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Aunt Swer’s Coming to Visit

Ehhmm… I can’t really say anything specific, cuz I don’t wanna spoil anything, but… silly stuff happens. :)

Probably from a documentary about iguanas…?

*gross slurping*

Headcanon theory!

The new clip is from the past. The castle is too pretty and Star and Tom of COURSE started off as “I’m only accepting you now because our parents are staring…” before they figured out that “Hey, you are actually pretty nice.”

Thing is, if this is from the past there’s only two ways to do it. Reminiscing with your own memories or someone telling it.

I have this theory that Tom is telling Marco this, since why would he be telling this to Star. (Marco PHD anyone?) Tom is starting to get more comfortable around his new friend and is open to tell him about his past with Star.

Of course that means that episode can only end in tears. Their relationship ended, that has to come up in the episode.


“asians are just plain racist they were born that way no need to fucking examine where or how antiblackness gets exported its definitely not important to look at how so many of our parents are literal immigrants from countries the US bombed, colonized, and dominated asians are just plain racist that’s who they are”

like thanks.

lovejesusarrowavengersblog  asked:

I know you've discussed infertility a few times, but I haven't heard you talk about foster care much. Have you done that at all? If so, have you enjoyed it? What's the trickiest parts of it all and the best? (I'm writing a story that involves foster care, and I'd love to get someone's perspective on it who's actually done it!)

Thanks for the question @lovejesusarrowavengersblog! Yes, we adopted our three kids from foster care. We fostered them for about two years before we could adopt them. And now that our license is closed, we help run a support group at our church for foster parents - training new ones, bringing supplies like diapers and clothes for emergency placements (some babies only come in a diaper, with no stuff whatsoever). My garage is filled with tons of baby gear and I have no babies. LOL

Some trickiest parts of foster care: 

- Getting licensed is such a hassle. You fill out so much paperwork you feel like your hand is going to fall off. And the home inspections, classes and interviews are quite tedious, but they all serve the purpose of finding safe homes for kiddos. But I’m glad that part of my life is over. ;) And bonus points that I now know the differences in all the types of fire extinguishers. 

- Having so many voices chiming in on the care of one child. Every decision you make while they are foster kids has to go through their case worker, their bio parents, and sometimes their attorneys. This includes a haircut. Yes. You have to ask permission to take a child for a haircut. 

Some of the rewarding parts: 

- I will never forget the moment when my kids, who were siblings but separated into different foster homes before they came to stay with us, were reunited. That was a toddler hug to end all toddler hugs. I want to cry just thinking about it. 

- Every time my kids hit a milestone in healing or development - it makes it all worth it. Like my kid with PTSD did not have a major episode with one of his triggers recently, and it was like we won the lottery. 

Hope that answers some of your questions! This answer turned out longer than expected because I could talk about this topic forever. Feel free to DM me if you need any info for your story! 

Otayuri lovechild AU Otabek “Beka” and Yuri “Yura” Altin-Plisetsky

Meet the parents, our precious couple XDDD They’re both are in their 40s but still look amazing lol They love their kids so much (especially Yura, he won’t let a certain Canadian to flirt with his son, Nikolai XD) but they’re still cool as parents <3 

i mean, yeah, i do have multiple copies of the same pair of jeans, but actually ive just been wearing the same pair for three days. so

Apparently Michael has picked up on Jeremy’s Dad’s habits 🤔 @bmc-cast-answers