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But I think that Minako told everyone (including Artemis) that she was going to the doctor for a checkup

but she LIED

and she ACTUALLY went to go get life-threatening surgery

and based on her letter she knew she wasn’t going to make it

but she totally went through with it alone because she didn’t want anyone to worry about her when there are monsters to fight and battles to win


because now everyone is TOO SAD to FIGHT

So I’m not watching yet but I’m genuinely kind of horrified by all of your liveblogging haha!

Is there any possibility that this is a smokescreen and foreshadowing to The Theory reveal, as in look how easily Robert managed to convince Lawrence so maybe the same has already happened to him??? Robert lied about this, so maybe Rebecca lied too???

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Like I'm hating the idea of Aaron and Alex but woooow Danny's progress I do kinda love it. I loved the banter with Flynn (they would've been a nice kiss) and the first kiss with Ed was good shit. I deffo think it was Marc whoops also if there had been a Aaron/Finn kiss you know him and Joe would've been fine.


Ok so firstly, Danny started off as quite *intense* but not necessarily *relaxed* in ALL his love scenes regardless of gender. He was such a small bab, I think that’s important to remember before discussing how he dealt with the gay scenes and how he’s evolved.

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Aaron and Jackson. EVERYTHING with Jackson (Marc) was just off, it was so uncomfortable and awkward. They were much better at the angst than the stuff that made Aarson feel like a sweet, believable relationship. And they didn’t get given many flirty scenes anyway. Aaron (Danny) has always been good at the emotional stuff. And Marc was good too. But they never got soft and convincing, playful loving scenes. The one that came closest was this: 

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And it was so brief. But overall they just weren’t great. Danny veered between looking like he wanted to vomit and *concentrating* really hard on how he was supposed to look in the scene. It was never very “in the moment”. Oh and he used to weirdly keep his eyes open. In kissing scenes. It must have been awkward for Marc if they didn’t get on cos Danny in those days was so “no homo” and he was only a bab, only 17/18 so… And my main gripe is that Aarson barely ever made eye contact. 

The OVERALL HORRIFIC PROBLEM WAS THAT THE STORYLINE WAS A MILLION MILES AN HOUR *TOO MUCH* - I think Danny would have taken some time to find his feet in a sweet little coming out story, but then they threw Jackson’s accident into the mix and it was too much. He had too many things to focus on and the pairing suffered as a result.

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Aaron and Flynnn (ahhhh such natural chemistry)… It really helped that the dialogue was so flirty. It basically FORCED Danny out his shell. 

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And it had to be that way because it was meant to be light, fun and flirty to contrast with huge crushing adult responsibility of the relationship with Jackson. Aaron (Danny) was like a different lad in these scenes. He was just lighter and more carefree about the whole ‘gay’ thing. Flynn is the main reason why I think the problem was Marc and not the SL itself. It’s such a shame we didn’t get more Aaron x Flynn. I know it was to preserve the Aarson dynamic, but I hope we get more Aarex.

Then came Aaron and Ed and Danny finally learnt to close his eyes in kissing scenes. I feel like he wanted to go out on a bang and REALLY made an effort to make Edron believable after so long of Aaron just floating, neutered. For the longest time Aaron was treated like Flynn after Kasim. 

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And convincing it was. Ed was bland, but he was a super sexy rugby player and he was what Aaron deserved after the tumult of Aarson. See I think Aaron thrives off relationship drama. But every so often he needs a break and a good man with a nice face, who’s just gonna make him feel special. Danny was really good at selling Edron, yeah he was still a teeny tiny bit awkward. Kissing scenes were great, but in other interaction Aaron was still a little prickly pear… I mean he is now even, but he has a softness now that was just missing then… 

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Lloyd really helped make Danny more believable in the romantic scenes though, that slow growing attraction. The opening up to someone. The expectation. The excitement. That all came from Edron, and it’s really disingenuous to credit just Ryan with that. Lloyd was awesome to do what he did with Danny in a few weeks - Ed was given no time

UGGGHHHHH Aaron x Robert, where to even begin? Seriously, magic happens when Ryan and Danny are in a room together. No, you know what? I’m gonna keep it brief. The thing that sets Robron apart? 

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From the first until the last - Danny was just so much better at making it look like Aaron actually wanted to fuck Robert. And it wasn’t even the kissing scenes. It was everything before and after. The build up, the climb down. (Shutting his eyes!) He just looked at ease with Ryan in a way he has never looked at ease with another actor before. It was all in the looks they gave eachother. They exude desire, want, appreciation - real love and affection. I think part of it is being more mature and part of it is just Ryan. They work so well. And Aaron waited his whole life for a love like this.

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Sorry… Got distracted… Anyway Aaron and Alex? Even in the smidge of a scene we saw last night. Yes, Aaron is forcing himself to move on. Yes, he’s still deeply in love with Robert. Yes, it won’t last. 

BUT… If Danny isn’t just 10,000x better at the close proximity scenes? Way more comfortable than he ever was with Marc. The little moment that Robert oversaw, when the doc made clear his intentions?

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It was everything. I cannot wait to see what Danny’s like tonight. I CANNOT WAIT… I don’t want Aarex long term either. But I’m just fascinated by the progress. 

There’s blood everywhere, they fly home, and clean the ship themselves, surely no worse for wear from the experience. Blood comes out of everything, right?

Me trying to figure out why the fuck The Bold Type has such poor viewership when it’s a positive show about female friendship and empowerment and represents people of multiple religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc and features a beautiful, complicated, nuanced relationship between two qwoc

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Your two complicated sons



An accurate representation of Thomas Stanley Holland scrolling through his Tumblr watching us destroy each other over his goddamn hair:

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