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Joe Biden Enlists Jon Stewart And 9/11 Heroes For His Cancer Moonshot
The vice president thanked them for showing how to force Congress to pass a law that will help ailing survivors. It's what the moonshot needs.

“You kind of threw yourself in front of a train, man, to make sure that people didn’t walk away,” Biden said in a meeting in his ceremonial office. “You had a profound impact on what happened in the Senate and the House, and I really mean it. I don’t think we would have been able to get the kind of long-term funding we got were it not for your steadfastness.”

Stewart demurred on the praise, pointing to the responders with him as the people who deserved thanks, but Biden insisted.

“I’ve been doing this job a long, long time. The only thing I know about more than most of you is how the Congress operates or doesn’t operate. It had a profound impact,” Biden said.

“We owe you big time, buddy,” Biden said. “We couldn’t [pass the bill]. We tried like hell. We could not get it done until you just put everything you had into it.”

Biden said he was grateful to Stewart for the spotlight his celebrity is bringing to Biden’s cause, and noted a connection to his late son, Beau, and the work that has been done studying cancers that have killed thousands of first responders.