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a somewhat ridiculous one-shot, because I adore Stephen’s beautiful, damaged hands, and everything they stand for  by sobeautifullyobsessed

 “I make no promise this will work—but give me your hands please…”

Reverently, Teyla traced the scars upon the back of his right hand and along the length of each finger, then gently flipped it over, to do the same upon his palm, moving on to his left hand in her own good time.  Stephen had not allowed such familiar contact with his damaged hands in ages, and his flesh seemed to spark at her soothing touch.  He found himself mesmerized by the softness of her patient exploration, understanding as he watched that her fingers were memorizing the patterns of his scars, and that she was methodically building a magic he had never seen before.  

“You must trust me now,” she told him, as she brought his hands palm to palm, laying her own atop and underneath them, “There will be pain, but I promise it will be brief. You must not flinch or pull away, lest the charm I weave be broken.”  Her voice was hushed, but like her motions, held him spellbound.  “Can you do this for me, Stephen?  Surrender control in this moment to me, and do not fight the sensations you will feel.”

“Of course,” he replied, his voice a little hoarse with awe and anticipation—though he remained somewhat skeptical that she could even deliver what she had claimed.

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“You’re gonna walk with your hair like that?”

These are the words my mother said to me as we were discussing my high school graduation. 

I had baby locs at the time, not even 2 months old. 

I never had the thought in my head that I was supposed to ‘do’ something with my hair for graduation. 

I never had the thought that my hair was supposed to be straight, or fake hair glued onto my scalp. 

I never thought I couldn’t accept my diploma with my locs. 

Welp, as you guessed it, at the graduation ceremony, I stood up on that stage not only as a student leaving my high school career, but as Valedictorian, representing all the effort I put in throughout my four years there. 

And as I walked across the stage with those short, baby locs barely reaching my ears, I felt the most confident I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

I’m bringing this story up now, because in a couple of weeks, I’ll be doing this again. But this time, I’ll be graduating from my college program. 

I no longer have baby locs.

I have mature locs now. 

And I’m so happy I kept my locs and didn’t let peer pressure convince me that locs were inappropriate for the occasion. 

My mature locs today show not only my hair journey, but my journey towards adulthood. 

the flaws of the signs
  • Capricorn: too proud to ask for help
  • Aquarius: doesn't trust enough to show their true self
  • Pisces: gets obsessed way too easily
  • Aries: can't commit to anything
  • Taurus: overthinks WAY too much
  • Gemini: fucks up first impressions
  • Cancer: puts more into friendships than they get back
  • Leo: always overshares to people at weird times
  • Virgo: feels bad in every piece of clothing they own
  • Libra: can't stop loving people who left
  • Scorpio: does literally anything other than the stuff they're supposed to
  • Sagittarius: gossips about their friends even though it makes them feel guilty
Make moments to just pause and reflect. Feel gratitude. Notice all of the positive things in your life that you may be taking for granted. Life in its entirety is a gift; be thankful for it.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

[ 3/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY ] -> Friday, March 31st

MARCH STUDY CHALLENGE DAY 31: What did I achieve this month?

This week’s spread came out super cute and my bowl of strawberries (which by the way are drenched in sugar cause I can’t tolerate them any other way) match the little signpost I drew 😋

For the month of March, I feel like I only completed 2 out of my 6 goals. I’m not fond of making excuses, but this was a tough month. With the midterms and most difficult exams of the semester falling around the same time, it was nearly impossible to remain consistent with most goals such as obtaining my license, uploading three YouTube videos, practicing my dance routines biweekly outside of rehearsal, and saving money (<– ESPECIALLY THIS ONE because my card declined in the middle of the month). As a result, I had to cut down on my spending to almost nothing and I also gave up Twitter, but just until the week of spring break. I started attending my classes more and my dancing has significantly improved 😁. Although my work ethic hasn’t improved for homework/studying, I’m really trying to improve in April by going to academic advising to switch majors and consulting a therapist on campus since I’m not ready to admit to my parents that I’m not doing so well. I considered going in for tutoring, but that might be a little unrealistic for my schedule (but idk, we’ll see). February was bad, so I can confidently say that March was better. I’m hoping that the coming month brings even more positive change into my life!

It’s not an artist’s job to understand humanity. Not to like it.
We are here to portray it.
I don’t want to be transcended and understand everything. It’s just…do you ever want to be ignorant? Not stupid, but so blissful that everything melts away for a lifetime, a day, an hour, a few minutes?
The feeling of knowing is overpowering. I can’t smile and move on. I look into the eyes of a stranger on the street and suddenly it feels like the entire illusion of time is stopping and I’m thinking, “He’s human. I’m human. We’re both mortal, is there some point to these seemingly meaningless lives of ours?”
My art derives from a sick existential standpoint. I don’t want it to.
But I know it must.
Beautify yourself from the inside. Be who you truly are and don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in. You were born as who you are for a reason; live it fully and entirely.
—  Nicoke Addison @thepowerwithin

3 months have passed since the new year.

For those of you who are working towards your goals every single day:
Keep going.

For those of you who haven’t started because you’ve been going through rough times: Start now, if you can.

For those of you who are still healing: It’s okay to still be healing from whatever you’ve been through. Take your time to heal. And when you are ready, grow into your fullest potential. You deserve to take up space with your incredible, bright soul. You deserve to feel whole.

me with myself

anonymous asked:

So, I actually grew up in foster care and it PISSES me off that people are constantly saying they want the 'old' Emma back. You realise that the 'old emma' was broken and damaged and had her walls up so she wouldn't get close to anyone? And I was just the same and I worked damn fucking hard to undo the pain of my childhood and had the help of some great people who showed me real love. So stop saying you want the damaged Emma back and please just be happy that Emma is finally happy and loved.

Also- not saying that you’re not free to ship what ever ship you want because I believe that all ships should be welcome, even CS. I’m just asking that people stop basing their shipping arguments on Emmas changed/developed character when none of you have ever gone through foster care or had to deal with the shit a foster kids goes through.

There is so much wrong with this ask, I can’t wait to get started on answering it.  Honestly, I’ve been expecting some hate for the “Emma Swan Deserves Better” wedding fic plan.  You’re a little late.  *taps watch*

So.  Do you want to know why I loved Emma Swan in season 1?

Because I related to her.  As someone who has had a rough family life, who keeps her walls up, I related to Emma, who didn’t trust easily, who had issues with vulnerability.  I wanted her to become more comfortable with herself, with her softer side.  I couldn’t wait to see her develop as a character.  Because you know who was supposed to “break down the walls”, to help Emma learn emotional vulnerability?  Spoiler:  Not a dude who wanted to fuck her.

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Her son.  Her son was the one who was supposed to help her become comfortable with vulnerability.

No.  I’m not happy that Emma Swan is “happy and loved”, because you know what?  I have enough friends that claim to be “happy and loved”, but are actually with abusive assholes.  I have friends who swear up and down that the scraps of attention their garbage fire of a man throws at them is okay, is acceptable.  Because it doesn’t matter if a guy treats you like garbage, as long as you think you’re in love, that excuses it.  

If you go from foster care into an abusive relationship and claim that you’re happy with it, that doesn’t excuse it.  That doesn’t make it better.  I know what being broken and damaged is like, and the fact that OUAT is showing me that this tripe is supposed to be the shit that I’m striving for?  This is a happily ever after?  A man who has a past history of violence towards women, who is a lying sack of garbage?  

Fuck that.  Fuck that shit.  May 7th is going to be a time for those who miss the old Emma–the Emma who would never place a romantic relationship over her son, the Emma who didn’t let a guy treat her loved ones like shit.  

If you have a problem with it, block the tag.