with short hair again!

Guess who I drew!! Again!! Because I love her!!!!!


The ocean is a jerk😭

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give me trans girl pidge who grew used to having her hair short again and is unsure of letting it grow out, looking at allura’s long hair and wondering if she could pull it off again

trans girl pidge where she wears basketball shorts the most when hiding her identity because theyre big on her and the closest thing to feeling like a skirt

trans girl pidge coming to allura and asking if she has any other dresses they could tailor to fit her, thus it ending in creating a wide variety of dresses for pidge to walk around in and show off

trans girl pidge who is working really hard to make her voice sound higher to sound more feminine after having to untrain herself just that

trans girl pidge desperately trying to make herself seem more feminine to aliens they meet just so she doesnt risk being misgendered anymore than she has been

trans girl pidge who plays video games to let off steam and falling in love with the masculine presenting female characters she comes across because shes like that too and the characters are still known as women to everyone else

trans girl pidge going to bed that night after coming out to the team and letting out a deep breath of relief and happiness because she’s finally found people who still accept her for her

trans 👏 girl 👏 pidge



Please excuse the messy photo compilation but I HAVE to share one of the most amazing, unexpected things happened while I was in Finland, Norway and London (Click photos for captions):

I was lucky and blessed to be able to meet and hangout with @koebidama@thefabhawkart, @bilianna and @ichigo-kitten, who also happen to be participating animators from the YGOReanimate project I’m hosting!! :D

Everything happened too fast and oh the shenanigans we’ve got into haha~ AND THEN ANNA HANDED ME THIS:

I’m still really shocked by it and nearly cried as a result back there.
Again, thank you all for hanging out with me, thank you for the birthday wishes! Miss you all so much AAAA

‘Welcome to Alola' 

 This toke me months to decide to finish and here’s. N my dear, I hope we can meet again someday

and ye, short hair. I had for years the headcanon he cut his hair in Kalos ok he’s still a prince needs to keep fashionish


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  1. “What do you know about Welsh Kings?”
  2. Brothers, Ronan thinks.
  3. Blue’s hand inside Adam’s, warm and carefully tugged between his own fingers, the words “it’s going to be alright” whispered in short black hair over and over again, tear strains on an old, faded Coca-Cola shirt.
  4. dream-flowers that always bloom on a well-cared grave, morning dew that clings to white petals, a copper name-plate on a grave that glistens in the morning sun, letters carved into the rotting earth reading ‘REMEMBERED’, three boys and a girl standing in silence, their feet touching.