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Thor: Ragnarok Gets An 8-Bit Trailer

Marvel Studios has made a habit of creating kick ass trailers to get the hype machines rolling on their films — they’ve almost perfected it as an art by now. One trailer in particular blew everyone away when it dropped, and now fans are hyped for Thor: Ragnarok to premiere later this year.

And now that trailer is the latest to receive the 8-bit treatment courtesy of JoBlo, setting all of those epic clashes, colorful settings, and the rocking Led Zeppelin song to a retro video game aesthetic. Check out the trailer above!

As always, these 8-bit trailers make us yearn for a playable Genesis or SNES video game based on the movie, but alas those days are gone. Still, Thor: Ragnarok would probably make a sweet beat ‘em up experience.

There are also some cool little easter eggs, such as the “Wanted” poster for Captain America and the “Missing” poster for Bruce Banner. As we all know, though, the Man Who Always Stays Angry makes a special appearance at the end of the trailer.

But the coolest part of this retro rendition of Thor: Ragnarok? It’s definitely the chip tune version of “Immigrant Song.” That song just bangs no matter what’s done to it.

Somehow, this video got us even more hyped for Thor: Ragnarok. We’re just counting the day away until it premieres November 3.

anonymous asked:

Is there a medibang feature similar to gradient maps in photoshop? I know about the regular gradient tool but,, I don't think gradient maps work :o

No, MediBang Paint and FireAlpaca are dedicated to digital painting, not image/photograph manipulation - generally, you will paint any colour effects you want. If you want a free program with more Photoshop-like features, I suggest you check out GIMP, which does do gradient maps and other image manipulation.

You can quickly do a partly similar effect (a bit like using a 2-colour only gradient map) using 8-bit layer conversion, but it is fairly limited: Convert your colour layer/image to an 8-bit layer, select a layer colour, place another layer underneath filled with a flat colour.


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