with that handshake trap

apparently its national brothers day so

brogane headcanons!!! 

 - they are both autistic and traumatized 

 - when keith was younger, shiro use to let him ride around on his shoulders 

 - they do the creepy thing where they talk at the same time 

      • lance: (yawns) morning everyone 

      • keith and shiro in unison: good morning, lance. 

      • lance, having a stroke: whwwayag 

 - they also share? thoughts???? 

      • keith: hey shiro have you seen my tangle? 

      • shiro, at the same time: oh yeah btw keith i found your tangles earlier 

      • lance, on the floor: i hate this 

 - keith lent shiro his ipod for the kerberos mission and one day shiro finds it and is like “holy shit. guys, you have to listen to keith’s old music.” (lance, in the background: jesus christ is this sleeping with sirens)

- they started a band when keith was 7 and shiro was 16 but they broke up because even though shiro was the lead singer and keith played the drums (plastic bongos from toys r us), keith wanted to call it “keith and the cadets”

- keith can’t zip up jackets or button clothes up, shiro can’t tie his laces. they help each other. (neither can fold laundry, hunk freaks out about this)

- they have a secret handshake (i know this is a Bad example but think the handshake from the sister trap) but haven’t really done it since shiro got rescued. one day, after a really good mission, they just do it out of nowhere and everyone (including them) is like “holy shit” (hunk and lance try to learn it in private later on)

- they speak for each other. like allura will ask shiro if he wants to try something “similar to earth peppers” and before shiro can answer, keith says “depends. shiro hates green peppers, but loves anything spicy.” without even looking up. allura is confused, but shiro just nods.

- they’ve binge watched all of naruto at least three times together


something i seriously considered putting in my fanfic
  • Ladybug: fine, you can pick my song.
  • Cat Noir: *pulls out computer*
  • Cat Noir: *types quickly*
  • Cat Noir: *turns the computer to Ladybug*
  • Ladybug: Yeah, there's no way in hell I'm dancing to Tight Pants/ Body Rolls
  • Cat Noir: fine. Kazoo Kid Trap Remix
  • Ladybug: You got yourself a deal. *handshake*

I don’t care that it’s out of character, I want all of the Neil Being Silly™ scenarios

- Holding the cat’s tail between his nose and upper lip like a mustache to distract Andrew from the silent studying that they’ve been doing all afternoon 
- Disappearing into Allison’s walk-in closet and coming out five minutes later wearing a giant hat, a scarf, sparkly sunglasses, and a bright pink coat, just to make the girls laugh 
- Matt takes them all out to a bar that he likes so Neil pays the bartender a hundred dollars to bring Matt the wrong drink all night. Matt orders a Yeungling and gets a strawberry margarita. The bartender pretends that he has other customers to serve and ignores Matt until he finally sighs and walks away. Twenty minutes later he comes back to try to order a Blue Moon and gets an Apple-tini. It keeps happening for the rest of the night, and Matt gets such a kick out of it that Neil doesn’t admit that it was his doing until the next morning
- The power goes out in the dorms and Neil, light footed and quick as he is, discovers that he can easily move around the different rooms without people noticing. He tiptoes into the kitchen behind Renee, realizes when it’s already too late how stupid it is to sneak-attack a former-gang member, and hits the ground  hard. Renee is immediately apologetic, but Neil just laughs at himself for an hour, staring up at the ceiling and holding his shirt to his bloody nose. When the power comes back on Andrew finds them, both laying on the ground and making shadow puppets with their flashlights.
- He and Dan have a secret handshake, which is just the handshake from The Parent Trap with a weird running-in-place and then dramatic throwing of an exy ball motion at the end
- Kevin (once he’s able to properly deal with some of his life’s trauma) is also fairly silly, but it’s more sporadic and subtle. Kevin likes to people watch and give strangers ridiculous voices and back stories, so he and Neil have a standing date every Wednesday (before night practice) at the food court at the mall. Neil makes his voice high and flutey for most women, and he usually defaults them to a southern accent. Kevin decides their back-stories based on whatever bags they’re carrying. 
- Nicky is the silliest member of the entire gang and you can’t tell me that Neil doesn’t go along with him. They make dumb noises back and forth at each other constantly and then laugh like it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever experienced. They rock out in the car together, jamming on air guitar and air drums and staring at the passengers in the cars next to them at red lights. They have ridiculous catch phrases that only they understand (”Not on my tomato!”or “Two balls, Jeremy!” [which is definitely somehow in reference to Kevin’s love for Jeremy Knox, Kevin is sure]), and use nouns as verbs a lot. (”what are you doing?” “couching” “oh cool, i’ll be right over.”) Sometimes they have moments where it’s just minutes of them gasping for breath because they’re laughing so hard. 

I just want Neil happy and free and feeling safe enough with his family to be his ridiculous and adorable self 

“Hey, I just talked you down from a death sentence to six months’ probation. I’m the best lawyer ever.”

A playlist for Jimmy McGill 


// Jimmy / M.I.A. // A Well Respected Man / The Kinks // Clint Eastwood / Gorillaz // Mine’s Not a High Horse / The Shins // Boardwalks / Little May // One of These Things First / Nick Drake // On My Way Back Home / Band of Horses // Silver Lining / Rilo Kiley // Man Of A Thousand Faces / Regina Spektor // High and Dry / Radiohead // Elephant Gun / Beirut // Fools / The Temper Trap // Handshake / Two Door Cinema Club // Lay It Down / The Rubens // Always Like This / Bombay Bicycle Club // The Greatest / Cat Power // Sing / Travis // Ambling Alp / Yeasayer // (Don’t Fear) The Reaper / Blue Öyster Cult // Lazy Eye / Silversun Pickups //