with pickles

New designed chara for mah zdory.

Rachel Dolores Laineux(also known as “Lammy”) is French 13-14 y/o girl that moved from her home land for secret reason that she tries not to tell anyone. She is introvert and she has strong french accent so she has problems with socializing but she already has few friends in school.One of her “friends” is a pickle. She believes that he is alive so some people thinks that she is a freak.

Name “Rachel” means “sheep”, “Dolores” is “sad” or “depressed” and her surname “Laineux” is “fluffy” in french.

anonymous asked:

How about drawing the band wearing each others clothes!! All of em or just one of em or whatever you want!!!! Im sorry u feel sad

this make me feel so much better! I have to thank you for this, hope you like it dear!