with pin stripes

Lesbian ask game part 2

People liked my other one so much I thought I should make another

1. Wake her up with kisses lesbian or play with her hair while you wait for her to wake up lesbian

2. X files lesbian or twin peaks lesbian

3. Pit Bull lesbian or corgi lesbian

4. Sweet tooth lesbian or saturates-everything-in-hot sauce lesbian

5. Sunflower lesbian or white lily lesbian

6. Rose gold lesbian or white gold lesbian

7. Dunkin’ donuts/Starbucks lesbian or strictly local cafe lesbian

8. Sunrise lesbian or sunset lesbian

9. Emily Dickinson lesbian or maya Angelou lesbian

10. Dark sexy ball gown or cute bright ball gown lesbian

11. Strawberry lesbian or watermelon lesbian

12. High waisted shorts lesbian or loose rolled up jeans lesbian

13. 60s chic lesbian or 60s hippie lesbian

14. Band lesbian or orchestra lesbian

15. Choir lesbian or garage band lesbian

16. Twirl her around lesbian or get twirled lesbian

17. Sit com lesbian or artsy independent dramatic romance film from France lesbian

18. Bicycle lesbian or bus lesbian

19. Jelly fish lesbian or dolphin lesbian

20. Biology lesbian or physics lesbian

21. Studio Ghibli lesbian or Cartoon Network lesbian

22. Take the spider outside lesbian or scream at her to take the spider outside lesbian

23. Serena Williams lesbian or Ronda Rousey lesbian

24. Prismacolor lesbian or faber castell lesbian

25. “Campers are for the weak” lesbian or “I will die before sleeping on the ground” lesbian

26. Calling every female character they see their girlfriend lesbian or “Dana Scully isn’t your girlfriend, I am” lesbian

27. Roller skate lesbian or ice skate lesbian

28. “Christmas carols are dumb and over played” lesbian or belting out all I want for Christmas is you at the top of their lungs lesbian

29. Buy her something lesbian or make her something lesbian

30. Cherry mojitos lesbian or cherry flavored vodka lesbian

31. Write her poems lesbian or bake her cookies lesbian

32. Tummy kisses lesbian or thigh kisses lesbian

33. I’ll fight anyone that makes my girl cry lesbian or I’ll psychologically destroy anyone that makes my girl cry lesbian

34. Fall asleep in her arms lesbian or rub her back until she falls asleep in your arms lesbian

35. Floral pattern lesbian or tie dye lesbian

36. Snake lesbian or frog lesbian

37. Send her memes lesbian or “if you call me the rarest Pepe one more time I swear to god”

38. Star Wars lesbian or lord of the rings lesbian

39. Spice girls lesbian or 5th harmony lesbian

40. Pink hair lesbian or blue hair lesbian

41. Maple syrup lesbian or berry syrup lesbian

42. Vinyl lesbian or cassette lesbian

43. Paris lesbian or Amsterdam lesbian

44. Jazz lesbian or swing lesbian

45. Pin stripes lesbian or plaid lesbian

46. Mini golf date lesbian or bowling date lesbian

47. D E S T R O Y her at Mario kart lesbian or let her win lesbian

48. Pullover hoodie lesbian or zip up hoodie lesbian

49. Band tshirt lesbian or fandom tshirt lesbian

50. Love her with your entire heart lesbian or lover her with your entire soul lesbian


Transgender Pride Flag Badges

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Cindy even took a minute out of her busy schedule of rolling around in dirt to model for me. 100% Cindy approved badges, laced with cat love and pride <3

Shakespeare (Part III)

(Banner made by the incredibly talented @tiostyles)

Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: Sorry I’m late again!! As always, all feedback is sincerely appreciated. Enjoy!

English class is your favorite class.

Since your paper, the past few weeks have been stuffed full of theory readings and poetry analyses. You’ve read Wordsworth, Woolf, and many in between. It’s hard not to get caught up in a world of rhyme schemes and symbolism.

Harry has been overly-avoidant. He didn’t look at you when you handed him your essay, and he hasn’t since. You’re just confused. It’s not clear why his eyes skirt around you when his gaze pans across the classroom, or why they glue themselves to the sidewalk when you pass him outside. But every time you see him or the thought of him merely crosses your mind, all you can think about is that second or two when he was in such close proximity. You can almost smell his cologne and see the thin hair spotting his chin.

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got7 sends mark to prom!


  • wondered if he could leave school early to get ready too
  • couldn’t find a date bc he was too shy to ask anyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • thought about bringing jackson with him 
  • is it weird that he bought himself a boutonniere 
  • so many cameras; where to look? (youngjae jumps and waves vigorously; look here pls ) 


  • doesn’t know how to put the boutonniere on for mark, but tries really really hard
  • consults google
  • settles into a chair near the table with overly sophisticated snacks at the prom pic house
  • favorites: mini sandwiches, cheese plate, special mango salsa dip
  • the commotion is overwhelming 
  • is mark’s dad


  • mark, I really think you should wear my pin-stripe suit from the If you Do MV (mark: gaga, no)
  • yo it seriously might not be too late to attend this prom 
  • pin-stripe suit???? hm maybe 


  • so glad that he pushed mark to go with the blue suit
  • brought homemade kimbap wrapped in foil for the members to eat during prom pics
  • oh, there’s a legit refreshment table? embarrassed –> hides his plastic bag filled with kimbap from the other moms
  • fights aggressively for mark to have a turn to take a photo at the scenic arch thing everyone is taking pics at
  • is mark’s mom 


  • brought a DSLR camera for high quality pics for a high quality man 
  • occasionally takes a selfie instead of the actual prom-goers
  • yep, soo tricked em 
  • wonders what the inside of the limo is like
  • mmm free water bottles probably


  • we have to take pics at 6:30; it is the GOLDEN hr for pics 
  • hyung, let me do your hair (mark: sorry bam, prom is in like 10 minutes)
  • organizes different “creative” group poses 
  • everyone line up in height order and then look over your left side!


  • tenk you jinyoung hyung for kimbap (jinyoung: lol np yugyeommie)
  • blushin so hard bc mark looks so happy
  • what a happy maknae
  • can’t wait till he goes to prom
  • they better make just as big of a deal for me