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the  M A R K  of  O X I N 

created by 14 y/o @amazingphil (+ played by @danisnotonfire )

If you ever wanna remake that game… I’d happily do the art for it ;D

But seriously, that video and game was just so lovely to watch… Dan excitedly playing it and Phil reminiscing was really cute! 

Thank you for sharing it with us!

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did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

annalrk  asked:

how about alex fierro in 3B??? because it's canon that alex does wear dresses (there's dresses in her room) and no one draws her wearing skirts or dresses. (i was gonna ask for hearthstone in 3E but someone beat me too it haha. though if you want to draw more hearth, shall i recommend 2A?)

[the shirt says ‘sorry 4 not giving a shit’ in pink letters]

aaaa man alex in a dress!! so cute,,

Headcanon that despite Christine and Erik trying for years, she never gets pregnant.

Instead of being heartbroken, the two decide to adopt. They bring four children into their home in the span of five years.

Their only daughter, and second oldest, was found wondering the streets as a small toddler after her grandmother’s home burned down. She’s shy, and has an immense fear of the dark and of being alone. She often clung to Erik’s leg during her first year with them. Eventually, she grows to become an avid reader and author. She has a few scattered burn scars across her arms and neck, but she’s never once felt ashamed of them. Erik made sure of that.

Their second child was left in a church immediately after his birth and has never known anything beside Christine and Erik as his parents. He’s incredibly curious and has a huge heart for animals.

And then came the twins, two boys that look entirely alike but act like total opposites. One loves to run and climb anything he can, and the other prefers to spend time with Christine- he’s the biggest Mommy’s boy in the world.

They are a happy family, and the children are loved and adored by both parents.