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THE ALBUM IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS. SO GOOD. I have never seen so much exuberance, emotion, and heart put into an album. These are sounds like no other. I can’t express the love i have for it


MELODRAMA (2017)  song titles

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I'm still so shook by Niall's album, and particularly the way his treatment of women in the lyrics. I keep coming back to songs like Since We're Alone, Fire Away, Mirrors, even Flicker (tbh almost the whole album) and like??? That writer for the Bustle article on Fire Away was so right when she said what he was doing was radical because it is. Where is the dissertation on this subject I ask? Thoughts on this discourse?

Niall not treating or writing about women like they’re sexual objects or two dimensional things to entertain him for a while? Just singing about talking and egalitarian relationships and being partners and not trying to fix them or save them just being there for them when they’re going through shit?



The Avengers as music albums.

Fuck shit up!
Wingnut Dishwashers Union
Fuck shit up!

i don’t believe in cops, bosses, or politicians
some call that anarchism, i call it having a fucking heart that beats
i do believe in freedom and never giving up
call my methods madness or call them luck
i do what i got to to be able to breathe 
and if you quit your job, well, you can do a little breathing with me 
a punk rock song won’t ever change the world
but i can tell you about a couple that changed me


i can’t even say lemonade is better than the other nominated albums like that doesn’t capture it, i think lemonade was clearly and indisputably in a different league than those other albums and i think everyone including adele knows that

i feel like ppl just want to condemn niall for literally anything. like they have to try and find fault in something to….idk fill some weird void they have. i honestly do not get it. hes just out here doing his thing, not hurting a damn soul, and everyone gotta come at him bc he put his socks on the wrong feet like…..cmon man…..

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Omg can you share your interactions with Taylor with us? All good if you wanna keep it to yourself though! Congrats on meeting her again! I’m so happy for you

omg i like wrote everything down but i dont think im gonna ever say like EVERYTHING we said to each other but we just talked soooo much and when we bumped into each other and she asked me if i liked the album and i was like “YESSSS but like i have to be honest when i saw people saying it was better than red i was like ‘we’ll see’” and she was like ‘yeah i saw you just sitting back, i know…”


Robert Smith once described David Bowie’s Low as the best record ever made. He gushed:

“I bought it on cassette and the same day I went to a garden centre with my mum. I’d ordered it from the local record shop, and Paul, who was in the band, and is my brother-in-law, had dropped it through the letterbox. It’s like one of those weird days. I walked home from school, there was the cassette and we had a cassette player in the car. I went with her to a garden centre, and I listened to ‘Low’ while she went and did whatever mums do in garden centres, and I was like utterly, my whole perception of sound was changed. Just how something could sound completely different, like ‘Breaking Glass’, everything on there in fact, ‘Sound And Vision’, everything on there, everything I heard was astonishing, really astonishing. When I put it on now the sound, dunk dunk, everything is just fucking genius! There are other albums that I love much more, like viscerally much more, like ‘Axis: Bold As Love’, or ‘Five Leaves Left’, albums that I can cry to, but ‘Low’ was the album that had a huge impact on me, just how I saw sound. No other album has done that to me.”


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Just in terms of Richey being a writer, we’d have been mad to think that he thought he was gonna stop at Generation Terrorists’ point. Cause he obviously couldn’t stop anyway. Not just lyric writing, he just wrote constantly. I’ve got tons of stuff of his, of prose and of poems and stuff.
—  Nicky Wire, from Death Of The Polaroid Q&A meet