with our spooky ghost crew

ok but why are ghost hunter aus not a thing??

i mean think about it

  • “the basement is where all the activity happens and our crew chose us to investigate it but it’s 2spooky4me so i’m sorry if i cling to you the entire time” au
  • “our footage for the night is just us bumping chins and noses and giggling while trying to kiss in the dark how do we explain this to our crew” au
  • “that door mysteriously slammed shut and it scared me so bad that i accidentally grabbed your hand out of fright but now i don’t want to let go” au
  • “the spirit keeps calling my name and touching me and i noticed you puff your chest out and get protective over me and it’s really cute” au
  • “we’ve been getting no activity all night and our feet are tired so we sat on this bed to rest but we accidentally fell asleep and woke up to our crew looking at us funny also apparently you’re a sleep-cuddler” au
  • “hey let’s prank our crew by making spooky ghost noises while we lurk in the dark because we’re childish and bored and wow you’re really good at being a fake ghost” au


  • “we’re just two spirits trying to rest but this family just moved into the house so we made bets on who could scare them into moving out first and you’re totally going down” au