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on the “is kawoshin canon or not?” debate

What I don’t understand is that eva fans demand so much proof to accept that Kaworu and Shinji’s relationship is supposed to be romantic in nature, but their arguments for it only being platonic have literally no evidence whatsoever. 

Like the idea that Kaworu “only loved Shinji in a jesus way” (lmao) - has Anno ever even said anything like this? Western fans associate self-sacrifice with Jesus but I don’t think a Japanese viewer would make the same connection. And Shinji has Jesus parallels too - he even had stigmata - but no one claims that he’s Jesus just because of that. 

And the idea that Kaworu can’t feel human emotions like love and attraction bc he’s an angel, like where did this come from?? Has anyone from the production staff or something ever said that? No… which means it’s literally just a headcanon and not actual fact. And the idea that he doesn’t understand human nature so that’s why he seems unintentionally “gay” doesn’t hold water either. His whole shtik is about how he understands human nature very well. 

Another popular narrative is that Shinji is actually 150% hetero and he was just confused/desperate/going through a phase. And the “proof” they use to back this up is usually like personal experiences (like, oh yeah I - I mean, my friend went through a phase where he liked dudes but now he’s totes straight so Shinji was just like me - I mean, my friend). Think about this for a second - why are people treating Shinji like he’s a real person with a real sexuality? He’s a fictional character ffs. His only sexuality is the one the writers give him. Which is pri much bisexual. If he was a real person, you could ask him like ‘dude, u gay or what?’ but he’s not!!!!! everything you need to know about his sexuality is in the fucking show already!!! there’s no need for all this useless speculation!!!  And btw, if you - I mean, “your friend” really reacted to another guy the same way Shinji reacted to Kaworu, then, I hate to break it to you, but he homo af.

Also ppl use semi-canon side materials to prove that LAS or whatever ship is canon, but if anyone tries to do the same w/ Kawoshin, the sources are suddenly completely irrelevant. Like double standards, much?

Idk, I’m just really fucking tired of every single discussion about Shinji and Kaworu devolving into this stupid argument over whether they’re gay or not.  Like you can’t even discuss their relationship in terms of themes or meaning to the plot w/o all this no homo bs.

Like I’m not saying there’s absolutely no room for debate about their canonity(?) or true feelings for each other, but it’s pretty clear the relationship was at the very least intended to be very homoerotic and that’s confirmed by the creator, the production staff, voice actors, official guides, etc. And also, on top of all the evidence from the actual show/movies/manga, Anno literally called Kaworu Shinji’s “same-sex love interest” . there are canon het pairs that everyone accepts with less evidence than that.

Tbh, it reminds me of arguments between creationists and evolutionists. Evolutionists have a shit tonne of evidence to back up their claims but creationists just plug their ears and talk about how they feel in their heart and “it’s gotta be true bc I say it is.” lmao i can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

While I have to admit it is pretty funny seeing people try to justify their homophobia by coming up with all these wild theories to prove Kawoshin can’t be anything but str8, it’s honestly getting pri stale. like why are you so triggered over the possibility of two fictional characters being gay for each other? why?

Just please… get out of your homophobic asses and face reality…

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Okay but Jeremy buying patches for Michael's jacket and then carefully sewing them on. :') - banana anon


michael’s too impatient to sew anything & jeremy found out he’s actually kinda good at stitching things from home ec but it’s like “michael i’m not sewing shinji ikari’s face on your hoodie” “wow i thought we were friends ://” “WE ARE THAT’S WHY I’M NOT DOING IT”

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kaworu has to get his wisdom teeth removed and afterwards shinji is by his hospital bed while kaworu is all fucked up bc of the drugs they gave him and he's in that stage where he can't remember anything so he's just staring at shinji w a stupid look on his face and gauze shoved in his mouth, it takes him a second to remember how to speak and then he just starts crying and shinji asks him what's wrong and kaworu says "i wish i had a boyfriend", shinji says "i'm ur bf" and then kaworu cries more

i saw a man so beautiful i cried ????

You Can (Not) Receive

Im so sorry, I need to make some space in my brain, so Im putting this AU idea here. Dont mind me… (/o\)

Kawoshin volleyball AU where Gendo is the chairman of a school with a successful volleyball team and he forces Shinji to play for them. He is

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