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Anyway Soldier is perfect and good

One of the most unfortunate (and fortunate in some cases) aspects of completely delving yourself into a fandom is that you begin to accept how other people interpret characters versus how the true game interprets them. Like I mentioned, this can be a really awesome thing!

But sometimes, not so much.

A good example in our home sweet home, the tf2 fandom, would be the most antagonized character of the game (at least imo. Medic gets a lot of shit representation too)

Good ol’ Jane Doe.

Most of my opinion on this topic is from a personal experience so I’ll jump straight into that:

When I first joined this fandom/ got the game, my love for the characters was pretty contrastive; Medic was super up top, and engie, demo, and ya boy solly I wasn’t really into (yet of course). This was pretty realistic since I was newer and had set my heart on my favs. As I met people, enjoyed content, and created my own, my love began to spread and even out (thank God). 

Except…one merc was still lagging. Soldier. As I matured in my knowledge and independence of interpretation I began to really notice why. 

Soldier is portrayed very heavily as the angry hateful antagonist of many artistic scenarios, especially writing.

It’s too easy. Jane’s excessive expression of opinion and loud sense of patriotism and criticism made him an easy villain to give an insult, or cause a problem. I had seen this usage of his character so often that I had forgotten how this absolute DORK teleported fuckin bread for three whole days, just out of childish impulse

LIKE HOLY HECK HE IS SO BUBBLY AND ALL OVER THE PLACE! The interpretation is flawed in one major place. Is Soldier someone who has opinionated outbursts?? Yes. Are they all based on hate and bias?? NO. Soldier is very expressive in all fields, including excitement, love, and the support he has for his team

The team part is a big one. Like wtf are you thinkin’ Jane LOVES his teammates!! He is extremely supportive and doesn’t seem to push his insults any further than impulsive outbursts

look at him smiling during scout’s date!! He’s so proud


he’s so loving in his own way

anyway this kinda turned into a soldier appreciation post that is too long but uh yeah pls he’s not awful he’s a big ol dork thanks

Fic 461: Mr. Ludwig

Had a request for some Heavy/Medic, so I took a little inspiration from the last comic. Enjoy!

“Mr. Ludwig. It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?”

Medic didn’t look up. Instead, his mind was racing as he stared at the face that was reflected back up at him from the shined surface of his boots. How many times had he been here? How many times had he gotten away? It was getting so hard to keep track of such things these days.

“I must admit, you’re starting to become a little predictable.” The massive figure behind the wide executive desk adjusted a comically delicate pair of spectacles as the most Infernal of legal documents were shuffled between thick red fingers. “Another heart attack? And before this it was a stroke.”

Rolling his head up, Medic found himself locked eye to eye with the hellfire of… Hell.

Laying the papers down on the desk, the Devil removed his spectacles and set them aside. “Positively pedestrian, Mr. Ludwig. I would have thought with those extra souls at your disposal, there would have been at least an attempt at a final few blazes of glory.”

Medic almost managed to roll his eyes as the Devil chuckled. Humor down here always seemed to be less devilish and more hellish.

“Well, I am not quite as young as I used to be.” Medic gave as overly dramatic a sigh as he could manage. Each trip down here seemed to be more of a chore. “Age catches up with us all. I am only human, after all.”

The Devil nodded. “A human with eight additional souls.”

“Only two now.”

“Yes. Only two. And I do believe I have more than enough to claim my majority stake.”

“Ja. This is true.” Medic paused and smiled. “And yet, you have not.”

“Under the assumption that a little more hell would be raised in the meantime. You have borrowed time, Mr. Ludwig. Most men in your position would take advantage of that.”

Medic let out a snort. “I would wager there are very few men in my position.”

“Instead you spend it in a little village where the daily excitement is whether the new girl at the cafe is going to let the town know what day of the week it is when she bends over.” The Devil continued. “Not exactly up to your old standards of murder and mayhem.”

“Are lust and lechery not an acceptable replacement? I thought I had been doing quite well on that front.”

Yellow eyes narrowed and the earth trembled as the Devil leaned forward. “Lust does not come into it when love is involved.”

For the first time in any of their exchanges, Medic’s heart faltered. No, he supposed it wouldn’t. He had always known love would complicate things; it had simply never occurred to him that it would be in regard to his infernal bargain rather than, say, his finances.

“Two souls left, Mr. Ludwig. Two souls and then you are mine completely. No more chances. No ‘renegotiations’. I will have you here until Judgement Day, and I fully expect that with what’s on your ledger, I will keep you longer after that.”

“Is that all?” Medic sniffed. “I do believe I was enjoying a rather nice dream before I died.”

“Yes, that is all.” The Devil stood up and suddenly the world was completely ablaze.

Medic didn’t fight the flames as they licked and seared away his flesh. This wasn’t his first trip back from Hell.”

“And Mr. Ludwig, do try to make our next meeting a little more interesting.”


A hazy face blocked out the light as his eyes slowly opened. As he stared up another pair of eyes were focused on him with the same razor sharp intensity, but these were the color of Siberian ice. As feeling returned to his body, he felt two large hands gripping his shoulders and shaking as gently as a mountain could.


He always hated coming back from these things. He always had a moment where nothing seemed quite real, and it was a crapshoot as to where the hallucinations ended and his own reality began. It took only a few moments to retain his bearings, he was getting depressingly good at this, and he was home - not Hell. Home. In bed. With Misha by his side.

“Was I having a nightmare?”

“You were cold, not breathing… Is not good, dorogoy.” Misha’s concern was plain. “You should see doctor. Let me call…”

“Liebe, I am a doctor.” Medic weakly grabbed Misha’s wrist and pulled him back down to bed. “Just because I am retired and unlicensed does not mean that I do not know what is best for me.”

“Please, Doktor.” Misha sighed as he smoothed back Medic’s hair. “I worry.”

He couldn’t help but smile despite his spiritual weariness. There was probably an irony in that the most perfect thing in his life was the one thing he hadn’t bargained to get, but he was long past the point of being overly concerned about that. What was important was that Misha was here with him, far from the battlefields of their youth, and bound to him in ways that the larger man couldn’t even begin to imagine. Or perhaps he did. Underestimating Misha’s mental abilities was a mistake made at one’s own peril.

Worry was still in those cool blue eyes, but Misha allowed himself to be pulled back down. Medic was almost fully back to himself, and would be better than ever with a few hours of sleep.

“I will go see that whelp of a doctor in the morning if it will make you feel better.” Medic relented as he nestled himself in the crook of Misha’s arm. “And I will let him and all of his fancy new equipment tell you that I am as healthy as a man half my age.”

Misha grunted, but Medic smiled as he felt some of the tension leave his body. Eventually his eyes drooped and his conscious mind once again drifted, this time to sleep as a large arm lay across his waist. It was impossible not to feel safe with that still giant bear of a man lying next to him. Worrying about him. Loving him. And of course he would. Misha always would. He was his perfect extra eighth soul. The one he would never relinquish.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow he would start his plan.

The Devil was always in the details, but that didn’t mean that he was the only one who could strike a bargain.


@thatsoneginger i guess while i’m the only one making gmod blakey stuff i might as well make one with lawrence, right