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Okay but what if when alteans are around their crush/someone they admire their face marks start to glow?

Every time Allura visits Shay her face marks glow bright pink! Shay thinks it’s a the coolest thing ever!!!!!! She knows her marks don’t glow all the time, so one day while Allura is visiting, Shay asks Allura about it, which makes them glow even brighter

Since she doesn’t want to lie, Allura confesses her crush, which makes Shays face glow pink (she’s blushing!) and Shay says she feels the same way

Since she’s confessed and they’re in a relationship, Alluras marks only glow when she’s super flustered, so Shay tries her hardest to make them glow whenever she can (which is often)

Hunk went from

  • heavily disliking flying and having motion sickness
  • hiding in fear behind other people
  • being hesitant about getting involved in battle


  • rallying the team to save Shay and the Balmerans
  • facing a near death experience with the Yellow Lion almost getting shot point blank
  • pulling off amazing offensive maneuvers with his lion (requiring a lot of rough movement while the slightest jarring quickly made him sick before!)
  • having enough knowledge of alien cuisine to be able to replicate Earth food
  • (basing from S4 screencaps with him and Allura) becoming a good interplanetary diplomat 
  • outright elbow dropping a galra soldier

and I just wanted to say I love Hunk.

As the day ends, Fawcett takes a spin around the sets. Some have changed this season. For example, Rachel is undergoing some spiritual growth (they call her “Enlightened Rachel”), so she has a meditation room – though its gleaming white perfection is still pretty scary. Felix has temporarily converted his loft into an art gallery; there’s a painting of Rachel on the floor, so people can dance on her face. But Alison’s craft room, with its rolls of ribbon in rows like soldiers, is unchanged. “There’s so much responsibility – to the characters, the story, the fans. We want to get everything right. I hope we manage it.”
—  John Fawcett | The Globe and Mail