with some amazing weather


Filmmaker Mike Olbinski condensed several weeks of storm chasing in the US Great Plains region into this 6 minute time-lapsed video. If you like weather or clouds, this has something for you. Some amazing views of shelf clouds (I felt like screaming as one came at me), lightning, classic thunderstorm shapes, and apparently 6 tornadoes (a couple are hard to spot in the clouds). Mammatus clouds look amazing in time lapse!

“Burr Point Sunset”

It has been an overall unusually warm winter, so I’ve taken the chance to enjoy some nice weather in some remote parts of Utah.  It’s amazing how many epic canyon locations like this can still be enjoyed in solitude. 

Burr Desert, Utah - February 2015

Shot Notes:

Provia 100f 4x5, 90mm Caltar Lens
2 seconds at f32, 2 stop hard GND filter and warming filter


Here are some photos from my wedding reception on Saturday! We had our ceremony and party on different days to allow Justin’s family to fly over from Australia. It was a country fete theme and the weather was amazing. I might post some more pics later.

All photos were taken by my soon to be sister in law Amanda Sheldrake. We didn’t even ask her to but they’re all amazing! Thank you!

Like if you didn’t know what was going on it could totally look like they were just hanging out and drinking some hot coco to stay warm while being amazed by the weather. And you don’t know (unless you’ve read) so, that’s definitely what they’re doing, it’s a date, they’re walking in a park okay, on a date!


Just back from shoulder day, pretty pleased with my progress, despite having to take nearly a week out.

Please remember that a few days off isn’t as big a deal as your head tells you, you just have to get right back to the grind stone and crush it.

Also, popped into subway for a quick sandwich afterward, and the guys saw me in my workout gear so gave me free cheesecake cookies ❤❤❤.

Planning on doing some trail running tomorrow if they weather stays amazing. 😁


Colin Morgan as Newt Pulsifer in episode 3 of ‘Good Omens’ (part 5/6)

Note: I cut out parts of the audio in two places, where Newt and Shadwell get interrupted by irrelevant phone calls.

NEWT: I think I’ve got something, Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell!

SHADWELL: Have you found us a witch, young Pulsifer?

NEWT: Something weird has been happening. A village in England that - 

He is interrupted by someone knocking on the door. It opens.

WOMAN: Coo-ee, Mr. Shadwell!


SHADWELL: What was it, Private Pulsifer?

NEWT: There’s this village which has been having some amazing weather for the last few years.

SHADWELL: What, raining frogs or something?

NEWT: No. (dramatically) Normal weather for the time of year.

SHADWELL: Call that a phenomena!

He is interrupted by someone knocking on the door. It opens.


SHADWELL: Where were we, Private?

NEWT: There’s a village in England, which has normal weather for this time of year.

SHADWELL: That’s - not - news.

NEWT: Normal weather for this time of year isn’t normal, Sergeant! They have snow at Christmas. And when did you last see snow at Christmas? And long, hot Augusts, every year? It never rains there on November the fifth, and it snows on Christmas Eve. And I was thinking that instead of…sitting here, just - cutting up newspapers in your flat - 

SHADWELL: The Witchfinder Army HQ - 

NEWT: (in a rush) The-Witchfinder-Army-HQ - (tentatively) that I could just, nip over there and look around. It’s only forty miles away! (pause) And I’ll pay my own petrol!

SHADWELL: (slowly) This place wouldn’t be called Tadfield, would it?

NEWT: (surprised) How did you know that?

SHADWELL: They lost a plane at noon - och, well, so long as they pay up on type - eyy, I suppose it can’t do any harm.

Newt lets out a loud, excited exhale.

NEWT: Thanks!

SHADWELL: We’d better mark your destination on the wall map, laddie! Grab a wee pinwheel flag from my drawer.

Sound of drawer opening. Newt rummages around.

NEWT: Got one!

Drawer closes.

SHADWELL: Where is it, Tadfield? Tadfield - ah! Here.

Newt pushes the pin in.

NEWT: (breathing) There.

SHADWELL: Eyy. Now, you’d better have the field telephone! You get these modern wee smartphones, Pulsifer?

NEWT: (happily) Oh, yes.

SHADWELL: This is a new one.

Bang. He slaps a phone on the table.

NEWT: (sarcastically) They knew how to build them in the 80’s.

SHADWELL: Off you go, Private Pulsifer! May the armies of glorification march wi’ ye!

Pinging sound. The pin has fallen off the wall map.

NEWT: Oh. That pin just jumped out of the map.

SHADWELL: Yeah, I’ll get it - off you trot, laddie!