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heres to all the fat nonbinaries!!! this goes out to all trans people generally but because im nonbinary and don’t see a lot of posts about fat nonbinary trans ppl i dont want to forget us!

you aren’t a boy or a girl or anything or nothing based on your fat, and you aren’t NOT a boy or a girl or anything or nothing based on your fat! fat doesnt have anything to do with gender! if someone tells you that your fat makes you more or less of your gender, they’re wrong!

you can nonbinary with a fat tummy! with big arms! with or without boobs or a butt or a waist or thighs! you can be nonbinary with chubby cheeks and double chins! you can be nonbinary if your superfat too! you can be nonbinary with ANY body! you can be nonbinary at any size, height, or weight too!

you might feel dysphoria because of your body, even because of some of your fat. but i promise it isn’t the fat thats giving you dysphoria, it’s what people pretend that it means! its ok to transition while you’re fat! it’s ok for your transition to make you fat - in fact, it can be a great thing! it’s ok if your transition causes you to lose fat too (there might be a whole surgery about it :3), but please try not to lose fat on purpose, it’s not healthy. transitions should make you healthier by changing your body to what makes you feel euphoric as yourself! it’s tough, but try to recognise what makes you feel euphoric vs what makes you feel more “correct” by others’ standards - the former is what your transition should look like, not the latter!

whether you feel big, strong, weak, fluffy, soft, hard, heavy, chubby, big, or just plain fat, your gender is awesome and unique and your body is awesome too! it’s good how it is now and its good how it will be if you transition! any size, weight, or proportions are good! 

and, if you’re ok with this concept, fat nonbinary people are sexy too! you can be sexy however you want! your gender is what it is no matter how you have sex or feel sexy or with whom your have sex. and your fatness makes you sexy, because it is your body and you are sexy! you are desirable because you are fat and because you are nonbinary! i promise.

and finally it’s alright if it’s hard to believe me. i know i often feel like my fatness invalidates my gender and makes me ugly and worthless. but it should be okay for us to love our bodies and our genders and our selves! i want to try.

-love, a fat nonbinary person (still figuring out labels) who wants to transition but doesnt know how, who’s loved passionately by another nonbinary person and who loves them passionately, and who wishes there was more love for all my fat transgender family out there!

That feeling when you’ve heard/sang along to a song enough times to feel tempted to do a cover of it 

Imagine Woozi getting flustered when Hoshi teases him by blowing kisses at his way when other people aren’t looking.

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Ive got this headcanon that Jyn secretly has a serious sweet tooth so every time Cassian goes on a mission to a far off planet he finds some local sweet to bring back to her.

I love this! 

It starts as a small thing. A few sweets from his pocket that he pulls out of the recesses of his blue parka while they are waiting on repairs to his ship. Jyn takes it wordlessly, unwraps it, and plops it into her mouth. The sugar hits her tongue and she turns to look at him with this delighted smile that lights up her whole face. When he has to go on his next mission without her, it’s that face that keeps him company on the long transport there. It’s the face that he thinks about when he passes a market stall and buys another handful of candies that he thinks she may like. It’s the face he thinks about more often than is good for him.

Jyn doesn’t love all the flavors–some she outright spits out–but Cassian doesn’t mind. Sometimes they spend their time discussing favorite flavors when their eyes have grown too tired to look at another data pad. Other times, Jyn tells him when a flavor reminds her of childhood (”This one tastes like licorice and the sea. We had sweets like this on Lah’mu; Mama brought some home from the village and let me have some on the only name day I spent there.”) He finds later that she’s kept the wrappers to the candies, smoothed out and pressed into her assigned dresser drawer. She’s never had many possessions, choosing even now to keep things light, but she keeps these momentos.

The first time she kisses him (and he kisses her), she’s just finished off a berry-flavored hard candy coated in chocolate, and the taste lingers in her mouth. It becomes Cassian’s favorite flavor of anything ever (it becomes hers, too).

Saturday Sleepover

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He's in LA while her "boyfriend" recently lost his stepfather okayy

Yes, he is. You’re part of the relationship? Part of the family? Part of anything but your little hatred mind? No, yeah didn’t thought so. People grieve in many ways, many different ways. Louis was there for weeks, for days, he got responsibilities too. Unfortunately life doesn’t stop when tragedies happen. I had to go back to college the day after my godmother passed. I had to go to places, to work, to everywhere. I couldn’t stay with my grandmother who had just losted her daughter, couldn’t stay with my father who losted his sister. No one could, everybody had to keep going. That’s how life works and I hope you learn how to be decent sometime soon, cause you’re needing. Have a good night 

I think @buizilla may have underestimated the adorability of a ferocious Charr fanboying over a Tairupanda voice acting job that was all a dream (based directly on Buizilla’s Tweet).

Meanwhile, it seems Aidan (@that-lazy-lion) isn’t having any of that in the morning. And obviously, @beep-beepster cameos in Edsor’s hair.

I might be overstepping my bounds as someone who has never ever played Guild Wars 2 but loves drawing domestic Charrs haha xD My only qualm is that I drew Charrbui’s size-inhibitors on the wrong wrist ;w;

Like, i’m not saying that writing for villainous characters is difficult but - 

If you write villains as villains you are accused of: obviously endorsing every negative thing they do, glamorizing crime, normalizing abusive behaviours and being a generally bad person.

If you write villains as less villainous then you are accused of: ruining their character, erasing mental illness (more often than not), woobifying ‘bad’ people and being a generally boring person.

How can you win lmao?


23/06/2017 - 🌹 Prom 🌹

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can we stop pretending that how many times a day we say ‘i love you’ aloud has anything to do with how much we actually love a person? tired of it being shoved in my face that if a person doesn’t say it they don’t? some ppl aren’t good at verbalising for a myriad of different reasons. there are other ways to show you love someone that have nothing to do with saying those three words. asking how your day went. talking you through things when you’re in a bad place. sending links to things you will like. making book or tv or film recs you will like. seeking you out for a conversation. asking for your opinion or advice. encouraging you. appreciating your selfies. reminding you to look after yourself. reminding you you’re a valuable person. sending you songs. extra points if those songs are ones that remind you of the person. sending bad puns and bad jokes. celebrating your achievements as if they were your own. sending a good morning text. sending a goodnight text. telling you you’re thinking of them. ‘i saw this and thought of you’. sharing your day. sharing your life. there are thousands of ways to tell someone you love them. you just have to be listening.