with some special guests

A Very Special Drabble [With Special Guest Star Bucky Barnes].

You’re cranky and depressed, and Sam knows how much you love fruit so he surprises you by taking you to the farmer’s market when he’s in town.

So you’re all bummed, vegging out on the sofa, thinking:

Then there’s a knock at your door & it’s Sam - he sees  you’re totes bleecchhh & is like:

And you sigh & go:

So Sam’s all - Listen:

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barnesandnoble: This holiday season, we’ll be sharing the #BNGiftGoals of some of your favorite authors and artists! The stories they love, the gifts they’re giving, the people they’re shopping for, and so much more, all in the festive spirit of the stories we share at this magical time of year. Watch this space all season long for fantastic gift offers, sweepstakes, and tidings of good cheer from some very special guests, and share your Gift Goals for this year in the comments below!


Hinata Shouyou featuring some very special guests
                                 for Cherry @viktor-nikiforov-katsuki

↳ from your secret santa. <3 I hope you had a great Christmas and I’m wishing you the best in 2017.

Give Me Love, 12 sneak peek:

Heres whats about to go down in the next chapter of Give Me Love:

  • Aelin and Aedion will FINALLY (hopefully) talk
  • A scene between 2 character (you shall remain nameless) that is inspired by a scene from one of the TOG books… he he he
  • Thanksgiving at the Galathynius’ = DRAMA

But who shall be at this Thanksgiving dinner, you ask? Well;

  • Aelin and fam
  • Aedion and fam
  • Dorian and his horrible am
  • Elide and fam
  • Plus some special guests that Evalin decided to invite without filling the others in

And lets us not forget the big bomb that was dropped last chapter… This is going to be one wild dinner

You Are Cordially Invited to a Black Butler: Book of Circus Tea Party

In celebration of Black Butler: Book of Circus coming to Blu-ray and DVD with the new English dub, we’re hosting our own Black Butler Tea Party on April 22—and we’d love for you to join in the fun! Here’s the details (plus a little inspiration):

  • We’ll be posting pics of our spread of delicious sweets and savories with your Funimation hosts livetweeting while watching the new English dub episodes—and we may have some special guests from the Black Butler Funimation team drop by! Follow along with our festivities at 3PM ET on April 22 with hashtag #BlackButlerTeaParty.

  • Host your own tea party and invite your friends! Dress up in your Victorian or Black Butler-inspired finest, put on a lovely pot of tea with some delicious delicacies, and make it a watch party with Black Butler’s long-awaited third season. Share your plans and pictures with us with the #BlackButlerTeaParty hashtag, and we’ll reshare our favorites.

Download our printable tea party invitations (click HERE to download) or share them on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more to invite your friends. Make some places cards for each of your guests to really make it official:

Not sure how to host a tea party? Check out our list of recipes straight from Sebastian’s own cookbook—real delicacies featured from the show! Or view our Black Butler tea party Pinterest board for some of inspiration on what to wear, how to decorate, what to serve, and of course, tips on brewing the perfect pot of tea.

Click here to check out the Pinterest board!

Join us!

therapy 2/23/17

hi guys, here’s what went down today in my therapy session. with some special guests: my parents!

so i first went in for like, 5ish minutes. i told her that i was really nervous and shaky and that i wanted to jump out the window. i really just briefly talked about the past week, and that i was worried we would have nothing to talk about. but that when they came in, the conversation would probably find itself. she agreed, and said that my dad probably had things to discuss and that my mom would always talk about the things she always does if things get boring😂so then i went to go get my parents.

oh! i moved one of the chairs over next to the couch and sat in that. it usually is next to the chair that my therapist sits in, but i felt weird about my therapist being right next to me and then sitting across from my therapist. so we went through a few options and then i moved the chair. she also mentioned how next week she couldn’t fill me in and that we would have to do march 9th.

so then i went to get my parents. here’s some brief “highlights” i guess.

-my dad said “i’ve heard good things about you” and i wanted to die right there tbh. and that he imagined her differently??? And the three of them began discussing how you just imagine people differently and shit. like ????? hello??? we only have 50 minutes??? (tbh it was more my parents talking about that, i think my therapist was being polite)

-my parents said that they have seen some improvements in me with me being in therapy(good), my therapist agreed as well(double good HELLA) but said that she thinks i have been struggling more this semester bc i have been questioning/fighting myself more, as that is much harder than accepting the anxiety and depression.

-my parents expressed their frustration with me not doing that much around the house. my therapist then said that was something she still didn’t understand why i did, since i always feel guilty

-said that i follow and try/do what she tells me, and that she was proud😎

-how my family notices when i’m in a bad mood, but don’t say anything bc they are afraid of me blowing up/get defensive. i was surprised bc i thought they don’t notice……and that i actually get upset/sad/angry that they don’t notice that i am down. but they actually do! now they will voice if i am okay and i will say “no, but i don’t want to talk about it” tada hopefully that can help :-)

-my 14 year old sister had NO idea why i saw my therapist once a week for about a year and a half! that was a slap in the face practically! total shock! i bursted out crying! 🙃 she might be coming into a session, maybe both of my sisters at the same time. i then ended up crying more because i am afraid that i will ruin my relationships with not only my family, but others as well!

-my therapist told me an interesting point. she said that i feel like everyone is paying attention to me/aware of everything i do because i am aware of everything i do and think others are too! she said “i don’t remember what you wore last week. im pretty sure you don’t remember what i wore last week. everyone isn’t as aware of you as you think they are” (but then she said “we both know this won’t change what you are thinking” and im like…..yep)

-also we talked about me being sensitive with sounds. i appreciated this because my family has always been particularly annoyed with this. she told them that being sensitive to sounds is common with anxiety, as it can set off anxiety. and explained it well and i don’t want to butcher it ya know *enter shrug emoji*

-going off of that, i mentioned how it is hard to ignore something that someone is doing, and i end up just focusing on it even more! she said this is an OCD compulsion, that trying to ignore it just makes you obsess over it even more🙃said that i could fix it, but takes a lot of time! like my severe anxiety lol❗️❗️❗️

well that’s most of it!

After After Show

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Requested by anonymous: Something with you and Dylan on the teen wolf after after show answering tweets and acting all cute


WORDS: 353


A/N: I was just watching the After After Show with Dylan and it’s so funny, he’s so cute omg

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Hello, and welcome to the Teen Wolf After After Show. Today we have two special guests who will answer some of your twitter questions! Y/N and Dylan!”

“Hi, everybody!” I smiled.

Dylan waved and smiled.

“So, how are you guys doing?”

“We’re great, what about you Morgan?”

“I’m wonderful. I mean, you guys are here. I ship it so much.”

I laughed.

“Can we start?”

“Sure.” Dylan nods.

“Ok. So first question: “How is it like to work with your girlfriend, Dylan?”

“Uh, it’s really great, you know, I can always spend time with her so it’s amazing. We always have so much fun here.”

“And what do you think about it, Y/N?”

“I love it. We used to work on different shows and it was really bad because we were far away from each other.”

“Nice. Another question: “Who is it like to see your partner kissing another person?”

“This is something people ask a lot, actually.” Dylan said. “Because, Y/N and Shelley are really good friends.”

“Yeah, people are always “oh but aren’t you jealous” It’s our job and I had to kiss some guys too.”

“For how long have you guys been dating?”

“Two years.” Dylan said and I smiled.

“Wow, it’s a long time uh, are you going to get married?”

My cheeks became red and Dylan smiled, Morgan laughed.

“Can I pass this one?” I asked.

“Darling, you can do everything you want here.” Morgan said and I laugh. “So, what did you guys thought about today’s episode?”

“Ooh, it was really tense.”

“Yeah.” Dylan said. “So many surprises.”

“I cried so much watching it.” Morgan said and I laughed. “Well, c-can you guys do me a favor?”


He grabbed a scissors and gave it to me and Dylan.

“Can you just cut a little strand of your hair and give it to me?”

“Why do you want that?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s just something that we do with the cast. C’mon it’s fun.”

We did it and gave it to him.

“So that’s it for this Teen Wolf After After Show. And stay tuned for more!“


Drew some Dippers! With special guest appearances by Mabel, Pacifica, and a couple Bippers. Had some fun with color schemes, putting bright-colored overlays on the official base colors.

The last Bipper got a little… out of hand ambitious so I put him in his own box. Buttercups and Lilies are apparently poisonous, plus buttercups have that Bill-Cipher-approved shade of yellow. Lilies have pretty obvious death connections. Thistles just look really violent, haha. And he’s holding a couple Eyebrights because HAHA GEDDIT

DIPPERRR I am so worried for this child.


Boueibu event during the anipani segment @ NicoNico Chokaigi 2015 Super Hangame Live Stage! 

Nishiyama Koutarou is the special guest + there are also some announcements for new phone apps that anipani will release! 

Hi guys! This is just a little heads up that Loopdeloop ‘Sisters’ screenings will be happening around the planet next week. This month we’re teaming up with the newly formed WANDAA Project to help promote Women in Animation. 
I’ll be at the Sydney screening but we’ll be having some special guest hosts for the evening. Come along and meet them if you can!
Sydney Loopdeloop.
2nd Feb. 2016
Knox St Bar. 21 Shepherd St. Chippendale.
7-10PM, Free Entry.