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Hi Jen. I'm really struggling. I'm trying to recovery from a long battle with anorexia, but lately I've been hitting a wall in recovery. I don't have a strong desire to lift or really have a regular fitness routine, and because of that I feel like I don't "deserve" to recover. For some reason my lack of passion to "make all the gains" is causing me to feel like my eating disorder wasn't even real? So I'm really afraid of letting myself continue with recovery. Idk what to do.

Recovery comes first. You don’t need to lift weights. You don’t need to make gains. You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to do. Everybody’s recovery is different and your own recovery is unique to you. Your mental health comes first, the gym comes second. If you aren’t in the right mindset to exercise in a healthy and non-disordered manner, don’t do it. I know that’s hard for some people but you need to be honest with yourself in recovery. I think you need to focus on your own recovery and do what’s authentic for you. Do what makes you happy.


“And to stand here today it means I did as she asked and if she were alive she’d be very proud. So thank you for that.”


“you are passionate and smart and loving. you know what you stand for. you are hilarious and witty. you are strong and kind and unique- each of you is inspiring and has a different story that is important to tell. and you know that feeling of complete freedom when somebody knows who you are and makes you feel worthy of all the love in the world? somebody that wants to root for and love and koala hug all of it? and it makes you feel safe, not scared? that’s what you’ve given me. you always say you inspire us, but I am the luckiest human in the world to experience a love like ours. it’s the closest thing there is to magic. we owe it all to you.” - camila cabello

Here is yet another network for all the cuties in the sense8 cluster! :D A nice place to celebrate how great this show and characters are, especially our eight cluster members who are just amazing


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I threw this together kinda quickly because really excited about it so let me know if there are any problems :) 

Stay strong love! I know it can be hard but just remember you are worth so much! Of of who you are has so much potential! Find your passions/goals in life and pursue them! You will make a difference in the lives of others and in this world! We all struggle at times to find our purpose but it is there! Just waiting for us to seize it!

To my friends and followers:

You are all so precious. Each and every single one of you. Every single human being has some tremendous potential for excellence and you are no exception!! You matter so much and there is something about you, without a doubt, worth loving!! Worth admiring!!! You matter so much and you’re enough and wow, I’m just so blown away bc i def don’t know all of you but each of you has a unique talent. Each of you has something to make you smile, something you laugh about, something that makes you passionate. That’s so beautiful!! You’re all smart in different ways and strong in different ways and courageous, too, in a way that is unique to you.

Feel special, beautiful people. If you don’t, please come to me, even on anon, and I’ll give you as many kind words as I can. Or just a listening ear. Sometimes silence is healing too.

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How do you feel a male Taurus and a female Scorpio relationship would be?

Really passionate and sweet on the good days. Really scary on the bad days. Taurus and Scorpio are opposites of the Zodiac, so there is an immediate and extreme attraction between them even though they are so different. However being opposite makes them sister signs and gives them some of the same traits which helps them see eye to eye a lot. The Taurus man will be attracted immediately to the Scorpio woman’s apparent femininity and innocence. And the Scorpio woman will be attracted to how strong the Tauras man is. He will make her feel safe and protected which is important for Scorpio girls. Both signs love to be showered with love and affection from their partner and reciprocate it, which is also a plus, because that need will usually be satisfied. Once in love, both people will be extremely attuned to one another’s needs and will love and protect them. This will be genuinely sweet and romantic and beautiful. Also the sex is amazing!!! Now for the negatives. In the beginning the Taurus will have to work very hard to get his Scorpio girl to trust him and open up to him. Scorpio girls are very mysterious and secretive, and are the best sign at reading emotions (even better than Cancer and Pisces), but at the same time they usually don’t express their feelings. They are really good at hiding what they think/feel. Also, there will be a constant power struggle. The Taurus man is very big on gender roles. He has to be the dominant one in the relationship. This is one thing his stubbornness will never change on. The Scorpio woman is a dominatrix, and she loves to be in control of the relationship. She gets very upset when things don’t go her way. And the biggest thing to watch out for is how manipulative she can be, so she usually does get her way, even if Taurus thinks he’s in control of the relationship, Scorpio is actually the one running things. Also, both signs will become extremely jealous and possessive. Seriously, both of you should just do each other a favor and never talk to anyone of the opposite sex, because the jealousy will be extreme. And the Taurus man is a man of very simple mind and emotions while the Scorpio woman is highly complex. As the Taurus my advice is for you to just try to sympathize with her and never tell her she is overreacting because she is sensitive and crazy which is never a good combo. Advice for the Scorpio, trust in Taurus, let him take the reins sometimes, and open up a little more because he wants to understand you so he can love you better. I rate this a 6/10. Go for it if you are capable of working towards it, because it will be really beautiful if you guys end up falling in love ;)

How to be a Cryptozoologist

Lately I’ve been thinking about if it was possible to take my love for cryptids a career. There are lots of people that love it also, those of you who follow my page, like my photos, might want to also make this passion a life time career.  So today, I’m taking it a a different way, I want to help you “cryptomaniacs” explore how to enter the wonderful science of cryptozoology.

Cryptozoology/cryptobotany is the study of animals or plants that have an unconfirmed existence due to lack of evidence. Well sometimes its hard to find the things you want to do with your life. A career in cryptozoology requires strong verbal and written communications skills, observation and problem solving skils, and critical-thinking. 

Cryptozoology is considered to be a pseudoscience (a claim, belief or practice that done adhere to a scientific method, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status) so there are no degrees someone can get for it.
* An almost required degree fields are degrees in botany (plants),zoology (animals), biology, or a related science.
*Debate and communication courses are suggested because zoologists and biologists often receive research funding through grants and these skills might help a cryptozoologist propose a research project. Also, a cryptozoologist will have to interview witnesses who have claimed to have seen a cryptid, and communication skills would be extremely helpful.
*Someone who is interested in being this field should get field training. Aspiring cryptozoologists should learn how to gather samples and document sightings.
*A person must know a lot about both known and unknown animals.
After all of this you must obtain funding for your research. Its extremely difficult for cryptozoologists to earn regular paychecks from their research trips. Many trips are self funded if an individual is unable to obtain grants. There are very few reputable scientific organizations that will publish cryptozoologial research findings. This does not mean that a cryptozoologist can’t self publish their findings to consumer magazines or journals.

Clearly this isn’t a career path for just anyone but if one is very committed it could lead to magnificent scientific findings. Maybe you could change the world. I believe in any of you that choose this path for your future. You can do anything you want. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for futures posts ask me or shoot me an email at ravealope@gmail.com. Follow if you want to see more cryptid fun! :)

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Taurus and Scorpio? Compability ^


On the bright side: Scorpio is passionate. resourceful, observant and dynamic, while Taurus is  dependable, stubborn, practical and generous. Both are very loyal, which is good in a relationship.

Beware: Scorpio is jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative, unyielding, while Taurus is stubborn, lazy, materialistic and self-indulging. Both are very possessive, be careful with that.

Both are very intense and pasionate, and this can be in either a good or a bad way. They are opposites, so they have a special connection, different to others. They have many things in common, but it is this exactly (both having strong personalities) which makes them clash so much. Listen each other, every time an argument starts remind yourself that you want this relationship to work and that you care for each other (if this is true).

Hope this is what you wanted, and I wish you the best! 

Obligatory reminder that if two signs aren’t compatible it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It just means they have more obstacles to get through.

I like to live to the max, and I try to squeeze out every minute of it. It gets tiring sometimes but its what makes life more interesting! I like to keep things real, family comes first, and I think its very important to do the things that you love and enjoy; pursuing a career you’re passionate about and making time for  hobbies, sports and activities you enjoy, and spending time with people you care about.

I am currently the Fashion and lifestyle editor for Yasmina.com. I am originally Palestinian, and I have been blessed with the opportunity of living in different parts of the world; Morocco, Jordan, UK and here I am in Dubai pursuing a career I have always worked towards. I am a strong believer in the saying “hard work pays off”. I appreciate art in all its forms (including Jewelry and Fashion), I have a passion for travel, new experiences, cookies and anything Blueberry!

I am combination of many things…  I often surround myself with people I love, but I also need my quality time. people who don’t know me personally will have a complete opposite opinion to those who know me, it takes me a while to open up to new people, and some people often mistake my silence with shyness- I am sometimes just comfortable observing and listening, or just living in my own head.

I like to bring people together, plan events and create fun experiences and I think my friends will agree on that. I somehow always end up the group leader! 

At the moment I am struggling with three different things, one is the Arabic identity; I wish some Arabs were more proud of their culture; a lot of us are losing our own identity, our culture and our language. It’s something I am faced with in Dubai. I always find myself surrounded by a group of Arabs from different countries, all taking in English, rather than learning each other’s different dialects. I appreciate new and multiple languages, but we shouldn’t forget and disregard our own.

Secondly, I wish women would appreciate their own natural beauty a little or a lot more than they do. There’s no such thing as I have to wear heels or have to put make up on, I will wear it if I am in the mood for it but I won’t do it and suffer the night just because the bouncer decided the dress code is heels. We don’t have to do any of these things; We can do them only if we want to. I wish women followed their own comfort more than the comfort of following superficial rules and false statements.

Thirdly, gratitude- I try to remind myself how blessed I am, no matter how "bad” my day may seem; I am blessed, we are all blessed, there’s always much worse. We all complain a lot when we have much more to be thankful for.

I would like my soles to take me to the heights of success I have always dreamt about and worked hard towards, step by step, I’m not in any rush & I want my soles to take me to new adventures, new experiences, and new areas of the world. I prefer “collecting memories than collecting things”.

The highest moment in life is a bunch of many moments of laughter whether with my family, friends or even strangers!

The lowest moment is one moment for sure- when I lost my father, to cancer, a year and 9 months ago.

 I would like to be in my father’s sole, may his soul RIP. He lived a very interesting life, accomplished a lot, and did a lot of great things to many people around him, I would love to see life for a day from his own sole.

My sole is from Nike- they are the Air Max 1 ultra Moire - Very comfortable and trendy!

 Meet Hiba Jaber, one “max” sole!

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Tell me more about you, what you like, where you believe in,...

I am Chaima but I’d like to be called Shayma because I absolutely love Shay Mitchell haha. I live in Belgium and I’m passionate about singing, writing and learning languages. I’d like to visit the world because I love learning about different cultures and traditions people have. I am a strong believer in God as a muslima. The Islam has opened my eyes but what makes me so sad is the fact that the media shows it differently and in a wrong way. It’s such a peaceful and loving religion and I never feel ashamed to tell someone I am a muslima, why should I? I loveee Morocco, it’s such a beautiful country! Proud to call myself a Moroccan! My goals? I have too much because I’m such a goaldigger! Besides that, I love taking pictures with my canon camera and I love my friends who are always there for me, no matter what. I am truly blessed with the people I have around me in my life. ♡

I miss you
I miss you so damn hard
And I know life is a one time thing and I shouldn’t hold back
But its way too complicated to be solved by a big letter explaining how I do fucking misa you and how wrong we were
But I know it wont make a difference
Cause you’re not you anymore
I know you , I know your fav color , your atheist thoughts , your passion for football and your stupid 7 smiles
I know your creepy faces and the kid you love the most , I know the love you have for your father and the way you loved me once , I know your taste your style , the stubborn person you are , I know your first love , I know when you got your first piercing , I know your goals your dreams your fears your douts , I know how a hard strong amazing person you are I know you
And that is the problem , I know way too much to forget , I want this to be over ..

Sex, when broken down, is all the same but yet can be two different things: 1- Love. 2- Meaningless.
When it’s “love” it is deep and passionate and strong. When love is involved it can complicate things and make them easier at the same time. It tugs at your strings making you crave your partner, wanting and needing them all the time, especially if it is your first time.
When it’s “meaningless” it is just sex. Just an urge that needs to be satisfied. A scratch that needs to be itched, etc, etc. At first, it actually does mean nothing. But eventually, 9 ½ times out of 10, someone always does develop feelings. Making it “mean” something.
The point of all this, sex is powerful. It’s strong. It’s torture. And it is just fucking mind blowing.

Hunhan’s compatibility according to astrology

both are very passionate lovers, due to L being ab aries-taurus cusp (if you believe in cusps, that is) and S an aries. they both have problems dealing with each ohers feelings, openly returning/reacting to them and expressing their own and in a close relationship, where passion would take over and consume them, this could end in a desaster if not worked out. Their jealousy and possesiveness over each other would be destructive. however, this couple also enjoys each others presence and have a strong desire to make each other happy. their tastes are very different and both must be very ruthful and patien wih each oher to make this relaionship work..

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Who's your favorite gem and why?

oo gosh this is such a tough question lol just bc i love all the gems sm ok but im pretty sure my fav is actually pearl just bc i find her so relatable?? if that makes sense lol. but yea shes just smart and beautiful and complicated and passionate and emotional and tidy and strong in so many different ways (like psychically but mostly emotionally) and shes able to be all these things while still being an amazing warrior and teacher and team mate at the same time. also the amount of character development shes gotten over the past few eps is honestly incredible like shes grown sm throughout the show and im rly just babbling now but yea love pearl

Learning to make love and excite her

A sexual act climaxes with orgasm which is certainly the apex of sexual excitement. It manifests in the tightening of muscles in the reproductive organs, as well as a tingling sensation in every limbs. A sexual act involves foreplay and arousal the actual cornerstone of the successful lovemaking ultimately causing orgasm. Women don’t get aroused as quickly as men, therefore it is very important caress and fondle her to prepare with an episode of love making. Strong and hard erection of male genital facilitating deep penetrating pull and push game, different convenient positions, and delicate handling in the process by men can result in not simply mind-blowing orgasm but additionally multiple orgasms ladies.

When a person performs forcefully, passionately, and for a duration after arousing his female partner on the fullest during foreplay there exists every chance of her experiencing mind-blowing orgasm. However, to complete so magnificently, a man has to be sound physically and also mentally. Having it . an unhealthy body constitution with weak genital bereft of strength and stamina cannot progress up his woman to orgasm. It’s estimated that over 70% women do not experience orgasm during lovemaking, plus they suffer silently as they do not desire to hurt their men emotionally. To be sure that your spouse is not on the list of 70% above simply go into Adult Connections at adult-connections.com to master additional tricks on the way to learning to make love and excite her.

When a woman feels comfortable, free, and comfortable she is in the mood, and can be easily aroused, thrust, and pulled and pushed to experience intense orgasm. Hence, a peaceful environment and also a passionate, forceful, and resilient performance can do the trick on a woman to experience mind-blowing orgasm. A man can adopt the kitchen connoisseur, take proper dieting, and get away from excessive anxieties to perform excellently during sex. Concurrently, one can possibly some vitality capsules to enhance his virility and vitality, and strength and stamina to present his woman a mind blowing orgasm each time they engage themselves for each other making act.

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“I’m sorry if I say I need you
But I don’t care, I’m not scared of love
‘Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker
Is that so wrong?
Is it so wrong that YOU MAKE ME STRONG?”

Today is exactly one year from one of the best days in my life.
365 days ago everything was different, but my love, passion and support for you is exactly the same if not bigger and stronger.

Thank you @onedirection, thank you for the smiles, the laughs and the tears, thank you for existing, you make me stronger.

I love you @fakeliampayne, @niallhoran, @louist91, @harrystyles, @niazkilam.
See you soon. It’s isn’t a goodbye, it’s just a bye bye.

Your sincerely forever and always,
A Directioner

#280614 #sansiro #wwat #onedirection #harry #liam #louis #zayn #niall #stadium #concert #bestday #bestnightever #bestbandever #bestfansever #love #heart #passion

I seriously left a big part of my heart there, in that huge stadium.

(presso San Siro Stadium, Milan - WWAT, One Direction)

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Their strong personalities is what drew me to them early on in the series as well. I just enjoyed their screen time and how they were strong female leads (when the writers let them be) and then pictured how unstoppable they'd be together if they could manage to set aside their differences. Once they respect each other, which would happen eventually because their passion (which they have in common, almost like kindred spirits) sets them to go after the things they want, right or wrong. - GoF

Our girls had so much potential, but as the Glee writers always tended to do, they basically ruined their strong dynamic in the fifth season. Of course I never thought they’d make Pezberry romantic (especially after they made Quinntana canon, because that would definitely be pushing it), but their friendship was enough for me. As you said, two strong female leads with strong ideas and opinions actually getting along and supporting each other? It was a dream come true, but not all dreams last apparently :/

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What is it like to be in love?

Well, I wouldn’t know, but I’d like you to imagine this with me:

I like to believe love isn’t just one emotion, but many, actually. It isn’t just a strong admiration, because that would be passion. Love is the admiration and the effort to pursue it. But love is also understanding that things don’t always go your way, and that’s okay. That sometimes you can mend the pieces, but that sometimes it’s better to start over. Because it can happen many different times and at many different ways.

Think about something you really, really like. Something that the thought of it makes you feel better, something that makes you excited to work hard and pursue it. Not for whatever comes out of it in the end, but simply by the thought of enjoying that moment. 

If something makes you feel that way, then you know what’s like to be in love.

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blueberry cake and fruit cake!

Blueberry Cake
(Do you have any hobbies?):

Yes! I have plenty of hobbies, but there is one hobbies that rules them all. Video games. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t play games just to give me a good name or to look a certain way but ever since I was but a grub, I used to watch my dad and my other sibilings play games and something about these games made me feel different, like I can interact with all these different worlds that make our world seem so small. Over the years I grew a strong passion for video games, meeting all these different characters and looking through their eyes of what problems they have to face but all the while facing it with them. It’s truely a beautiful thing.

My next hobbie is music! Oh my music is the blood that pumps through these veins! It’s what warms these bones. Man I can go all day.

My final hobbie is writing/poetry. Man, I was recently rummaging through some old junk and came across some old writings from 5th and 6th grade and I was a little Steven King and a Rod Sterling combined, while being a Plath. And still up to this day.

Fruit Cake
(What are four things you would like to do right now):

1) Oh boy would I love to receive more asks and stuff! 😄

2) Maybe take a short nap

3) Finish washing some clothes

4) Finish watching an anime that I am currently watching (Tokyo Ghoul which is very good by the way 10/10 would recommend and watch again.)

Thank you so much for giving me an ask! Please, I highly encourage you to drop by a few asks or even drop a message 😊