with rage problems as well

oh yeah~

well. last night around 11:30 my vehicle and my face were assaulted by a motorcyclist. it’s kind of funny and kind of terrifying. or maybe not at all.

what i mean by this is that he punched my side mirror and my driver side window until it shattered in my face. this was after the briefest of altercations. i don’t want to get into it because it requires explaining laws n shit and it’s boring, but he was doing illegal stuff, i ended up hitting his handlebar with my right mirror, and then he decided to come and seek revenge. the cops were called. they think little can be done because motorcyclists are aggressive in this city all to hell. i tried… .

he said: “why did you hit my bike?”

i said: “Why were you in the middle of the lanes?”

then punch punch punch and speeding through a red light to get away.

bright side. look on the bright side, right?

well my worst injury was a piece of glass embedded in my lip. i’m tearing up writing this because of how scary all that blood was. i didn’t feel hurt but there was so much blood in my mouth.

 but thank god I am in love with Bellamy Blake aka Bob Morley, the almighty Lord of Lipscar. I am really hoping these glass shatter injuries don’t scar but if it does i will wear it with pride and honour, knowing i am now a member of Team Lipscar along such luminaries as ezio auditore, bellamy blake, and cullen rutherford, 

other sexy scar possibilities include: eyebrow, in-between eyebrows, chin, cheekbone. the possibilities are endless!

anyways my face hurts lol  and im tired. and im scared. and writing this was to make me feel better but now i want to cry again. i hate being a victim. i hate that someone can just decide to hurt me and do it and there’s nothing you can do but take it.


fool’s hand is probably fucked up. broken, or bloody, at least. damn idiot.


if he hadn’t assaulted me, i would have had to pay any damages to his bike. but because he assaulted my car and it resulted in injury, i am now the victim. so if he’s caught i can press charges.

what should have been a simple exchange of insurance shit can now get him in deep doodoo.


i sleep well tonight, because i love myself. i love that i strive to be kind and that i pick myself up, even if i’m in pieces, and keep going. i love that i have carried myself through tough times - which includes the allure of rage. i still have to get over it sometimes. but i know that anger and lashing out is unhealthy and a horrible mindset to be in.

so i sleep easy knowing fools who lash out are just enraged awful people who need mental health help or rage classes. 

yknow the look he gave me before throwing a punch was the look my dad would have on his face when we disrespected him. that, “how dare u not behave the way i want you too. now you will suffer in any way i decide you deserve” kind of way narcissists and bullies have.

yeah. that guy. that fool. what a fool. 

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Signs in Love
  • Aries: Needs and exciting partner that will never bore them. Needs more affection from a lover than any other sign in the zodiac. Excited by new challenges and experiences. They want their partner to be as interested and enthusiastic about their dreams and goals as they are.
  • Taurus: Important that their partner shares personal tastes and desires. If a partner does not possess a similar love of comfort, there will eventually be a parting of ways. When in love they are kind and gentle. They are natural and earthy in bed.
  • Gemini: Enjoy surprises and lighthearted romance. They enjoy humor in a relationship, but they prize communication. Rarely jump into a relationship without first understanding what the results are likely to be. Their mental gyrations can be exhausting and they sometimes fear the fact that there are at least two distinct people inside of them. Their partner must be comfortable with this and ,ideally, love them for it.
  • Cancer: When with a partner they should feel at home and have no need to be anywhere else. They are sentimental and enjoy showering their lover with attention. They show affection freely, but may restrict kissing and cuddling to private time.
  • Leo: True romantics of the zodiac. They can enjoy all kinds of fun things and creative expressions together with their partners. It is rewarding to actively pursue creative projects with a love interest.
  • Virgo: Most practical romantic in the zodiac. They are shy and slow to love because self-doubt and low self-esteem make them resistant to believing that someone could love them. Not interested in anything less than the kind of true love found in fairy tales. When they fall in love, they will love intensely.
  • Libra: Tends to fall in love with love itself and is eager to share life, with all its ups and downs, with their partner. Will do anything to avoid hurting their loved one. Can become extremely emotionally dependent on their partner.
  • Scorpio: Deeply attached to their loved ones. They can be possessive and dominating, but they are also very faithful when they are in love. Attract their loved ones like a magnet, and have an almost psychic insight into the motives and secrets of their mates.
  • Sagittarius: Enjoy the physical pleasures of love. They are inventive, very generous, and good-natured when they are in a relationship. Are totally honest with their loved ones. They will make it exciting for their loved ones in other ways like: deep philosophical discussions and good intellectual compatibility.
  • Capricorn: They are realistic and down-to-earth and may worry about their emotional aspect of the relationship. When in a relationship that feels secure, then they are caring, considerate, and committed.
  • Aquarius: Can be afraid of a deeply emotional involvement but genuinely want a real friendship with their loved ones. Guards their independance and a partner that makes too many demands, becomes jealous, or tries to put limits on them is sure to be dropped quite suddenly.
  • Pisces: They are romantic, eager to please, and adapts to the demands of the relationship. They can sometimes appear to be delicate, helpless, or vulnerable, but being loved enables them to cope very well with a rage of difficulties, problems, and tragedies and allows their spiritual nature to blossom.
Real conversation at dinner tonight
  • *watching ice skating on tv, the music playing is Billy Joel*
  • Me: who is this?
  • Dad: Billy Joel
  • Me: I don't like Billy Joel
  • Mom: that's because the only people you listen to died at 27
  • Me: That's not true,what about Green Day?
  • Mom: I'm surprised that Billie guy made it past 27.
  • Me: MOM!
  • Sister: Wait Billie is older than that?
Companion piece to OQ Rough Sex Week

Based on an (unintended) prompt from @glindalovesshoes 

Companion piece to be read after this one shot right here

It starts with muffled voices followed by the slamming of the door.  And then, for a bit, silence.

There’s no insulation in Granny’s walls, and every sound from the hallway travels.  So at first, Snow thinks Regina took Robin into the bathroom to have a quiet chat.  They do need a good talk, afterall.

Regina is being absurd with this refusal to be happy thing.

But then there’s another slam, and the far wall appears to vibrate with the action, and hushed, darkened tones worry her.  They are fighting, she thinks. 

Regina has come so far in concealing her rage, battling her instincts to jump to violence to solve her problems, but…well, she never handled losing loved ones easily, and if Robin truly was with Belle (Snow doubts that, their conversation looked perfectly innocent and friendly to her, despite how Regina must have interpreted it) who knows how Regina may react.

It’s lunch hour on a weekend, and Granny’s is nearly a full house and thank god for that, Snow thinks.  The steady buzz of dozens of different conversations are dulling the sounds coming from behind the walls.  

No need to worry the town about the evil queen returning to her old ways, afterall.

Snow puts down her tea and stands up, determined to interrupt this fight before it gets carried away.

But then she hears what is definitely not an angered voice, no, it’s a moan, and god damn it, she definitely did not sign up for this.  They were supposed ot have a quiet lunch and catch up on the state of the schools, she was not supposed to be seconds away from walking in on her step-mother having a quickie.

She sits back down, cheeks flushed, wondering if anyone else heard it.

Nearly everyone else is too wrapped up in their own conversations to care, but Belle, Belle is sitting at her booth, looking a bit too interested in a menu she definitely has memorized.

Oh, God!

Snow cringes at that, closes her eyes and wishes she had the magic to poof herself away from this moment.  But when she opens her eyes, her wish has not been granted.  She makes contact with Belle, who has given up any pretense of naivity regarding the situation, and is throwing her a knowing look, hand over her mouth barely concealing her giggles.

There’s another slam now, that one so loud everything on that far wall shakes.  Customers look up, puzzled.  

Conversations quickly die down and the dining room grows quiet, while people glance up at the shaking wall, their expressions turning from confused to knowing.  Some look offended, many seem all too amused with the situation, and some seem very, very uncomfortable with the sounds the former evil queen is making.

Especially the men.

She is going to kill Regina.  If she doesn’t die of embarrassment she is going to kill her.

There’s more arguing, except she knows it’s not arguing, it’s foreplay, and she can’t make out the words, but it’s “something-something-something, thief”  and did Snow and the rest of the town really need to know their pet names for one another?

There’s a steady thumping against the wall now, and conversations at the tables of Grannys’ have all but stopped, except for the half-stifled giggles of the customers and whispered words of offense.

Each moan, each muffled sound of dirty words exchanged, twist into Snows mind, and jesus, she’s going to have to schedule a nice round of therapy with Archie after this, because hearing the woman who was once married to her father make sexy, deep, throaty sounds like this is a little too much.

Ruby pays no mind to the sound, surprisingly. She just continues to wait tables as if she doesn’t hear the slamming and the moaning that grows ever louder.  

But Granny is a different story.  She’s been in the kitchen, cooking, the noises of the griddle and the stove muffling the sounds of passionate lovemaking that now fill the dining area.  But when she steps back from the kitchen to deliver the new order, she notices the tell tale, rhythmic quakes of the wall.

“God damn it,” Granny groans, throwing down a dishrag, “do you people have no decency?”

“Granny, granny!” Snow jumps up to block her from the path of the bathroom, holding a hand up in protest, and then leans into whisper “it’s Regina.  And Robin.”

Granny scowls, disappointed, then huffs out a breath of air.  “Oh.”

“I think they….they might need this?”

“They can get a pass for this time.  Provided Queenie stops sulking around and lets that poor man love her.” Granny mutters.

“But I’m hiring someone to clean that bathroom, and she’s paying.”