with that expression

i really feel bad saying this but seeing all this wlw/sapphic content w/ soft girls and sweaters and ponytails and tea really fucks with me? cos i find myself desperately wanting to grow my hair out and have a ponytail and wear “feminine” clothes just to fit that lesbian representation that is imo overwhelming on tumblr and in the media. but i’m butch, and i don’t want to be anything else, and yet i feel like i can’t be a ~real lesbian~ unless i’m a soft autumn aesthetic sapphic wlw or something. i want more butches in the media. isn’t it sad that i can only think of LP when i want to listen to music that resonates w/ me on that level?

this is not an attack on people who identify with the sapphic/wlw content i’m talking about, obviously. i just think we should try to support butch content and make it as visible as that content.

“In the life of every poet, thinker, artist or scientist there come moments when ideas or words are given to him; they are given at that moment and at no other. This is the moment when unconsciously the soul has an opportunity to breathe. Man does not usually allow his soul to breathe; the portal is closed up in the life of the earth. Man closes it by ignorance, he is absorbed in things of much less importance. So when the door opens and the soul is able to breathe even one breath, it becomes alive in that one single moment, and what comes out is beauty and joy making man express himself…”

~Hazrat Inayat Khan~

hey talking about stupid bnha ocs here’s another dumb one (of my many, MANY bnha ocs). Her name’s Tenzai Kafuka and her Quirk is she’s Basically A Cockroach (based on the domino cockroach). Her hero name is *snort* Roachach seewhatididthere

Like 13, she specialises in search and rescue - her Quirk makes her virtually indestructible, having a super high tolerance for very high and low temperatures, radiation and the ability to go without food and water for weeks, and air for about half an hour, making her perfect for rescuing civilians trapped in dangerous environments. She can unfold her wings and use them as a shield for others. While she can’t actually fly, she’s very speedy and has a high manoeuvrability. Her abilities actually make her a pretty good hero, although she prefers to work in darker environments, as daylight gives her headaches/migraines.

She was in the same class as Eraserhead and Present Mic. Standing at 6′5″, she’s taller than both.

I love her a lot.