with ribbon down the sides


Just practicing drawing expressions.  

This is what I imagine Marinette and Adrien might look like as young adults in college.  Reminiscent of her two pigtails, Marinette wears her hair mostly down with a ribbon on either side. 

Adrien’s hair is a bit longer and shaggier, and wears it more pushed back, the way it would naturally fall if he were to run his hand down the length of his hair. 

Witch Wreath How To

Just so that I can keep track and in case any of you want to make your own!

Step 1: Get a wire hanger and make a circle

2: Gather your sticks/limbs - they need to be green so that they’re still pliable. I used willow branches and forsythia 

3: Wind your branches around the wire 

You’re gonna need A LOT of branches

4: Use floral wire to keep down any unruly patches

5: Take ribbon and hot glue one side down then wind around wreath until in the shape you want and hot glue last end down 

6: Make bow and hot glue onto one of the pentacle’s points


Styling a wig I won’t need until the end of the year lol.

1. section off what is going to be braided into a pigtail
2. insert green ribbon under hairband with a small sized safety pin
3. braid the pigtail and tie off the end
4. position the braid in a circle/slight oval shape making sure the end meets the top. tuck the end of the braid underneath as well as the excess ribbon. pin everything down with bobby pins. I used about 4-5 bobby pins for both sides.
5. repeat for the other side. make sure both sides are even.