with people heckling and booing them


I just finished watching the death and life of Marsha p Johnson, it is such an important and relevant movie I’m really amazed, Marsha p Johnson was one of the most important people for the lgbt movement and her story and the stories of her companions need to be more well known.
There is a clip in the movie that really struck a chord with me, it is of Sylvia Rivera speaking at a pride rally to the community, the community boos her and shouts at her and heckles her into tears but despite that she shouts at the top of her lungs forcing them to listen and she addresses the fact that there is a white middle class base that controls the movement, and that within the community itself trans people, people of color and other minorities are pushed aside and treated as less than, to the point that she someone who launched the movement at stone wall would be booed at a pride rally all because she spoke out for the people the white middle class gays would rather ignore. And this rings so true today, people in our own community would rather shit on you and call you ridiculous for acknowledging the bigotry within our own community.
I’m reminded of the stone wall movie that came out a few years ago, it created a white male savior (as media loves to do with both fictional and historical events) to be the center of the riots and the spearhead of the movement, it was a good example of how the community can whitewash and ignore anyone who doesn’t fit the white gay cookie cutter stereotype.
the reality is trans people, people of color, people with disabilities, women, asexual people, bisexual people and so many others exist, they are just as important as the white gays and they deserve so much more than an eye roll or to be booed at, our community who fought so hard to earn recognition and acceptance by the world should itself be open and accepting of its members, but sadly it’s not and it’s been over 40 years without much change, I’m starting to wonder if we didn’t earn our place at the table so much as get assimilated to keep us quiet.

Regardless the movie was great I know there was some controversy over its making but honestly I think the story it tells is so important that it can be overlooked atleast until after you’ve watched the movie.

blvckandboujee  asked:

I'm not trying to offend you, but is it necessary that you try and make those who are celebrating for a state that we thought was gonna be the last to roll over feel bad? I understand that the fights not over, and I'm cis so I don't know your struggle but nobody said d the fight was over. We still have 13 states to get marriage equality and then we will still be fighting for trans right and other peoples of the LGBTQ+ community. Please just let us have a moment of celebration.

and then we will still be fighting for trans right and other peoples of the LGBTQ+ community.

See, I must have missed the meeting where the whole LGBTQ+ community came together and voted to 

  • keep letting gay and trans kids starve in the streets 
  • let trans women get assaulted and murdered in intimate partner violence, and 
  • let trans women of color be routinely killed with not even a hint of attempts at justice, 
  • create real access to real medical care for all trans people, 
  • put aside all efforts to improve the sex education in this country 

until all the gay people can get married.

We’ll just sit over here and die while you all pick out flowers and find the most delicious and moist cake for your big days. 

Hopefully some of those crumbs will fall off the table and we can scrape some rights off the floor. 

“and then”

We’ve heard that before. Trans women of color founded the gay rights movement at the Compton’s Cafeteria and Stonewall Inn Riots. Then a few short years later, those very same trans women were jeered and heckled off the stage of a Gay Rights protest (video of Sylvia Rivera being booed and jeered), and chased right out of the movement they founded. 

Then every time an equal rights act came before congress, Big Gay would scream “SOLIDARITY!” “We’re All One Community” “Equality Now!” and dutifully, trans people and trans organizations would contribute time, resources and money to lobbying efforts only to be sacrificed on the altar of expediency the instant the bill hit the slightest speed bump. “Hey, look, we need them to pass this bill, ok? So we have to remove gender identity. It’s just a non-starter, but don’t worry, we’ll get this one passed


we’ll come back for you.” And when the bills still don’t pass, they don’t understand why trans people are distrustful of HRC and GLAAD and all the other Big White Gay Corporate organizations.

Frankly, I don’t think there is a single reason to believe that once Big Gay gets marriage equality in every state and territory that they’ll remember us. They’ll take their balls and go home, and leave us in the cold. Again.

“And then”

One final note. I know that I’m a middle class white trans woman. If there is a face to be put on the trans community’s “Assimilationist Abandonment” it would look an awful lot like mine. There’s an awful lot of similar “And then” bullshit in our own family, and that’s a problem we’re dealing with. But, y’know, I am just not even surprised anymore when the rest of our “community” are the ones turning their backs.