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Tsuna, Mukuro and Dino falling in love with someone they treated badly before


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He hated you.

He absolutely fucking hated you.

You were a clumsy little fool who utterly had no charm, no confidence and no fashion sense.

In short, you were just like him when he was younger. Before the Vongola. Before Reborn.

And the reminder of his past self that you brought by your very presence sent his blood boiling with unreasonable rage as the shadows of his past came to haunt him. How the innocence he had lost a long time ago baited him silently through your guileless eyes. The worst part was that you were the only personal secretary who has ever lasted by his side for this long with any sense of efficiency or competency.

God he hated you.

He allowed his dates to make fun of you. He had even ordered you to pick up his bread from the floor with your teeth and told you to eat it. And you fucking did. You did everything he told you to do with no questions asked.

He heard Mukuro ask you once why you allowed him to treat you like dirt and your response surprised Tsuna.

You said it was because you had faith in the Decimo. If it was his decision to treat you badly then surely you must have done something to hurt him. You only wish he’d tell you what it was so you could fix what you did wrong.

Instead of calming down it only made Tsuna want to tear you apart even more.

He wanted you to hate him. He wanted you to grow the fuck up and change your fate the way he changed his. He had been half tempted to send you off to Reborn but for some reason the very thought of his former tutor laying his eyes on you made him even angrier.

He made sure to act like a spoiled evil brat around you wanting you to snap. He wanted to see you act like a fucking human being, not a goddamned robot! He had to admit he was acting like a total jerk but damn it, you weren’t acting like you mattered! Like you’re life was dispensable compared to his own! And so he kept on treating you like a doormat.

Until the day you jumped in front of him and took a bullet in his stead.

All Tsuna could do was stare at your paling face as you whispered for him to run against his lips. Trying to keep his survival a secret by being as silent as possible for his sake.

And so here the proud Don was sitting by your side afterwards; clutching at your blankets with white knuckles and gritted teeth wanting nothing more than for you to wake up.

He wasn’t done torturing you yet. He wasn’t done making your life hell.

He wasn’t done trying to get under your goddamned skin and make you feel something other than a dog’s loyalty for him, goddammit. But most of all…

He wanted to feel your lips against his over and over again…


He had thought he had killed every single one of the Estraneo back when he finally acquired enough power to escape from that lab along with Ken and Chikusa. He had thought he would never have to hear the godforsaken name again. But he was proven wrong when the Skylark found out about you.

He may have been at odds with Hibari over a lot of things but he knew how much dealing with the Estraneo meant to him so Mukuro was grateful when the Skylark stepped aside and allowed him to do what he willed to the last remaining descendant of that godforsaken Family.

He found you living a moderate life, alone in the world. Of course you’d been orphaned, he had killed your family! He watched as you struggled to survive every day. Apparently you had a medical condition that made you unable to work and take on heavy physical labor.

He watched and refused to see the fact that you were a good person who lived alone and vulnerable and loved the stray cats you shared your food with. You made him remember what it was like living half-starved and hiding from the Vindice all those years ago.

He swallowed his pity and admiration and replaced it with hate.

He kidnapped you and took you to the abandoned Estraneo’s laboratory.

He fisted his hand over the back of your head and practically slammed your face against the broken glass that had once looked into the laboratories he had remembered all too well from his childhood. As he did so he described his and the other children’s experiences in each room. He told her about the slit necks of children barely even old enough to walk murdered just for the sake of research. About young limbs being severed to be replaced by a tentacle or a robotic contraption only for those same artificial limbs to rot off barely a week later and the child dying along with it from the infection and rotted organs.

You listened to his voice tremble, you felt his whole body vibrate, you heard his breathing choke on every word and said nothing. Blamed nothing. Did nothing.

When Mukuro took you to the room where he had killed the scientists he told you he would kill you there as well and when he turned you around to face him you saw his face drenched with tears and his eyes dilating with remembered fear and pain and your heart caved in.

You bowed your head and accepted your fate. Silently. Like a lamb to slaughter.

But when Mukuro delved into your mind to make you relive your worst nightmares he discovered that you had gone through the same torments he had. Only they weren’t done in a lab. Your parents experimented on you and your little brother at home. You held your brother as he died in your arms when he failed the experiments and his now half metal heart stopped beating. He had relived your heartbreak when the last question your brother left you was if you had any sugar drops left. It was the last time you had ever shed tears…

Mukuro drew back in shock. As though trying to see if he were awake and not dreaming he tore your shirt open and saw there- tattooed on your left breast- the same bar code Chikusa had on his left cheek.

He cried out and sat on the floor clutching at his head. Trying to deal with the anger, the pain, the madness. He was surprised when he felt you put your arms around him. He looked up and saw you crying for him and your shared sadness.

You understood. You knew. You forgive him.

And all Mukuro could do was hold on to you for all he was worth because at that moment you were the calm in the middle of his storm.

He had become your friend and he later on discovered the medical condition you were suffering from was caused by the experiments done on you. Unlike himself the twisted trials did not give you any powers. You were just another failed experiment. The only difference you had from the others was that you had survived.

He wanted to take care of you and became a guardian to you of sorts. He had expected his feelings for you to be similar to the feelings he had for his small collection of strays. But he was wrong.

Over time he had noticed you eyeing Sawada Tsunayoshi with admiration and interest. Of course the young Decimo had accepted you with open arms the moment Mukuro showed up with you on the mansion’s doorstep. However the thought of you developing any sort of feelings for the Vongola don was… unacceptable.

Mukuro then proceeded to make you realize what a playboy Sawada was. He practically shoved his flings in your face to make sure you saw the don’s faults. The illusionist wasn’t sure how it happened but he had learned that having you look at anybody else with the tenderness you have afforded him made the madness strain against the confines of his mind.

It just wasn’t fair. He was not letting anyone else have you.

You were his.


His intention when your father gave you to him as a bargaining chip was to use you like a whore and humiliate your Family.

Your father had the temerity to kill some of his precious subordinates in an attempt to seize some territory. In return Dino had run your father’s Famiglia to the ground until they were all left on their hands and knees begging for his mercy. He killed everyone else except your father who had sold you to Dino in exchange for his life. Dino agreed only because he was so enraged by the loss of his comrades that he had wanted your father to live through more horror and shame.

The first night he found you in his bedroom- bathed, perfumed and wearing a sheer silk nightgown- he had expected you to seduce him and gain some tenderness out of the act; but you didn’t. Even after he ripped your dress open and took you roughly on the bed with only the intention of pleasuring himself you merely bit your lip against the pain and shed a few tears but you said nothing.

When Dino woke up the next morning and found you gone from the bed he had thought you had tried to escape. However he immediately found you on the balcony with your face turned towards the sunlight, a linen blanket wrapped around your bruised nakedness and your eyes closed. Dino felt his breath catch at the sight. You looked like a battered goddess from a painting reaching for the sun in a silent bid for freedom.

When you heard his approach the softness on your face disappeared and Dino felt something stab him in the gut at the sight of the wariness and fear on your face. He couldn’t stand seeing you shy away from him so he harshly ordered you to clean yourself up and left you alone. He had not touched you since but he remained within reach at all times watching you… Always watching you. Privately it shamed him to have acted so atrociously towards a woman.

He could see even without you speaking to him that you had an obviously gentle nature. He never once saw you stare at anyone in his household with hate. There was only resignation and the hope lingering in your eyes that he would get tired of you soon and let you go. All of a sudden, that thought did not sit well with Dino.

He gritted his teeth against Romario telling him that you had nothing to do with this and that your father was a barbaric heathen for selling his own child out. That he should stop treating poor you like a slut when you were clearly no such thing.

Dino was inclined to follow his right hand man’s suggestion and treat you with more tenderness. Unfortunately the sight of you smiling at his young gardener when he handed you a small flower made all his feelings of guilt crumble in jealousy. Because never- never- have you directed such an expression on him before.

That night he surprised you by bedding you again. However this time he used all the knowledge he possessed to pleasure you beyond speech. This time you tried fighting him off and actually pleaded for him to stop. Dino then understood that you had prepared yourself to feel nothing. Getting aroused by him and receiving pleasure from him would have thrown your plans to leave with your soul intact into disorder. You were planning on feeling nothing for him. Just like a man preparing himself to get tortured and say nothing.

The possessive demon sleeping inside Dino’s soul leaped at the chance and relished in your moans and gasps as he sucked on your nipples teasingly while he thrust inside you in a way that made your hips writhe against him involuntarily.

He surely did not know where this madness was leading him but he did know one thing.

He was not going to let you leave and forget who you belonged to.


…you know what it feels like to get booped off an edge. You just…let it happen and die a little inside is all.

The stoic facade he wears crack into a one of alarm as scent of cigarillo, stifling as the desert with it’s dry burn, overwhelms his senses with a dull thud.

Hanzo knows immediately that he has crossed a line now. The line that the easy smiles so unconditionally given had carefully hidden has finally been trampled . A desired outcome that has been decided ever since the thrumming of small wings started to make his heart ache. The archer has finally stumbled onto the other side, reserved for men who will face silent death whose eyes reflect the last light of the sun.  

Emotionally stunted Hanzo who keeps pushing McCree away, treating McCree like a no good flirt untill it gets to a point where McCree decides that Hanzo don’t want nothing with him. Course, it’s after this that Hanzo realizes feelings don’t work the way we want it to and starts to pin after the cowboy. 

I love angst with happy endings too much for my health.





So once again my creative juices went wild and now I have another dark skinned male sim…Someone take my game away from me.

mile high club

Neil is frowning at his phone, fussing with buttons and ultimately gives a sigh before shoving it back in his pocket. Andrew turns his head, a silent question in his eyes.

Neil shakes his head.  “The wifi up here sucks.”

“I’m sure Kevin’s team won. Your exy obsession can wait, junkie.”

Neil hums in agreement but doesn’t say anything back for once.


Neil always has something to say about Exy. And Kevin. Which meant this had to do with neither. Andrew turns to look at him again, this time there’s a demand in his eyes.

Neil rolls his eyes, “It’s nothing, just curious about something.”

Andrew begins twirling his pen, patience was never one of his strong points. Especially thousands of feet in the air. He narrows his gaze at Neil.

“Staring,” is all Neil has to say, the corners of his mouth betray a smile, which Neil is quick to fight off. Because Neil is not always as stupid as he seems.

Andrew turns his attention to the pen in his fingers and considers stabbing it through Neil’s throat.

“The air lock is a lot less messy,” Neil says. He hates how as of late his thoughts have become increasingly predictable to Neil. But, sometimes he thinks it’s okay because he can read Neil just as easily.

“No,” he pauses as he looks down at his pen, still twirling it away, “You’d drag me down with you.” At those words Neil doesn’t even try to hide his grin.

Neil tilts his head towards Andrew, “What’s the mile high club?”

At this Andrew stops twirling his pen, his gaze darkens, and a crinkle forms on his forehead, “What?”

Neil straightens in his seat, “I think we should join it.”

Andrew lets out a slow breath, “Neil, what do you think the mile club is?”

Neil shrugs. “I was trying to look it up. Is it like a gym at an airport?”

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Creepypasta #1016: Guidelines For Tenants Re: The 'Permanent Occupant' At 8 Osborne Crescent

Length: Short

DO cover the mirrors when you shower or are otherwise naked.
DO laugh when you hear laughter, especially if nothing is funny.
DO say thank you when receiving unsolicited gifts. Place these gifts somewhere safe and make no use of them, no matter how interesting they appear to be.
DO offer a polite greeting if you hear footsteps approaching your bedroom. You will not hear anyone enter as the bedrooms are carpeted.
DO throw away dirty clothes if they start to smell sweet.
DO stay silent and keep your eyes closed if you are awoken between the hours of 12-3 AM by anything unusual. If anything hurts the next morning, wait until you are out of the house to mention it.

DO NOT ask or answer any questions.
DO NOT offer anything in return for unsolicited gifts.
DO NOT stay up between the hours of 12-3 AM.
DO NOT sleep without underwear or pyjamas.
DO NOT skip steps on the stairway OR count the steps as you ascend/descend. If someone goes missing this way, call me.
DO NOT talk about drugs, eschatology, or the Tarot. Call me if any topic attracts attention and it will be added to the list.
DO NOT open doors that it closes for at least an hour.
DO NOT accept invitations by phone, even if the voice is familiar. Contact your friend or relative through text or Facebook.
DO NOT eat new food that appears in the refrigerator. Keep an inventory of your food as these are typically replicas.
DO NOT place anything inside a container (e.g. box, closet) that has been opened. If you do, DO NOT take what replaces it.
DO NOT be coaxed into a trade, even if this requires sleepless nights.

In Case Of Emergency:

An emergency occurs if one or more of the following conditions are met:

– You wake up between the hours of 12-3 AM, and the ‘permanent occupant’ is NOT present, for TWO nights in a row
– You hear none of the usual sounds from the stairway.
– Your water tastes sweet and sugary.
– Your clean clothes feel prickly against your skin.

Enact the following steps BEFORE contacting me, as the emergency may escalate:

– Break all the mirrors and cover them.
– Leave the house with your personal belongings, discarding dirty clothes and gifts in the house or back garden. If you have received a gift in a trade, leave a personal item in a public area of the house. Leave as many personal items as you have traded. The monetary value matters less than the personal value.
– Shower at the local gym. Consume some store-bought sandwiches and bottled water.

Contact me and I will put you up during emergencies. However, if you have brought any trace of the ‘permanent occupant’ with you, I will kindly ask you to return to the property and let the rest of the process run its course for containment purposes.

Credits to: JackMoulder

university gothic

-You have to be up by 7 am tomorrow morning. You set your alarm for 5:55. You wake up at 4 am because your kidneys are screaming for release, and by the time your head hits the pillow again your alarm is buzzing. It’s 6:55. You could have sworn you set it for 5:55. You panic. It doesn’t matter. Your first class doesn’t start until 9.

-Your literature class has twenty-five students. You raise your hand often in that class. Only four other people ever raise their hand. Somehow, everyone else has found a way to remain silent for the entirety of the semester. You don’t know the sound of the girl’s voice who sits to your left. There is no girl who sits to your left. You are the only one of two students sitting in the front row. You are an island in a class of silent eyes.

-It is possible that your upstairs neighbors are actually sumo wrestlers, or perhaps professional clog dancers. You’ll never know. The RA on duty has never been around in time to check. The upstairs neighbors remain faceless. But never noiseless.

-Everyone’s schedule is so busy that every time you make plans with friends they ask to take a raincheck for next week. Next week never comes. It is always this week. “Next week” is just an empty promise.

-A student whose age you could never guess walks down the street on his way to class. He wears a t-shirt and worn leather sandals. It is thirty degrees outside. You don’t question it. No one does.

-It is raining today. Classes are not real. No one speaks of happy things. You all wonder when the sun will shine again. If it will shine again.

-There is a new building under construction this semester. There is always a new building under construction. You have never been in a single new building. You plan to take a look in one of them at some point. Something tells you you never will.