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Hi! I just saw one of the pictures you reblogged with a bird on a rope perch. I was wondering what you think of them. Ive see a lot of warnings and information about rope perches and toys being dangerous for birds. My bird has the same perch as in that picture and I've removed it from the cage until I'm sure of the best choice.

Hey! Okay, so we all know that rope perches and happy huts can be dangerous to birds because of the strings that can come off of them and get your bird tangled in them.

I had a bird almost be killed by one because I hadn’t been monitoring it. In my defense, it was my first bird and I didn’t know the dangers of rope toys. I got him out of the mess and threw the toy directly into the trash.

However, I still use them (occasionally) because they’re easy to find and provide a varity of textures for your bird to stand on. I monitor them nonstop, and I even keep a few happy huts in Paisley’s cage because she has literally had the same ones since she hatched. I just can’t take them away from her.

If a rope perch starts to look questionable, throw it out! It’s better safe than sorry. Like all things when it comes to birds, it can be okay if you’re careful. If your bird is known to shred, maybe go ahead and take it out.

Paisley is my only bird with fabrics in her cage (Everyone else has rope perches outside their cages), but she doesn’t even shred the shredding toys I give her, and I never see any spare strings hanging from them.

Just be careful and it can be okay!

💮 Happy Pride month with pride birds! 💮