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Hadean Zodiac: Starry Sky - The Romantic Interests 🌌💖

🐉 Draco - Estela Montoya
🐬 Delphinus - Quinn Kelly
🦅 Aquila - Sean Gayle
🐺 Lupus - Jake McKenzie

Note: These ES minimalist posters are influenced by the Superhero Silhouettes of Kevin Collert and Steve Garcia. Then I experimented on the animation using some gif packs. 😆👍🏼

I want to thank @sereenaspatel for providing a link of the gif packs. I really had fun playing with them! Thank you so much! ✌🏼😊

How to Achieve a Painterly Look in Photoshop

If you used Photoshop for a while, you know that it is slightly harsh on the colors. It blends them in an odd way, sometimes not quite like how traditional paint mixes. It is also difficult to achieve a nice color range without going over into extremes and overly saturated or contrasted look. Overall, it’s hard to avoid that strange ‘digital’ look.

So, how to avoid that and not have the piece look muddy? Also how to make colors seem rich without the piece looking like an unicorn barf? Short (biased) answer: Slowy layer colors in various Layer Modes to build your piece up. Almost like the old masters, right?

I’m absolutely certain there are other ways, but as someone with classical training in painting, this seems the closest to the real thing to me personally. Below I went over all the steps I do to achieve the painterly look and color range I want.

*The screenshots of color picker window and the green squares mark the color range I use in each step. Note, however, that the hue is NOT the one I used in the piece.

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“I’m in the Justice League of America now, Dante. It’s my responsibility to represent when I’m not with the team.
                                                                           To help people when they’re in trouble.


a Fatal_Error has Occurred: The Beginning - Part 6

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Important Note: From here on all comic updates will be tagged with #fatal error comic, so if you just want to follow tag then go ahead :) I’ll retag the older updates later. Thanks for being so patient as I’m getting myself organized. I can’t stress enough how unexpected all of this attention was XD

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans, and ErrorSans belong to @loverofpiggies!

ẃ͚̰̟̹̳h͉̺a̹̥̹ͅt̠͚̭ ̫̫̻h̶̖̥̰̣a̙̥͓͓̭̩͈v̡̻͔̜͕̱̳e̹̼͚̘ ͇͖̬͖y͉͙̝̕o͞ͅu̬̤͈̙̪̰ͅ ͓̯̹͉̙̮͎d̢̩̮͎o̰̫̪̯͓͚̜͘n̰e̬͎̯̠͝?̫̹̣̜̞͙͟

GIF CREDIT: @pcnthcr

Five years ago, I wasn’t even familiar with Tumblr. The first time I heard about it, I was heavily focused on a project that made us create a personal blog of sorts. Now, it’s a place where so many memories were made, and it became a space where I can be as creative as I can be, and show it off to the world– despite being scared of the reception. 

Whether it was my first run as Minato, my attempt in making original characters in the Shield Breakers, or my return to this blue-haired protagonist, I feel like I’ve grown up in front of you people– honed my craft, improved as both a writer and as a person, shared part of my life that I can look back in fondness.

I wanna take this time as a way to give out my thanks, to each and every one of you that’s been with me and stuck with me for the road. I do hope I get to continue to impress you guys, and entertain you with what I can bring to the table with just words, stories and ideas. 

More thanks will be under the cut, with a special message for two specific people and a thanksgiving list!

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I’m sorry

happy valentine’s day ❤