights she would find herself a mess as she waited for anything saying that you were fine. Because if something happened to you she had no idea what would happen to her. Today was one of those nights. The pack was meeting with another one that had just came into the town and Scott told her and Stiles to stay home because he didn’t know what was going to happen. 

Lydia jumped up when her phone went off and sighed as she saw your name show up on the screen. “Hello? Y/N?” Lydia asked. 

“It’s okay Lyds I’m alright. So is everyone else,” you answered the questions she silently asked,”It turned out that they were just passing through town. Someone got hurt by one of the alphas so they just wanted to stay in a hotel here before they head back home,” 

Lydia sighed in relief and smiled gently,”So are you heading home right now?” 

“Yeah I am. Why?” you asked and Lydia could hear you get into your car. 

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place. I really want to be with you right now,” Lydia admitted. 

“Yeah I’ll come over right now Lyds. I love you,” you said. 

“I love you too,” Lydia whispered into the phone before you hung up. 

But this feeling that she got whenever she was with you. 

Lydia couldn’t imagine anything else except fate bringing you together. 

Cora Hale

Originally posted by emmawathson

And I never saw you coming
And I’ll never be the same

And I never saw you coming
And I’ll never be the same

 Cora sighed as she rolled her shoulders back and stood up."You’re going to have to try harder than that,” she said as she walked away from Isaac, who was still lying down from where she had pinned him.  They were training as a pack for the first time today and Cora checked the time on her phone again, waiting for Derek. 

    Derek went to go pick up a few people from the pack that Cora had yet to meet. She wanted Derek to hurry up so that she would have a challenge on pinning someone down. At the moment the only people were Isaac and Erica. They were strong, but Cora had been a werewolf a lot longer than both of them. The two circled each other in the free area of the loft. Erica sporting a grim on her face.

     Just as Cora was about to text Derek to ask him where he was the door opened and he walked inside with different people following him.  Cora put her phone back in her bag when she recognized Derek’s scent and went to ask him to train with her when she froze. She rarely had to deal with crushes but she had to remind herself to control her heartbeat as she saw you.  Cora shook her head at herself and pulled her hair into a ponytail as she waited for everyone to file in. You were smirking at Stiles, telling him that he would lose to you in less than five minutes. Completely unaware of the starstruck werewolf across the loft,  After the entire pack was inside Derek started to pair people off to spar for a while. To Cora’s disappointment Derek decided to just watch the pack spar. And to her… shock? (She wasn’t sure how she felt) She was paired with you. 

    It didn’t take long to figure out that Cora was physically stronger of the both of you. But it also didn’t take long to figure out that you weren’t human, instead an elemental who only used her/his/their powers when necessary. She held you in a headlock with one arm, the other holding onto your wrists behind your back, finally satisfied, thinking that she had won. Just as Cora was about to let you go and claim her victory you pushed your shoulder back and she gasped as it hit her throat, knocking the wind out of her. 

    As she stumbled back, one hand automatically going to cover her throat you turned around. You smirked at her as you held your hand out, sending a burst of wind that knocked the werewolf to the ground. Before either of you could make another move Derek stepped in. “You both are good. Go to the kitchen and take a break,” Derek ordered before turning around to give Isaac tips on how to take down Scott. 

    You walked over to Cora and held out your hand to help her up. Cora sent you a small smile and you both walked into the loft’s kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water and a small snack. As you guys took your break and talked it wasn’t long before Cora found herself laughing. Derek walked in and a smirk came across his face as he saw Cora’s smile,“Both of you go back to sparing," 
    You nodded at Derek and once he walked out you smiled at Cora. "If I win the next round, I get a date with you?” you suggested. 

    "And if I win?“ Cora said as she raised her eyebrows. 

    "I got 20 bucks,” you answered. 

    Cora narrowed her eyes at you but you knew it was playful by the tiny smile on her face,“You’re on," 

    You smiled at the werewolf, placing a kiss on her cheek as you walked back out of the kitchen. Cora’s eyes followed your figure as she stayed where she was. She didn’t know what she was feeling but she liked it. 

    And she may or may not have let you win. 

Malia Tate

Originally posted by maliaxhalextate

This is a state of grace
This is the worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game
Unless you play it good and right

    Malia smiled as she saw you in the hallway, feeling her mood already lifting from the math pop quiz she had in her last class. She sped walked towards you, grabbing a hold of your hand and giving you a peck on the cheek as she did. You smiled back at the brunette before pulling her closer and giving her a chaste kiss. Smiles on both of your faces as you pulled away. "Do you want to hang out after school?” you asked her as you grabbed the science notebook and textbook from your locker. 

    Malia was about to say yes when she Scott tapped her shoulder. “We have a meeting tonight,” Scott informed her. Before Malia could say anything Scott ran down the hallway, chasing down Liam. 

    Malia turned to you but you just pressed your lips together and pretended to focus on the items in your locker. “Y/N,” Malia started but you interrupted her, shaking your head as you shut your locker loudly. 

    "It’s okay Malia no big deal. You’re just going to be busy for god knows how long with Scott and Stiles and other people and not be able to give me any explanation and if you do it will be a lie,“ you ranted to the brunette. Malia opened her mouth to try to explain something, but shut it as she realized she couldn’t without telling you she was a werecoyote. Something Scott warned against You both stood there, silent for a moment before you sighed.

    "This is the third time this week Mal,” you whispered and Malia’s chest begin to tighten as she saw how hurt you were. 

    "I-“ Malia started but you cut her off. 

    "And who knows what number we’re at this month. Let alone our entire relationship,” you continued and Malia cringed as she heard your voice crack. 

    You took a deep breath and blinked rapidly before you mumbled,“I think we need a break. I need a break," 

    Malia’s eyes widened as you stepped away from her. As soon as she comprehended what you said she grabbed the sleeve of your shirt, forcing you to turn around. "A break?” Malia panted out,“A break from what?" 

    You looked at the ground for a moment before looking up at her,"A break from the secrets. And lies… A break from us," 

    Malia felt her heart break and she felt numb and pain at the same time. Her grip on your arm became almost nonexistent, the werecoyote too hurt to try to hold onto you,"Please don’t. I know we can work this out," 

    You pulled your arm out of her grip,"The only way we can work it out is if you tell me why! Why do you have to go every single time Scott asks? What is so important that you cancel plans at the drop of a hat?" 

    Malia stared at you speechless as she realized she couldn’t. You deserved someone who didn’t lie to you. And didn’t cancel plans almost ever time. But despite knowing all of that Malia wanted to be the one with you. Even if she didn’t deserve you. You wiped away a stray tear from Malia’s cheek that she hadn’t even realized had dropped,"I’m sorry Malia. But I think this is better for the both of us," 

‘No. It isn’t. At least not for me. You’re my anchor and if you knew that you would understand’ Malia wanted to scream but her mouth refused to move. 

    You gave her a kiss on the cheek as you walked away from the stunned werecoyote. She stood there frozen, wanting you to come back and say that you took it all back. But as the bell rang and she forced herself to walk to class she knew that it was hopeless dreaming. 

    But the pain in her chest for you begged her to believe that you would come back. 

give it to me (any way you can) - Teen Wolf Polyamory Saturday - Kira 

i’m sexy, i’m cute // hollaback girl // apollo throwdown // infinity guitars // mickey // cheer for me // pom poms // cheerleader

“I transferred from Los Angeles-” 

“Our school has no gymnastics team; this is a last resort?” Erica cocks an eyebrow, grinning. 

“We don’t normally take new juniors. Especially….” Kira bites at her lip, fingers reaching for her girlfriend’s. “You don’t exactly look like a cheerleader.”

Allison takes a quick inventory of herself - her step-sister’s leather jacket and her step-brother’s black t-shirt, some band she never bothered to check out - and smiles. New school, new uniform. “This is my fourth time moving since I started high school. I think I can adapt. Isn’t cheerleading just gymnastics with pom-poms?” She signs her name beneath the pages of freshmen who’ll be trying out just for a chance to be an alternate, dotting her i with a heart.

Kira flushes when Allison winks at her, and it’s looking like Beacon Hills might be promising after all. Judging by the boy with the megaphone trying to get Derek’s attention from behind his sign-up table, there might even be some much-needed family bonding. If they play their cards right, they might all find themselves a cheerleader.

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Malira + doctors au

okay this isn’t exactly doctors au but hopefully it’s close enough (come on, malia as a doctor? pssshhh)

(send me a pairing + an au and ill tell you my headcanons!)

okay so

  • kira has a job an assitant at her college’s medical clinic b/c she needs to extra cash (see i said medical it counts)
  • she mostly works the front desk, getting people checked in and sent back to the doctor
  • one day she’s working and in bursts malia tate (who’s she’s never met before)
  • malia waltzes up to the desk and is like hello i think i broke my ankle or something it hurts to walk
  • kira politely points out that her ankle can’t be broken if she;s walking on it, and the directs malia to the sign in sheet, assuring her that she’ll be seen as soon as possible but itll probably be a bit of a wait
  • malia is like yeah im kinda busy can u just fix it now
  • kira not-so-politely directs her to the sign up sheet again, bc hey, its been a long day
  • malia eventually gets to see a doctor, but not until after she’s sat in the waiting room for like an hour, going up to bug kira every five minutes
  • needless to say, kira is not a fan of malia tate and shes glad that malia got her ankle wrapped and left, hopefully never to come back
  • unfortunately, malia is back the next week complaing that her ankle is still bothering her
  • again, she continually bugs kira while waiting and kira is trying to be polite but is so done
  • finally malia leaves again and kira like okay this has to be the last i see her
  • guess who’s back just a few days later?
  • this time apparently her wrist is hurt
  • luckily the wait is shorter and so she has less time to be a pain in kira’s ass
  • the doctor says her wrist is fine and kira is :/
  • kira’s begining to think she’s never going to get rid of this malia person
  • her fears are confrimed when not even a week later malia is back yet again
  • she says she has a headache
  • kira doesnt have time for this. she tells malia to go home and take a tylenol or something
  • the next week she shows up with what’s basically a paper cut
  • kira gives her a band aid and kicks her out
  • shes beginning to think she needs to ban malia from the clinci all together, but unfortuneately she doesnt have the authority to do that
  • a few days later malia claims she thinks her freckle might be skin cancer and kira has had it
  • she’s finally like why do you keep coming here you havent actully been sick or injured in like a month
  • malia is like i honestly i dont know how you havent figure this out yet im here bc i have a crush on you you idiot
  • oh
  • kira doesnt know how to respond to that
  • malias like okay i wont bug you anymore but heres my number
  • and then she leaves
  • she doesnt come back the next week
  • or the next
  • kira didnt really think she would come back
  • but somehow everything feels boring without her and her bullshit injuries
  • and kira realizes she actually misses malia tate
  • and so she texts her
  • (after they start dating malia comes to the clinic with fake ailments so much (bc she hates it when kiras working and cant be with her) that kira does get malia formally banned form the premise) 
Elevator Troubles-Liam Dunbar

A/N- This is my first time writing for Liam! I hope it’s okay and that you all enjoy reading it!

Request- Can you make a imagine where y/n and Liam are stuck in the elevator and Liam teases y/n with kisses and stuff like that?

Word count- 1830

Warnings- None I Don’t think, protective older brother maybe.

“come on Liam” you giggled as you tried to struggle your way out of his tight grip “I’ll be twenty minuets max I promise” you smiled when you finally managed to roll out of his arms, letting out and ‘oomph’ when your body hit the floor of your room

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The unfamiliar city hidden beneath Beacon Hills felt like a labyrinth as Kira moved through the dimly lit hallways, trying in vain to figure out where exactly in the ‘underground’ she was. She had only been here on sporadic occasions in the past, and always with a member of her pack. There never really was a reason for her to venture down here alone, but well… times changed. Tensions were running so high above ground, and everyone was busy trying to protect those they loved. Kira was no different, of course, but her visit wasn’t solely for that purpose. 

“Sorry, excuse me…” she stopped a random passerby. “Could you direct me to, um, where Stuart might be?” The man babbled something incomprehensive about not knowing who that was, before shrugging Kira away, and she was once again left to search by herself. She had heard vaguely about the barracks and thought that was probably the best place to start. Right? People always needed a place to sleep. It was a good a bet as any at this point. 

“Scott was the first person to care about Isaac.” Bullshit. Scott wasn’t the first person to care about Isaac.
Isaac’s brother cared about him.
Erica cared about him.
Boyd cared about him.
Derek cared about him.
Derek said that Isaac didn’t have to go in the Ice Tub if he didn’t want to or didn’t feel comfortable. Scott didn’t.
Derek took Isaac to the hospital after getting him out of the water and being electrocuted when Scott was too busy staring at Kira.
Isaac’s Pack cared about him before way before Scott did.


Casts from Shounen Hollywood are having BBQ party, kids want beef so bad so Ryota and Kakki are in oniichan team cooking seafood.Ryota with his bed hair eating prawn /-\

Daikingu with (super) adorable clheek


Shoutan with amazing exotic hair (is it really Shoutan’s phone? MECHA GIRLY!!!)

Kensho is trying hard to be funny

Daikingu : Today Kira is busy so I come here in his place

Kakki: Maki’s friend, Kakihara tetsuya

Shoutan: Tomii’s bestie Aoi Shouta


This whole business about Kira’s story being complete is such bullshit because so was Gerard’s but they still found a way to bring his white ass back. They’ve literally ran out of shit to write for Stiles the human trash bag and his trash dad but somehow they’re still beating that dead horse. Also, let’s not forget that if either Hoechlin or Crystal wanted back in they’d find any damn way to squeeze out some sort of story for them.