with some amazing weather


this stream was a complete blast thank you so much to everyone who came and hung out!!! we got some real great work in lmao…..

There are two kinds of people.

Exhibit A: (@booyahfordhamlaw I miss you too <333)

Exhibit B:

Which kind of person do you want to be? :D

No but, I literally got these within minutes, lmao:

My activity page is always a very interesting place.

But I’m thankful for every message, and I love you all.

Yes, all.

Every single message is fun to receive. Messages of love warm my heart, and other types of messages only make me want to write Barisi even more :D

So thanks for the encouragement, whether you intended it or not, lol.

brb writing the Barisi Wedding!

well not really, i’m not there yet. there’s a vacation to write first. a pre-wedding honeymoon with plenty of smut and drunkenness and dancin… oops, spoilers! :DDD

That said, I’m not back, lol. I’ll come back when SVU comes back, or when I finish my fic, whichever comes first.

So see ya in a month <333333


“I was hoping to call you, to ask you if you wanted to go fishing but then… I remembered I forgot to ask for your number,” Nate said with a laugh. Laelia smiled, because she’d thought the same. 

“I’ll write it down for you and maybe we can exchange numbers?” she inquired. 

“Yeah. That would be good. It gets pretty boring just fishing and reading all day, It’s time I spent time with someone other than myself right?” Nate joked and inquired an eyebrow at her. Laelia couldn’t help but laugh softly at his gesture. He was becoming easier to be around or maybe she was becoming used to him. It helped that he was clothed. 

“Have you always liked fishing?” Laelia asked. She wanted to know more about him. She hoped that maybe the could become friends or something of the sort. 

“Nah. Picked it up when I got here,” he said. His smile faltered slightly as he continued, “I originally wanted to do art. Went to school for it and shit.”

Laelia had spotted the paintings in his front yard and the easel with the unfinished painting near the art pieces. She assumed he was working on something new. 

“But I don’t do that anymore,” he continued, answering her internal inquiries about him. “Fishing takes a lot of patience, but it lets me sort through all the things in my mind.”

“I know what you mean,” Laelia agreed. “I mean, I’m not an artist or anything. I can’t draw to save my life and I can’t break down art.. but yeah, that’s why I like gardening. It lets me be with my thoughts. As weird as it sounds.”

“It’s not weird,” Nate said and shifted a little closer to her. “I can tell how much you love your garden and it grows, in this hot and crazy weather. You’re working some amazing magic, Laelia.”

“Well… maybe you can work magic and help me catch something… even if it’s sea sludge?” she asked shyly and lowered her eyes away from his. 

He rested his hand over hers causing her to heart to jackhammer violently in her chest. Laelia looked at him with surprised eyes as he pulled her off the couch with her hand firmly clasped in his. 

Well then, we’ll see. Let’s go fishing.” 

Labor Day Weekend

Well, that’s a wrap. Labor Day weekend has come to a close. What a great one it was, though!

Saturday we travelled to Syracuse for my cousin’s wedding. It was beautiful and they’re the sweetest couple. The weather was amazing. I got my hair and makeup done at a salon, totally out of character for me, but fun nonetheless. A great time was had by all.

Sunday was very rainy, so it was good that we just spent the day driving home from Syracuse. We stopped at the women’s rights national park along the way which was inspiring and a great way to break up the drive.

Monday, B and I spent the day sailing and enjoying some more amazing weather on the boat. It was SO WINDY. We had our first experience with overloading the sails which was a fucking thrill, and then slightly terrifying, and then hilarious afterward. We handled it just fine, which is also a confidence booster. Once we realized we weren’t able to dump the wind properly, and we couldn’t turn it into a jibe either, we headed into the wind and quickly furled the jib. We had that boat laying over on its side like I’ve never seen it and spent a good while doing 7+ knots. I know this isn’t a sailing blog, so probably you’re like ugh whatever who cares, what are these weird words?, but IT WAS FUN! 😜 (Photos to come!)

Now that the summer has unofficially come to a close, B and I have made a pact that beginning today, we’re doing this whole healthy-fit-weight-loss thing together. We bought a rowing machine. Grocery shopping and meal prep will be done today. LET’S DO THIS.


Filmmaker Mike Olbinski condensed several weeks of storm chasing in the US Great Plains region into this 6 minute time-lapsed video. If you like weather or clouds, this has something for you. Some amazing views of shelf clouds (I felt like screaming as one came at me), lightning, classic thunderstorm shapes, and apparently 6 tornadoes (a couple are hard to spot in the clouds). Mammatus clouds look amazing in time lapse!

With a little planning, you can capture some amazing moments at national parks. After checking the weather, Eric Neitzel drove 3 hours to Tuolumne Meadows – the one place in California’s Yosemite National Park that’s flat enough for the perfect sunset. Braving the mosquitoes, he carefully laid down on the meadow grass to try and make sure the beautiful flowers of the meadow were shown as well as the the sunset and Pothole Dome. “For me, laying in the flowers of Tuolumne Meadows taking this picture made me feel like half John Muir and half Ansel Adams.” iPhone photo courtesy of Eric Neitzel.


Chicago W11D7 - LONG 16

Awwwww yesssss!! First 16 milers in the books and it was great!

The VP of my department at work is also running Chicago, so we have been chatting often about our training. He mentioned that theres a trail in a city about 30 miles away that was long and paved and really nice. After checking it out online, I was in! So I made my way over there this morning. It did not disappoint!

I started out not the greatest. I was just trying to find my groove and relax into the run. It took me about a quarter of the way through to really start to relax. I dunno what the deal was. But after about a third of the way through, the trail connects on some beautiful country roads! There were so many farms filled with pretty cows, horses (so many adorable baby horses!!), and goats! They all looked so happy today so being able to run past them really took my mind off things and pepped me up. I was feeling tired at the half way turn around, but pumped that I was half way done.

The second half of this run was muchhh better than the first! I just felt much better and the miles were ticking by fast. This trail was actually pretty hilly (for Indiana standards), and that took a bit out of me. On one of the last bigger hills, I was just about to reach the top and a woman on her bike passed me, and as she did she gave me a thumbs up. So nice of her and it really made me smile :)

The last few miles FLEW by and I was feeling amazing. I completely jammed out for the last mile and just felt so great! It was the perfect way to end that run. I felt so happy and accomplished :)

I made my way back to the park I had parked at and found and unsuspecting picnic table to prop my legs on. Felt soooo good to lay there in the sun and recover. The weather today was AMAZING! So amazing. I was even chilly during some parts!! The weather definitely helped me feel good today and I was so grateful for it!

Overall, a great 16 mile long run! Started out a little rough, but I found my groove eventually, and finished strong. Can’t ask for anything better :)

I hope you all had great weekends!!!! :)

“Burr Point Sunset”

It has been an overall unusually warm winter, so I’ve taken the chance to enjoy some nice weather in some remote parts of Utah.  It’s amazing how many epic canyon locations like this can still be enjoyed in solitude. 

Burr Desert, Utah - February 2015

Shot Notes:

Provia 100f 4x5, 90mm Caltar Lens
2 seconds at f32, 2 stop hard GND filter and warming filter


Lightroom Before and After #6

Photography is all about manipulating the light of a subject. So if it’s not there, that isn’t stopping you from creating the lighting you envisage.

This photograph highlights the power of Lightroom’s amazing slider Clarity. We’ve turned some uninteresting weather into a storm of magnitude with dodge and burn, and have dramatically enhanced the lines which draw the observer into the scene along the road.

Freddie Ardley Photography

Like if you didn’t know what was going on it could totally look like they were just hanging out and drinking some hot coco to stay warm while being amazed by the weather. And you don’t know (unless you’ve read) so, that’s definitely what they’re doing, it’s a date, they’re walking in a park okay, on a date!


Just back from shoulder day, pretty pleased with my progress, despite having to take nearly a week out.

Please remember that a few days off isn’t as big a deal as your head tells you, you just have to get right back to the grind stone and crush it.

Also, popped into subway for a quick sandwich afterward, and the guys saw me in my workout gear so gave me free cheesecake cookies ❤❤❤.

Planning on doing some trail running tomorrow if they weather stays amazing. 😁