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the signs as iasip ships

the signs as iasip ships

aries- dee/artemis. you like to be brash and original and you fear no god

taurus- charliemac. taurus is a sign that likes coziness and soft things which is often how charliemac gets characterized so??

gemini- deetress

cancer- macdennis but like, sad angsty macdennis

leo- macdennis (the chaotic gay kind)

virgo- chardee

libra- macrex

scorpio- you kinda ship macdennis?? but mostly you’re just really into the idea of dennis actually being a serial killer

sagittarius- dennis/country mac

capricorn- you don’t ship anything and you wish people would stop trying to make sunny a show where shipping happens

aquarius- charden

pisces- charlie/the scientist. you often feel misunderstood

Fresh Start

Ok guys. So I haven’t watched TVD all season but from seeing some tweets people have put up I get a rough idea of what’s happening in the storyline. This quick Drabble came to mind. I had no beta and I hope you guys like it. Sorry for any mistakes.

This is how I imagine an “organic” transition of Caroline into The Originals. I don’t think they need to rush into a romance, it’s possible they first start as friends and with time something else. Ok, enough talking. Enjoy!


“You know you didn’t have to come.” Caroline told Klaus as they walked out of the cemetery.

“Believe it or not love, I considered Stefan a friend and at one point we were like brothers.”

Caroline didn’t respond to his last comment. They just continued to walk in silence. Klaus was one of the few people on this earth that she didn’t feel the need to fill the silence with meaningless words. Besides, after losing Stefan the man she thought she would spend eternity with, the last thing she felt like doing was talking.

“You’re home Caroline.” Caroline had to look up. She hadn’t even realized they made it back to her house already, so lost in her grief over losing Stefan.

“I have to get out of here Klaus. I can’t stay in this town any longer. I’ve lost too many people here, I need to start over.”

“Come to New Orleans with me.”

“Seriously, Klaus? I just lost Stefan and you want to take me to New Orleans. God! I should have known you were here for purely selfish reasons.” Caroline was practically shaking from her anger.

“You’ve misunderstood love, as much as I still intend to be your last love this is not the time nor the moment to speak of those things. I am merely inviting you to come as a friend. New Orleans is a beautiful city and the perfect place for you to have a fresh start. I’d never take advantage of your grief Caroline.” Somewhere between their conversation, Klaus had moved a lot closer and they were now standing so close their chests were almost touching.

“Just friends. No funny business.” Caroline said as she pointed her finger at his chest. It reminded him a lot of the day she agreed to a date in exchange for one of his hybrids.

“No funny business. Just friends.” Klaus said as he raised his hands in surrender a small smile starting to form.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

The surprise was written all over Klaus’ face. He expected to have to do a lot more convincing.

“Don’t you want to pack?”

“No. If I don’t leave now I don’t think I ever will.”

Caroline insisted on driving her brain running a mile a minute unable to relax. As she drove she looked over to the passenger seat and noticed Klaus had fallen asleep. She realized what that meant, Klaus who trusted no one falling asleep in her presence. He trusted her. Strangely enough, she realized that she also trusted him. With all the emotions she was having right now, she was not in the mood to read deeper into what that truly meant. Caroline focused on the road again and wondered what her life would be like in New Orleans. She made a mental checklist of things to do once she arrived and the first would be to see if Rick and the girls would meet her there.

It would always hurt to lose Stefan. She will always carry him with her and although she had no idea what the future would bring, as she drove into New Orleans she began to feel a bit of hope.


Eliot Waugh in the new Season 2 trailer


Leave Lauren Zuke alone!

If nobody has heard yet, people have started badmouthing Lauren Zuke because they wanted to write Lapis and Peridot as a couple and apparently that “wasn’t what Rebecca wanted to happen”?

You know what Rebecca would want to happen? For her writers to have fun, pitch ideas about what they would like to write about, and most of all she wouldn’t want them to be harassed over such a stupid problem as a shipping war.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Amedot, I think it’s pretty cute, but seriously get a grip. If you want to draw shipping art? Fine. go ahead. If it’s not canon who cares? It doesn’t change the original show in any way at all so all of the people hating on non canon art can stop that as well, it’s not needed.

Edit: Just read some of the comments on Zuke’s post. Anyone who sent hate should be ashamed of yourselves. Putting fictional characters over showing decency to another human being is absolutely disgusting.


Azurrin Week 2016 Day 5: Song



S9, Ep 02: Devil May Care - “You know, I’ve loved this body since the moment I first saw it. You’re the perfect vessel, Dean. You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas. So go ahead and play hard to get. And I’ll peel off this ‘no demons allowed’ tattoo and blow smoke up your ass.

i’ve been getting quite a bit of asks and messages about bullet journaling, so i figured that it would be better to make a helpful post about an intro to bullet journaling. i’ve compiled the basics + terminology around bullet journaling as well as some brief explanations and advice.

this got long, so i decided to put it under the cut! click “read more” to learn more about the basics of bullet journaling :)

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This is the reason why I haven’t been very active as of late. I’m currently working on two animated films, one about foo dogs and another about a bear. This is the major project because this is my senior film, or the film I need to finish before I graduate. These are just concept work before I really get into the full development of the film before actual animation; I’m so excited!

So the idea is basically this: A baby bear goes fishing to feed its sick mother.

If you’re wondering about the style choice, I’m taking inspiration from the Haida artstyle and trying to implement some of it into my film. C:

I gotta pitch this badboy to the school’s animation professors, so wish me luck!


looking for some last minute xmas sweaters for your sims?! look no further!! here are some super simple sweaters with christmas lights on them :’-) they have a specular map so the gold reflects in the light woo! a huge thank you to @bonehlda who allowed me to recolour her retexture (it’s amazing you need it) & @get-in-loser who came up with the idea!! please enjoy…

download info below!

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i couldn’t get this scene out of my head but i have no idea if/when i would be able to use it so here, just take it, get it away from me

“This would be a pretty typical manner of dress, then,” Bruce asked, holding up the garment before he put it on.

“You can just wear a suit if that would be more comfortable for you,” Diana reminded him from the other side of the screen.

“No,” Bruce said automatically. Diana grinned. He was going to stand out no matter what he did, but that wasn’t going to stop him trying. “I’ve never seen one in black.”

“It’s… not particularly in fashion,” Diana said, rather than admit that those Amazons he’d met considered themselves too old for such dark colors. “I thought it would be more comfortable for you,” she added. It wasn’t as if he’d be dressing too young. He wasn’t even sixty.

“Hm.” He stepped out from behind the screen, and she restrained a squeal of delight. He looked down at himself. “This seems. Short.”

She bit one of her knuckles. “I think it looks great,” she said. “You could always — of course, if it would make you more comfortable, you could wear a longer one. It just seems… a shame.”

Bruce looked between her and his outfit with vague suspicion. “Does the length signify something. Culturally.”

“No! No, not at all.” She gestured to his lower half. “I just thought it would be a good length to showcase how hairy and thick your legs are.”

Bruce had gone very still. “… huh.”

“Not in a crude way,” she rushed to assure him. “They’re a good feature. It lets you look masculine without looking vulgar. In my opinion. Like I said, if it makes you uncomfortable, we can find something else.”

“… right.” He looked down at himself again. “And the… sleeves?” he asked, uncertain what else to call the draping fabric that didn’t reach his shoulders or fall past his elbows.

“Do you like them?” she asked, in a tone of voice that made clear that she absolutely did. “I wanted to make sure that we could — you know — your shoulders—” She made a broad gesture in the air with her fingers splayed as she said it. “—but I thought that if you covered your biceps, it would draw more attention to your forearms.” She clasped her hands underneath her chin, biting her lip.

Bruce looked at his bare forearms. He looked at Diana’s forearms, half-covered by her bracelets. The bracelets worn by every Amazon on Themyscira. He looked at his entirely bare forearms again. A tree-shaped scar followed a pale lightning path down the skin of his left arm. He looked back at Diana.

“If Clark were visiting Themyscira, would his outfit look like this.”

“Oh Hera no,” Diana said immediately. There was a pause as she realized her mistake. “Not because — it’s only that it wouldn’t suit his personality,” she explained.


“You’re just much more — he doesn’t really have the same masculine energy that you do.”


“I thought… you know.” She gestured weakly at him. “Outside the limiting confines of your own culture, you might… enjoy the freedom. To express it.”


They stared at each other in silence.

“May I at least take a picture before you put your pants back on?” she asked.

“No,” he said, disappearing back behind the screen.

She crossed her arms, making a face at him that he couldn’t see. “Would it have helped if I’d said furry instead of hairy?” she asked.


She sighed, putting her hands on her hips. “You can’t blame a woman for trying,” she muttered.

“Yes I can.”

“I wasn’t talking to you!”

So last week, for the humble price of $17, I ordered a copy of the original script of The Room from Tommy Wiseau’s website, which was a thing I did not know existed until like… a week ago, and anyway, it came today.

I knew TW wouldn’t let this kind of thing get out the door without some kind of personal touch, but I had no idea just how far he’d go.

For those of you who might be having a tough time reading it, it says: “to: Kraig, May all your dreams come true, love: Tommy Wiseau.”

He even went so far as to date it, BUT WE’RE NOT DONE.

He also included a shirtless headshot as soon as you open the thing up.

And last but not least, a pair of underwear with his name emblazoned on the waistband.

I cannot even begin to process all of this but yeah if you ever want to get the original, even more absurd script of The Room now you know what you’re getting into.

(A table of contents is available. This series will remain open for additional posts and the table of contents up-to-date as new posts are added.)

Part Eight: Hello, Idea, It’s Been A While

Writing never goes as smoothly as planned. Most times, an idea gets set aside until something triggers us to write on it again. It could be that the main project you were working on stops coming as smoothly so you decide to take a break from it. Or maybe you’re working on something else when the idea arrives and you’re not willing to split your focus. Perhaps you just don’t feel ready to tackle it when it comes to you. It’s a common predicament for writers: deciding whether to chase a new idea or put it aside. It’s inevitable! And to be honest, having a stash of ideas for the days the metaphorical well runs dry can be a life saver, but getting back into an idea after that initial wave of inspiration sometimes causes us even more problems than tackling two stories at once.

The lives of ideas:

Ideas experience a couple of stages of life. You have the ones that struck you and you set aside immediately (for all kinds of reasons); you have the slightly used idea where you may have written out some connected ideas, themes, characters, plot points, world details, or maybe even a couple of paragraphs of story on it; then you have the well-worn ideas that you had ages ago, that just fizzled out at some point, but there are a couple of chapters and a whole notebook of worldbuilding stashed away somewhere.

All three have the potential to either be a huge pain to blindly feel your way into it or it’s going to be the easiest thing in the world. Either you’re going to be able to take that new idea and whatever notes you had on it when it first occurred to you and those notes will inspire you all over again, or you’ll find that the idea isn’t nearly as vivid or intriguing as it used to be. If you’re still interested in writing on the idea (and it’s okay if you’re not!), you can do a couple of things to get yourself back into the right mindset.

Go back to the beginning:

Strip the idea all the way down to its bare bones. Set everything you had on it aside except for the very core thought. You might think that building off what you had before will give you a starting point: “Look at all this work that’s already completed for me? I don’t have to work as hard because this is all done.” That’s true, and for some people–and ideas that haven’t been sitting for very long–that works really well. Sometimes, though, all of that can cloud you. That old work came from someone who no longer exists. You’ve grown, your ideas have grown, and your ability as a writer and creator has grown. Pulling the idea out of all that packing and simply starting again can be exactly what you need, a releasing of extra weight, if you will. It might be that you’ll even be able to tie some of those older things back into what you work on from scratch, but maybe the idea goes an entirely different route. You don’t want to force it into a shape it’s no longer willing to be.

Build past old bones:

This may seem like a strange suggestion after I just advocated for starting completely afresh, but different strokes for different folks, right? Ideas come with potential, and if you built on that potential at all, you can certainly use that to continue building it up. Reread what you have; think about the story from before and whether or not your perspective has changed. Is that still the same story you want to tell with this idea, or is there something new you want to talk about? Find some detail in what you have that makes you think, or a phrase in the story that you really like, or a character whose personality and interactions are great. Write up some stream-of-consciousness-type paragraphs where you talk to yourself about those details and what you love about them, why you love them, how it felt to be writing with them, and where they could go. Knowing where you came from can help you sink back into the right mindset for the story. Don’t feel like you have to reuse everything you had from before, but maybe there are elements you can pull out and rebuild from. Use those little details like pillars to build the new story around.

Create a breaking point:

This is specifically for those well-worn ideas you’ve been working on forever and never seem to really get through: insert a metaphorical line break between the old and the new. Maybe what you write with it now will be the same, but it’s more likely that it won’t be. It’s very discouraging to come back to work on something and the tone isn’t the same, your word choices are a little bit different, and the characters have a slightly different feel to them. It all comes back to time and experience. Editing is a thing, and if that means you need to re-edit and fix up half a book just so you can actually get this beloved thing complete, then that’s the way it is. Don’t give up on those old projects if you still have a passion for the story. Understand that things will be stylistically different, agree to fix that later, put in a reminder to your future editing self where to start, and rekindle that adoration you have for this piece.

Write, or don’t:

Either you’ll remember what the idea meant to you, or you will have moved on. It’s okay to decide the idea is no longer something you want to pursue, but give it a fighting chance for a while first. Seek out art and videos and stories relevant to the idea, see if you can find some fun twist you can put on what you originally had. Reinventing the idea, tweaking it, adding a new element, and just playing around with language in new and different ways can inject an old idea with new inspiration to spur you forward. In the end, either the idea will reinflate with a little attention, or it won’t. Either you will want to write on it again and you will chase and chase and try and experiment, or you won’t. It’s up to you and how much you want to write that story.

Next up: What to definitely write down out of that idea!


FINALLY, he’s finally done!! Been wanting to do big bad Sansy for forever and half now! Gosh, ever since I finished the layout, I’ve been itchin’ to get to him. And he’s finally done!! Came out a lot cooler than my original idea. Thank you guys so much for all the support and those that have joined me in the streams! You guys believe it or not make my experience so much more fun in the chat! I plan to stream a lot more, I just wanted to build up some Sans hype, nutin’ wrong with that right? So thanks you guys! As for what’s coming up next, I’m not droppin’ any hints until the speedpaint comes out…so you better go watch it! Teehee! :p


Flashlights // Yoongi

Part 1/ReflectionsPart 2/FlashlightsPart 3/Pathways ⇎ Part 4/Shadows

Originally made based on this request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Word count: 3,680 words (sorry, I just can’t help myself)

Character: Yoongi x reader

a/n: It is actually pretty uncommon for me to continue a drabble, but I am so grateful for the love I received for this story and I also got so many ideas right after it was posted that I just have to write it. I decided to give it a separate title just so the original drabble can still stand on its own. I hope you guys will like it :’) 

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Betting On It

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Words: 2.5k

A/N: so this was originally posted on a tumblr i shared with my friends (we no longer use it) but i really love the idea of it so i fixed it up a bit! 

“Let’s make a bet.” You glance up at your best friend across the table. He has an evil glint in his eye, a sign telling you not to go with it but your curiosity gets the better of you.

“What bet?” You tread cautiously.

“Let’s go out on Valentine’s Day and see how many people mistaken us as a couple.” 

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The Green-Eyed Monster

Request: Funny story actually. This was supposed to be for someone who requested jealous Newt. They requested the story to be a bit different however. I got really into writing it and it was only when I’d finished writing it that I realised I completely changed the original request. So now it’s just something from my own mind. So much for getting through all my requests. 

This is probably the longest fanfic I’ve posted on here. I think it’s about 2,000 words? I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS! like you have no idea. Writing jealous characters is one of my favorite things to do. FUn fact: I’m probably the most jealous person you will ever meet. I get jealous over basically anything. It’s a serious problem. Maybe I enjoy writing and reading jealous characters because they’re so relatable? Who knows? Feedback always appreciated. Hope you enjoy! Cheers, May.

Warnings: mild language, alcohol consumption, some kissing (ooooh steamy)

“Are you coming?” You turned to look expectantly at Newt. He looked up from the journal he was jotting in and gave you a confused expression.

“I’m sorry but where are we going?”

“Haven’t you been paying attention?” He didn’t respond but his face gave him away. “There’s a bar down the street,” you explained. “Queenie, Jacob and I were going to get drinks and I thought you might like to come?”

“Oh, sure,” Newt gave a last glance at his notebook before getting up and pulling his coat off the hook. “Lead the way.”

You laughed with Queenie as the two of you led the boys down the street and to the bar. It was busy on a Friday night and you had to push past people to get a table in the back. Loud music and chatter filled the air and the scent of different alcoholic drinks and perfumes mingled with the sweaty crowded bodies.

“I’m buying drinks,” Queenie stated firmly, glaring at you as you tried to pull out your coin purse. “No objections.” This too was directed at you and you silently cursed her mind reading abilities.

“Let me at least come with you,” you reasoned and the two of you slid from your seats and made your way around the crowd to the counter. Queenie was in the middle of placing her order that contained quite a few shots of giggle water and other equally potent drinks.

“Hey there.” A charming Southern drawl reached your ears and you turned to the right to see a man next to you, leaning against the counter. He was tall and broad with sparkling green eyes and blond hair. It would have been a lie if you had said he wasn’t attractive.

“Hello?” It came out as more of a question than a greeting but you weren’t used to getting attention from men like him at bars.

“I’m Earl,” he introduced, taking your hand and kissing it.

“Oh.” You were blushing and seemed to have lost the capability of speech. “I-I’m Y/N.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” he acknowledged. You couldn’t help the smile that grew on your face at his words. Newt drifted momentarily into your mind as you sat flirting with Earl but you pushed his face from your thoughts. It was time for you to give up on him. You had waited for a year for him to make a move. It was time for you to realize your feelings weren’t reciprocated and move on.

“Have fun,” Queenie whispered in your ear and squeezed your arm. “Come find us if you need anything. I’ll tell the boys what you’re up to.”

“Shall we dance?” He offered holding out an arm.

“I’d love to,” you agreed, sliding off the stool you sat on and making your way to the middle of the room.


“I can’t believe I agreed to come here,” Newt complained loudly over all the noise. “I have to work on my book.”

“I can believe it,” Jacob chuckled shaking his head.

“Why is that?”

“Because Y/N asked you to. You’d never say no to Y/N.” Newt’s head whipped around to look at Jacob, wide-eyed.

“Where’d you get an idea like that. It-It’s not like…”

“I know you like her,” Jacob stated. “There’s no point denying it.”

“Did Queenie tell you?” Newt groaned, dropping his head in his hands.

“She didn’t have to. It’s pretty obvious,” Jacob said truthfully. “I’m surprised she hasn’t caught on yet.”

“You don’t think she knows though, right?” Newt looked positively desperate.

“I don’t think so. She probably would have talked to Queenie or Tina about it if she had any suspicions and, as far as I know, she hasn’t said anything.”

“Oh, thank god. She can’t find out.” Newt scanned the crowd for you to make sure you couldn’t hear them. He found you sitting at the bar and chatting with some tall blond guy. “Who’s Y/N talking to?” he asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Where?” Jacob looked up from the table and searched for you. “I don’t know. I don’t recognize him.”

“Oh,” Newt responded quietly, looking away.

“I’m sure there’s an explanation behind this that doesn’t involve romance,” Jacob tried to reassure him. “Queenie’s coming back now; we can ask her.”

Queenie expertly balanced the tray of drinks on her arms as she skirted around the crowd and reached the boys. She placed the tray down, slid into her chair and pressed a kiss to Jacob’s cheek.

“Who’s Y/N talking to?” Newt demanded.

“Huh? Oh, some boy named Earl. He came over flirting up a storm. Sweet guy.” Queenie reached out for a drink but froze, arm midway to the tray, and turned to Newt. Newt remembered too late about Queenie’s legilimency. “Oh, honey,” she murmured sympathetically.

“I’m fine,” he brushed it off. “And please don’t read my mind.”

“I’m sorry; I can’t help it. People’s thoughts get loud when they’re feeling a strong emotion. It would have been nearly impossible for me to miss what you were thinking.”

“It doesn’t take a mind reader to know what you’re thinking anyway,” Jacob said bluntly. “You pretty much gave it away on your own.”

“You should go talk to her.” Queenie smiled encouragingly at Newt. “She might even feel the same way.”

“I know she doesn’t.” Newt shook his head. “Look, she’s dancing with that boy already.”

The other two turned their attention to you as Earl led you onto the floor. Jacob and Queenie shared a look.

“Newt-” Queenie began but she was cut off.

“I’m fine,” Newt said shortly. “Absolutely fine. Now, what did you get for us to drink.” He reached out to take a shot.


“I had a lot of fun tonight,” Earl smiled as the two of you finally stepped off the dance floor and returned to the bar. “Let me buy you a drink.”

“Okay,” you agreed shyly. As he spoke to the house elf behind the counter, you searched the bar for your friends. Queenie and Jacob were slow dancing in the middle of the room, her head on his shoulder as they revolved with the other couples. Newt sat by himself at the table, a half drunk glass of an amber liquid in front of him.

You were about to ask Earl if you could go check on your friend when he handed you your drink. “There you go! Enjoy!”

“Thank you.” You took a sip of the drink and let Earl pull you back into a conversation. Soon, with some alcohol in your system, Newt had left your mind.


“And that’s why I don’t think I’ll be invited back to Germany any time soon,” Earl finished and you giggled.

“It wasn’t your fault. Anyone could have made that mistake.”

“Y/N, their entire ministry building was in ruins. Accident or not, I doubt I’m welcome.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” you gave in. “Their loss though.”

Earl smiled at your words and you blushed when you realised what you had said. He got that look in his eyes and you knew what was about to happen. He slowly leaned towards you and you helped close the distance. His lips pressed softly against yours and your hand immediately flew up to run through his hair. He pressed himself closer to you.

A loud grating sound coming from behind you brought you back to your senses. You pulled away and turned to see what the cause of it was. Newt’s chair was pushed back and he was pushing people out of the way as he made a beeline for the door. Queenie and Jacob hurried after him, apologizing to the disgruntled people Newt had shoved.

“I have to go,” you said apologetically. “My friends…” You gestured to the three people causing the scene.

“Okay,” he replied disappointedly. “It was nice to meet you. Come back if you can get everything under control. I’d love to see you again.”

“You too.” You pressed a kiss to his cheek before scurrying after your friends. Newt pushed through the door and into the cool late night air. Queenie and Jacob followed soon after and you sped up to make it out after them.

“What’s going on?” you asked in concern. “Is Tina okay?” Tina had been forced to stay late at work and you had been expecting her to show up at the bar. You’d left a note to tell her where you are.

“It’s not about Tina,” Queenie reassured. “But it’s about Newt.”

Panic flooded your head and you sped up, stumbling in your heels. Newt was almost flat-out running by now and there was no way you’d be able to catch up wearing the shoes you were. You stopped for moment, breathlessly pulling the tall heels off your feet and continuing to run in just your stockings.

You had soon caught up to Newt and you reached out and grabbed his arm, forcing him to stop. He turned to you, face void of any detectable emotion.

“What’s going on Newt?”

“Nothing. I’m fine just tired.”

“You just ran three blocks! Something is definitely going on!” You pried.

“I said I was fine!” He yelled and you stepped back nervously. Newt was rarely angry and you had never seen him like this before.

“You’re most definitely not fine. Now, tell me what the hell is going on!” Your patience had worn thin. You were tired and cold and your feet hurt and your heart was beating fast from all the running and the worry that was flooding you about Newt.

“You want to know what’s going on! I’ll tell you! I’M BLOODY IN LOVE WITH YOU! And it scares the hell out of me. I didn’t know it was possible to love someone as much as I love you. And then I looked over and some guy was trying to suck your face off and his hands were all over your body and I-I just lost it.” He finished lamely, looking down at the ground.

Your face froze in an expression of shock. Newt Scamander, who you’d had a crush on for a year, had just confessed his love to you in the middle of the street at almost one in the morning. You had no idea how to react.

“Now you know,” Newt sighed, running his hands through his hair. He started to turn away from you but you grabbed his arm and forced him to stay where he was.

“I-I think I might be in love with you too,” you whispered in a small voice. His eyes grew wide and a tentative smile spread across his face.



“Would it be alright if I kissed you?”

“It would be more than alright actually.”

You stood on the tips of your toes and pressed your lips eagerly to his. If you’d thought your kiss with Earl was nice, this was like heaven. Newt held you tightly to him, the only light coming from the streetlights and the only sound the cars on other streets and the footfalls of Jacob and Queenie as they tried to catch up with you.

“I told you they were in love with each other!” Queenie squealed excitedly, clapping her hands.

“I never said I didn’t believe you. You can read minds; I’d be an idiot if I doubted you.” Jacob reasoned. “They do look pretty in love, don’t they?”

You grinned into the kiss.


Character: Newt Scamander

Prompt: (Specific Request)

A/n: I really had to go on whim about what would make this absolute fluff of a character get angry apart from hurting his animals, which I couldn’t bare to have the reader do. So I understand if it’s a little random :,)

One of the things that originally drew Newt to you whenever you first met, was your great enthusiasm for his work on magical creatures. You were more skilled with crafting charms, but you always enjoyed your Care of Magical Creatures class.

After initially meeting in Bulgaria, the two of you continuously exchanged letters before seeing each other again in Ireland.

That was whenever Newt insisted that you join him on the rest of his journeys since your charmwork would be beneficial to his work.

However, the more truthful reason would be that Newt wanted to keep you around as a companion of sorts.

Charms helped with entertainment during the long amounts of time you spent traveling. One of Newt’s particular favorite was whenever you charmed his teacups to have legs so they waddled and danced around.

And when there was a considerable amount of downtime, you helped him with casting silent spells, something he never quite mastered.

As time went by, Newt began developing feelings for you and shortly after that, you were together.

It worked really well between the two of you, since the both of you were gentle beings so arguing was a scarce thing.

However after awhile, you became increasingly more worried about him.

You still encouraged his profession as a magizoologist, it’s just that with the amount of dangerous escapades he went on, you were starting to fear for his safety. The amount of times you used healing charms and your vast knowledge on healing to save his life has reached uncountable measures.

Of course, you had no idea how to bring this up to him without it causing some kind of rift.

So you opted to keep quiet on the matter, instead waiting in the case for Newt to return and heal whatever he had managed to injure his time.

You sat at one of the stools in Newt’s shack as you waited yet again.

You managed to managed to find yourself some company with Niffler, a creature who had become rather fond of you ever since Newt showed him to you.

He stood on the edge of the desk, looking up at with you curious eyes as he noticed how gloomy you were starting to become.

You reached out and pet it’s head. “Don’t you worry, I’ll bring it up eventually.”

“Bring what up?” Came Newt’s voice suddenly from behind you, causing you to nearly fall off your chair.

Newt smiled, momentarily pausing to place a kiss on your lips before he removed his coat.

You returned a smile, though it was much fainter than his and you mentally sighed at seeing the scratch marks on him.

“Another rough time?” You asked quietly, standing up as he took off his waistcoat, setting along with his coat.

“Not really, I lost sight of the Griffin for a moment and then it surprised me.” He explained, slightly grimacing as you cut the fabric around his wounds, trying to ignore the painful pull whenever you had to remove it.

You frowned immediately upon seeing the deep scratches, the bleeding wasn’t as bad as usual but seeing it along with the plethora of scars that lined his back.

Again, you silently held back your thoughts, refusing to start an argument it.

“Are you alright?” Newt asked, immediately noticing the heavy atmosphere around the two of you. “You seem very quiet.”

You waved your wand, fixing up the final scratch as you sighed heavily. “Nothing for you to worry about it.” You answered, placing your wand on his work table.

“Please tell me?” He asked, taking your hand lightly in his after changing into a new shirt.

You sighed again, taking your hand out of his as you tried to form a way of explaining it to him without upsetting anyone.

“I…don’t think you should go on as many of these creature hunts anymore.” You said hesitantly. “At least not on your own, it’s just that it’s dangerous and-”

“You don’t think I can handle it.” He finished, starting to become upset.

“No! It’s just that in the last month I have reset the bones in your arm at least five times, and all the scratches and bite marks have gone beyond concerning.”

“I didn’t realize that it had been such an inconvenience for you, I won’t ask for your help on it anymore.” Newt said plainly, turning away from you.

You didn’t know what had gotten into him, perhaps it was the severe loss of sleep that made him more agitated. “That’s not what I said.”

“Then what is it that you’re trying to tell me?” Newt whirled around to look at you again. “Because it sounds like you want me to stop doing the thing that makes me happiest.”

“What? No I’m not-”

“Sometimes I forget why I asked you to join me in the first place.” He said sharply, obviously not stopping to think before he spoke.

You went quiet as you stared at him, eyes slightly widening at his comment.

The both of you looked floored, and Newt’s face instantly turned into one of regret.

“I-I didn’t mean-” He started, attempted to take a step towards you but you kept the distance.

“If I really have been such an inconvenience to you then I am sure I can find somewhere else to go.” You told him calmly, reaching out for your wand.

Newt’s hand instantly stopped you from doing so, latching onto it desperately. “I’m sorry, I-I am so sorry.”

You didn’t look at him, keeping your eyes fixated upon your wand.

“I don’t know why I said that, you were just trying to help and-” He stopped himself, looking at the upset look on your face. “I really am so incredibly sorry, it was unnecessary.”

You let out a long exhale as you looked up at him for a second before casting your eyes elsewhere again. “Yes it was.”

Newt held back a sigh of relief, finding a simple sentence better than the silence. “I didn’t mean what I said, and I sincerely hope you’ll forgive me. I would never, ever want you to leave me.”

You kept quiet for a few more moments, finally meeting his gaze again. “I suppose I’ll forgive you this once.”

A smile formed his face in relief as he quickly pulled you into a tight embrace, kissing the top of your head. “I really am sorry.”

You wrapped your arms around him, noticing that Niffler had returned to his spot. “Next time I can’t promise I’ll be as forgiving.”

Newt rested his head ontop of yours. “There won’t be a next time, I swear.”

to protect you

Group/Member: BTS // Jungkook

Genre: Angst, Bodyguard!AU

Word Count: 2.428

Prompt: AU w/ Jungkook 17
I’m trying to protect you but you’re seriously just fucking with me now stop running around along rooftops and geT BACK HERE BEFORE I TIE YOU DOWN. (bodyguard!AU)

Summary: So originally my idea was to make this a more lighthearted and funny one shot, but it ended up being loaded with angst and I LOVE IT. I felt like i was back in touch with my classic writing style while writing this and I hope that you all receive it well <3 Sorry for errors, I’m a lazy bum when it comes to proof reading. Also feel free to send me feedback or request from my lists below <3

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The best time and place to watch the sunset was on top of castle right before the official super began. Jungkook had learned that after the countless times he’d been forced to chase you up there. He’d also learned that the sunset was best seen on the north side of the castle. All areas revealed a beautiful expanse of sky, but none quite as good as the North. The fluidity of the colors as it almost felt they were melting into one another. Beautiful pinks and red blending in with the darkening blues. Fire orange and yellow radiating from the sun itself before it tucked itself away behind the far-off mountains. Jungkook had marveled and grown up watching these sunsets while serving for the royal family.

From the time of his birth, his duty had been you. Watch over and protect the princess, even if it meant losing your own life. You were the only heir to the kingdom, and when the time came where your father could no longer serve his country as King, then it would be you who stepped in as Queen. As children, the weight of the situation had never been as stark or hard to understand. Back then, your status’ hadn’t meant much. You had played in the same rooms, with the same toys, and had snuck around the grounds hand in hand. You were Jungkook’s only friend, as was he to you.

As years passed however, understanding settled in more and more of the situation you were both in. He was part of the royal guard, your personal body guard as many would say. Though greatly respected, there were also very clear boundaries that were not to be crossed.

As soon as childhood had begun to fade into adolescence, Jungkook had been drilled and taught that being a ‘friend’ to the princess was not his job. He was to act accordingly and fulfill his spot as your personal bodyguard. Joining you to every meal, being aware of your whereabouts at all times, and most of all assuring that you were not hurt.

Like any member of the royal court, your life could be taken at any moment. Assassinations were not uncommon in this time and age, countries and regions often fighting to take one another over. Your father had had his own number of close calls throughout his life, but like Jungkook would do with you, his royal bodyguard had kept him safe.

While Jungkook had done as he was told and slipped into his role, quietly standing behind you, you had been a bit more hard to convince. Many nights, Jungkook had stood outside of your father’s quarters, listening to your angry and loud voice as you demanded that Jungkook be removed as your bodyguard if it meant that you could have your friendship back. You couldn’t handle the stoic look that was always on his face, or the way his features rarely changed anymore when you two were together. You knew he was doing his job, but you hated he good he was at it.

“I want my friend back Father!” he’d heard you wail through the wooden door and stone wall.

“[Y/N], you know perfectly well that Jungkook is the most qualified for his position. He’s been trained since birth for this position and you knew that. Now behave like a princess should and quit worrying about such nonsense things. You have lessons tomorrow morning, so you shall return to your own quarters this instance.”

Secretly, whenever Jungkook heard this fight, a small spark of hope would ignite within his chest. Deep down, though he would never admit it, he hoped and prayed that your father would give in. Give his one and only daughter the one thing that she wished for the most. It was a pointless hope though, and he knew that it would be best to smother the flame before it turned into something much more dangerous. So Jungkook would always silently follow you once you’d excited your father’s chambers. Acting as though he had not heard a thing, covering the pain that was deep within his heart, and pretending that it was never there to begin with.

You and Jungkook were no longer children, and somewhere you had realized that no amount of begging to your father would make things go back to the way things used to be. You knew that Jungkook would never willingly asked to be released of his spot, and you would never ask him to do so. So where do that leave you?

“Lady [Y/N],” the title made you wince, though Jungkook was unable to see so as he stood a few feet behind you, watching as you stood still on the ledge of the castle. “If you do not climb down this instant I will have to drag you down and inform your father of where you’ve been running off to.”

The tsk sound that left your lips only made Jungkook’s hand twitch. It was a threat he’d made many times, but had never gone through with. On the roof of the castle, he’d known that this was how you escaped your stress and woes. Despite how ridiculously stupid and dangerous it was, the light breeze that blew the few lose strands of your hair and brushed against your face was one of the few remaining things that felt like your childhood.

“I think we both know you won’t do either of those things.” The statement was true. Jungkook knew that you wouldn’t hurt yourself, and he also knew that he would never rat you out to your father. Doing so would make it so that you’d never be able to come to your safe haven again; if that happened then Jungkook knew you’d never forgive him.

“Everybody is waiting for you. Dinner will be beginning soon.”

“Then they can wait a little longer. I’m not ready to leave.”

Jungkook had no response to this. As your bodyguard, he had no right to give you orders. If you said you were staying, then so be it. He would remain here with you to assure that you were safe. The fact that he followed that so closely frustrated you more. The man that stood behind you may have the same name and appearance as the boy you’d grown up with, but he was not the same person.

Hands hanging down in front of you, they clenched around the fabric of your dress, frustration laced within their clutches. “Do you enjoy standing behind me like you do?”

It wasn’t the first time that you had openly confronted Jungkook about your frustration in regards to your relationship. Jungkook wasn’t sure that you understood the battle that was constantly raging within him when it came to you. Did you not realize that he felt the same way? Did you not realize that if he didn’t do his job, and that if he were to dishonor your family he could have his life taken for that? Did you not realize that he wanted to protect you? That he wanted to make sure that nothing ever bad happened to you?

“I’m afraid I don’t follow the question my lady.”

You spun so quickly on your heel that Jungkook was almost certain that you were going to lose your balance and fall to your death below. But you were quick on your feet and had leapt down with ease, eyes blazing as you looked at him.

“I mean, do you enjoy being in my shadow. Do you like being the emotionless person that you have become? To practically be a slave to his palace and wordlessly follow every single command that is thrown at you. If I told you to fling yourself over the edge of the castle right now would you do it?”

Jungkook took a deep and steady breath through his nose, willing himself not to fight you back. He knew how you could be, and it wasn’t worth arguing back.

“Well?! Would you!?” you yell again, hands clenched as you stare him down.

“Lady [Y/N], you know that I would not follow such a command, because then I would not be able to fulfill my job in protecting you.”

The scream that left your mouth could have rivaled that of a wild animal. You wanted to run over to him and slap him. To force back the person that you had known and loved all through your childhood. You wanted the man that you had fallen in love with to come back. You didn’t want this version of Jungkook anymore. Instead though you only turned back around and leaned over the edge, elbows propped on the stone as you buried your face in your hands and hid your tears from him. No matter how much you thought that Jungkook had changed however, he knew you too well. He could tell by the quiver in your shoulders and the hunch in your back that you were crying. He knew that he was the reason, but also knew that there was very little that he could do. Going and comforting you like he may have done as a small boy was not allowed, and he knew that once that barrier was broken, there was no going back.

He cared for you though – deeply for that matter – and something deep down told him that maybe this one time would be alright to show some comfort. Stepping forward he quietly made is way so that he was standing beside you. It wasn’t very often that he was in a position to look straight at you. Usually he was watching your back and the areas around you, or when he did see you it was because you were angry and yelling like a few minutes prior. Now though, as he looked at you from the side, he could see that despite your young age, the responsibilities of your position were taking their toll. He could see the tired droop in your face, could see the discoloration underneath your eyes from not enough sleep. He could see the way your posture drooped when you weren’t fully aware of it.

“I stand behind you before I care for you.”

The snort that you make, though meant to show distaste, comforts Jungkook. At least you’re still listening to what he has to say.

“I care about you [Y/N], despite how angry you may be with me.” The sentence causes your eyes to shift over to him, a little shocked that he didn’t use your title before your name. It had been years since you’d heard him only speak your name.

“I know you may hate me for the choice that I’ve made…and sometimes I hate myself as well. But at least when I stand behind you, I can always be sure that you’re safe. Behind you, I can watch you grow and learn. One day I will be able to stand by you and watch you become the best queen this land has ever seen. I can’t wait for that day to come,” he said, eyes soft and gentle as he looked at you. It felt like you were standing next to your Jungkook; not your bodyguard.

“Run away with me.”

Jungkook was not a man that was easily startled. He’d been trained to expect any sort of attack and react on pure instinct. As well as that, he had heard a number of things leave your mouth, both obscene and inappropriate, but had always been able to keep a straight face. This however had cracked his armor. The look of shock on his face was enough to prove it as your piercing gaze remained on him. The sudden increase in his heart taking more than a couple deep breaths to settle down. Somewhere within him, it felt as though that flame was being fed; becoming larger and hotter.

“Please, stop looking at me like you’ve never thought of this before,” you begged. “Somewhere I know that the boy I fell in love with is inside of you.” Turning, you reached out for Jungkook, biting down hard on your lip when you grabbed onto his arm, continuing to speak before he could pull away. “Let’s run away and be happy somewhere else. We won’t tell anybody; we’ll just leave in the middle of the night.”

Never before had Jungkook seen such desperation in your eyes. You were fanning the flame within him, and though he knew that he shouldn’t be listening, should stop you before this could become any more out of control than he could handle, he couldn’t pull away from your grip. How long had it been since you had had contact with one another?

“Say something,” you begged when an agonizing couple minutes passed by and he hadn’t said a word to you. You were a smart girl though, and you could see that Jungkook was fighting something. You could see in his eyes that he wanted to agree and be reckless. “Run away with me Jungkook…before we’re lost forever. Forget this kingdom, we’ll move to the countryside. No one will know us, and we can live on our own. We could farm, and live off the land. I know it will be different but- “

“My lady.”

Never had two single words shut you up more quickly. Like stones, your hands fell back to your side, releasing him. Almost instantly Jungkook wished that he be touched by you again. With his head hanging, he bowed quickly in apology and took a few steps back.

“I’m sorry, but you must be attending dinner soon. Everybody is waiting…”

Disgust, rage, frustration, pain…every single one of those emotions engulphed you. You put on a brave face though, lifting your chin up high as you looked Jungkook right in the eye.

“I hope that one day you can stop living in fear and listen to your heart. When that day finally happens,” you said in a stern voice as you began to walk away, back once again facing him, “don’t expect me to be waiting obediently.”

The words hurt, but they were exactly what Jungkook needed to extinguish the flame within him. If he had been born into any other position he would have fought harder for your love, but that was not his role to play. His job was to protect you, and to see that you be safe as you became this lands queen. Even if he died from the inside out while doing it.

“Yes my lady…I understand.”

Uh, Tampons?

Hey guys! This was originally posted on ff.net. I hope you like it :)

Percy Jackson was having a completely normal and routine morning. He got up, somewhat made his bed, got dressed and left his cabin. Like every morning, he walked across the common to get to Cabin 6 to say good morning to Annabeth, his girlfriend of 2 weeks, and walk her to breakfast. This part of his morning was his favorite. Consistent, peaceful, and no monsters. He kicked a little pebble and it flew a short distance in the grass, lying a few feet away. He kicked it again, and again, and again, and before he knew it, he was standing in front of the Athena cabin.

The consistency of his morning broke when Annabeth was nowhere to be seen. She was always standing on the porch of her cabin ready to go. This morning, the porch was unoccupied, and the cabin was quiet.

Percy’s eyebrows knit together, and he looked around. He concluded she must have just been running a little late, so he stepped onto the porch and took a seat. He froze when he heard voices coming from inside the cabin. Normally, he would’ve been fine by it, but these voices sounded kind of pissed off. He recognized his girlfriend’s voice right off the bat.

“…I can’t believe I ruined them, I always keep track so this doesn’t happen!”

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