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I'm curious, do you have any other thoughts on the 3x07 Hook and Neal scene? I never knew what to think of it myself. I mean, on the one hand, he does seem genuine in his thanks. But on the other hand, his little smile that he can't seem to hold back (in the second to last gif) makes me think that he might have not been so oblivious to the fact that Neal didn't know, and might have told him on purpose. I mean, trying to be the bigger person or not, jealousy sucks.

See the full gifset from Dark Hollow Hookfire!Anon is referencing by @someone-like-robsten 

I don’t see that at all Hookfire!Anon. You are implying that Hook deliberately set out to hurt Neal or that he wanted to stake his claim on Emma  and neither of those things are in character to me. 

Hook cares about Neal. He came to Neverland in large part because of him. When Pan gives Hook the option he chooses Neal without hesitation. But his feelings for Neal live in the abstract. All his emotions are tied to the boy he knew not the man Neal became. And yes that man happens to by vying for the same woman he is…so that makes it even more complicated. But that doesn’t equal a desire to hurt Neal.

Hook struggles with jealousy from the moment he overhears Neal promising that he will never stop fighting for Emma. Certainly he wants to be the one Emma chooses. But he knows it’s Emma’s choice so staking a claim or warning Neal off by bringing up The Kiss doesn’t fit either. So what is going on?  

Let’s break down the scene

They go back to Neal’s cave where Hook probably feels a ton of guilt because it’s where Bae spent centuries alone because of Hook. The second they are alone Hook starts the conversation with an air of reluctance–he can’t even look at Neal. He was waiting for an opportunity for this conversation but he doesn’t want to have it. He thinks Neal already knows about the kiss and likely wants to clear the awkwardness away since they all have to work together. 

Why is he thanking Neal for being understanding? Because he assumes Neal knows about the kiss and that Neal would be hurt by it. I think he is trying to tell Neal that he respects him for the way he is handling the situation. He is trying to be an adult about it all. 

Neal is clueless and so Hook spells it out for him. He is all “our dalliance” aka The Kiss, the most life changing lip-lock in all fairytale-dom. 

LOOK at his face! He looks offended that Neal hasn’t heard about this earth shattering event. Later when Emma’s asks Hook why he told Neal about The Kiss he says it’s because he “hoped it meant something”. Neal not knowing about The Kiss tells Hook that it really was “just a kiss” Which can’t have felt great. Even though he isn’t entirely sure he is worthy of Emma Hook wants her to want him, to choose him. 

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I wonder though how easy would it be to make the Iron Fist - Danny Rand not straight though? His actor is pretty popular for playing Loras in Game of Thrones so I mean it wouldn’t be a crazy move right?

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ive been questioning my sexual orientation, and I've come to the tentative conclusion that im pan. How can i know for sure (without trying to do stuff with people)? Is pan problematic? Thanks!

I think it takes time to know for sure and there’s no need to rush it! You will know when you know. You don’t need to “do stuff” with a lot of people if you don’t want to. You can absolutely know for sure even if you haven’t done anything sexual/romantic with anyone. Almost everyone goes through this and finds it hard to know what to label yourself. And that’s totally fine!

Margot Robbie deserves some kind of award for putting up with all this. Her performance rescues some stunningly bad dialogue (“Normal is just a setting on a dryer,” she says at one point, channeling a tween Myspace page from 2002), and she somehow portrays a sympathetic version of Harley Quinn despite the cloud of sexism threatening to engulf her at any moment. Meanwhile, director David Ayer can barely get through a scene without panning the camera over her butt.

*bangs pots and pans*




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Is Bra's character being written out and/or combined with Pan's in DBS?

I’m not sure I follow you, Anon.  Bra (I like to call her Bulla), hasn’t even been written in to Dragon Ball Super, at least not yet.  So I don’t see how they can write her out of the story when she hasn’t even been introduced.

As for “combining” her with Pan, I don’t see how that’s possible either.  Pan’s just a baby in DBS.  I will say that this may have something to do with why we don’t see Bulla in the show.  For all intents and purposes, Pan and Bulla are basically the same idea at this stage: Part-Saiyan infants with fantastic powers.  Someone in charge may have nixed the idea of bringing in Bulla because she would be redundant.  I think that would be a mistake, since she’s already been established in DBZ, but I can see where someone might want to put continuity on the back burner for the sake of the story. 

Alternately, Toriyama just forgot about Bulla altogether.  Let’s face it, she was one of the very last characters introduced in the original manga, and she was little more than a spectator for the final chapters.  Toriyama forgot about Super Saiyan 2 and 18′s hair color, so forgetting Bulla doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.  It bullshit either way, but there it is.

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SHES BISEXUAL! Not bicurious. She calls herself bicurious as a joke.

um? no? correct me if I’m wrong, and i very well could be, but I’m pretty damn positive she uses bicurious as way to explain that she is questioning her sexuality but pretty positive she likes both genders. she could be very using bicurious because she a) is still questioning her attraction to either gender and wants time to figure it out without identifying as straight until then or b) because she could be open to being pan too but wants to time figure it out without identifying as straight until then

people actually identify as bicurious, and perhaps it’s stemmed from audrey’s character, but i’ve seen it as a valid way to describe oneself and i support that wholly. Some people don’t want just “questioning” because that isn’t always taken seriously. Neither is bicurious/bisexual sadly sometimes, but bicurious can be more comforting to people. 

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do you stand with the fans who are hating on josh pan for taking down one of leafys videos? even though leafy used his music without asking and didn't even credit him

No. Josh Pan absolutely should have been credited, and it would have taken Leafy all of 5 seconds to do it. Josh also tried to contact him via Twitter, but he was ignored. If Calvin didn’t want another strike, he should have taken the time to contact Josh, but instead he decided to be petty.

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LMFAO @ that edit but by anti standards wouldn't Pan be the whole reason for the show? Like without him Rumple wouldn't exist and Regina wouldn't be the EQ. Or maybe Eva is the whole reason for the show. With no Eva, there's no Cora tripping and dropping her bags of flour, no Cora meeting Rumple, no Cora naming her kid Regina, no Eva having Snow White. Yes, Eva is the most important. No Eva No Show

exactly, but like w/o adam and eddie there’s no show so what even is the point

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Slight Au: After Rumple sacrifices himself to defeat Pan he isn't revived. Instead the storyline continues without without Zelena's time spell plot until the underworld arc (with Neal potentially replacing Hook). Belle accompanies the gang to the underworld wherein she unexpectedly bumps into Rumple. His unfinished business is her and the assistance she moves on and finds happiness. (Belle can or cannot have had Rumple's child)

Tech’s shoulder injury is sort of weird due to the nature of it. The strength of his arm isn’t really diminished because Tech’s been really careful about treating it and keeping his arm exercised. But he’s still got limited mobility and some loss of sensation. He can’t lift his elbow higher than his shoulder, but there isn’t very much pain. Not unless it’s forced past that point and then y’know it might be painful enough to make him pass out. %D Because something probably tore because there are some muscles missing that let him extend his elbow higher than his shoulder.

So at first glance, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything wrong, until you notice one arm doesn’t lift as high as the other and can get wounded a LOT more than the other or that he can grab pans that are really hot without it bothering him as much. Or that when he’s climbing, one arm is doing most of the work while the other one is just keeping him from falling. 

Though it’s much more noticeable in the cold, when his arm freezes against his body and is entirely useless.


@pennarr Tin case review

What I like about this tin is that it can hold a large amount of pans. It can hold up to 78 half pans & 39 full pans without the added bulk. The tin is thin and slick, it has a silver glossy finish so if ever you mess with your paints you can easily clean it up. The dimension is 23 x 12 x 1.3cm. If you are OC like me, you need to be gentle with this tin because it can easily catch a dent if mishandled but I still I enjoy using it coz when the case is open it doesn’t occupy too much space like the normal black watercolor tin cans that we have in the market. If you will compare this to a 24 set tin can when open they occupy just the same space.

If you buy their set, aside from the tin can you get 78 half pans with magnet, 2 black felt mats for wiping your brushes, 6pcs full pans and a watercolor paper sheet for swatches. Pretty neat right?

So anyway, finally I transferred my 37 full pans of White Nights and 7 Sonnet metallic watercolors all in one case 😄

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        “Good.” Tara answered, grinning a little as she carefully deposited the frying-pan into the sink. It went without saying that spells were a fickle thing, no matter how experienced the caster or casters might be. As she needed any reminder, all Tara had to do was look behind her and see the result of a spell cast with just a slight mistake on both of their parts. It was all temporary, of course. The spell itself had purely been cast with a period of twenty-four hours, but watching after a child-like Willow for that long? Not an easy thing by anyone’s standards.

            “Are you still alright on juice?” 

Adopt an S.O. (That is me)

Listen im cool, im hip with the kids, i have my papers and references. You can ask them “yo @spitblaze how about this rob dork? What comes with this hullabaloo getup?”
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