with temps in the 80's


Matthews / Winter Park
Golden, CO

I slept in, hung out, and then went on a four mile hike today and it was freaking glorious. This marked hike number 5 of 26 towards my goal for the year. Temps were in the 80’s which was hot, but also so good at the same time.

Is this what my entire summer is going to be like? Because I sure as heck hope so.

Avengers:  Infinity War  (aka: Strangebatch and the Infinity Warriors 😃) - currently filming in Atlanta, GA  USA; temps this week in the mid-to-upper-80′s fahrenheit, humidity mid-40% to mid-50%

And our Fella has probably the heaviest costume of them all. Do stay hydrated, Ben dear!

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KYD: favorite temperature and season ?? lame i know lol

Haha not lame, though I may not cover the temp part. Unless it’s Balem. He probably likes it to be 80 indoors all the time.

Newt-I feel he’d enjoy Fall the most. Nice crisp air, cloudy skies. Perfect coat weather and a nice cup of tea would make it better.

Stephen-Spring. He enjoys the outdoors, and it’s not too hot or cold. It’s perfect to just go out for a walk and see the flowers.

Marius-Spring as well. It’s just the perfect weather to him. It’s comfortable, and he doesn’t really like being cold so spring is just the right temp.

Jack-Fall. He loves the changes in the leaves, and adores the chill in the air. Especially after working long days, he’s sweaty and tired, and the cool autumn air makes it better.

Eddie-Summer. Nothing better than going to fish, sit back have a beer and enjoy the summer heat.

Balem-Winter. The cold harsh weather fits him. And he’s usually covered head to toe. However, he prefers watching from the warmth of indoors. But, he does love seeing the snow fall outside the windows. (Let’s assume Jupiter has its winter like earth does…lol before one of you little nuggets wants to argue with me about possibility)

What I've gathered so far...

So I’ve been thinking about getting a ball python for about a year now (though it may take a few more years to actually be able to house one; my mother hates snakes and probably won’t let me have a noodle under her roof)
Anyways, just to check and see if I’ve got my info straight, this is what I’ve gathered so far:
1) Temps need to be high 80’s to low/mid 90’s with a heat gradient
2) They need to have about a 55% humidity to be able to digest and shed efficiently
3) Lamps aren’t the best option since BP’s are nocturnal; a heating pad that can be regulated under the hot side of the tank is good
4) Their food should be about the same size as the largest part of their body
5) F/T is preferred because it poses less risk to the snake, although if the baby is especially picky you may just have to feed live (not looking forward to having to babysit my snoodle while it does it’s thing, but I need to be willing to give my snake what it needs to survive)
6) Certain morphs are more prone to health issues, varying in severity depending on the pairing of the parents or the snake itself
7) Stuck shed = somewhat of a monitored bath and checking of the humidity levels to make sure things are working correctly
8) going off feed is normal during the breeding season, and as long as they aren’t losing weight don’t worry about it, just keep offering food until they are ready to nom again
9) make sure they have lots of hiding areas, since I intend on getting a tank to house the beeb (enrich the child)
10) Limit handling (actually just no handling at all) on the few days before and after feeding so baby can digest in peace
11) Check temps/humidity, spot clean and ensure the snake has clean water everyday
12) Every 2-3 weeks deep clean the enclosure and change the substrate
13) Cedar and certain wood substrate can make you snake sick and cause impaction of their innards
14) they are shy gentle children, keep them out of high traffic areas
15) Get as much info on the breeder and about the individual snake as possible (is this bitch legit, how many feedings has the beeb had, what is the child’s feeding response, etc.)
16) They are assholes to feed at times and like to escape to fuck with you even more
17) The child will let you know if something is wrong as long as you pay attention

I know these animals aren’t easy to care for, they aren’t cheap and they can’t love you and cuddle you like a dog or cat, but they’re interesting little critters and it’s fun to watch them just be goofy little babies (yes I know they can grow to be 5 feet long and live 20-30 years)

Someone fact check me, and give me sources.


I just freaking love summer running. The temps hit the low 80’s today so I think it’s fair to actually say that. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I seriously feel amazing running in a tank with the sun beating down on me.

After work I ran 2.65 miles and although it was short, it was one of the best feeling runs that I have had in a long time. I have felt a lot happier this last week. Maybe it’s the high from my half marathon last weekend, or the great weather, or the end of the school year being upon us, I don’t know. Things are good though and I really hope this feeling stays.

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I just got a ball python! And my parents helped me out by getting me a cage for him. I was doing some research and it said that for ball pythons, the side of the cage that's heated should be 80 degrees F at the LOWEST. The cage my parents got will stay at about 80 if I keep all cooling and fans in my room off, because otherwise it leaks into the top where there's small holes, but I was wondering if that's okay? Is 80 a good temp? I have a basking lamp too, but he hides when I turn it on. (1/2)

So is it fine that the temp is hovering at 80 right now? Should I find a way to make it warmer on that side? I don’t want to fluctuate the temperature in the cage, but when I turn on the fan it goes down by a few degrees. Is that okay? I just want to make sure he’s comfortable where he is and that I’m not making him too hot or cold. (2/2)
So the hotspot should be 90-92, the cool side of the cage should be no lower than 80 so your cage is actually too cold. Heat lamps are actually not good for ball pythons, as they are a nocturnal species. To keep the heat up you’d have to keep the lamp on at all times, which is stressful for them. A UTH or CHE would be best, if attached to a thermostat :) I would read this care sheet here to get more info!


Last Chance Summer Drinks & Snacks

If you’re lucky enough to still have melons and tomatoes at your famers, like some markets still do in Los Angeles, then it’s a good time to enjoy some of these things before Fall gets upon us.  If you live in L.A. and are judging by these mid 80’s temps, don’t be fooled.  Take a quick look on any almanac and you’ll see that we’re already getting less and less light each day, preparing us for a change in what we will be cooking in the weeks ahead.

Agua de Melon

Get a couple of nice ripe melons, quarter them, cube them, puree using a blender, then strain (or not).  Add a pinch of salt and maybe a squeeze of lime and you’re all set.  The nice thing about this is you can freeze and use as you’d like, or make ice cubes to pop in your drinks.

Cherry Tomatoes, Serranos, and Cilantro.

Sure, you can find execrable cherry tomatoes in the vegetable aisle at Trader Joe’s in the middle of winter, but if I want to taste something that tastes like nothing then I’d rather not eat.
Get some cherry tomatoes, serranos (or jalapeños if you don’t want heat) and some cilantro when in season to go with some some homemade chips.

Fried Tortillas.
(for chips)

Yes, tortillas are not seasonal.  Get some nice tortillas, preferably made at a tortilleria, fry them until golden, then sprinkle with just a bit of sea salt.
(or you can use them as a base for ceviche tostadas, click here for the recipe)


Donating a kidney doesn’t make you any slower, but it doesn’t make you any faster either!

All things considered, yesterday’s Ironman Florida went well.  I finished in 12:41  (Swim - 1:29, Bike 5:53, Run 4:57).   

Due to warm water temps, the swim wasn’t ‘wetsuit legal’; that means if you chose to wear a wetsuit you couldn’t podium or get a Kona slot.  Many athletes, including me, chose to wear a wetsuit anyway.  This year IM switched to a self-seeded coral swim start.  It was huge improvement over the traditional mass start.  It’s hard to describe the confusion (and violence) of 3,000 athletes heading for a buoy at the same time.  

The bike went well, in part because of a slight change in the course that eliminated a 12 mile stretch of potholed road.  I really worked hard on staying hydrated and drank two full aerobottles every 10 miles.  It seemed like a lot at the time, but ultimately wasn’t enough.

The run was the only disappointing part of the day.  The last few IM races have featured very cool temps and I felt strong on the run.  Not this year.  Temps were in the mid-80′s with high humidity.  After 3 miles I was forced to run/walk. Aid stations are positioned every mile and at each one I drank at least 2-3 full cups of water/gatorade, but I simply couldn’t get hydrated.  Things improved when the sun went down and I was able to run from one aid station to the next.

In my experience, IM is less about raw physical talent and more about racing smart, perseverance and a willingness/ability to suffer.  If you have these qualities, then you should give it a try.

Lastly, thanks to my sherpa @runningmyownrace and my daughter Katy for designing my shirt.

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Looking at Arizona and seeing y'all have temps in the 80's..... DID YOU EVEN HAVE A SPRING OR IS IT JUST SUMMER IMMEDIATELY?!