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What should you look for when applying for your first credit card? What are good but not SUPER risky ways to start building credit?

Credit Cards

What You Need to Know

  • Looking to move out of your parent’s house? Many rental companies will not rent to you if you don’t have credit (in this case you would need a co-signer on your lease who does have credit). Credit cards are also there when your pay check is late or you accidentally total your car and can’t pay the expenses out of pocket. See also.
  • Sitcoms and daytime television shows always led me to believe that being approved for a credit card was such an easy process. Maybe it was back in the day, but nowadays it’s harder to get one. If you have no credit, it’s easier to apply for a credit card through a department store like Sears or Target, than it is to get one from an actual credit card company like American Express or Discover. If you’ve been with your current bank for a long time you might also be able to apply for a credit card through them. This is a pretty comprehensive post about credit cards.
  • Spend lots of time researching your options to decide which credit card is best for you. It’s okay if that means Target for the time being, after you’ve built up credit you can always apply for a more illustrious card. Lots of credit card companies offer different types of rewards, like discounts on gas or Amazon purchases, so look for one that best suits your needs.
  • The most crucial part of owning a credit card is paying on time. If you don’t pay on time, they’ll charge you interest. Don’t let them take any more money from you then they already are! If you’re someone who has a hard time paying bills, set up autopay on your account. Here’s a pretty extensive article about that. And here’s why you should pay on time.

What to Charge

  • I don’t like to reserve my credit card use for only super expensive items. Feel free to use your card for your ever day purchases! I use mine for gas for your car, McGriddles, and any CVS purchases I make that are under $20. There’s no official playbook stating that you can’t put a $1.50 charge on your credit card, and if it’s helping build your credit- why not?
  • It’s super important to never use your card as a replacement for money you don’t have. Don’t drop $150 at Victoria’s Secret if you won’t have that same $150 in your bank account by the end of the month.
  • Use your card in the event of an emergency. It’s impossible to predict when your car’s tire might go flat our your cat may need to be taken to the hospital. As the majority of us get paid on a bi-weekly pay cycle, there may be a time in your life when you’re waiting to get paid, but still have to deal with surprise expenses. This is the time to use your card, in lieu of the money that you know is on its way, but hasn’t arrived yet.
  • I have my credit card set up so that any purchase I make gets automatically paid by my debit card. For example, I go to Starbucks and spend $5 on a coffee, paying for it with my credit card. Instead of waiting until the end of the month, that $5 is charged automatically to my debit card, so my credit card debt goes back to $0. Boom!

Hope this helps!

Prayer request tonight for a pet (4/27/17)

My father has taken our cat Eliza to the vet hospital after she appeared to be in pain and wouldn’t eat. She’s a dear thing to us. Please pray for her full recovery, and a lengthy and happy kitty life.

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There are so many embarrassing stories with cats. At some point every veterinarian will attempt to Spey a male cat. This is the story where that almost happened.

At my first clinic we would often do desexing for the local shelter, typically just before the lucky creature was adopted out.

Once upon a time, a lovely black cat was brought to us for a Spey. Midnight, as it was called,was going to be picked up by the adoptive family from our clinic once the procedure was done. Routine, basic, every day sort of thing.

Before knocking the cat out we had a lovely little cuddle on the treatment table, where he proceeded to lift his tail mid scratch, as cats often do when they’re enjoying themselves, to reveal two enormous testicles ripe for the picking.

Glad I had noticed this early, but concerned we may have the wrong cat, I phoned the shelter to check.
“Did you know Midnight is a boy?”
“Oh no, she’s definitely a girl.”
“… Nope, definitely a boy.”
“But she had kittens at the shelter!”
“… Then I hate to tell you this but I don’t think you sent us Midnight!”

As you would expect, the shelter quickly set about trying to find out how such a confusion should have happened, only to find no answers. As far as they could tell, the cat they had sent us was definitely Midnight. As far as his testicles were concerned, this was not the cat that gave birth at the shelter. Embarrassing on the shelter’s part.

I called the would-be adopters. I had to, there was a possibility that the shelter had misplaced their new cat. I explained the situation and they were perplexed as well.

I asked them to come down and conform whether the cat sitting in our hospital with nuts was the one they thought they had adopted. Fortunately they confirmed that Midnight was the right cat, even if he wasn’t the Midnight he was supposed to be, he was uneventfully castrated and went home.

I don’t know how the shelter managed to confuse a lactating queen with an intact tom (the smell alone!) but they were certainly embarrassed.

One of our neurological hit by car cats that we hospitalized this weekend was in fact, not actually hit by a car… was shot in the back of the head by a pellet gun. Doc wanted X-rays further up of the cervical spine, head included, and that’s when we saw the pellet on the X-ray. She was euthanized shortly after, she wasn’t improving anyways.

Keep your damn cats inside people.

This was my best friend of 8 years, sending this to me about a month after I lost my first baby, a son, in labor. She was there for my family and everyone in the beginning, even after I suffered complications after my c-section and spend Christmas and the New Year in the hospital - visiting, feeding our cats, running errands.

Then radio silence. I had a feeling she was going to abandon me when I needed her the most, and then I received this message. To this day I don’t know what she is referring to as our life choices. The only hypothesis my husband and I can ascertain is that she blames our choice of a home birth as the reason why our baby died.

Even years later, I still don’t know how I feel about this. It must be nice to live and forget such a tragic situation.