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Do you have a top of BATIM songs?

Mine is Devils Swing, but Build our Machine is a REALLY close second. I’m actually working on an 8-bit sorta remix of it! It’s ….going….FuckinhardasfuckitellyamusicQvQ

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May you talk a bit about your "woke up" experience being an 8? If not yours, will you share another one please? I want to understand this concept more.

Right, so, I think it had been brewing for awhile and talking to my sister it appears I was definitely gut triad when I was young. Hard to say if I was an 8 but it sounds like I displayed 9w8 tendencies. 


One day I sat down in English class feeling real sorry for myself and lonely and tortured and pathetic and realized I only had myself and overnight I became the most aggressive verbal bully in the school. 

My reasoning was, no one gave a shit about me, my family didn’t give a shit, the only person who was gonna give a shit about me, was me, so I wasn’t gonna give a fuck and I was gonna hurt people (read: publicly) as much as possible in order to keep them from getting anywhere near my soft spots ever again. 

Long Version 

One day, I was sitting in English class, in the spring of my freshman year of highschool. I had had repeated failures with boys, one of whom was beginning to drag my name through the mud and spread slander. I just wanted to be liked, and I was feeling very bad for myself. I pulled out a sheet of paper, and I wrote about how I look pretty good, but all my clothes are clearance because I can’t afford anything. Essentially, that I’m a nothing and a nobody with not much to offer. That I have no real support, no real loyalties, and the only person I had was myself.

It was that realization that I only have myself, and I realized I was being a pussy ass bitch. And I changed gears pretty fast and decided, within a one page of writing, that regardless of the fact I had no money, no esteem, no support, I was going to be a badass motherfucker. Because I only had myself, and I was going to protect myself at all costs. To hell with wanting love from family, to hell with wanting to be treated well by my peers (they used to whisper things about me and make fun of me). 

It’s literally like something snapped. I had spent a lot of time having hope and getting crushed again and again on some very profound, fundamental levels, and I spent many years crying and learning to meditate just so I wouldn’t cry so much. I spent a lot of time trying to get people to love me or even just want to be around me. I felt I was never going to attain these basic human desires and chalked them up as “pathetic” and for “weak people.” Would explain why I gravitated toward an 835 tritype. 

And from that point I was the meanest fucker in school and I went from being weak and scared to fighting with teachers. Girls who whispered behind my back about my “ugly house” (which was actually very nice and my dad spent a lot of time on) got shredded when I told them they are the embodiment of trailer trash and they probably don’t even have a father. Guys who spread rumors about me got trashed when I was confronted and brutal about them. 

I’m pretty sure I still have that paper, but it may have been burned. 

I hope this made sense. That time period is somewhat hazy because that difference in essentially being a ball of pathetic dissociation to a ball of electric energy was very intense. I feel like I murdered that present personality to make way for the strongest one I could imagine. 

Maternity leave

Ugh it’s a pain to figure out how much I’ll get paid on maternity leave.

I think I’ll be paid 12.000 DKK ($1750) a month the entire year, but someone says I’ll be paid 80% of my usual salary the first 6 months - and that’s a bit more.

Also, what am I being paid the 8 weeks before I give birth?

😩I literally can’t even. This is harder than filling out taxes.

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Height hc for matt and the others? I'm basically 6' ft so thought I'd ask lmao

Oh ya sorry I kind of just operate under the assumption that Matt is like a foot taller than anyone around him but when I made this blog i gave all of the boys key physical characteristics to go by,,, which are albeit incredibly vague but it works ig,,,

So its essentially this; Edd is the shortest so around 5'6 or 5'7, Tom and Tord are around the same height which I imagine to be around 5'8 to 5'10, though Tom is a bit shorter, and Matt has relatively the same height difference to anyone hes with so I’d guess that would be around… 6'2"? Though the way Ive made it its impossible for that to be accurate. Idk maybe hes like 8 feet tall with the hair…

To be fair it was meant 2 look like u were crouching while running tho so there is that

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I was wondering if there is something special you do to get into the right mood for writing? I'm having a bad time with trying to get into the head space of Erik for example, what would you do?

Heya pal, cool question.

So I actually did this earlier while working on a drabble for another tumblr user! Just about anytime I write Erik and I have some difficulty getting into his character I will listen to this song below, don’t ask me why. Especially from 7 minutes and on, and when I get to 8:15 that’s when I’m like YUP UH HUH that’s the shit I do like.

So basically, with any character, if I’m having trouble writing them I will listen to or look at something that reminds me of them.

Also you should totally check out that song, at least from like 8:15 on for a bit. It’s my go to Erik writing song. 

Jason Brinley surprised his wife by decorating their bedroom with 7,000 love letters. He spent months writing notes on Post-Its and arranging them on cardboard panels- which he used to cover the walls. Every note contains something he loves about her, like ‘I love that you put animals before people,’ and 'I love that you sing when you cook and no one else is around.’ Source