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Shout out to aros who have to go to bed every night knowing they’ll never feel love or ever have that amazing magical relationship everyone seems to talk about

Shout out to aros who can’t stay in one place for very long because of abandonment issues/trauma

Shout out to aros who’ve actually loved someone once and just can’t get that feeling back even for that one person

Shout out to aros who feel like they’ll never be that person they need for someone else

Shout to aros who resort to dangerous means to feel anything

Shout out to aros who feel like they’re bad people because they just can’t love

Shout out to aros who lie about having feelings for their friends so they don’t hurt their feelings

Shout out to borderline aros

Shout out to avoidant aros

Shout out to narcissistic aros

Shout out to my personality disorder brainweird aros

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Like I don't really like the bill ciphering of villains, but I'm kind of iffy abt the big bad evil of the whole thing being nonwhite. Like we already have the elves vouging which is made my black people making them blackcoded. And we already have the light: good, life and dark: big bad, evil. Esp I don't wanna see it from people who make white tres horny boys.

i absolutely agree. my view (if anyone else has snything to add/correct, please do!!) w this dilemma is like… is the villain the only cast member that isn’t white? or are they among a cast of people of color, so there’s varied representation wrt types of people? and ofc, as you said, one needs to pay attention to colorism as well.

so yeah. i think it depends on how one depicts the rest of the cast, although if we can avoid “dark-skinned = evil” that would be Great

but also we all know griffin will most likely do nothing to confirm his appearance, tbh

Jasper from Steven Universe MORE OF THAT HAIR

I am sorry if there is too much boob :( Also how do armpits work cause idk I did this on Auto desk Sketchbook app.

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Those are bra straps. It looks like a Chanel bra or something not Victoria Secret and that kind of bs. Elegant but relaxed style. It just has a bad fit. I didn't expect snything else from Gillian when she's just home doing nothing. Can anyone really see Gillian in a sexy bra home alone doing nothing? Nope, didn't think so. She's a slob like the rest of us, a hot slob but still a slob 😘💕💕. I wonder if in a few months she will auction of 3 charity spots for some girl shopping of bras👀

Well that would be sth to bet for 😎🚨😂
And hell yeah she is a slob and slob Gillian is my favorite❤️

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one very effective way that i've found to kick my ass into gear is listening to yoongi's mixtape and all the cypher tracks - since i don't understand korean it just sounds like they're yelling at me to get my shit together. good luck with your paper!! 20 pages sounds like hell, that's basically a dissertation

I’m the exact opposite. I only listen to snyth, chillwave, or soft indie krb when I write essays because I get too anxious listening to anything else. the feeling like someone is yelling or talking to me gets me so!!!!!!!! as someone with a plethora of supposed learning disabilities I need very very low calm shit or else I can’t get my thoughts to make sense. my friend is the opposite though. she blasts edm or house so loud or like and she’s like ~lalala so peaceful my thoughts are so clear~~ like bitch bye

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Gillian needs help with her bra in her video you can see her bra straps are waaay to loose. I would take her bra shopping if she doesn't have snything else to do but lounge around doing nothing. Every big breasted woman need a well fitted bra even Gillian and her back.

I’m sure you have a lot of people fighting off because I imagine there are 1000s of people applying for that!! 🤗

But if you make it - I can carry all the bags while you provide her with your bra knowledge 😎👍🏼