with so many gifable moments


Suspicious Partner 5-8

I’m still confused on the numbering on these episodes. 35 minutes episodes is more a sitcom than an hour long drama (technically it’s an hour long drama).

I’m enjoying this drama and it cracks me up every time. Ji Chang Wook’s facial expressions are everything! So many gifable moments.

I’m still confused on the killer and why he’s doing what he’s doing. I don’t think he has amnesia though (AsianWiki’s plot).

I am pissed the ex-girlfriend showed up. Bitch, you cheated on him and he caught you in the damn act! It’s been some time now, since Bong Hee’s trial was 2 years ago, so the man should have moved on by now. Love dies! After 2 years it dies! And I think their break up happened more than 2 years ago, so he shouldn’t be hung up on her.

Drama pfff.

I’m loving their chemistry. It’s super funny and cute. They worked together in a 2011 drama, but Nam Ji Hyun wasn’t the lead so I think it’s more chemistry than being familiar with each other, or both. I want more, but less on the ex.