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Live-Action TF2 Casting: Pyro

I admit, I really just wanted to have fun with his one, so I picked Alan Cumming. But I have legit reasons for this! He’s one of those actors who delights in straddling the line—between drama and comedy, male and female—and as a celebrated stage performer, he knows how to go broad. To act through Pyro’s suit, you need someone great at pantomime and physical comedy, and my pick fits the bill.

Read about Alan Cumming on IMDb.

I don’t know why but i really want valve to make a tf2 short or something that involves the offensive, defensive and support class

so like in one sfm or something it has scout, soldier and pyro (the offensive boys)

in the second one will have demo, heavy and engineer (the defensive boys)

and last one will have sniper, medic and spy (the support boys)

i’ve read a fanfic that has the support boys talking and having fun and it really works for a sfm short for the support class 🙂

and i know they put the offensive classes together in the comic where they are trying to get heavy but they haven’t done it yet with the defensive and support

so all i’m saying is… make a sfm short or something where the 3 groups are together 🙂

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