with pun

Imagine that the team is having a meeting about a particular strategy and Keith is like “We just have to mullet over” and nothing could ever be greater than seeing the pure surprise and joy all over Lance’s face when he bursts out laughing like “YOU JUST MADE A MULLET JOKE” and Keith knows that, even though he’ll never live it down, it was totally worth it.

Punny Hobkins

We’re playing a campaign where everyone is some sort of fae creature. We have a nymph shadow sorceress, a jaebrin mystic/bard, a sidhe samurai, a redcap barbarian/monk/mystic, a pugwampi artificer and a hobkin illusionist.

We’ve just received rewards for winning a tournament and becoming the champions of the fae realm. The Nymph and pugwampi both have spent considerable time in the Shadowfell in the past, it being the source of the Nymph’s sorcery.

Nymph: We’ve just won the tournament and become champions. I say we take some vacation time! Let’s all go to the Shadowfell!

Redcap: What’s the Shadowfell?

DM: you all know that the Shadowfell is the plane on the other side of the material plane from your home plane. It’s where all the things of evil and death come from.

Sidhe: Yeah, no that sounds awful.

Nymph: It’s rather lovely this time of year.

Hobkin: Wait, (Nymph), where did you want to go?

Nymph: The Shadowfell!

Hobkin: Who tripped it?

Nymph slowly drops her face into her hands while the rest of the table laughs.

Hobkin: Oh I meant that out of character

DM: No, no, because it made (Nymph) do that *points at still facepalming nymph* that was canon.

There’s a difference

Headcanon: Starscream makes it no secret that he finds Knockout’s puns both painful and annoying, but the birb has been known to make the odd pun here and there himself. If someone were to call him out on it, he’d explain that when Knockout does it, he’s just making puns, but what Starscream is doing is engaging in clever wordplay. Please don’t get them confused.