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the negative Amazon reviews on American gods are hilarious

“If i could give this series a zero i would. One, it was too slow. I mean extremely slow. Two, you get lost in the whole thing, and not in a good way. And third, out of all the movies, tv shows, everything in my life, i have never been grossed out by a sex scene.“

“If you want a too quirky show that rolls around in liberal ideology. This is for you. If you are not a supporter of uber-liberal tripe, then skip this. Within the first couple of episodes, you get a thinly veiled black-lives rant, and multiple drawn out (way past any need to tell a story) gay/lesbian scenes that are simply gratuitous. Sad commentary on what passes for story telling.”

“One star with an explanation. The show is wonderful; visually stunning with the likes of Ian McShane leading an all star cast. Then? Then they went and did it; gay crap for the sake of, what? Appeasing the so called gay community? The scene was senseless. It added nothing to the story. All it was was a gay writer and/or director throwing in a disgusting scene for kids to see. Yeah, you can say no kids should be watching this show but, really? Of course they’ll be watching along with everyone else. So, there you have it. A shining show with a permanent black mark against it just to push forward political ideology in what is supposed to be entertainment. Parents, keep your young ones from watching. Who knows what further abnormal trash the creators have approved?”

“well…I was interested…until ep 2 begins with a self-indulgent, white-hating, racist diatribe…cancelling starz access…”

Thank you @neil-gaiman and Bryan Fuller for pushing your gay liberal agenda on us. 

Some Favorite RDC3 Memories

So many amazing things happened. Here’s a quick, far from exhaustive list of my favorites. 

  • Getting to pour Hugh Dancy a taste of whiskey
  • Aaron Abrams feeling up my flower crown
  • Bryan Fuller sharing American Gods images on his phone
  • Demore Barnes doing his impression of me asking my question
  • Getting Hugh to wear the pair of Will Graham glasses I own
  • Getting a Bryan hug
  • When we realized we were going to be the last table to get Bryan at the Meet and Greet and just settling in for the evening
  • Scott Thompson’s very sincere story about the origins of Buddy Cole
  • Hugh tearing up when Bryan said “It’s beautiful” was his favorite line because Hugh wrote it
  • The Fannibal musical
  • Getting to spend a fair amount of time with Ro
  • Getting to meet so many more fannibals
  • Bryan’s constant look of delight and wonder
  • Hugh being incredibly game for anything and totally into the whole experience
  • Bryan stopping signing long enough to come to the closing ceremony and then going back to signing to make sure everyone got through the line
  • Ellen
  • Scott and Aaron
  • Demore
  • Hugh
  • Bryan

Thank you Items #2!

As you know I’ve had a lot of financial issues, I won’t talk too much about it here but if you want to know more or help me you can check it out here. 

People have been so incredibly good to me, every donation is super helpful and I’ve been overwealmed with generosity and kindness to the point of tears.

Nobody asked for anything in return for their help so I wanted to give a little back. My second reward is this set of Hannibal Boys Avatars! Hannigirls are coming next. Feel free to use them for Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, anywhere! I added Bryan because without his creation I would’ve never meet the wonderful community Fannibals are.

Past Rewards:

Will Graham Torso Paper Doll

Split Screens Festival 2017 - Hannibal Panel

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6 

Edit: It’s Saturday noon and this has been reblogged many times by now. Remember that I’m not the person who made these videos. I found them on YT and compiled them in one post for my own convenience. I gave credit in the tags, but I’ll include it here as well, just to make this as transparent as possible: Thanks for these, mynewyorkeye!


                                                 THANK YOU

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SECOND stretch goal unlocked BY BRYAN FULLER HIMSELF!!

Ah, this is AMAZING!!!!!!!

We have unlocked the 20k stretch goal! And the pledge that pushed us over the edge came from none other than BRYAN FULLER HIMSELF!!!

THANK you everyone and thank you to the best showrunner ever!! We’re truly the luckiest fandom there is <3 <3 <3

Every backer buying the printed book will now receive an additional set of mini prints, created by SOPHIE SCRUGGS, depicting so beautifully the various steps in Will Graham’s becoming. 

From the pain of betrayal to the acceptance in Florence and to a mutual understanding as the Lamb of God.

THANK YOU ALL for making RADIANCE become even “more” now! We are incredibly grateful!!! Crossing our fingers for the upcoming stretch goals, with the tote bag marking the way to HARDCOVER and then EXTENDED and COLOR CUT!!

We owe you awe!

Hey fannibals..can you guys help me? I'm looking for a video of the whole PaleyFest Hannibal panel from 2014

..YouTube has deleted the original one and there’s just a “best moments” video that it’s great but it’s not the whole thing.
If you happen to know where I can find it please send me a link..thank you so much ❤🌺