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FIC: all good things need sunshine

A slow day had crept up on the flower shop. Kirishima skimmed over his textbook, brows trying to bridge the gap for his philosophy paper. The bell signalling a customer jingled. Kirishima flipped a page, dog-earing the corner.

A hand came slamming on the counter top, and all of Kirishima’s skin tried to leap off his body.

“How do I say fuck you with flowers?” the customer said.

“Oh, my god,” Kirishima said.


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I neeed to knooooowwww

“…what you’re doing after you get off.”

Tom stares blankly. Harry is once more holding the double espresso hostage on his side of the counter until he’s had his say. “Off work,” Harry clarifies.

When Tom’s pale face colors slightly, Harry can’t help but go on. “Oh, that’s a stupid question, isn’t it? We work in the same building. We get off at the same time… always.”

Tom scoffs like he finds Harry’s innuendo ridiculous, but his blush deepens. “I have plans,” Tom mutters. 

“Doing what? Writing?”

“None of your business.”

Tom glares, eyes flickering to his drink. His face is still red, though, and Harry feels like this is significant. “…Well,” he says, sliding the espresso towards him, “If you decide that your plans can wait, I can promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

It’s only then that Tom notices the phone number written on the side of his cup. Harry knows it’s cliche, but he doesn’t care. How else is he supposed to get Tom to take his number, if not by attaching it to the espresso he so desperately needs?

“And what qualifies as worth my while, Harry?” Tom drawls. His blush still hasn’t gone away.

“I can’t tell you that,” Harry says in what he thinks is an admirably seductive tone. “It’s not appropriate conversation for a coffee shop.”

Harry internally preens when this causes Tom to laugh. He takes a sip of his drink, and how does Tom make drinking coffee look so sexy? “I’ll take it into consideration,” he says afterwards. Tom smiles, and there is something dangerous suddenly glinting in his eyes.

“You might just come to regret this, Harry.” 

Marigolds - girafe13 - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
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Prompt for @generoes who asked for some cheesy baberoe (also for @ralphspina who was feeling down earlier!)

I hope you enjoy it! :)

Babe had never thought a flower shop could look so inviting.

He saw it everyday on his way home after work, the sun always shining on a new kind of flower or plant at the front door, freshly cut and put there for admirers to look at. Babe had always been a big fan of flowers, and seeing the tiny shop, all warm and pretty, Babe considered the lovely sight as the best part of his day. 




💕✨https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTYcFqEw45k ✨💕

In this video we head to Japan’s best location for Thrift shopping, Shimokitazawa♪! This place has every single thrift shop you could think off from hardware to nicnacs and clothing♪ Once we finish finding all the bargains we go to Roppongi Hills to go to Mori Tower & see the sights of Tokyo at night really really high up and experience the Marvel age of heroes exhibition! it was amazing seeing all their real costumes in person!♪ ^-^ I hope you Enjoy~~♪

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Eurus eventually did start speaking again, which was hailed by the Sherrinford doctors as a major therapeutic breakthrough.  They met with her every day after that, and soon enough they all agreed that she was completely reformed and could be released to the care of her family.  

Mummy and Father were delighted, of course, and Mycroft apparently thought it best to go along with the official story.  Sherlock, for his part, had his doubts about the sincerity of his sister’s rehabilitation, but he decided to keep them to himself.  It would only worry John, and anyway, with Moriarty definitely dead and Mycroft on his best behavior, Sherlock had recently found himself without an arch-nemesis, which was a sad state of affairs for the world’s only consulting detective.  Eurus might at least liven things up a bit. 

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Guys come record shop w/ me

Idk if anyone is from Minneapolis or whereabouts, but I just got a job working at a local record shop called Solid State on the corner of E 46th and Minnehaha Ave in Minneapolis if anyone wants to pop by and check it out :)
It’s a super chill store; lots of cool albums, art, jewelry, that kinda thing, so come hmu if y'all r around