with reading

Because you
made me feel
like an avalanche
refusing to land,
and I’m not sure
if I’m gonna love
or hate you
for that.
—  ma.c.a // Do I still have the right to get mad?

Imagine Loki is an Avenger already. You just joined the team as a new assassin, as a cousin of Black Widow. You and Loki don’t talk often, but you walked in on him reading in the middle of the night once. Thor needs to take you, Loki, Tony, and himself to Asgard, and when you’re about to go up, you grab onto Loki as protection.

Okay but what if in Teenage Dadvid au David comes home from retail work and is honest to god bone fucking tired and upset because of old ass people blaming him for something like chips being $1.99. He pays Gwen for watching Max and is holding his baby boy and Max just goes “D… Da… Da. Dada!”



you think it m-matters? i did everything! everything they said!
and they wouldn’t let me b-be anything new. i… i just wanted…
i know. it’s alright. it’s alright.

ShukaBlog 2017.11.19: Gamsahamnida.

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I have safely returned to Japan.
I’m home~!

*(The title means “Thank you” in Korean. Shuka writes the words phonetically in katakana so that her Japanese readers can read it. I decided to do something similar and romanize it, rather than translate it.)

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19.11.2017 // Had a lovely weekend - saw an old friend who’s been in New Zealand, and then went to London for some relaxation: reading, films, and an amazing Thai takeaway meal!

Currently reading (for fun): Anne Brontë’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

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“If one day… you have someone that you like please tell me. Alright?”

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if tomorrow never comes

summary: Of all the reasons why Shiro had missed their date, time travel is the last thing Keith expects to hear. A Sheith fic, expanding on this.
A fill for @blackpaladinweek, Day One: time/space.


Shiro comes Back a few hours later, stumbling through the door of his dorm room like he’s had a little too much to drink. Matt and Keith both leap up from where they’d been sitting - Matt in his desk chair, Keith on Shiro’s bunk - but Shiro waves them back down.

“Where this time?” Matt asks.

“Dinosaurs,” Shiro says, taking the bottle of water Matt hands him. Shiro uncaps it, drinks half of it in one go.

“Really?” Keith blurts.

Matt snorts. “No. Don’t believe him, Keith, there’s nothing prehistoric about our Shiro. He’s been saying ‘dinosaurs’ as long as I’ve known him.”

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