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Can i request an imagine where tig finds out about your fucked up family problems and comforts you and admits his feelings for u

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A/N: I hope you enjoy it! It’s a whole 360 on the scenario but I kept the request storyline! 


The Broken & The Damaged:

Knocking on his door, she felt a wave of regret coursing through her body as questions ran through her mind. What if he wasn’t home? What if he was with someone? What if he was sleeping? What if? All the questions had come to a halt as he opened the door, no shirt on and his sweats hung lowly on his hips “(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” he asked stepping out of his house to wrap an arm around her leading her into his home closing the door behind them. He ushered her to the couch where she sat drenched in water seeing as she had run from home in the pouring rain “Give me a second Doll.” he said walking back to his room to get her a change of clothes, handing it to her and directing her to the bathroom to change.

She had returned in utter silence as she sat on his couch not as much as utter a word to him, they sat in silence for a while, him not wanting to force her to talk but he had broken the silence not being able to control himself anymore “Doll, what happened? Talk to me.” he said softly rubbing her leg and she immediately broke down causing him to wrap an arm around not bothering to second guess his actions at this point.

“I can’t go back there Alexander, everyday it’s war.. My mother always breathing down my neck, claiming i’m sleeping around, calling me horrible things.. She.. she beat me today.. And my father.. Instead of defending me.. He stands there and smiles wickedly as she beats me.. My brother burned all of my things last week, he told me to drop dead.. My mother… she took a knife and tried to-” “Stop Doll. I can’t. Please Stop. C’mere.” he said pulling the broken girl onto his lap shushing her as he gently stroked her hair. She was so small in his arms but she held a big part of his heart, it was killing him to see her like this “Doll, why didn’t you tell me anything? You know I’m here for you and I’ll always listen.” he said softly as she sobbed quietly “Because you have enough going on with the club you don’t need to be bothered with my shit.” she said softly hiccuping between her words “(Y/N), I will always make space and time for you, don’t you worry about that. Your shit will always be my shit, we are in this together. I thought you know this by now.” he said pushing her hair away from her face smiling at her gently as she returned it giving him a small smile “But Alex.. it’s not something I wanted to tell anyone.. It’s just whenever I need someone I can trust I know I can always count on you.” she said shifting in his lap trying to get comfortable.

“Well I love you, so i would hope you would count on me.” he said calmly not realizing what he had said until she had looked at him with wide eyes “You love me? You love the mess that is me?” she asked not believing his words “Doll, I love everything about you, everything that makes you I love. So if you’re going through issues then so am I.” he said confidently looking at her waiting for her reaction but all she did was wrap her arms around him pulling him closer as she whispered “I love you too Alexander, flaws and all.” she said softly looking at him with her beautiful eyes.

“Is that why you always come here? Cause you love to see this pretty face?” he asked jokingly “You caught me, how did you know?” she said laughing lightly “Just a guess” he replied kissing her cheek “C’mon. You need to get some good sleep cause tomorrow is moving day for you darlin’.” he said as he began to tickle her causing her to leap up from the couch and run into his bedroom, and this was the girl he had fallen head over heels for without any regret. The Broken and The Damaged finally together and complete.


A Maiko in Two Poses 1900 by Blue Ruin 1

A trick photograph of a Maiko (Apprentice Geisha) in two different poses. On the left-hand side of the image she is seated on a Zabuton (floor cushion) with one arm leaning on a Kyosoku (arm rest) and the other holding a Kiseru (tobacco pipe) with a Tobako-bon (smoking box) on the floor in front of her, wearing a Michiyuki (coat with a square neckline). While on the right-hand side of the image she is dressed for an Odori (dance) in the traditional clothes of a Maiko, a Hikizuri (trailing kimono) and a Darari Obi (dangling sash).

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