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Summary: Ian has a panic attack after seeing Terry, and Mickey shocks everyone by the way he helps Ian calm down. 

Word Count: 1831

“Lip!” Mandy screams from the shared bedroom in the Gallagher household.

“What, Mandy? I’m doing something!” Lip yells back to his girlfriend from the kitchen where he is feeling his youngest brother Liam.

She screams for him again. “It’s Ian. Come here now!” The eldest Gallagher boy hears the panic in her voice and runs up the stairs and into Ian, Carl, and Liam’s bedroom. When he enters he finds Ian sitting on the ground against the wall and holding his legs to his chest. He’s rocking back and forth and violently sobbing. “He ran into the house a few minutes ago so I ran up after him. He was doing this when I found him.”

“Hey, bud,” Lip processes Mandy’s words and tries to approach his redheaded brother.

Suddenly, Ian stops shaking and tenses up completely. “Leave me alone!” He cries.

“I’ll call Fi,” the girl says and exits the bedroom.

“Hey, Mands, tell Carl and Debs to stay downstairs and watch Liam.” Mandy nods.

Lip tries to talk to his distresses brother again. “Wanna tell me what’s goin’ on?”

Ian shakes his head. “Go away. Go away!” He struggles to breathe through the tears.

The older brother frowns at this sight. He doesn’t know what caused this or how he can help it. Praying for Fiona to arrive soon he sits and watches his brother, and thinks of what to do.

“She’ll be here in ten,” Mandy reenters. She looks at her best friend softly. “Hey, fuckhead, wanna say what’s on your mind?” She forces a smile, but Ian ignores her and begins shaking again.

“Fuck,” Lip says.

* * *

Fiona walks in the front door to see Carl, Debbie, and Liam on the couch watching television. She can tell they know something is going on because Carl is gripping the edge of the couch tightly and Debbie’s body looks very stiff. Fortunately, they know when something is worth joking about and when it is not, so they keep their mouths shut and wait.

“Hey, guys, where’s Ian?”

Debbie turns her head quick to look at her sister. “Upstairs in his room.”

“Fi,” Carl says. “What’s going on? Mandy seemed scared.”

The oldest sibling kisses each of their heads. “Sounded like he’s having a panic attack. We’ll figure it out and calm him down.” She smiles weakly. “He’s okay, just a little shaken up right now.” The kids nod and watch their sister make her way up the stairs.

She steps in the room to find Lip and Mandy staring at Ian with sympathetic faces. Her face falls when she sees her brother crying and shaking in the corner of the room. “How long has he been like this?”

“About twenty minutes.”

Fiona sets her purse down on the bed, and inches towards her brother. “Hey, Ian.” When he doesn’t respond, she steps closer. “You okay? Wanna talk about it?” She studies him trying to figure out if he can even hear her, but she doesn’t think he can.

She turns back to the other two people in the room. “Do we just wait until he calms down? I mean anxiety attacks normally pass, don’t they?” Mandy suggests.

“The fuck has got him so worked up?” Lip cringes at the thought of what could have possibly hurt his brother so badly to cause this reaction.

* * *

Mickey makes his way to the Gallagher’s front door in hopes to see Ian. He feels bad for ignoring Ian since the day everything went down with his dad, but he hates dealing with his feelings. He’s never cared about anyone before, so he tries to keep it that way, but it didn’t seem to be working.

He had a plan to walk in and ask where his sister was. He assumed that Ian would be with Mandy since they’re practically connected at the hip. It’s very convenient sneaking with someone who’s always around, just happens to be difficult as well.

Mickey walks into the house, and looks around. When he sees the younger few of the Gallagher clan, he walks in front of them to get their attention. “Where’s Mandy?”

“U-upstairs.” Debbie says shakily. “Might not want to go up there, Ian’s having a panic attack.”

Carl nods. “It’s real bad. Barely fucking speaking, but we keep hearing him cry.”

Mickey suddenly feels his heart drop. How bad? What happened? He runs up the stairs, completely disregarding Debbie’s protests. When he gets to the bedroom, he sees Mandy, Lip, and Fiona surrounding his secret lovers.

Is trying to help out worth letting everyone know who he truly is? Is Ian worth it? Of course.

“Get out of my way,” Mickey says harshly. “Let me talk to him.”

Fiona scoffs. “Why the hell would I let you talk to him? You’re Mickey fucking Milkovich.”

“Guys, move. He needs to talk to him, Fi,” Lip says and Mickey nods.. He’s the only one who knows of the relationship. Fiona and Mandy share confused and frustrated looks, but they both step out of the way.

Mandy looks to her boyfriend. “What the fuck does my brother want to do with Ian?” Lip ignores her and they all watch to see what Mickey is going to do.

“Hey, Gallagher.” Mickey cautiously approaches the redhead. “What’s up?”

Ian begins to cry harder. He covers his eyes and tries to catch his breath, but it seems nearly impossible. Mickey’s heart is breaking looking at Ian like this. Giving no shits about the others, he sits on the ground in front of Ian and prys his hands away from his eyes.

“Hey, hey, baby, I’m here,” he says softly. “Come on, baby, look at me. I’m here.” Ian’s shaky breaths begin to slow, and his eyes slowly open. “Can you tell me what happened?”


Mickey feels anger bubbling in his chest as Ian tries to say the Milkovich father’s name. “Fuck,” he whispers.

“Listen to me, okay?” Ian nods. “You’re going to breathe with me. I’m going to count to ten and after each number we’re going to take a deep breath, okay?” Ian nods again.

Mickey grabs both of Ian’s hands in his own. “One,” they take a deep breath. “Two,” they breathe. “Now count with me,” Mickey says. “Three,” they say together. Once they get to ten, Ian is a little bit calmed down but still clearly shaken up. “Now what were you saying about Terry.”

Ian closes his eyes and tries to speak. “I-I saw him. He came into the Kash n Grab with–with a gun.” Mickey tightens his grip on Ian when he hears this. “I snuck out the back after I heard him threaten to kill me.”


“I couldn’t even run to you because you didn’t want anything to do with me. I thought you hated me.” Ian chokes up another sob and digs his face into Mickey’s chest. “I thought you left me,” his voice cracks.

Mickey pulls him closer than he thought was possible. “Hey, I’m never leaving you. This is it for me, you understand? You and me, right? I’m not ever leavin’ you, Ian, I’m not. I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry for making you think otherwise.”

“I-I know you don’t want to hear this but I really love you, Mick.” Ian looks into Mickey’s eyes and expects him to run when he hears those words.

Mickey knows that Ian thinks he’s going to bolt after those words were said, which hurts him. How could he have treated him so badly? He knows he doesn’t deserve the love that Ian Gallagher is offering him, but he hopes that he can be good enough for him in the future. This boy meant everything to him. Instead of ignoring the words or leaving, he grabs Ian’s face and kisses him passionately. He felt all of Ian’s worries wash out when the kiss deepened. It was the first meaningful kiss they shared, and he loved it.

When they pulled back, the corners of Ian’s mouth began to curve into a grin. Mickey wanted to see a big bright smile, so to help it along, he said, “I really love you too.” Ian’s smile turned so big that Mickey’s heart fluttered. They kissed again and smiled into each others mouth.

Once they separated, Ian noticed everyone else in the room. Their mouths hung wide open. He wondered if Mickey knew they were there, but he assumed not because he couldn’t imagine him spilling his heart out with everyone listening. Mickey gripped his hand though, to tell him he knew they were there and that staying right next to him.

“Shit,” Lip said. “I knew you two were hooking up or whatever, but shit,” he speaks in astonishment. Mickey is surprised he’s not as mad as he should be now that he knows Lip knew about them.

Fiona looks at Mickey, then looks at Ian. “Mickey fucking Milkovich?” She questions Ian and repeats her words from before.

Ian rolls his eyes. “Yes, Fi, ‘Mickey fucking Milkovich.’”

“How long?” Fiona’s mind is racing.

“Three years now,” Ian smirks.

Mandy now looks annoy. “You fucking assholes! Three years and no one told me? This is who you’re always talking about, Ian? My brother!”

“Don’t be mad, Mands,” Ian says apologetically.

“Are you going to tell everyone?” Mickey worries.

She comes closer to the two boys and punches them both hard. “No, fuckhead. Dad would kill you if he knew! I’m mad you didn’t tell me. I’m your fucking sister,” she points at Mickey. “And you,” she points at Ian. “I’m your best friend!”

“You think I’d let him advertise this to anyone in the South Side? Are you fucking stupid?” Mickey snaps. “And dad knows.” He gulped.

Ian nodded. “That’s why he came after me, he caught us the other day,” Ian says sadly. “I thought we were going to die–”

Mickey runs the hands that isn’t holding on to Ian through his boyfriend’s hair. “Don’t got to talk about it. Too fucked up. I don’t want to relive it, and I don’t want you reliving it either.” Ian nods and lets out a breath of relief. Mandy tunes down her anger.

Fiona looks at them sadly. Then she opens her mouth as if she’s about to speak but pauses before starting again. “Did you say three years?”

“Yes, what the fuck,” Mickey exclaims. “He came after me with a crowbar and then we hooked up, not too hard to understand.”

Lip chuckles. “Wow, romantic. I didn’t know things ran so deep between you two.”

“Didn’t want it to,” Mickey looks at his and Ian’s hands. “But look where that got me.” He looks away from Lip. He wishes he wasn’t such a pussy about being with Ian, but then again it proves how strong their relationship really is.

“It runs fucking deep,” Mickey says softly looking at his boyfriend as if he’s speaking to him rather than answering Lip. “Really fucking deep.” Ian smiles at the words.


Dearest Cecilia, the story can resume. The one I had been planning on that evening walk. I can become again the man who once crossed the surrey park at dusk, in my best suit, swaggering on the promise of life. The man who, with the clarity of passion, made love to you in the library. The story can resume. I will return. Find you, love you, marry you and live without shame.

James McAvoy as Robbie Turner in ‘Atonement’ (2007), dir. Joe Wright

I guess tumblr fucked up RIP repost

I kinda made this one hella long since i didn’t write anything for like a week lmao. Bless my laziness. THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST THOUGH!!

You had been friends with Max, Ian and Joji since who knows when. You actually lived a couple of minutes away from Max. But this month was going to be fucked up because Joji and Ian were both visiting Max, so they could go to a convention later together. So like always they were all sleeping over at Max’s house and you decided to join them.

You already packed your bags, only taking a couple clothes with you since it wasn’t that far from home. You had already gotten a text from Max saying Joji and Ian had arrived so you quickly took off to his house.

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Writing Prompt Day 1

Writing Prompt Challenge Day 1: Put your phone on shuffle; write about the very next song that comes on.

Pretty Handsome Awkward by: The Used

Now, Joji isn’t gay, but he can definitely tell that Ian is handsome. No, that’s not quite right. Ian isn’t really handsome, he’s pretty. Ian is a pretty boy and Joji isn’t gay, so telling him would probably give the wrong idea.

Ian is gay, and he knows for a fact that Joji is both handsome and pretty. Every time that Ian sees Joji, he wants to tell him, but he’s a bit too awkward for that. And Joji isn’t gay, and that would be weird.

But of course, Ian’s dumb mouth, and Joji’s stupid vocal chords decide to act up one day. It was inevitable. They’re filming in the rain and they notice each other at around the same time.

“Hey you’re-“The two of them start exactly in time with one another.

Ian pauses, allowing Joji time to speak, “You go ahead.”

But now the spotlight is exactly on Ian and the ignorant film of puppy-dog love isn’t clouding his brain anymore, and he’s not so sure that he really wants to state that Joji is good looking anymore. So he invites Joji to instead finish his own statement, “Nah man, it wasn’t that important, go ahead.”

Joji finds just as soon as Ian, that he too does not enjoy being the center of attention. So he splutters for words until Max seems to steal the air from his lungs in one patronizing suggestion.

“Why don’t you two just kiss already?” He sarcastically asks.

The obvious hint at an ironic joke is present in a voice, and it’s just enough to stop Joji and Ian from defending themselves, but not enough to stop the embarrassment that makes it known in the flooding of blood in their cheeks. It doesn’t help Ian’s case that Joji now looks like a stricken prince soaked with rain water, and Joji himself struggles to keep his thoughts contained when he notices the way that Ian’s blush seems to reach out to his ears and nose, which he seems to find very adorable.

“How about we say what we mean together on three?” Ian offers hesitantly. Joji nods an agreement.

“One,” Ian starts.

“Two,” Joji continues.

“Three!” Max shouts annoyingly.

“You’re really good looking!” Joji and Ian shout simultaneously, and it drowns out the “You two are faggots!” from Max.

Silence falls over the three of them but Max is barely containing his laughter. Ian and Joji both take a breath as though they want to say something, but a deafening thunder strike cuts them off.

“Let’s get into the car, boys,” Max says, just as the rain turns from a sprinkle to a downpour.

Ian and Max run and unlock their separate cars, and in a moment’s decision, Joji runs to Ian’s car instead of his own. He wants to talk. Because he didn’t expect Ian to be thinking along the same lines as him, and he most certainly didn’t expect to be so flattered by the compliment. Joji finds that he really doesn’t want the feeling that he gets in his chest when Ian smiles and laughs at him, that he would rather not stare at Ian’s soaked body because his shirt is stuck tight to his skin, and that despite not wanting it, he also does want to feel Ian’s lips against his own, because they look oh so very pink and kissable.

Now Ian’s had a crush for ages, but part of being a closeted gay is that things like that weren’t to be voiced. And so it never was. But the fact that no one, except for him, knows about his sickeningly heartfelt love for the somehow attractive man, doesn’t stop his mind from panicking and his thoughts from racing when said man climbs into his car unexpectedly and sopping wet.

“George?” Ian openly questions.

“Hi,” Is Joji’s only reply to hearing his name.

“Why are you in my car?” Ian barely breathes the words out because Joji’s body scent mixed with cologne is amplified by the rain, and even though that may sound absolutely disgusting, it’s actually very attractive and hard to ignore. It’s even harder to ignore when you both happen to be sitting in the back seats and Ian curses himself for not immediately getting into the driver’s seat.

“Because we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and I needed to get inside somewhere,” Joji answers like a smartass.

Ian shakes his head, and takes his glasses off, as they’ve now fogged up from the air conditioning and humidity combined. “I mean; why are you in my car? You have your own car,” The words figuratively fall out of Ian’s mouth and slowly trail off as he’s now distracted by Joji’s defined body and Joji’s adorable, black, and slightly too long curls of hair framing his face. It all makes his gorgeous, almost black eyes stand out. It’s quite a breathtaking view.

“I jus’ wanted to talk to you,” Joji’s words also seem to fall away, as Ian’s jawline, just recently lit up by a strike of lightning, and fairytale hazel eyes seem to leave him without air in his lungs and no good explanation on his tongue. Joji mentally slaps himself for thinking the word “hazel.” Hazel means that he’s screwed. Hazel is the way you describe someone’s brown or green eyes when you’re in love with them. He should have noticed how deep of a pit he had dug himself into before he went and climbed into paramour’s car.

“Talk to me about what?” It comes out like a sigh and can hardly be qualified as a question from Ian’s mouth. But honestly, how could you expect him to be in complete control of how his mouth moves when he’s so busy watching the mouth of another right in front of him?

“About how pretty you are,” Now, Joji doesn’t normally think before he speaks, but even this is a bit much for him.

Ian’s breath seems to catch and he looks down from Joji’s lips to the floor, the entirety of his face now stained a bright red, “Um-“

Joji also seems to realize what’s happening and his eyes widened as an apology is ripped from his mouth in a hurry, “I’m sorry that was really weird of me to say-“

“No, it’s fine,” The car falls silent after Ian says this, and they listen to the sound of rain for a few seconds.

Joji tries to keep his gaze fixed out the window, but it’s extremely difficult to focus on one thing when your whole body is screaming at you to focus on another.

“I think that you’re attractive, too, for the record,” Ian finally admits, breaking off what was left of Joji’s concentration on the rain outside. “Wow, we’re being really gay right now,” Ian half says and half laughs the sentence.

Joji feels his heart make a strange, fluttery motion, which in turn leaves him light headed and flushed in the face. It hits him again how much he wants to kiss Ian, and Joji hasn’t been known to shy away from what he wants, but for some reason he really doesn’t want to fuck this up.

Joji seems to ignore the bit about them being really gay, and makes Ian currently feels like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Joji isn’t helping by looking at him like he’s the most desirable thing he’s ever laid eyes on. “I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

“No, I’m actually,” Joji takes a deep breath in and then continues, “Really glad that you did.”

Ian isn’t sure how to respond because he realizes that Joji’s face is a lot closer than he last remembered, and he can feel his friend’s warm breath on his face. It smells like the mint gum he had chewed earlier.

Without his pink suit, glasses, hat, or any of the other silly props that he wore, Joji really was incredibly good looking. That was a conclusion that Ian came to a long time ago. He hadn’t really gotten to elaborate on that conclusion until this moment. Their heads are so close now, but Ian swears he hadn’t moved an inch, or at least he didn’t think that he had.

“Ian,” Joji’s voice is deep and barely a whisper, his eyes are dilated and Ian almost gets lost looking at them, “Can I kiss you?”

Ian can barely nod, just a slight movement up of his head, but it registers and suddenly Joji’s lips are on his, and they fit together like Lego pieces, but so much softer.

Ian’s eyes close as he melts into the sensation, breathing in slightly as they break apart, only to reconnect, and leans into the feeling of Joji’s calloused hand gently holding the side of his face and brushing against his hair.

Joji finds it strangely cute when their noses brush, and how Ian is seemingly very unexperienced with kissing. It feels like Joji is thirteen again, just kissing for the first time, because of how hesitant and then immediately eager Ian responds. Ian’s tongue somehow finds its way into the equation, awkwardly pushing against Joji’s lips at first, until Ian finally relaxes into it. For a moment Joji questions if Ian has ever even kissed someone before.

Ian reaches out for someone to hold on to, and ends up grabbing on to Joji’s shirt and pulling them closer together. His other hand also finds its way to Joji’s t-shirt, feeling his smooth muscles through his shirt, before sneaking them under the hem of the fabric.

Joji gasps quietly at the sudden feeling of Ian’s cold hands trailing up his chest, but quickly connects their lips together again, missing the feeling already. He’s not quite able to focus on the fact that he’s currently making out with one of his, male, best friends, but he is able to focus on how he never wants to stop as he rests his arms over Ian’s shoulders.

Ian gets closer in every way that he can, and ends up in a bit of an awkward position, with Joji pressed up against the door, but Joji doesn’t seem to mind, so Ian doesn’t care either.

Ian slowly works up Joji’s shirt, about to pull it up over his head, until a loud banging shatters the nirvana, and Ian falls back onto the car seat, away from Joji.

“Come on ya homos, the rain’s stopped, let’s finish the skit,” Max’s voice sounds loud and clear from outside the car, while he knocks on the door window, obviously amused.

Once again, red hot embarrassment works its way up both Ian and Joji’s face. They stare at one another.

Ian grabs his glasses and clears his throat, “Yeah, uh, let’s go finish the skit.” Ian proceeds to clumsily open the door and nearly fall out of the car, and Joji catches himself smiling at how nervous the other man is, and how sexily messed up Ian’s hair now appears.

Well shit, man. Maybe Joji is gay.

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Also 6 with Ian 🅱ecause I'm greedy -ccc

6. “I want you.”

“Well,” you breathed, getting closer to your long term friend’s face. “What do you want?”

Ian stared back at you almost in disbelief. A trivial smirk appeared on his face accompanied by a chuckle. He took his hand to brush his hair back out of his eyes. “I want you.” He said back, borderline cockiness in his tone.

Somehow, you got even closer to him. You felt wrong. On one hand, Ian had been your friend for as long as you could remember and you didn’t want to risk losing that. But on the other hand, you couldn’t take it any longer. You couldn’t stand one more day of looking at him and wondering what you could make of your relationship and fantasizing about having him all to yourself. You felt wrong, but in the best way.

At this point, your chests were touching. He laid his hands on your lower back and yanked you onto his torso. You hands rested on his outer arms, you’d never noticed how defined they were. You stood on your tiptoes to reach his ear, and with a huge grin on your face you desperately tried to disguise in your voice, you spoke, “When and where?”

Have a Gallavich Christmas

Title: Merry Fucking Christmas To Me, Then
Rating: M
(there’s more fluff than sex though)
Genre: Domestic Fluffy Gallavich. Should I say more?
Set in: A generic date of Season 2 before Frank finds them. It’s in july, more or less. 
Warnings: No warnings come to mind. 
Summary: “Write about what would have happened if Ian walked in on Mickey as he played the guitar” - tried to follow this prompt. Ian doesn’t exactly walk in on Mickey, but there’s music involved. And more kinky stuff.  
Notes: It’s just a little something something to wish to all my Shameless followers a Merry Christmas! Couldn’t go to sleep until I finished it. Also, it’s a request I’ve received from an anon, and I hope the anon will appreciate. 
The song Mickey plays on the guitar is this one. Specifically this version. I find the difficulty level to be just the right level. 

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Wouldn’t Listen (Owen Grady x Reader)

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

AN: You wanted Part 5, so here ye go!

“Does your brother know you’re here?” he asked you and you shook your head as you leaned back against couch. Of course Tim didn’t know you were here, you didn’t want anyone to worry about you, and you knew how much they would detest you being here.

And Ian was a prime example of what you didn’t want to happen. It had been at least an hour and the older man kept telling you how much he didn’t approve.

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Tit for Tat

Ian and Mickey lay in their bed, their day just beginning. Mickey had come in late that night having to take care of a bunch of drunk assholes that wouldn’t leave the bar last night. He had stripped off shirt totally blanking on why he insisted on wearing a shirt to bed for the past few weeks. 

Ian wakes up first and leans over Mickey kissing him softly on the cheek. Mickey chuckles as he wakes up, still not fully used to this affection. 

Ian whispers a “wake up” on Mickey’s neck and Mickey reaches his hand back to playfully pull Ian’s face away. 

Ian giggles and starts poking Mickey’s sides, which happen to be the most ticklish part of him. Ian knows this well. 

“Stop it, stop it” Mickey repeats between bouts of laughter and gasps. Mickey rolls over to pin Ian’s hands away from him. 

They rough-house a bit, each man struggling to have the upper hand when suddenly something catches Ian’s eyes. 

“What’s that?” He asks, stopping his attempt to get off his back and MIckey on to his. 

Mickey smiles down at him. “What’s what?" 

"Your chest…”

Mickey looks at Ian confused then remembers. He gets up off Ian quickly. “Nothing it’s nothing." 

Ian smiles brightly. "What is it?” He gets up and walks over to Mickey who’s trying to find his shirt he slipped off yesterday. 

“I told you it’s nothing.” He pulls the shirt over his head. 

“Come on, Mick.” Ian says, pulling Mickey’s tank to the side for a brief moment. Mickey pushes his hand away. 

“Don’t worry about it." 

"What a minute…”

Mickey turns his back to Ian.

“Is that my name?” Ian reaches in front of Mickey to pull the shirt back again. 

“What? No.” Mickey shuffles out of the room. 

“It is!" 

"I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You got my fucking name tattooed on your chest. Hahah Mickey Milkovich. Always the romantic.”

“Fuck off.”

Ian stares at Mickey with his goofy smile on his face. 

“It’s just a fucking I.G it could be anything.”

“You’re right. Like Igloos or Ian Gallagher…”

Mickey starts blushing. “Fuckkk offf”

“You loveee me." 

"Yeah. No shit, Sherlock." 

Ian laughs as he walks over to the stove to get breakfast ready. "Fucking tattooed my name on his chest.” Ian mumbles to himself but loud enough for Mickey to hear. 

Mickey rolls his eyes as he makes his way to the fridge to pull out stuff for breakfast. 

A few weeks later after a mysterious bandage on Ian’s arm disappeared the initials MM were revealed under the white cloth. 

“Really?” Mickey says upon this discovery. 

“Hey MM actually stands for a ton of shit." 


"Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse…”

“Oh Disney fan, huh?" 

"Ohh yeahh.”


“Or maybe I just really love the candy." 

"Sure you do.”

“I mean you can’t go wrong. Crunchy M&M’s, Peanut M&M’s, Peanut Butter M&M’s, those ones that taste like birthday cake, those ones with the pretzel-”

Ian’s list is interrupted when Mickey pulls Ian’s head down for a tender kiss.

“You’re such an idiot sometimes you know?” Mickey says pulling away from him. 

“I know,” Ian laughs. “So are you." 

Mickey walks away laughing. 

Ian looks down at the M.M now etched clearly on his skin like Mickey was etched on his heart. He traces his finger over the letters,feeling a slight burn at the sensitivity of his skin, as Mickey absentmindedly runs his hands down his chest where his tattoo was. 

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How would the boys react to their girlfriend telling them that they're preggo?

A lot of people have asked for this and I keep putting it off because I’m lazy BUT YAY I FINALLY FINISHED IT

When your period was a week late, pregnancy wasn’t your first thought. When it was two weeks late you started to worry, so you went to your local pharmacist and brought three pregnancy tests, chocolate and a small key chain that reminded you of your boyfriend who has been out of town for a few days. You rush home and do the tests. When the first test shows positive you shake your head and try the second one. When that shows positive as well you sigh in frustration. You try the third and final test and you start to cry when you see the positive sign. You put your head in your hands and sob quietly. You get up and walk to the kitchen with tears drying on your face. Your boyfriend won’t be home for another week. I have enough time to abort this- wait. What? What the hell am I thinking? You take your mobile off charge and call your doctor.

Three days after your appointment you get a call from your doctor and she tells you your results, you end the call and a fresh wave of tears tumble down your cheeks. You sit on the floor and repeat “I’m pregnant” over and over until it sinks in. Your phone rings and you look at the caller ID, “My love” stares back at you. You contemplate not answering but you decide to answer considering you haven’t head your boyfriends voice in a few days.

“Hey beautiful,” you smile. You sniff and greet him,

“Hey baby! How’s VidCon?”

“It’s good, if you were here it could be great.”

You laugh, “I really wish I was there. I need you.”

“Is everything okay?”

“It will be when you come home.”

“What happened?”

You’re too scared to tell him about the baby at this stage so instead you say, “I miss you so much.”

You hear your boyfriend smile over the phone, “I’ll be home in a few days, I miss you as well.”

He tells you about VidCon and what he’s been up to with his best friends. After talking for almost half an hour he says he has to go. You tell him you love him and he says he loves you more. You hang up and walk to the bathroom. You stare at yourself in the large vanity mirror, turning side to side rubbing your hands over your slightly raised stomach. Your doctor says you’re 5 weeks pregnant. You look down at the baby invading your womb and whisper a promise, “I’m always going to love you. I’m going to protect you with my life.”

Four days later and your nerves have reached a new high. Anxiousness and excitement buzz throughout your body. Today’s the day. Your boyfrind is coming home and you’ve decided to tell him today. You need to tell him now or you’re going to lose your nerve. As soon as you see your boyfriend in the airport you run towards him and he lifts and spins you around. You laugh and kiss him.

You sit across from your boyfriend at dinner. You went all out and cooked him his favourites.
“I’ve missed your cooking so much.” You smile at him and look down. Your hands are shaking and you can’t stop moving your leg. You look at your boyfriend, the man you trust with your life. You take in a big breath of air and blurt out, “I’m pregnant.” You hear his knife clatter on the plate.

Ian: Ian looks up from his meal, staring at you. His face shows obvious signs of shock and he doesn’t say anything for a few minutes. You look down at your hands that hold each other in your lap. “Look at me.” You’re too scared, you don’t want to see the anger in his face. You keep your eyes trained on your fingers. When you don’t look up Ian stands and walks around to your side and kneels beside you. He takes your hands and kisses them, using his finger to wipe away the tears you didn’t know were falling from your face. “It’s okay.” He whispers. You let out a sob and jump into his arms, he holds you. He runs his hands through your hair and down your back. He feels you tremble in his arms, “I promise you, it’s okay. This is a shock to both of us and there are options lik-” You sit up, “Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare say it.” He looks into your eyes and nods, “I was going to say adoption babe, I would never, ever make you get an abortion.” You tell him you want this baby and if he doesn’t want to raise their child then he can leave. He runs his hands through his hair.

“I want this. I want you and I want that baby. I’ve wanted a family with you for a long time but I just didn’t expect it come so quickly. What are we gonna do? Are we going to get actual jobs? And what about the house, this isn’t big enough to raise a child. Can I still make video-” You put your hand over his mouth, “Ian, take a deep breath. We’re going to get through this, we’re going to be okay. We can survive anything. Okay?” He nods. He rests his a hand on your stomach, you put your hand over his.
“This is so… I just can’t believe it. I’m going to be a dad.” You smile at him and he kisses your stomach.
“I love you, both of you.”

Joji: Joji almost knocks his beer when he tries to tag a swig from it. You can see him shaking and you’re starting to get really worried. I know I promised not to get an abortion but what if Joji can’t do this? What if he doesn’t want the baby? I don’t want him to leave me. Joji stares at you and you stare back, “Are.. are you fucking with me? Is this a prank?” He looks around searching for cameras. You sigh, “No Joji, I’m not joking.” He puts his head in his hands and you can see him crying. You stare at him shocked, you’ve only seen Joji cry twice. You get up and kneel beside him. You take his hands away from his face and kiss his cheeks. 

“Joji, what’s wrong. I didn’t expect this reaction from you.” He wipes his nose on his jumper and stares at the beer he just drank from. Turning to you he says, “I’m a horrible person, I’d be the worst dad ever. I drink too much, I smoke too much. I curse a lot and- I’m not good. I’m not cut out for this. I-” 

“Sh…” You take him into your arms, “Joji, please. You’d be a wonderful father. You are so caring and pure. You love kids, you’re great with them. I can help you cut back on the drinking and smoking.” Joji wipes his eyes, “I don’t want to turn into anything like that fucking monster.” he whispers.

“You’re not going to turn out like your father. I won’t let you. I promise.” He wipes his eyes again and lets out a shakey breath. “I’m so glad I have you.” He kisses you softly. He pulls you up so you’re standing in front of him and then he kisses your stomach. He rubs soft circles around your abdomen. He kisses your stomach again then looks into your eyes. 
“I’ll do anything for you both.”

Max: Max can’t keep the grin off his face, you know he wanted kids one day but you still did not expect this from him. You thought he would curse, yell and scream. You didn’t anticipate the grin that breaks out across his face. Max is shaking with excitement, “We’re gonna be a family?” You smile and nod and he jumps up, “YES!” He runs over to you and pulls you out of your chair, kissing you. “I’m so excited! This is probably the best day of my life. I’m gonna be a dad! Me! Holy shit.” You sit him down on the couch, “Max! Calm down, dude.” “Sorry, I’m just so happy.”
“I didn’t expect this reaction to be honest.” You tell him.

“What do you mean? You know I’ve always wanted kids.”

“Yeah, I know. But I didn’t think you’d be ready for at least 5 or 10 more years.”

He laughs and stares at you.
“We’re having a kid.”

You grin and nod enthusiastically.

“They’re gonna be the best fucking Pokemon trainer ever.”

**I have no clue about Jojis family life but for the story his father is an alcoholic who was horrible to him.
**Sorry this is so late, I love you all xo


“Jamie?” The voice sounded rather startled. Despite the fact that I had not heard it in twenty years, I recognized it at once. Rolling over, I surreptitiously lifted a corner of the quilt and peeked out beneath it.

“Well, of course it’s me,” Jamie was saying, rather testily. “Have ye no got eyes, man?” He pulled his brother-in-law, Ian, into the room and shut the door.

“I see well enough it’s you,” Ian said, with a note of sharpness. “I just didna ken whether to believe my eyes!” His smooth brown hair showed threads of gray, and his face bore the lines of a good many years’ hard work. But Joe Abernathy had been right; with his first words, the new vision merged with the old, and this was the Ian Murray I had known before.

“I came here because the lad at the printshop said ye’d no been there last night, and this was the address Jenny sends your letters to,” he was saying. He looked round the room with wide, suspicious eyes, as though expecting something to leap out from behind the armoire. Then his gaze flicked back to his brother-in-law, who was making a perfunctory effort to secure his makeshift loincloth.

“I never thought to find ye in a kittle-hoosie, Jamie!” he said. “I wasna sure, when the…the lady answered the door downstairs, but then—”

“It’s no what ye think, Ian,” Jamie said shortly.

“Oh, it’s not, aye? And Jenny worrying that ye’d make yourself ill, living without a woman so long!” Ian snorted. “I’ll tell her she needna concern herself wi’ your welfare. And where’s my son, then, down the hall with another o’ the harlots?”

“Your son?” Jamie’s surprise was evident. “Which one?”

Ian stared at Jamie, the anger on his long, half-homely face fading into alarm.

“Ye havena got him? Wee Ian’s not here?”

“Young Ian? Christ, man, d’ye think I’d bring a fourteen-year-old lad into a brothel?”

Ian opened his mouth, then shut it, and sat down on the stool.

“Tell ye the truth, Jamie, I canna say what ye’d do anymore,” he said levelly. He looked up at his brother-in-law, jaw set. “Once I could. But not now.”

“And what the hell d’ye mean by that?” I could see the angry flush rising in Jamie’s face.

Ian glanced at the bed, and away again. The red flush didn’t recede from Jamie’s face, but I saw a small quiver at the corner of his mouth. He bowed elaborately to his brother-in-law.

“Your pardon, Ian, I was forgettin’ my manners. Allow me to introduce ye to my companion.” He stepped to the side of the bed and pulled back the quilts.

“No!” Ian cried, jumping to his feet and looking frantically at the floor, the wardrobe, anywhere but at the bed.

“What, will ye no give your regards to my wife, Ian?” Jamie said.

“Wife?” Forgetting to look away, Ian goggled at Jamie in horror. “Ye’ve marrit a whore?” he croaked.

“I wouldn’t call it that, exactly,” I said. Hearing my voice, Ian jerked his head in my direction.

“Hullo,” I said, waving cheerily at him from my nest of bedclothes. “Been a long time, hasn’t it?”

Voyager, Diana Gabaldon

I caught sight of a tall male figure standing in the hall, and promptly pulled the bedclothes over my head.

This was a reaction of pure panic, for if it had been the Edinburgh constable or one of his minions, I could scarcely expect much protection from a couple of quilts. But then the visitor spoke, and I was glad that I was safely out of sight for the moment. 

“Jamie?” The voice sounded rather startled. Despite the fact that I had not heard it in twenty years, I recognized it at once. Rolling over, I surreptitiously lifted a corner of the quilt and peeked out beneath it. 

“Well, of course it’s me,” Jamie was saying, rather testily. “Have ye no got eyes, man?” He pulled his brother-in-law, Ian, into the room and shut the door. 

“I see well enough it’s you,” Ian said, with a note of sharpness. “I just didna ken whether to believe my eyes!” His smooth brown hair showed threads of gray, and his face bore the lines of a good many years’ hard work. But Joe Abernathy had been right; with his first words, the new vision merged with the old, and this was the Ian Murray I had known before. 

“I came here because the lad at the printshop said ye’d no been there last night, and this was the address Jenny sends your letters to,” he was saying. He looked round the room with wide, suspicious eyes, as though expecting something to leap out from behind the armoire. Then his gaze flicked back to his brother-in-law, who was making a perfunctory effort to secure his makeshift loincloth. 

“I never thought to find ye in a kittle-hoosie, Jamie!” he said. “I wasna sure, when the … the lady answered the door downstairs, but then—” 

“It’s no what ye think, Ian,” Jamie said shortly. 

“Oh, it’s not, aye? And Jenny worrying that ye’d make yourself ill, living without a woman so long!” Ian snorted. “I’ll tell her she needna concern herself wi’ your welfare. And where’s my son, then, down the hall with another o’ the harlots?” 

“Your son?” Jamie’s surprise was evident. “Which one?” 

Ian stared at Jamie, the anger on his long, half-homely face fading into alarm. 

“Ye havena got him? Wee Ian’s not here?” 

“Young Ian? Christ, man, d’ye think I’d bring a fourteen-year-old lad into a brothel?” 

Ian opened his mouth, then shut it, and sat down on the stool. 

“Tell ye the truth, Jamie, I canna say what ye’d do anymore,” he said levelly. He looked up at his brother-in-law, jaw set. “Once I could. But not now.” 

“And what the hell d’ye mean by that?” I could see the angry flush rising in Jamie’s face. 

Ian glanced at the bed, and away again. The red flush didn’t recede from Jamie’s face, but I saw a small quiver at the corner of his mouth. He bowed elaborately to his brother-in-law. 

“Your pardon, Ian, I was forgettin’ my manners. Allow me to introduce ye to my companion.” He stepped to the side of the bed and pulled back the quilts. 

“No!” Ian cried, jumping to his feet and looking frantically at the floor, the wardrobe, anywhere but at the bed. 

“What, will ye no give your regards to my wife, Ian?” Jamie said. 

“Wife?” Forgetting to look away, Ian goggled at Jamie in horror. “Ye’ve marrit a whore?” he croaked. 

“I wouldn’t call it that, exactly,” I said. Hearing my voice, Ian jerked his head in my direction. 

“Hullo,” I said, waving cheerily at him from my nest of bedclothes. “Been a long time, hasn’t it?” 

I’d always thought the descriptions of what people did when seeing ghosts rather exaggerated, but had been forced to revise my opinions in light of the responses I had been getting since my return to the past. Jamie had fainted dead away, and if Ian’s hair was not literally standing on end, he assuredly looked as though he had been scared out of his wits. 

Eyes bugging out, he opened and closed his mouth, making a small gobbling noise that seemed to entertain Jamie quite a lot. 

“That’ll teach ye to go about thinkin’ the worst of my character,” he said, with apparent satisfaction. Taking pity on his quivering brother-in-law, Jamie poured out a tot of brandy and handed him the glass. “Judge not, and ye’ll no be judged, eh?” 

I thought Ian was going to spill the drink on his breeches, but he managed to get the glass to his mouth and swallow. 

“What—” he wheezed, eyes watering as he stared at me. “How—?” 

“It’s a long story,” I said, with a glance at Jamie. He nodded briefly. We had had other things to think about in the last twenty-four hours besides how to explain me to people, and under the circumstances, I rather thought explanations could wait.


First fic of the hiatus wassup

Mickey woke up slowly, blinking the sleep out of his eyes and sighing before he turned over to face Ian, who was already awake and staring at the wall behind Mickey’s head. He was clutching the blanket to his shoulder, but he found Mickey’s hand with his own and pinned it to the mattress. His eyes never left the wall.

Mickey lifted his free hand to push Ian’s hair out of his face. “You feelin’ better today?”

Ian blinked slow. Shrugged after a long pause.

Mickey continued brushing Ian’s hair back with his fingers. “You want me to go?”

Ian met Mickey’s eyes then. “No,” he said, voice hoarse with disuse. He tightened his grip on Mickey’s hand. “Stay with me.”

Mickey cupped his neck. “Always.”

Ian closed his eyes. He waited so long to speak, Mickey thought he’d fallen asleep, “why’d your wife ask if you love me?”

“Uh,” Mickey stuttered. “She..uh. Wanted to know, I guess? I dunno.”

Ian opened his eyes again. “Do you?”

Mickey opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again. He gripped Ian’s hair in his hands, loosened his hold, pushed more hair back. He looked towards the ceiling, the window. “Um.”

“S’ okay. I already down the answer.” Ian let go of Mickey’s hand and brought the blanket impossibly closer to him. He burrowed down beneath it and let his eyes close.

“Then what are you askin’ for?” Mickey’s hand twitched and he wanted to reach for Ian’s, but stopped himself.

“Thought maybe you’d say it,” Ian mumbled.

“Christ, Ian. You know I do.”

“I know. Still thought you’d say it.”

Mickey slid his hand that was on Ian’s neck down the ginger’s shoulder and arm, intertwining their fingers. “You wanna hear it?” Mickey asked quietly. “Would it make you feel better?”

Ian nodded silently.

“I love you,” Mickey whispered, staring at Ian’s face, at the way his eyelashes cast shadows over his skin. “Do you.. I mean..” he trailed off.

“Yeah,” Ian answered softly, halfway to sleep. “I do.”

Ian drifted off, but Mickey stayed awake, watching the rise and fall of his chest, never letting go of his hand.

there is a boy holding his hand and everything will be okay. (ianmickey - 1110 words - ao3)

Ian’s in a low.

Mickey puts a chair next to Ian’s side of the bed and sits down. The medication works, for the most part, but Ian still feels really shitty sometimes, still curls the blankets around himself in bed and refuses to get up. Mickey just stays with him when that happens.

He’s not gonna let this fucking thing ruin them. After everything they’ve been through, he’s not.

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the heart it beats -- ian/mickey ficlet

so this is based solely on that damned forehead-touching picture and pure speculation and a terrible idea.


Mickey isn’t aware of how much time passes as they lay there together. He doesn’t know what to say, doesn’t really want to say anything, simply because he doesn’t want to break the fragile peace of this moment, to dredge up all the shit that’s happened. So neither of them speak, for a long time. Long enough that Mickey starts to feels almost calm, just basking in Ian’s warmth and letting Ian’s steady breaths somehow draw the tension from his muscles.

And then Ian finally says, “You shouldn’t be here.”

Well, there goes that almost-calm he was feeling. Now, it’s like Mickey’s been winded, like Ian just punched him. How the fuck can he do that with just a few words? Mickey manages to say, “Where the fuck else would I be?”

Ian’s brow creases into a frown – Mickey can feel it against his own forehead – but his eyes are closed tight. Mickey has no fucking idea what going on inside that screwed up head.

“After everything…everything I did. How can you…I don’t want you to get…” Ian makes a frustrated sound, like he can’t spit out the right words.

Mickey can kinda relate, but he barrels on anyway. “Hey, don’t think about that shit. You think you can get rid of me that easy? Nah man, fuck that. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere. You’re stuck with me.”

Ian smiles slowly, opens his eyes and stares at Mickey, their faces bare inches apart. He looks like a goofball, and he’s the best thing Mickey’s seen all day. All fucking week. “That’s pretty fucking romantic, for a Milkovich,” Ian says.

“I’m a romantic fucking guy,” Mickey says easily, and he knows he’s returning the goofy grin.

Ian smile lasts a moment longer, and then it’s gone. Mickey feels its loss like a cold breeze.

“I love you,” Ian says, but he says it like it hurts him.

“Fucking hell, Ian.” Mickey leans in and kisses his mouth, once, twice. He whispers into Ian’s lips, “I love you too, dipshit.”

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morbidsilent  asked:

Omg prompt! Ian's on new meds and he's waking up feelin kinda okay at night after his lowlow episode and sees mickey sleeping with his tear stricken face so Ian crawls over to apologize & comfort him. This is my 2nd one today sorry T_T and thankyou!♥

Features in the Dim Moonlight

Ian wakes up in the middle of the night.He was on new meds and was starting to feel back to normal.

He rolls over on the bed and sees Mickey, as far away from him while still being on the bed as he could.

Mickey was really careful while Ian was down. He was careful not to touch him if Ian didn’t want to and didn’t coddle him if it made Ian uncomfortable. He did this when he noticed Ian squirming anytime he got near him. Ian didn’t mean it he just didn’t want to be touched, to be loved. It didn’t feel right. Part of the depression he was told. 

The dim light of the moon hit’s Mickey’s face and at first Ian just stares. Mickey always looks so young and peaceful when he sleeps. He moves closer to Mickey, slowly, until his face is right in front of his. He takes in Mickey. His pale skin, seemingly paler in the past few week, slight worry lines forming, his face still tear stained. Fuck. Ian thinks. 

Ian moves his arm towards Mickey and caresses his face gently, and runs his hands through his hair. 

Mickey jerks awake suddenly, breathing heavily. Ian pulls his hand away. 

“Ian?” Mickey says, voice horse from sleep. 

“Yeah.” Ian whispers, grabbing Mickey and moving back towards him. He smiles.

“You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m okay.”

Mickey grins, unsure. “Good. That’s good.” Mickey breathes in deeply, his smile faltering. He looks down.

“Hey, Mick?”

“Yeah?” Mickey asks, rubbing his nose. 

“I’m…” Mickey looks up at Ian, concerned. “I"m so fucking sorry.” Ian gets out.

Mickey’s face turns to confused. 

“I put you through all of this”

“ s’ not your fault.”

“I know it’s not. I just- After everything…I’m sorry I put you through that shit to.”

Mickey sniffles a bit and gives a side smile. Ian wraps his arm around Mickey and soon they are intertwined together.

Ian holds Mickey and after a few minutes Mickey says against Ian’s chest. “I just want you to be okay.”

Ian pulls away and grins at MIckey confidently. “I will be.” 

They fall asleep like that, holding each other, not wanting to let go. 

anonymous asked:

Gallavich prompt: In season two Ned/loyd gave Ian a hickey. In season three Ian is still seeing him even though he is "sort of" with Mickey. I need Ned/Loyd to give Ian a hickey again, and Mickey to see it. His reaction is up to you. Maybe Ian got the hickey on purpose to get a rise out of Mickey, that is also up to you.

(ok for the record let’s just say that everything until after “Together” happened, Mickey brought Ian home, some weeks have passed BUT we haven’t had “of course we are” yet ok?)


Mickey was watching Ian undressing, admiring his beautiful body.

“Hey, what are you staring at?” Ian playfully tossed his shirt in Mickey’s face. 

“Just enjoying the view.”, Mickey winked at him. 

“You gonna enjoy a whole lot more in a second.”, Ian stated, grinning suggestively as he was pulling down his shorts, then slowly walked over until his cock was basically in Mickey’s face. 

Mickey pressed his tongue against his teeth, grinning widely in anticipation. 

“Hey, it’s not gonna suck itself!” Ian, still grinning widely, ran his hand through Mickey’s hair, gently pulling him closer. 

“Fuck you.”, Mickey shifted closer, slowly placing his hands on Ian’s buttcheeks. 

He opened his mouth while Ian closed his eyes, ready to recieve one of Mickey’s incredible blowjobs…

“What the fuck is that?!" 

"My penis?!” Ian opened his eyes, “I thought you might have gotten used to his size by now!”

“No you fucktard, this!” Mickey was pointing at a black-blue hickey on Ian’s belly, well, not really his belly, more… somewhere between his navel and his red pubes.

“Oh come on, you’re not gonna get mad about this ok? It’s from work!” Ian rolled his eyes at Mickey’s angry face.

“From work?! Like, what, a fucking work-related incident?! Some old fucker accidently put his vaccum cleaner to your cock or what?” Mickey was turning red and he had stood up, looking up at Ian angrily. 

“It’s not on my  cock, Mick… relax!” Ian tried to put his hand on Mickey’s shoulder, but the older man pulled away.

“Look… it was… Ned. He came into work and-”

“NED?!” Uh-oh, Mickey was in AMM (Angry-Milkovich-Mode).

“Yeah, he sometimes stops by with friends… they pay really well!”, Ian tried to defend himself.

“So he came by and just casually gave you a fucking hickey?! On your belly?!” Mickey looked like he was gonna destroy something any minute.

“Well, he bought a dance” - Mickey huffed and puffed angrily- “and we were… you know, fooling around a bit and he just thought it would be funny!”  

Mickey was holding his arms crossed, and Ian kinda felt sorry because he looked really hurt. Well, in his way. But Ian knew this expression. 

“Hey, Mick… look, I know you don’t like my job…” - angry huffing and puffing again - “but it makes good money… Ned and his friends left me, like, five hundred in tips yesterday!” Ian once again tried to reach out for Mickey who pulled away again, but not as harsh as before.

“Mickey, I- …’m sorry…”

“What for?” Mickey looked at Ian with his bright blue eyes, and Ian felt really guilty suddenly. 

“That I let… Ned do this. I’m sorry. It was… in the heat of the moment, and you know, it’s not like he hasn’t done it before…”


Ian chuckeled at Mickey’s disgusted face. “I didn’t enjoy it, at all.”

“Yeah, great to know.”, Mickey spat out sarcastically.

“Oh shut up…” Ian reached for Mickey’s wrist, and this time, he didn’t pull away. Instead, Ian pulled him closer and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Mickey’s blue eyes were scanning every inch of Ian’s face. Then, slowly, calmly, he said:

“I want to be the only one who’s allowed to give you hickeys.”

A smile, full of… emotions Mickey didn’t want to name yet, grew on Ian’s face. Then he nodded slowly. 

“Okay. Deal.”

“Deal.”, Mickey answered. But when they kissed afterwards, he couldn’t resist to bite Ian’s lip a bit. 

SEND ME PROMPTS BITCHES …fluff, smut, domestic, futurefic, jealousy fic… but pleeeease no more mpreg, I’m not writing mpreg. Never. kthxbye <3

Mickey woke up to Ian staring at him with a stupid fuckin smile on his face. “How long have you been doing that?” Mickey gruntled lazily rubbing his eyes. “Not long” Ian smiled.

“It’s creepy, man” Mickey commented pushing his body to sit up. “Don’t act like you’ve never done it” Ian backed. Mickey just glared his eyes at Ian for a split second, because it was true. Mickey had stared at Ian sleeping way more than he should of. Ian was so cute when he was asleep.

Mickey looked at the digital alarm clock on Ian’s side of the bed. “Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” Mickey asked Ian who was just lounging on the bed, like it was a lazy Sunday or something. 

“Called in sick” Ian answered quickly stretching his arms behind his head. “Why?” Mickey asked dazed. “Well I seems like such a waste if you have a day off and I don’t” Ian remarked. 

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