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Drunk: Jungkook Scenario

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Jungkook was drunk, you knew that as soon as you walked through the door of the boys’ dorm. He looked at you and headed upstairs without sparing you a second glance. The banging of his bedroom’s door sounded followed by a curse. Clearly he wasn’t in a good mood tonight. Despite that you headed upstairs to check on him

You slowly opened the door, looking around for Jungkook. He was laying on the bed with an arm covering his eyes and the other behind his head. You didn’t fail to notice the scowl he was sporting, replacing the boyish grin ever present on his face

“Kookie” you said quietly

No response

“Jungkook” you tried again

“What?” He asked annoyed

“… Are your okay?“


“Are you sure?”

“Didn’t you hear me the first time? I said I’m fine” he yelled, you couldn’t help but jump,startled from his sudden outburst

“I just wanted to help” you said in a small voice hurt by his words

He gave you a cold look that was so unlike him, “You want to help? Then leave me alone. You’re so clingy all the time! I need space.”

If what he wanted was to hurt you, he succeeded. You closed your eyes in an useless attempt to stop the pain,“I–I’m sorry. It’s almost midnight and we were supposed to meet up at the café tonight. I was worried about you”

He was now standing in front of you, “Well don’t be. I was fine. Happy even, not having to be around you for once!"He yelled

You flinched at his words, "Please don’t say that Kook” you whispered

His cold gaze found yours, “Why not? My life would be so much easier without you in it”

Your eyes brimmed with tears, “Jungkook”

“What? It’s true. If I weren’t dating you, I wouldn’t have to worry about the fans finding out about our relationship. I would actually have time to relax. I could–”

“Stop” you whispered cutting him off, the first tear making way down your face

He looked at you once more, “You know, maybe I deserve someone better. Better than you” he finished, voicing your biggest insecurity

You couldn’t help the sob that escaped your mouth. His cruel words cutting you. The dam that you had been trying to keep together broke and tears ran down your face. The sight of you crying seemed to sober him up and his face drained of color when he realized what he had said

He reached for you, “y/n”

You moved away from him and simply looked at the ground not bearing to look at him

“Y/n…. I’m so sorry. I swear I didn’t mean any of that” his vice cracked as he struggled to hold it together

You didn’t believe him. You didn’t believe any of his words

“Y/n, please” he cried. He was so afraid, afraid he had lost you

You looked up. Tears were now running down his face too but you were too numb to care. “I–I’ll leave you alone” you whispered, trying to escape, escape him

“No! Y/n, please!” He said desperate blocking your way

You avoided his gaze, “Move please”

“look at me baby” he croaked, grabbing your face

His eyes were red and puffy, shining with emotion. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean any of that. Please don’t leave me. I love you. Please don’t leave” he said, his voice thick

You grabbed his hands from your face. Your eyes were void of emotion “goodbye Jungkook”


You opened the door. You back facing him, “You said you deserve better… and maybe, maybe I deserve better too”


He didn’t know what had come over him and made him those words to you. He had had an argument with bts’ manager about him being in a relationship and you being a distraction, by the time he had gotten out of there he had been fuming with anger. He had had a few drinks to cool off but it hadn’t helped. If anything he was angrier. How dare he suggest such a thing? You weren’t a distraction, nothing career wise had change since he began dating you. He was always there to all of the practices, he was there when they had to be at the studio, he had even been writing songs. So what exactly was the problem? He didn’t see one. When you had gotten there, he had let all his anger out on you even though you had done nothing wrong

He didn’t mean what he said, not a single thing. You weren’t clingy, you always gave him space. And he loved to be around you, you are the only thing on his mine when you are not together. But what he regrets the most is bringing up your biggest insecurity. Not being good enough. And damn if you’re not good enough… You’re more than perfect. If anything he’s not good enough for you, and he guesses you finally realized that.

Now he sat in the bed. The bed where just that morning, you guys had lain together, your body cuddled against his. His words played over and over in his head wishing he could take it all back but knowing he couldn’t. He was alone in the room just as he had wanted when you first walked in but the only thing he wished now was for you to be there with him

REQUEST: hi!!! could you please do bts cuddling their gf ?? super fluffy please and thank you ! 💞
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NOTES: i did these like mini drabbles so this post is hella long im so sorrynlifdsk

jin couldn’t pick any particular moment as his favorite with you, because he loves them all — the noisy ones shared in the kitchen, or the quiet ones spent worlds apart in your own little activities but connected by the lazy linking of your fingers, or even the ones kept tightly wrapped between the two of you with barely enough room to breathe — but he supposes if he had to choose this sort would probably make the top of his list. your body angled just right against his, scooped up into his embrace and laid beside him like the perfect little puzzle piece, listening to the soft sound of your breathing and the lull of city life just outside your bedroom window. the flat of his palm finds purchase against the expanse of your stomach just beneath the material of your shirt, his other toying with the splayed and tangled strands of your hair spread haphazardly over the pillows; everything smells like you, feels like you, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. the peace and tranquility of it all is only ever interrupted by his sleepy dulcet tones, and you can feel each word vibrate against your back and sink into your bones.

❝ you think we could get away with staying like this forever?

with his nose buried against the juncture of your throat and your shoulder, he burrows himself in your warmth entirely and surrounds himself in you. he’s always very specific about the way he lays himself against you, half on top of you and half around you, clinging and hugging and holding you ever tighter. while yoongi doesn’t necessarily always have trouble falling asleep, it always seems easier with you around — he doesn’t even need to say a word, simply flopping down beside you and rolling into your embrace like you’d done it a thousand times before. his arms always find purchase against the curve of your waist and his fingers splay out against your bare skin, kneading your flesh like a contented feline and purring his gratitude just the same. almost immediately his breathing slows and his heart calms and every troubling thought seems to leave his head; there’s only you.

and, just before he falls into the tempting grips of slumber, he mumbles sleepily against the column of your throat, breath warm and words warmer: ❝ i missed you. ❞

his embrace is warm — being wrapped up in solely him and the duvet is like basking in the sunlight, like letting the light swallow you up and bathing you in constant and unyielding comfort. the silence and sleepy atmosphere is only ever interrupted by his fingers skittering up your side or teasing the skin of your arm if only to hear even the slightest hint of your laughter; hoseok seems to revel in these quiet moments with you the most, where you don’t need words to speak for you and all you can do is envelop one another so completely. despite hugging you so tightly, though, he’s careful with the marks he leaves and only ever peppers your flesh with butterfly kisses and loving whispers, patterns traced with the tips of his fingers and sweet little nothings all mixed inbetween.

❝ i love this,❞ he’ll whisper into your ear, or your hair, or the skin of your temple — anywhere his lips can touch — and smile just as delicately as the gentle chiming of his voice. ❝ i love you.

there’s always a book involved — it doesn’t matter who’s reading it or what it’s about, simply that it’s there and you’re sure that these sorts of moments are stored safely between the pages of everything from dystopian fiction to the cheesiest romance novels where the ink seems to mirror the atmosphere. it almost always lays forgotten in either of your laps, pages opened and inviting, but ignored all the same; sure, it had had your attention only moments before, but a simple shift and suddenly nothing was more important than the way you just fit against one another. namjoon’s arm comes to be lazily slung over your shoulders and his lips find the top of your head, all while pulling you in even tighter. he never minds the distraction, never complains about being drug out of his newest adventure, because he’s always far more invested in your own. eventually, that very book is cast aside and he’s dragging you down with him until your heads share the same pillow and he can feel the way your whole body molds to his. you’re never more comfortable than you are there, held tightly in his grip, and you both fall into a steady rhythm of heartbeats and breaths and the little fluttering of his fingers against yours.

it isn’t until the first dregs of sleep begin to whisper at his eyelids and your fingers twitch against his that he always notices one little problem: ❝ we left the light on.❞

you’re nose-to-nose and even though your eyes are closed you know he’s looking at you — you can’t imagine that you can see very much up this close and surely all your blemishes stick out, but he can’t seem to get enough. still, you don’t complain, because as much as you know that his honeyed eyes are on you, you also know that a smile just as sweet as the thick amber of his irises is laden across his lips. with jimin’s fingers and legs tangled in your own, you don’t know where your breathing starts and where his end, but you know that you’re comfortable here; this is a familiar place, a familiar setting, something comfortable and warm and always so inviting. every once and a while he’ll break the staring contest with the fluttering of your eyelids and press little kisses to the tip of your nose or meld your smiles together, all while you giggle into his mouth and call his name just as gently as the moment itself. he loves the way it rolls off your tongue, yellowed like a sunflower and blooming under his affection so much that it lilts your voice and paints every letter with something so soft and undeniably loving.

Y/N. ❞ he always says your name in return, hoping you can hear it, too.

taehyung’s fingers are woven through strands of your hair and the pads of his fingers play with the delicate skin of your scalp, your head laid in his lap; it’s his preferred way to ‘cuddle’, because paying you attention never seems to tire him. loose strands are brushed from your face and every so often he’ll trace the delicate lines of your face, trailing to the tip of your nose and back again. dark eyes watch the way your facial expression changes with all his little touches, and he revels in each and every reaction as if each one is just as rewarding as the last, no matter how big or small. a forgotten television show or the music pouring through the speakers is all forgotten with the simplest touch, the slightest movement, and once your eyes flutter closed it seems every sense is honed onto him and him alone. your fingers always find his eventually, though, and they intertwine as easily as breathing — he could never say no to holding you like this, to touching you in any way you allow, to simply being with you, because he doesn’t think he’ll ever get enough. maybe it’s the way you react to his touch or the way you feel beneath it, but something just feels right — he savors the sensation, lets it build a home in his chest, and keeps you there with it.

❝ you’re so pretty like this, ❞ he finally says, his baritone voice breaking the trance and forcing your eyes to open just so you can look into his own — you always react so well to his everything.  ❝ i’m glad you save this for me. ❞

jungkook might be huge, but he likes it when you wrap yourself around him like he isn’t — one leg thrown over his hips and both arms wound around him lazily, his head tucked beneath your chin. he feels safe, here, warm, as if you’ve built your own little bubble and are hidden away inside it. everything else seems distant, and all his worries seem to wash away with the tides of tenderness emanating from your very being; to be wrapped up in you is to be wrapped in love, afterall. briefly, he forgets about his newest anxieties and all the little things he’d been complaining to you about only minutes prior, and all he knows is you. your heart beat beats a steady rhythm and hums with his own, tangling into a wordless melody, stuttering only with the gentle tapping of his fingers against the expanse of your back. he doesn’t touch you with urgency or purpose, but with familiarity, as if touching his own skin — lingering caresses that speak to just how much he doesn’t want to go anywhere else, doesn’t want to be anywhere else, but here.

eventually, his breath will fan over the exposed skin of your collar and make you shiver:  ❝ i love you. ❞

Dentist- H.S. AU (Requested)

This one shot is requested by @lovefortheflowers

°•°•°Dentist - Harry Styles One Shot💉💊 °•°•°

Caution - Smut

“(Y/N)…” sighed your boyfriend Harry as he looked at the cavity in your mouth with his tools.

You were in pain, but you still managed to transfer you vision on his mouth where he was biting his lips. Something that turned you on more than it should in this situation. Your eyes widened as he licked his lips.

Harry now looked where your visions were fixated and chuckled, shaking his head.

“Are you sure you’re here to fix your teeth?” Your cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

“Would you like that baby girl? Would you like if I fuck you here on my table, bending on it? Oh you sure do like the way I talk to you.. Dont you? Such a naughty girl you are…” He spoke in a low, husky voice.

“Hmm.. You’re a bit chatty today Styles, aren’t you?” You spoke before crashing your lips against his, moving them passionately yet hungrily.

He moved his hands below your thighs, picking you up and walking towards the front of the table, situating you comfortably, lips moving in sync.

His hands moved inside your undies, feeling you. “You’re so wet for me baby girl… Ain’t I love that.” he murmured against his lips.

your pants hit the floor along with his. Your shirt unbuttoned.

“You dont know what effect you have on me,” he kissed your jaw, slowly moving towards your cleavage.

“Show me.” You moaned. He tturned you towards the table, your torso leaning on the table .

He grabbed himself and rubbed his tip over your wetness, pushing himself in . He pulled back and slammed back in not giving you time to adjust.

“Harry please..”

“Its daddy.” He moaned.

“Daddy..” He felt your walls clench around his member. He moaned loudly, moving his hands under your bra, kneading your breasts.

“Oh daddy.. Faster please..” You managed to moan out.

He moved fast as you said. Pits ready to burst in both of your stomach.
“i-im close daddy”

“Let it go.. Let it go baby girl.” You both released making the thrusts sloppy and both bodies sweaty.

“Oh my god!” a voice shrieked behind you both. You turned to look at a blushing nurse.

“Uh- Marie.. Meet my fiance (Y/N)..”

“Harry let her go! Its so awkward here!!”


Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 001
warning: smut
summary: Kai and Reader are roommates and secretly both of them have a crush on each other but neither of them does anything until one day something happens everything changes.
* gif by me

Kai pushed her bedroom door open and took a peek inside. A part of him already knew what he’d see inside, he had been eavesdropping ever since he had come back to their little apartment a few minutes ago, fighting the urge to do just this – take a peek. In the end he had caved in and now he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her and everything she was doing. Somehow watching her fingers draw soft to rough figure eights on her clit, her fingers slipping at a steady pace inside her made him feel angry. Only it wasn’t the anger he usually experienced. It was the kind of anger he felt when he saw a guy get close to her, touch her or even look at her. Jealousy, the word popped into his mind. He felt jealous it wasn’t him doing all those things to her, that he wasn’t beside her on her bed in that moment.

It wasn’t like he and Y/N were together or anything. They were just roommates but every now and then he’d catch himself thinking about her in a way he shouldn’t be thinking about her. Daydreaming about doing just that and so much more with her. Some nights he couldn’t get a wink of sleep because of all the thoughts about her going through his head. Especially if he had watched her walk out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her and water still dripping down her body earlier in the day. Or in the kitchen bending over to get something in the fridge or lifting herself on her toes to get something from the upper bookshelves giving him a peek at what was under her skirt. Y/N and her obsession with short skirts, he smiled to himself, testing his patience every day since the moment they had moved in together. Seeing her wearing those always made mind drift off into a fantasies of how he sneaks up behind her, snaking his hands around her waist and kisses her neck… Or how he pulls her onto his lap touching her the way he wanted, their lips moving together while their bodies were skin to skin. Only he never acted on any of those intentions because Y/N was the most special person in his life and he didn’t want to risk ruining their friendship in any way.  

And now – there she was, laying on her bed wearing only a t-shirt, his t-shirt unless he was imagining it, with her legs spread wide giving him a full view at what her fingers were doing. Even from a distance he could see her folds glistening in the afternoon sunlight and as if being pulled by a magnet he took a quiet step towards her. His eyes followed her fingers movements, drifting from time to time to her eyes and lips, feeling his jeans tighten around him a little more with every passing second and then, to his surprise she moaned his name. Kai stopped in the middle of the room expecting her to throw a pillow at him, yell at him to get out but that didn’t happen. Y/N hadn’t seen him or heard him come on, she was so lost in her fantasy and what she was doing, she hadn’t even realised someone was in the room with her. He took another step towards her watching her fingers pump inside her at a steady pace while her free hand squeezed her breasts through her shirt and she moaned softly. Quietly he kicked off his shoes and made his way towards her without taking his eyes off her for a second, carefully climbing on the bed with her. Slowly he trailed his fingertips up her legs all the way from a little above her ankles to her inner thighs and he smirked hearing the sudden change in her heart beat. His eyes followed his fingers’ movements while he listened to her moans get a little louder and again she moaned his name. For a long moment he sat there completely mesmerised listening to her breathing become uneven, knowing she was close and suddenly felt torn between interrupting her or allowing her to continue, and then something inside him snapped hearing Y/N moan his name again.

   “Need a hand? Or lips… tongue..? I’ll be more than happy to help…“ 

Her eyes opened and she gulped, moving up on the bed while he crawled right after her until their eyes were on the same level. Her heart skipped a beat and for a moment she got lost in his ocean blue eyes. Every time she gazed in them she felt as if she might sink, drown and die and somehow she knew she wouldn’t mind that. Only right this instant his eyes were darker, darkening still and the way he was looking at her made a tingly feeling through her body like a tidal wave. Y/n could barely keep her hands away from him in that moment after daydreaming, dreaming and fantasising about him for months. 

   “Kai!? Wh-what are you doing? You can’t be here –”

   “Why?“ he brushed his fingers against her cheek, noticing how her heartbeat increased to dangerous levels the second he touched her. “Because you don’t want me to hear you moan my name while you play with yourself? That was –” he bit his lip. “– so fucking hot, watching you play with yourself, moaning my name. Wearing my t-shirt… I just – Hmmm..” he pursued his lips. “You know if you wanted me, you should’ve just said so.”

   “What? I – N-no.“ she protested feeling his breath on her face intoxicating her.

 Kai smirked at the change in her heartbeat. “I was just um–”

   “Daydreaming about me and all the things I could do to you and we could do together?“ he smirked, glazing his fingertips up and down her thighs without actually touching her where she needed him. "I bet you’ve dreamt about me getting nice and comfy between your legs… Kissing you. Touching you the way only I can.”

   “M-me? Having a wet dream about you? N-no.“ she lied again thinking back to what had prompted her little afternoon adventure. However the last thing she had expected to happen had been for her to get caught… by him. And now her mind was spinning at the thought of what could happen between them. "You are so full of yourself. Why would I be dreaming about you?" 

   “I have… dreamt about you.” he thought out loud, noticing her heart do a weird flip at his words. Her eyes kept drifted between his eyes and lips, her breathing turned so shallow it wasn’t even there and his lips curled up. “I’ve been dreaming about you for months, wondering how your lips would feel on mine. What it would feel like to be with you that way, to touch you the way I want… to taste you. It’s driving me completely insane how you find your way into my mind. I can’t focus on anything but how much I want to be with you.”

   “Then why didn’t you say something?“ she asked quietly feeling her skin turn on fire having him this close to her in that moment. All of the sudden she felt self conscious and tried to cover up, to press her thighs together when she realised his knee was right between her legs.

   “I didn’t do anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship but now –” he leaned towards her until his lips almost touched hers as he spoke. He paused for a moment, his eyes drifting between her eyes and her lips. “– I want you more than I have ever wanted you. And I always get what I want.”

   “What if I say ‘no’?“ she hooked her hands around his neck, playing with the scruff on the back of his head. His eyes fluttered closed for a second and a quiet moan escaped his lips. "What would you do then?”

   “I’d spend the rest of my life chasing after you until I make you mine.“ he said longingly gazing in her eyes. "I’d do anything to… to win you and your heart." 

   “You would?” she said, her lips curling in a small smile.

Kai hummed, leaning towards her while she pulled him towards her until their lips met. The second their lips touched it was as if an explosion happened. All emotions he has ever felt towards her coursed through his veins at 100 miles per hour waking up every cell in his body and he couldn’t help but notice how their lips seemed like a perfect match for each other. How instantly they found their rhythm as if they had kissed for ages and that wasn’t their first kiss. He pressed his body against hers, his lips getting more demanding with every second while his crotch grinded against hers making her moan into the kiss. Y/N pushed his jacket off his shoulders and rolled on top of him without taking her lips off his for a second, neither of them able to get enough of the other. Kai’s hands skimmed the sides of her body, finding their perfect spot on her waist both of them creating their own rhythm. He pulled her towards him making her straddle him faster while she continued to suck the air out of his lungs and tugged on his shirt, pulling it over his head. Y/N ran her fingers through her hair for a second and smiled at him, biting her lip. Her hands moved slowly up and down on his chest feeling his heartbeat increase and leaned in over him, gazing into his eyes which no longer had a trace of their usual blue colour. They were dark with lust, devils dancing in them and the way he was looking at her in that moment was enough to turn her skin on fire.   

   “Well then, let’s ruin the friendship.“ she whispered in his ear, her lips almost touching his earlobe as she spoke. Kai growled quietly and in a flash she found herself on her back, her head sinking into the soft pillows. His lips crashed against hers, anxious, demanding while his tongue  slipped in her mouth and his fingertips brushed up her bare skin, pulling her shirt over her head. His eyes lit up like a little kid’s at the sight before him and he cupped her breasts, his eyes never leaving hers while he pressed the flat of his tongue against her left nipple taking turns between swirling the tip around them and nibbling on them. Y/N moaned softly feeling his fingers roll her other nipple between his thumb and index fingers, before he switched. Slowly he explored every inch of her body with his lips and fingertips using her body as a canvas on his way to her heat stopping only for a second to admire the sight before him.

   “You are so beautiful.” he smiled, drawing fire lines on her inner thighs with his fingertips touching her everywhere but where she needed him most. "Absolutely beautiful.”

Y/N felt her cheeks flush at his words and her eyes fluttered closed for a second. His touch felt like shock waves of electricity being sent into her bloodstream, leaving her craving more and she knew there was no way she’d ever get enough of him or his magic touch.  “Kai –“ 

   “Yes?” he asked knowing what she wants but craving to hear her say it. “Tell me, what do you want.”

   “You.“ she bit her lip. ”I want you.“ 

Kai smirked devilishly at her and brushed his fingertips against her swollen clit, listening to her heart rate increase to dangerous levels. Without taking his eyes off hers he leaned in towards her, leaving soft kisses up her inner thighs all the way to where she needed him most and pressed his mouth on her core inhaling and exhaling sharply for a few long moments, feeling her body convulse for a second when his lips touched her swollen clit.

   “Look at yourself.” he cooed, slurping some of her arousal about to drip onto the sheets. “So wet you are dripping. I will have to fix this straight away.”

Y/N bit her lip feeling a light stream of air hit her clit and her eyes fluttered closed for a second as she tangled her fingers in his hair, lightly tugging on it. His tongue lapped slowly round and around her clit ever so slightly touching it driving her out of her mind. His lips and tongue worked steadily, slowly building her up and she could feel herself drip onto the sheets. Her imagination couldn’t even compare to what he was doing to her in that moment and the way he was making her feel. Every time his tongue even slightly touched her clit felt like electricity hitting her blood stream directly. As if he wanted to make her lose it, and/or burn her alive. 

   “Please Kai, I need you –“ she moaned.

   “You need me to what?” he asked innocently, sideways flicking her clit with her tongue. “Drive you out of your mind? Finger you? Make you feel my long slim fingers curl inside you slowly, going deeper every time while those tight walls clench around them…”

   “FUck YES, please –“ she squealed, feeling him lightly bite her clit for a second. His fingertips pressed against her entrance and a finger slowly entered her, curling around exploring every inch before pulling out almost to the fingertips and going in again a little deeper every time. He lightly flicked her clit with his tongue, listening to her moans get a little louder and her breathing become heavier as he enveloped her clit between his lips sucking/tugging on it. His tongue’s movements were light and slow, it was driving her completely out of her mind. Y/N wanted him, all of him but all he did was continue to tease her, taking turns between flicking her clit sideways, lapping his tongue around it and nibbling/sucking and tugging on it. 

     “You taste more amazing than I could’ve ever imagined.” he moaned, adding another finger slowly curling around feeling every inch, going in deeper every time. “I can spend eternity between your legs and not get enough.”

Y/N moaned a little louder feeling her orgasm approaching slowly. He was taking his time savouring every moment and building her up, bringing her right to the brink and pulling her back just to do it all over again. Her skin felt as if it was literally fire, each curl making her body arch off the bed a little more until he had to hold her down. His fingers pumped inside her a little faster, changing the pace between slow to fast to steady digging in deeper until his fingertips hit her spot and her moan turned into a small scream. 

   “That’s it, isn’t it?“ he smirked, lightly biting on her clit again. Y/N squealed semi-screaming ‘Yes’, pushing his mouth further on her while he sucked and tugged on her clit, sending the vibrations directly on it.  “So tight – ” he cooed, feeling her walls clench around his fingers. “– it will feel so good stretching you out later.”

Kai could barely tear his eyes away from her, watching her mouth hung open, soft moans mixed with whimpers and his name rolling off her tongue constantly while she tugged on his hair and her other hand gripped on the sheets.  His fingers pumped inside her at a steady to fast pace, feeling her walls clench around them spurring him to go faster until her orgasm tore through her body and she screamed his name. Slowly he trailed his way up her body leaving kisses on his way until their eyes were on the same level. Kai rested his forehead on hers and he shoved his fingers in her mouth for her to clean. Her tongue swirled around them, their eyes locked on each other and her free hand shot for the back of his head playing with his scruff while her other hand pushed its way in his jeans, palming him through his briefs. His quiet moan tumbled off his lips and his eyes fluttered closed for a moment thinking what it would feel like to have her lips and tongue on him while she moaned around his fingers.

   “Y/N –“ he moaned, biting his lip. 

   “Shhh … No talking.” she rolled on top of him, her lips crashing against his. Their lips barely pulled away from each other getting more demanding by the second while he trailed his fingertips up her back sending shivers all over her body. Slowly her lips moved down his jawline, down his neck while her fingernails lightly scratching at his bare chest. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her, watching her slide down his body without breaking eye contact with him for a second as she lightly nibbled on his stomach, drawing figurines with the tip of her tongue mixing with kisses until she got to what she wanted. Her fingers worked swiftly, undoing the belt/button and zipper of his jeans before she pulled them down his legs. Y/N’s gaze kept drifting between her fingertips brushing up his thighs to his eyes while he propped himself on his elbows watching her semi-sit on his hips. She ran her hand on his thick shaft, rubbing him through the thin fabric of his briefs and ran her fingers through her hair, moving it to the side before pressing her lips on him, letting her hot breath on him. 

   “Damn Y/N –” he moaned, watching her fingers hitch around the waistband of his briefs and slowly she pulled them down his legs, trailing her fingertips the entire way down/up. Her fingers wrapped around his thick shaft, stroking him at a steady pace while her thumb drew slow circles on the tip of his lenght gathering the pre-cum on it before bringing it to her lips, letting out a soft moan as she tasted him. Slowly she leaned towards his lenght running her tongue all the way from his balls to the tip, her nose brushing against him the entire time while she looked at him with innocent eyes. It was driving him insane how she could both look so innocent and so naughty at the same time. As if her personality switched between both every half second or so.

   “You are driving me insane.” he moaned quietly. “Who knew you were such a naughty girl.” 

   “I’m the naughtiest.” she said in a low seductive voice, blowing a light stream of air onto the head without taking her eyes off him. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment feeling her tongue slowly run on the underside of his lenght while she took turns between nibbling on him and swirling her tongue around the head. Every time he moaned her name her heart skipped a beat and she couldn’t help but think how if this was a dream, she’d absolutely break after waking up. There had been so many moments her mind had drifted off into a fantasy about just this. Like all those times he had walked around their small apartment wearing only his boxers. Or the time he had thought she wasn’t home and they had bumped into each other in the hallway right as he was getting out of the shower, his hair still wet and water dripping down his toned torso before his towel had been wrapped around him, giving her the slightest peek at what she wanted but knew couldn’t have.

   “OH FUCk Y/N –” he moaned feeling her take turns between nibbling on him and swirling her tongue around the head before she took just the tip in between her lips. Her nails lightly scratched at him while she continued to stroke him, moaning and humming some song, taking him a little further in lips every time. Kai tried to figure out what the song was but could barely even remember where they were in that moment. All he could focus on was her and her lips on him, how hot she looked in that moment with his thick shaft disappearing in her mouth every time and the vibrations of her moans hitting him directly. Y/N driving him completely insane making him feel as if he was on fire and he just couldn’t get enough. But there was something else – he couldn’t get out of his head the way she had been playing with herself before. Every time his eyes fluttered closed the image popped up in his mind and he could barely wait to find out what it feels like being inside her. To feel those tight walls clench around him while she came around him. And every move of her tongue, of her fingers fondling his balls was only pushing him further to pulling her up and tossing her under him.

   “Oh shit—” he groaned, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pushing her mouth further on him, making her take him all the way for a long moment for a few seconds. Y/N moaned around him, feeling him twitch inside her mouth and her eyes started to water a little. He let go of her letting her continue on her own watching her tongue swirl around the head of his length and down to his balls, lightly sucking on them for a moment before nibbling on him on her the way up. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment and he pulled her up, tossed her under him in flash and his lips crashed against hers. Her legs wound around his waist when suddenly they slipped off the edge of the bed fell on the floor. Y/N tried to grab onto something to hold onto but all she did was end up knocking her nightstand lamp along with them.

   “Whoops.” she laughed, wounding her legs around his waist.

   “You really are the naughtiest, huh?” he said amused. "Are you okay?”

   “Asked the person I fell on top of.“ she leaned in towards him but he pulled away and rolled on top of her, pinning her hands on either side of her head while rubbing his thick shaft against her soaked core. They gazed into each other’s eyes and she couldn’t help but notice how his eyes glowed differently for some reason and she realised the way he was looking at her when he was turned on was enough to drive her insane and her to turn her fire all over again. Even more so while he continued to tease her, pressing the tip against her entrance and sliding just the tip inside her. Every second felt like the sweetest kind of torture and she both wanted it to end and to never stop. 

   “Please –”

   “Please ‘what’, princess?“ he said innocently, continuing to tease her. "What does my girl want?”

   “I want you.“ she moaned. "All of you. I want to feel every inch of you inside me.”

Kai rested his forehead on hers and smirked devilishly at her mouthing ‘no’, listening to her beg for him again. Up until this point he hadn’t realised how much this would turn him on, how listening to her moan his name and listening to her beg would make him feel. Her hips kept bucking up and pushing down on him wanting all of him but every time he was a step ahead until when she least expected it he entered at once with a heavy thrust. A small scream escaped her lips and her body jolted forward a little while his hot breath hit her face intoxicating her completely. For a short moment he stood still, just enjoying how good she felt around him before withdrawing slowly, making her feel every inch on the way out leaving just the tip inside her and filling her to the brim again. Not only their lips were a perfect match for each other, they seemed to fit perfectly together like two pieces of a puzzle as if they had been made for each other.

    “FUck, you are so tight.” he moaned, intertwining their fingers together. “I love it –”

Y/N’s lips curled into a smile and she clenched her walls around him for a moment earning a low growl from him and he thrusted inside her harder. His thrusts were slow and hard at first, picking up the pace every time until there were barely a few seconds between each of them. Their lips met in a passionate kiss and she felt herself getting lost in him and everything he was doing to her. Kai was everything she had imagined and more, somehow knowing just how to push her buttons perfectly. Every now and then he’d slow down only to catch her off guard and knock the air out of her lungs, each thurst leaving her craving more. 

   “Fuck me harder.“ she moaned, holding onto his hands tightly while he thrusted heavily inside her leaving her breathless.

   “So greedy.” he groaned with a lazy smile. “I can break you.”

   “Then break me.“ she bit her lip, watching him push both her legs over his shoulders before leaning in towards her. He gripped her wrists and entered her harder than before, turning her moan almost into a scream, withdrawing slowly before easing himself inside her again. Her back arched off the floor and she threw her head back for a moment feeling his lips on her neck lightly nibbling on it. He could hear her heartbeat and breathing trying to catch up with each other and failing every time while he continued to pound her senseless, wanting to bury his entire self inside her and stay like that forever, listening to their moans/groans and the sounds of flesh on flesh colliding in perfect harmony.

   “Fuck Kai – I’m so clo-se.” she moaned, her walls clenching around him almost at the same time his lenght twitched inside her. Her skin felt as if it was fire or maybe the room was on fire, she wasn’t sure. Every time his thick shaft entered her skin turned to fire all over again, each thrust deeper and rougher than the last hitting her spot perfectly. A slight pain started to show between her legs but it hurt too good to ask him to slow down. In a way she liked it and just couldn’t get enough of him and the way he was making her feel in that moment, knowing there was no one else who could ever make her feel this way. 

   “Me too, princess.“ he groaned, "Hold it for me.”

Y/N nodded slightly, throwing her head back with the next thurst and her walls clenched around him a little more intensely, pushing his emotions on a complete overdrive. Purple/black veins flashed under his eyes and for a moment he got scared she might freak out or push him away. Instead she did neither and took him by complete surprise with her next words.

   “Bite me.“ 

   “Y/N, I don’t want to hur–” he started, watching her mouth the same words. Their lips collided, drowning out her semi-screams while he thrusted heavily inside her and his lips traced their way to her neck. Her entire body ignited all over again the second he sank his fangs in her carotid artery and she almost let go, her emotions getting pushed on a overdrive. Y/N moaned in his ear and dug her nails in his back almost drawing blood which only turned him on more feeling his lenght twitch inside her again and his thrusts, even though a little sloppier, picked up the pace.       “Let yourself go baby girl.” he whispered, feeling her walls clench around him when her orgasm tore through her body triggering his while he continued to thrust inside her until they were both finished and he collapsed on top of her.

Kai rolled onto the soft carpet next to her, both of them trying to catch their breath. Y/N turned towards him and snuggled closer to him, his hands wrapping around her. Gently he lifted her chin up, cupping her face with one hand, his lips pulling her into a slow kiss. 

   “Well, there goes the friendship.“ he said amused, brushing his nose against hers for a second. "S-should I be worried you won’t ever look at me the same way?”

   “Depends.“ she rolled on top of him, placing her hands on his chest while straddling him slowly. "Did you mean what you said earlier?”

Kai’s hands found their way on her waist and he moaned quietly, his eyes fluttering closed for a second.  “About winning your heart?“ he gazed into her eyes. "Yes. Though I am absolutely terrible when it comes to emotions. But this I know. There is something I feel when I am with you and only you. I can’t shake it and  I don’t want to.” he said softly, noticing how her eyes had filled in with curiosity and something else he couldn’t quite understand. Instantly he panicked a little. “W-why are you looking at me like that? D-did I say something wrong?”

   “So cute when you are panicking.“ she shook her head smiling. 

   “What – what is it?” he insisted. Y/N just leaned over him, not taking her eyes off his while he continued panicking. Remaining silent was the hardest thing to do, but somehow she managed, testing his patience at it’s fullest. “Tell me.”

   “Make me.“ she blurted out. 

   “You little –” he tossed her under him, his lips curling into a small smile as he pinned her hands on either side of her head. “Tell me.”

   “Bite me.“

   “You’ll love that don’t you. Tell me.” he kissed her neck softly feeling her melt under his touch. “Tell me.”

   “Nothing, just –  you really can’t see it, can you?“

   “See what?” he gazed into her eyes.

   “You already have won my heart, dummy.“
note:  i don’t know how it happened but look how blue his eyes are in this gif. 🙊 'Ocean blue eyes … I feel like I might sink and drown and die.’ 💙👀

So this is for my darling @ash-castle. I love her so, so much and when we were talking yesterday she mentioned she wanted a Loki x reader x Bucky story (and this is definitely more Loki x reader than anything else, Bucky Is kinda a footnote).

I don’t write much anymore and this isn’t really a story, more like a tiny note, and it’s kinda weird and definitely not at all what she imagined when we talked (and make no mistake, she didn’t ask me for anything but I adore her) and she inspired me to write for her.


“You are beautiful.”

The words were whispered against your skin, reverent and damning all at once. His lips touched your brow in a mockery of a kiss.

“You are perfect.”

The press of his body against yours, almost quivering with the need to be closer. Always closer.

“You are magic.”

The taste of his tongue consumed you, the fire of his touch burned.

“You are everything.”

The eyes staring down at you were too green, his hair a shade too dark, his left hand too warm. He smelled of starlight and eternity, not winter and home.

“You are mine.”

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He rolled his head, eyes closed, mentally preparing himself for the performance he was about to put on.

You watched, unable to look away. He always looked so good when he was focused. 

Due to your schedules, it was rare that you could watch a performance so when you had the chance, you always drank him in, searing the image of your boyfriend’s body, face, every single feature, in your mind. 

The logical part of you knew it was best to not disturb him while he was mentally preparing but you couldn’t help yourself. He had stretched out his neck, tilting his head to one teasing you with the expanse of his perfect skin.

A low rumble vibrated within his throat as you pressed your lips to it. He was laughing lightly.

“Jagi, not now, I need to go in a few minutes, the last thing I need is a boner.”

“Stop teasing me then, you know I can’t resist your pretty neck.” Another chuckle left his lips and he put his hands on your hips lightly. A sigh left your own lips as you stopped and laid your head on his shoulder, teasing your fingers up and down his chest. “Are you going to do me proud baby?” Your voice had dropped to a low, seductive tone, your fingers moving even lower to slip under his top and play at the waistband of his trousers. He let out a shaky breath and nodded. “Good boy, I want to reward you tonight.” 

“Fuck, I’ll make you so proud baby.” He hissed, grabbing your hand before you could slide it any lower. You hummed in approval and moved back hearing the announcement that BTS had to go on stage 30 seconds. 

Hoseok smiled down at you fondly, lust dancing in his eyes. He grabbed your face and kissed you roughly, sliding his tongue into your mouth so quick you had no time to respond before backing up with a smirk.

“You’re not the only one who knows how to tease the other, baby.” He winked and turned to head to the stage. You reached out and slapped his backside making him chuckle.

You watched him step on stage with excitement bubbling through your veins.

You knew that as soon as the performance was over, Hoseok would be dragging you off to have his way with you and post-performance, sweaty, panting Hoseok always fucked you right.

I want to start doing lil caption scenario things like this based off of pictures/gifs so  if you have any visuals you want writing for, link me to them


Horror has always been a unique genre in how it enables the exploration of complicated, real life issues in a hyperbolic manner that’s strangely cathartic. Horror’s over-the-top nature lets audiences tap into (and consequently release) deep-seated emotions from that safe distance on the other side of a screen–a cinematic therapist’s office, if you will. Got mommy issues? Watch Carrie and channel her rage as she lashes out at her overbearing mother and bullying classmates. Worried about the challenges of coming-of-age? The French film Raw tackles that subject with delicious creativity. Pregnant and paranoid? A little Rosemary’s Baby will be sure to shock the pre-partum anxiety out of your system. Are you a teenage girl who’s confused and disturbed by the changes your body’s going through as you grow into adolescence? Ginger Snaps or The Witch can be perfect allegories for those experiences. 

Horror is a fantastic avenue for telling very interesting, realistic human stories in a fashion that both challenges our imaginations and provokes our baser instincts. The 2014 film Honeymoon does just that, tapping into a very real experience that most couples face, but couching it in an engrossing, thoroughly entertaining horror context that becomes the perfect backdrop for hashing out these issues. 

The film, starring Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie and Attack the Block’s Harry Treadaway, is about young newlyweds Paul and Bea who embark on their honeymoon in a secluded lake house in an unknown sleepy town. After a few days of blissful lovemaking in their quaint cabin, their post-marital ecstasy is interrupted when one evening, Paul wakes up in the middle of the night to find that Bea has mysteriously disappeared. He scours the dense forest around the cabin for her and finds her frozen, naked, in the middle of the woods. In the morning, Bea explains that she was merely sleepwalking, but Paul isn’t buying it. Confused, Paul racks his brain for explanations, though he can’t help but immediately suspect Bea of indiscretion after an odd exchange with Bea’s childhood friend Will, who lives in town and whom they ran into earlier during the day. What ensues next is a series of paranoia-inducing overtures leading up to a shocking revelation.

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over-drugged-barbiedolls  asked:

Hi! I'm 5'5 and 99 lbs, can you help me what should my ugw be and when should I aim to reach it?

!!!! That’s very very low for your height!!!! My advice would be, if you don’t want to gain, don’t lose anymore. I now that sounds terrifying, but you have to remember you can’t survive without your body. And what’s the point of being thin if you can’t show it off ;). Trust me honey, you’re perfect right where you are!! I would kill to be within even 30 pounds of you :(. Just be careful and take care of your livelihood!!!

Just because you don’t look like somebody who you think is attractive doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive. Flowers are pretty, but so are sunsets and they look nothing alike.

Notice the many colours that exist in your soul.
Realize that no one else has them exactly quite like you do.
See how they all combine together perfectly to make up the beautiful person who you are.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
How to Love Yourself More

1. Set aside some time to think through why you feel you’re not good enough, or don’t deserve to be loved. Then actively counter each of those reasons. This is a really crucial step for you to take.

2. Make a list of at least 10 of your positive traits and strengths. Each day, add at least 2 more items to your list.

3. Commit to only saying positive and affirming things about yourself – that is, your face, your body, your personality, your abilities, and so on.

4. Each day, tell your body how much you appreciate it.

5. Hold your head high, smile, look people in the eye, and always speak slowly, and with confidence.

6. Have the courage to list and face some of the worst mistakes you’ve made, or some of the challenges you’ve found hard to overcome. Then, gently admit to yourself that you are not perfect. In fact, none of us is perfect, and we all start from different places in life. What has been hard for you may have been easy for someone else. Choose to not be so hard on yourself – forgive yourself for EVERYTHING and then just let it go!

7. Go through your closet and experiment with your clothes until you find something that you feel really good in. Choose to wear that – and to buy other outfits that make you feel good about yourself and your appearance. Get rid of clothes that lower your self-confidence or self-esteem.

8. Learn to listen to your body and mind, and treat what they are saying with kindness and respect. If you are tired, rest. If you are feeling worn down or emotionally drained, then withdraw and do something that will help to build you up.

9. Do something nice for yourself each day. Buy yourself some flowers, some new clothes, some music … or go for a jog, get your hair or nails done …. Whatever makes you feel pampered and special and loved.

10. Give yourself permission to say no to the things that make you unhappy, or that your energy.

“As i learn to love my body despite the violation it has experienced and does experience, i liberate myself from systems that tell me that i am unlovable…
Choosing my voice over this community’s silence and societal failures is a radical act.” Cit. Uncensored Feminist
IG: uncensoredfeminist

on the left is a victoria secret model, and on the right is me. there was a time, i would have put these pictures side by side, and used it as a “goal” to get to. i actually went into a victoria secret shop once, about a year ago, with my friend, and whilst she was trying something on in the changing room, and i was waiting, i was trying to hold back the tears, they just started running down my face, and i was desperately wiping them away before anyone saw. it was all too much in there, all them what i deemed as “perfect” girls plastered all over the walls, and my mind was racing with “why don’t i look like them” “why can’t i achieve that” “i’ll never be like them” and looking back, i feel so saddened that i ever felt like that. (my friend didn’t know, so it obviously wasn’t her fault that it happened, she was just shopping in there, bless her❤️) but now, today, i don’t envy those girls, NOT ONE LITTLE BIT. i’ve read up about their diets, and some days they have detoxing where they literally eat just vegetables, and like hours before the show they aren’t allowed liquid, like hello?? we need to drink?? it’s just crazy. it’s their choice and i completely understand that, but i’m just saying that there was a time i would have admired how strict they are with themselves, but today is so different. i want to enjoy food, i’ve rid my life of diets, i’ve found self love, and i want to eat cake and ice cream, when i want cake and ice cream, like chocolate?? who doesn’t love chocolate?? i just don’t envy their bodies or their lifestyles anymore, and that’s just a GLO UP for me. YOU DONT NEED TO LOOK LIKE THOSE GIRLS. YOU NEED TO LOOK LIKE YOU. YOU YOU YOU. whatever body shape, or size you are, that’s perfect, and that’s what makes you YOU.

not a Calvin Klein ad lol 😝😝😝

(hope this isn’t triggering💗)

Bruise [ VIII ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

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The jacket around your chest felt too loose, cheeks puffy as the cool air nipped at them while you shuffle your feet against the damp pavement. The snow had melted but the low temperature had stayed, the ground covered by thin patches of ice. It was far too late out to be alone in front of the convenience store, but the buzzing of your phone fifteen minutes before hand had been enough to drag you outside at the hour. You’d wanted to see Chanyeol for days,  the both of you so busy you still hadn’t gotten a chance to see eachother more than a few minutes for an entire week. You’d been trying to focus on the overwhelming amount of coursework professors were dumping on you, while Chanyeol was having a busy time at the studio; at least that’s what he said.

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