with one of her first and one of her last appearances

I’m crying, my mom just came home to visit, while I was watching one of YOI’s episodes, and she got to the last minute so of course the ending was already playing. I went to the kitchen to get her something to drink, and so I didn’t bother to stop the episode, minutes later I hear her yell from across the room, “okay who’s that handsome boy that appeared just now?”, so I was like “which one, the white hair or black hair boy?”, but she was like “no, no! that blond one with the beautiful green eyes and smile”… AND I WAS LIKE “OHH YOU MEAN CHRIS… WAIT CHRIS??!”…

So yeah it was all coincidence but the first time my mom comes and sees something related to YOI, the first thing she starts to love is freaking Christophe Giacometti, yeah I’m proud.

i’ll count this as character design since she is also drawn as a fictional character and i was talking about ginga earlier but takahashi is one of the last people i’d expect to mislabel a wolfdog. this is a cold case so these were basically the only photos of hanako i could find. but from them i think its safe to say she was not a real wolfdog. i do not know how much he believed this or if it was fabricated just for her manga insert, i can’t find any info aside from the wiki.

if hanako was somehow a real wolfdog, she would be no higher than a low-content. the wiki photo and bottom right photo are most telling to me that she does not look wolf, the first one in particular reminds me almost of a malamute’s triangular eyes.

 i wish that photo of her sitting included the feet because would be very telling, but the chest does look too wide for a wolfdog.

appearances aside i think the most telling think is the story. supposedly hanako is a wolfdog from los angeles that is half ‘siberian’ wolf. siberian wolf is not a separate species but might be referring to the eurasian wolf subspecies of grey wolf. regardless, wolfdogs bred from any imported wolf parent is extremely rare and usually a red flag.

all that being said, i am not an expert on wolfdogs. somebody with experience and more knowledge is welcome to dispute me.

Protection (Gaston Imagine)

Request:  Could you do a Gaston one where the reader is being teased and every time it happens he comes to her rescue until he finally admits he loves her?- @lunarwolfspn

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Something weird was going on. Every time something bad was happening to you Gaston would suddenly appear and ‘save’ you. It has happened a couple of times now and it was starting to get old.

First Time

The first time wasn’t to bad just a couple of girls being rude like always.

“Look at her dress. It looks so hideous.” One of the bimbettes laughed and pointed at your (f/c) dress. The other two looked at you and started laughing as well.

“It looks like it was made by a child.” The shortest one elbowed the tallest one as she giggled. “Can you believe she left the house wearing that?” The last cackled.

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Son direction! Cheryl gives birth to a baby boy with Liam Payne
Cheryl and Liam Payne have had their first child, a baby boy, born in a private ward at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, last week.

She is one of Britain’s biggest stars but managed to keep her pregnancy hidden for an astonishing eight months. And now it appears Cheryl has gone one better – keeping the birth of her first child a secret, too.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the former X Factor judge had a boy last week in a private ward at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, with her partner, One Direction singer Liam Payne, at her side.

The 33-year-old kept fans guessing for months before confirming her pregnancy in the most public way – at a L’Oreal photoshoot, in which she posed in a close-fitting black dress and cradled her bump.

Friends said at the time that she had kept the pregnancy a secret because she didn’t want to ‘jinx her happiness’ after years of bad luck in relationships.

Cheryl first spoke of her desire to be a mother back in 2012, telling GQ magazine: ‘I love kids, I’m obsessed with babies. I know that’s what I was put on the Earth to do – to be a mother.’

And she revealed that she already had a favourite boy’s name lined up: Alfie.

Speculation that the singer had already birth grew last week after her fans pointed to strange activity on her Instagram account. The former Girls Aloud singer ‘liked’ several friends’ baby bump photos, and asked for tips on childcare from her chum Kourtney Kardashian.

Liam, 23, also shared a cryptic tweet that read: ‘Creep around and stay quiet in the morning’ – taken by fans as a sign there was a baby at home.

The couple first met in 2009 when Liam, then a wannabe pop star, auditioned on The X Factor.

They started dating early last year, when Cheryl was in the process of divorcing her second husband, the French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

Serial Killer AU(Part 5)

Here we go again! What a nice smutty and fluffy chapter we had last time huh? Lol, the calm before the storm. The next part will probably take a couple more days to be written cause it is the ending.

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3| Part 4End 1| End 2|  

Marinette was what one would consider way too relaxed for someone who was on the way to a crime scene. It had been the first one in three weeks and she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Since a certain night on the roof, the mysterious murder stopped appearing. Every person in the department was on the edge about something big happening, something unexpected. And it seemed like it came. When they got the call, the person o the other side said they can’t just explain it through the phone. They had to come and see by themselves. Tikki was gritting her teeth, obviously not happy with the development. Marinette bit her lip. It couldn’t have been Adrien. He texted her telling her he was working on a special project just half an hour ago.

Once they reached their destination, the technical crew along with Marinette and Tikki got out of the car and headed towards the side alley. The crowd was already restricted on that sidewalk and the road had been blocked save for the police force. When they reached the murder scene, Marinette felt her heart beginning to beat frantically. On the side of the alley, across the wall nine people were hanging, their bodies impaled on the building in such a way that it formed a huge heart.

So that was the special project.

Tikki was barking orders left and right, but Marinette couldn’t take her eyes off the wall. Anger aside, she couldn’t help, but feel a little flattered. Hell knows how much time he spent putting this plan together to create this thing when it wasn’t even dark outside. She will still kick his ass for this, though, no matter how flattering it was.

Marinette was raging. She slammed the door of Adrien’s flat behind her as she walked in the living room. He was just taking off his mask when she stormed in. He glanced at her surprised before a smile took over his features. It looked rather odd when he only had his cat lenses without the mask.

“Princess! So good to see – ouch.” he settled his palm over his cheek and looked at her surprised. “What did I do to deserve that slap?”

Marinette was fuming. “Nine people at once? Are you insane?”

He shrugged. “No, I wouldn’t say so.”

Marinette glared at him, before her eyes changed to something he couldn’t quite place. A mix of sadness and exasperation. “Why are you doing all this?”

“Oh, buginette. You are still focusing too much on me and not enough on them in this whole.thing.” he leaned over, pressing a loving kiss to her forehead. “Now, if you excuse me, I need to wash all the scum off me. There is sole meunière in the fridge if you are hungry.”

Marinette watched him disappear behind the bathroom’s door with a frown on her face.

Checking the background of the victim was a downright nightmare. She got special permission from the département de l'information to use their database. Adrien’s words were haunting her. What in the world was about those people that she wasn’t focusing on? The research of the deceased hadn’t gone too far, that was true. They had no close relationship or family, their job situation was nothing out of normal, neighbors confirmed there was nothing that could give off the vibe of a conflict with anybody. After she realized it is Adrien doing all this, she thought it made sense. She knew all he had been through with losing both his parents and she was sure he would never pull someone else through that pain. So what was about these people that made him kill them. Adrien never showed any tendencies to criminal, let alone homicidal behavior. She was missing a key piece here and he had given her a vital clue. There was something about these people. Marinette kept scrolling through the file. Until she found something that made bile rise in her throat. Opening a new tab, she accessed the file of another victim. Her eyes bugged out. She kept going through the different files, feeling both sick, but also satisfied enough she finally got a pattern.

Marinette leaned back in her chair with a sigh. Pulling out the phone that wasn’t tracked by the services, she dialed Adrien’s number.

“Ma choupinette!” Adrien’s cheery voice exclaimed through the speaker. “How are you?”

“It’s not your place to serve them justice,” Marinette stated, getting directly into the topic. “There are authorized institutions to do that.”

“You finally caught up! How sweet of you, ma minette, but do answer a question of mine. Did they do their oh so called job?”

Marinette bit her lip. They didn’t. All of the cases were swept under the rug and the identity of the assailants was kept anonymous or simply declared unknown to the public, even though they were very much known by the people in charge of the investigations. Still, it didn’t justify murder. “There are international organizations that could have taken care of it then.”

“And who would have brought it to them when they are kept secret by the people who were supposed to solve them, huh?” Marinette’s shoulder fell. He was right. “Admit it, princess. They would have never been brought to justice. Someone had to do something.”

Marinette inhaled. He had a point, but… “Over ten people, in two months. Do you know what will happen if you get caught with murdering all these people?”

She didn’t need to be there with him to know he was smirking smugly. “Good thing that I won’t be caught. Also, buginette, please, let’s not refer to those things as people.”

Correct. She shivered in disgust just thinking about the reports. Yet, there was still something out of place. “How did you get all the information from? How do you know how to find these people?”

“Oh. A wise old turtle is kind enough to guide me when it comes to that.”

Marinette frowned, before sighing, not sure what to do or say anymore. “Why all the love declarations? And your oh so called gifts.”

Adrien chuckled. “Oh, my declarations of love were as honest as they could be. And well, didn’t you know cats bring corpses as gifts for their loved ones?”

“You are not a cat.” Marinette stated, somewhere between amused and worried.

“I’m your cat. And… wait, hold on.” Marinette tapped her fingers against the desk as the noises of Adrien speaking with someone else echoed through the speaker. “I have to go buginette. We have a midnight photoshoot for a new perfume. I’m sure we can continue our little chat another time. See you tomorrow morning?”

“Yeah. See you.”

“Go home and sleep, mon cœur. Je t'aime.”

“Je t'aime aussi.” she said before closing the call.

Marinette fell on her mattress with a heavy sigh. Her whole body was screaming from how much she had stayed awake. It was well past three when she arrived back from the department. Both her heart and head felt heavy and her moral compass was spinning like crazy.

There was only one thing she was sure of. It can’t continue like this.

Paris was terrified. People who would never be targeted by Chat Noir were too scared to go out of the house. It was a constant state of panic that took much out of the life of the city. But at the same time, Adrien had a very good point. If no one was bringing these people to justice through the legal means, then someone had to do something.  It didn’t surprise her at all Adrien would like to bring justice, hell knows she wanted too. But killing something just doesn’t come without a toll on your mental state. Adrien needed help.

Marinette covered her face with her palms, trying to concentrate on something on anything that could solve this whole mess that was going on. She wasn’t sure how much she stayed like that, one thousand different scenarios and outcomes running through her mind. Blinking a couple of times, she took her phone off the night desk. After a quick search, Marinette nodded, knowing what she had to do.

Yet, she couldn’t help, but open her phone gallery, checking or a specific picture. She took in the contents, beaming smiles, and happiness. Who would have guessed they will end up in this situation? Marinette run her fingers over the screen of her phone. She could feel tears pricking at her eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

I’ll never be over the fact that Daryl showing up on Carol’s doorstep and finding her against all odds - that alone was enough to absolutely floor Carol. The last person she ever expected to see at her door suddenly appears, and that overwhelms her. That impacts her so deeply. 

But then on top of that, Morgan tells her the next day that “Daryl didn’t find you because of me”. Meaning even though Morgan kept Carol’s secret, even though he didn’t give away any hints as to where she was - Daryl still found her. 

She’d tried to get away, tried to run from love, and this is not the first time. Daryl always finds her, and this was foretold when she tried to leave the Father G’s church in the middle of the night, thinking she could slip away and no one would notice, no one would be that hurt.

But Daryl noticed. And Daryl was hurt.

It’s the same this time; Carol departs from the group leaving a note saying that she loves them, etc… But again, she does not think that her doing this will devastate anyone. She doesn’t think that anyone values her so much that they’d be crushed by her leaving.

Then Daryl shows up at her door, devastated and crushed that she left - that she left him. 

Maybe she thought that this time it would be different. Because she’d distanced herself from him and tried to shut him out, perhaps in hopes that her going wouldn’t affect him this time. 

But Morgan was right; it was too late for her to get away, and Daryl showing up at her door - Daryl, representing the very love she admitted to walking away from - proved that. She can’t leave without hurting him, and he’ll never not try to follow her because she means too much to him and that’s not going to change. She can’t change that. 

Carol can try to leave, she can try to hide and isolate herself, but when Daryl found her, all on his own and against all odds, I think it showed Carol that this is what would always happen. He’ll always find her. Her leaving will always devastate him. 

Gimple could’ve had any other member of Team Family show up at Carol’s door, but he chose Daryl. Because of course it would be the most important person to Carol, the person who loves her the most and who she loves the most - to show up at her door represent the love she’s running from - the love that goes even deeper than familial. 

In doing this, Gimple made it canon that Carol can try as hard as she can, run from her whole family and shut them out, but no matter what she does, Daryl will always be that one exception. The one person she can’t shut out or run from because he will always find her, and she will always let him. 

You don’t establish such a deep significance in a bond like that for nothing. 

Why Azula is one of my favorite characters

I Iove Azula. Since she first appeared I admired her strength so much. She was so powerful, only one look and she made everyone shake with fear. And she was only a child. I loved her bitchy attitude, how she had no mercy, when she tricked people, I loved her evilness. And I know these are the reasons why many people don’t like her but in my case it just made me respect her.

But Azula had feelings too. “The Beach” is the episode that shows this the most. When she spoke about how her mother had hurt her or when she expressed she just wanted to feel like a normal teenager for a night. Even more important to me, she immediately apologised to Ty Lee after making her cry and admitted she was just jealous of her. Azula: the most prideful character of all, because she cared about Ty. This is the reason she started cracking towards the end. Her friends, the only people she felt she could trust betrayed her, leaving her alone.

Azula just loses her mind in the final episodes and that broke my heart (I couldn’t stop crying I stg). She was 14, and she had been expected to be the perfect child her whole life. To become as powerful and evil as her father and the next Firelord, with Zuko being the shame of family. 

My point is: Azula was wicked, and i loved that side of her, but I also loved how she was shown to be human, capable of loving in her own way. And all the bad stuff she did was because she had been taught to be that way. Now, I’m not defeding her, because Zuko had been educated in the same way but chose the right path. I’m just saying that she had been raised in an eviroment where the only thing she knew was hate and destruction, so it doesn’t surprise she ended up the way she did. And in the end, she deserves as much love as any other character.

How Elena and Stefan could possibly be endgame in the finale, aka my “sired soul” theory...

Elena in 4x01 spent her last dying breaths as a human to tell Stefan that she loves him and how he is the best choice she ever made. 

So how does one go from saying all of that and simply fall out of love so quick? (Without having to say it was due to bad writing or fan servicing, because if I was a DE fan I would be pretty pissed off at the way they brought them together.) 
Be warned this is kinda long! 

Well what if when Elena was transitioning into a vampire (during the first few episodes of season 4), her human soul was slowly being replaced by a new vampire one created by the sire bond and this new soul is basically a reflection of the desires of the soul to whom she was sired to aka Damon. She still appeared to be in love with Stefan the first few episodes but it also seemed like her old self was slowly fading away along with her feelings, (basically all her good qualities which made her who she was). What if the sired soul made her more like Damon and obviously made her do Damon-like things? Because let’s face it Elena from season 4 on wards was a completely new character/person. 

The reason why this could have happened was because firstly Elena never wanted to be a vampire and also maybe and probably more likely because when she died at the end of season 2 John gave Elena his soul, a soul that replaced Elena’s so that when she woke up it would be as a human and not a vampire (as that was what John had wanted). So when she died at the end of season 3, her soul which John gave her didn’t want to accept the transition into a vampire hence a new vampire sired soul was born, giving her basically new and all the annoying qualities that Damon had.  

This could explain how her feelings for Stefan never got heightened, because deep down in Damon’s soul he didn’t want Elena to be in love with Stefan. He wanted Elena to love him instead. Elena said she still loved Stefan, but she was not actually in love with him. Wouldn’t that be basically just how Damon feels about his own brother, right? 

Otherwise it just wouldn’t make sense from a story pov, not a shipper’s but a story pov how Elena just kinda forgot this strong built relationship she had with Stefan.

Now here is my opinion on the only way I see Stelena possibly as endgame based on all of this because I wouldn’t want the vampire Elena to get back with Stefan, especially after all the shit she put him through (that would be so selfish and Stefan deserves much better).

When Elena took the cure, she didn’t appear to have any significant changes to her character she was just a human again right (although she did kinda flirt with Stefan at the wedding)? However Elena was only a human for a few days/weeks (few episodes, just like in the beginning of season 4) before Kai cast the Sleeping Beauty type spell on her. 

So what if after all these years while Elena was in that coffin (cause we have no idea what happened in her mind during all this time), her human soul slowly came back, the same soul which was very much in love with Stefan even after testing the waters with Damon (who I personally saw as a metaphor for temptation/being greedy)? 

 And when she wakes up the last thing she remembers clearly is telling Stefan that she chose him (whilst she was transitioning) but her memories of them as a couple as they were slowly breaking up are fuzzy/blurred because that wasn’t actually her. 

Then Stefan realises that Elena 2.0 was never the girl he fell in love with but just a walking reminder of her and that his Elena from seasons 1-3 would never hurt him/break his heart like new vampire Elena did. 

After this Stelena then have one of their epic reunion hugs and just stare at each other like they can’t believe they are in each others arms again and they finally kiss and slowly slip back into their old feelings/lives. Oh and Stefan takes the cure and is human again too.

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And basically Damon all along had never been with Elena but has been in a weirdly twisted relationship with a version of himself essentially in the vessel/meat suit (had to use the spn references) of old Elena. It’s kinda disturbing but that’s kinda the only explanation I have for ‘who the hell was Damon dating then if it weren’t Elena?’. Plus his reaction could be funny!?

As for SC to not be a thing anymore, I hope Klaus comes back for Caroline and reminds her of this moment and boom no more sc wedding or a divorce.

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But yeah that’s mainly my opinion/theory for a human Stelena endgame if I could write it! :)

(All gifs/pics aren’t mine) 


Also know as Imagine travelling with the Company, and Legolas stalking you because he likes you. 

A/N - First of all, I’m sorry its a day late. Well two days late. I finished it last night and was too tired to check through it so I did it this morning on the way to Manchester. I appear to be obsessing over Legolas at the moment (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Yes, its in third person again I just couldn’t get second person view to co-operate with me! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :) Constructive criticism welcome. 

Words - 1,866
Paring - Legolas Greenleaf x Reader 

Legolas knew there was something special about the human when he first saw her. For one, she was fighting amongst dwarves, which was almost unheard of. Secondly, she was beautifully feisty especially when she was defending her friends. Thirdly, she saved his behind from one of the monstrous spiders of Mirkwood. That was the reason he often found himself volunteering to guard the prisoners, much to his father’s dismay. He even found himself giving her more food than her fellow captives.
Even then, the odd little human didn’t pay any attention to him. Sure, she smiled in thanks when he gave her food but other than that she didn’t seem to know he existed.
It was insulting really. A prince shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to be noticed by a mere mortal.

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Gul Madred, and his offspring Jil Orra. Gul Madred is hardly the first military officer to bring his child to see his “work”, but his offspring is one of the most noticeable.

Whilst grey and blue are most common, followed by red, Jil’s colour is the most rare among Cardassians. That she is so unusual gives away a time long ago when Cardassian society was not so homogenous, when pockets of civilisation had been isolated from each other. Even now, the branched filaments of her mane (far different in texture to the unbranched filaments of Cardassians such as Garak or Dukat) are most commonly associated with the green colouration, even though branched and semi-branched filaments can occur in any Cardassian (Seska is one such example). Jil inherited her colour from both of her parents, and the slight green tint to Madred’s scales can be seen in the correct light.

An unusual trait Madred and Jil both share are unbranched filaments on the body (noticeably the chin, but also appearing on the arms, legs and spine). Around only a quarter of Cardassians have this, but it appears on any colouration in equal measure. Jil’s other parent does not have unbranched filaments on their body. As well as inheriting Madred’s unbranched filaments, she also inherited his eye colour - again, the rarest on Cardassia, making Jil a very unusual sight.

Here’s a portrait of them I did two years ago which has some more info about the above.


 Even someone as burned and dead on the inside as me knows better than to underestimate the simple, yet undeniable power, of human love. - Peter Hale.

Human love, it can be either friendship or a relationship. Love is such a strong, powerful thing. Just because Lydia was the last one to remember her memories and just because the riff opened right after, does not mean that the love Scott and Malia have for Stiles isn’t important or powerful, because it is. Each of their memories contributed to that riff opening. Each memory, each emotion they felt while remembering Stiles all had their own significance. Some people need to stop downplaying Scott and Malia’s memories, and other people need to stop diminishing Lydia’s memories.

Scott’s love of friendship made way for the riff to open, Malia‘s memory of her first love nudged it that bit more and Lydia remembering the guy she is in love with caused the riff to appear. Not one of them could have done it by themselves. Each one of them played their own important, significant role in helping bring back Stiles.

sense8 headcanons
  • Riley being the one who will stroke everyone’s head until they fall asleep when they’re sad
  • Capheus giving the cluster badass driving lessons, but Will says they’ll get speeding tickets, so they stick to the speed limit
  • Nomi helping Lito to come out (but in the end he listens more to Amanita’s advice)
  • Lito and Nomi teaching the cluster how to be charming as hell
  • Wolfgang, Will, Lito and Sun spending “quality time” at the gym or the shooting range
  • Sun and Capheus training martial arts
  • Wolfgang asking Kala how to blow things up efficiently
  • Will being extremely embarrassed everytime he talks to Lito
  • Nomi (not so secretly) shipping Lito and Will
  • Kala being the one who first thinks about things and wants to discuss them, before being in trouble (but nobody listens to her)
  • Wolfgang appearing when Kala talks to people and spontaneously kisses her so that she gets all flustered
  • Nomi and Riley surprising Capheus with a flight to San Fran (what he doesn’t know: Nomi hacked the airport security system and didn’t actually buy the ticket)
  • Sun asking the group if anyone wants to do her sewing hours in prison
  • Nomi collecting all their cellphone numbers for Amanita so that she can call and facetime them
  • Amanita, Hernando and Daniela being official members of “the cluster gang”

darthnim  asked:

Jaune and Pyrrha have kids; how many, how far apart, and what are each of the kid(s') appearances?

Four kids, first one’s a boy, second one’s a girl, The last two are twins, one a girl and one a boy.

First one is born way earlier than the others, when Arkos are only about twenty. They got a little too enthusiastic during their honeymoon, and forgot to use birth control. He has his mother’s red hair, his father’s height and build, and oddly yellow eyes. He’s tan from spending time in the sun, but is as naturally pale as his parents. He wears his hair in a warrior’s wolf tail.

The second child is born with a little more preparation, when they’re nearing thirty. She has her mother’s red hair and, but has her father’s eyes, height. She’s tall, and slender and strong as a blade. Her hair is swept back in a pony tail, similar to her mothers, though she prefers a ribbon to a circlet.

Their third and fourth children are fraternal twins, born three years after their second. They both have blonde hair, unlike their elder siblings. 

The boy is a few inches taller than his mother, matching his elder sister in height, but falls slightly short of his eldest sibling, who in turn is slightly shorter than their father. He is the stockiest of the Arc kids, who tend to be more svelte, though not nearly as muscular as his grandfather. He has bright green eyes and an easy smile. His hair is short and mess, like his father’s.

The girl is the smallest of their children, shorter than her mother and having a slight build. She has blue eyes, and is arguably the most clever of her siblings. Many are surprised by her strength, but, like her siblings, she inherited her father’s aura in full. She keeps her hair extremely long, and in an elaborate braid that still manages to fall to her waist.

Devoid Of Color

Y/N was just Harry’s whore, or he thought so. His sugar baby just decided to have deeper feelings.

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Oh my goodness I cannot tell you how surprised and delighted I am that my little written-in-one-rush bit about Merrill has pleased so many people. Obviously I should write about Merrill more.

I have a lot of headcanons about Merrill, like, so many. One is the one that I think everyone who’s thought about her for more than ten minutes has–that she is not nearly as naive or foolish as she appears at first glance, because a lot of her naivete is based on being thrown into an environment that is incredibly foreign to her, and even more than that, being told that she’s going to have to live there for the rest of her life. By the time she sets up in Kirkwall, she’s never lived in a city in her life–she’s never even lived in a town or village in her life! she has lived with the same small, interrelated group of people since she was like five! the last time she had to live with a stranger, it was when she was a tiny child given to Marethari!–and suddenly she’s having to deal with a ghetto in a really big city, where she doesn’t know and can’t possibly get to know everyone. (I mean, the equivalent would be sending Varric off to live with one of those Dalish clans you encounter in the Exalted Plains–and telling him that he could never come back to the city, to any city. He’d flail around at least as much as Merrill does in Kirkwall. I think he knows it, too, which is why Varric is one of the companions who is most pleasant to Merrill.)

And of course, language difference. I flatly disbelieve that elves speak an unaltered version of the Common Tongue sprinkled with the words of elvhen that they’ve managed to retain, also unaltered. I mean, not because I don’t think they’d try, but because that would last for precisely one generation and then they’d have children and those children would turn it into a creole, a full-fledged new language with elements of both. Because that’s what happens, children will nativize two distinct languages into one new language. Honestly I am firmly convinced that the Dalish speak a Dalish language, and the Keepers and Firsts try to maintain at least some of the ‘unaltered’ Elvhen language for historical purposes, and that the relationship between Dalish and Elvhen is quite similar to the relationship between Yiddish and Hebrew. And then those Dalish who trade frequently with shems also know the local language–usually Common but not always–although they don’t speak it much among themselves.

So what I’m saying is, the other thing that makes Merrill look silly or foolish is that she’s constantly speaking what’s probably her third language, in Kirkwall. When she tells Carver that someday he’ll be the best sworder in Kirkwall it’s not because she has no idea what a warrior is–but in that moment she can’t remember what on earth word you use in Common for that, and ‘sworder’ is what comes to her tongue. That is, actually, a pretty darn accurate representation of what it’s like to communicate in a language that you are mostly but not perfectly fluent in: once in a while the vocabulary gets away from you, once in a while you fumble and make up something comprehensible but that a native speaker would never say. Good grief, when she doesn’t understand why the brothel has nothing to do with broth, it can’t possibly be because she has no idea what sex work is–to be brutally blunt, the Dalish are in constant danger of slavers; I can’t imagine any Dalish beyond early childhood, but especially not a First, who isn’t aware of the dangers of sex trafficking, although they wouldn’t use that word for it. She just doesn’t know what the place is called.

That isn’t to say that she isn’t a sweet person. You can be a kind person, a caring person, without being an idiot. (I shouldn’t have to say that, and yet so often there’s this assumption: smart people are edgy and snarky, and, corollary, kind people are only kind because they’re too stupid to be snarky. And yeah, I think that’s the third puzzle piece in why people so often perceive Merrill as silly or stupid.) Merrill is kind almost to a fault–I mean, y’all know I love Fenris, but in Act 3 he’s telling Merrill that everyone would be better off if she was dead and at the same time she’s making sure that Aveline is keeping an eye out for him, making sure he’s safe. She cares, an enormous amount, including about people who actively wish her ill. She’s sort of shockingly compassionate for someone who can make all the blood in a person’s body boil. 

And all of that, all of that, is a precursor to why I believe down to the soles of my feet that Merrill–in between and around attempting to fix her eluvian, which at that point is pretty much her last remaining tangible connection to her people–automatically, almost instinctively begins acting as if she was the Keeper to the elves of the alienage. She’s smart, and she cares, and this is what she was brought up to do. And maybe some of what they need, she can’t do with magic anymore. So she’ll find another way to do it. There are more than one path through a forest, after all.

“Ugh. Ghouls. I can’t even stand to look at you.”

Beatrice was bartering with a merchant, they had made a stop in some middle of nowhere settlement. She stopped in the middle of her sentence, dropped the item she was haggling over and whipped around.

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twenty-one things

twenty things lily evans knows and one thing she doesn’t

 In her six years at Hogwarts, Lily Evans has learned a lot of things. She knows where all the classrooms are, even with the staircases and doors switching and disappearing every so often. She knows her Professor’s idiosyncrasies – Professor Slughorn is easily flattered, Professor McGonagall is kind behind her stern exterior, Professor Flitwick topples off the book-stack he stands on if you master a Charm on the first try. And of course she knows all her friends, knows how Mary takes her tea, how Marlene doesn’t like cutting her hair ever, how Remus constantly loses his socks (and how this appears to be a running joke between him and his friends). And, despite herself, she knows quite a few things about James Potter.

 She knows he is left-handed. She found it out the first week of first term when he insisted on sitting on the right side of Sirius so that their dominant arms clashed elbows with every scoop of their forks. The result was the plate of bacon upending as soon as she reached for it.

 She knows he calls his parents by their first names. This took some time to discover – she went years overhearing James go on about Monty and Mia and it wasn’t until fifth year when Sirius cursed and jovially shouted, “Monty’s here!” to James when an older man entered the Three Broomsticks, that Lily realized the two were his parents.

 She knows he is a Puddlemere United fan. She learned it at the beginning of second year when they got back from summer holiday. If one could ignore the bright red badge always fastened to his robes, it would have been nearly impossible to ignore his incessant talking about the match his father took him to and how brilliant it was. (Though she pretended otherwise, she was incredibly jealous.)

 She knows he likes the library table by the window. She realized it in fifth year when the whole year was locked up in the library for hours on end in preparation of OWLs. She noticed the way he sat half facing the window so he could stare outside between reading and scribbling.

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why you should all pay attention to eto

Eto is one of the most important characters in the series, and has had such a huge impact on so many characters. Her influence in the series is unmatched. Just consider the part she’s played in Kaneki’s story so far:

  • Her appearance in the last arc was foreshadowed in the first few pages of the first chapter, when Kaneki drew her.
  • Her book was how Kaneki and Rize met.
  • Kaneki used Takatsuki’s book to provide context for his ghoul transformation, and this is possibly why Rize appears to him when he’s being tortured: he’s already started considering her to be his ghoul mother in the third chapter.
  • Eto created and leads Aogiri. She ordered the capture of Rize or the ghoul who smelled like Rize – Kaneki.
  • Her books allow Kaneki to bond with Hinami, and also Tsukiyama.
  • She’s the one who sent Seidou in to fight Sasaki. She sent Seidou in specifically to fight Sasaki.
  • Takatsuki’s book is how Sasaki finally found out the spelling for Kaneki’s name.
  • Not to mention the connection between Kaneki comparing his transformation to Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” and Takatsuki’s first work being titled “Dear Kafka”.

And consider the effect she’s had on other characters, because there is seriously no other character who has had such an impact on so many other characters.

  • Yoshimura’s feelings of guilt over seeing what happened to Eto after he abandoned her are probably the reason he tried to save so many ghouls from their violent lives – he created Anteiku and saved all the employees because he wanted to save his daughter.
  • She gave Amon information about the CCG’s corruption and caused him to start investigating the CCG.
  • She caused the Yasuhisa twins to start doubting Kanou, and lead to Kurona leaving Kanou to work with Amon.
  • She provided resources and subjects for Kanou to continue his experiments.
  • Her very existence as a half ghoul probably sparked Kanou’s interest in his experiments in the first place.
  • She’s personally destroyed so many CCG families and caused so many feelings of hatred toward ghouls: like Akira’s mother and her father’s drive for revenge, or Urie’s father, or taking Juuzou’s leg but more importantly taking his father figuer and the only person who made an effort to reach out to help him.
  • In Root A, it was specified that Eto was the one to drop a hint to the CCG about Anteiku. Whether this is what happened in the manga or not, she definitely knew that the information had been leaked. (Tbh, I think she did arrange for the CCG to attack Anteiku in the manga too, considering it provided the perfect opportunity for her to kidnap her father and plenty of CCG investigators to use for half ghoul experiments.)
  • She helped turn Amon and Seidou into half ghouls – she was specifically the reason that Aogiri took Amon and Seidou. She noticed Amon before and took an interest in him. Seidou was taken because he happened to be with Amon when Aogiri showed up.
  • She recruited Hinami to Aogiri.

If all of that wasn’t enough, she’s obviously the strongest ghoul in the series.

  • She’s currently the only SSS ghoul (a rank she earned at age 14) and has been a high priority target of the CCG’s for over a decade now.
  • The only one who can even stand against her is Arima.

And then consider her goals:

  • She’s out to take out the CCG and in all likelihood V – the two major organizations that represent and maintain the current structure of the world.

Eto is crucial to the series. This story could not have happened without her. And she’s going to be cruicial to the final arc and the ending of this series. Watch her. Every time she shows up or is mentioned, it’s going to be important.


The Atelier Sophie feature from this week’s Famitsu reveals a few cool new details, not the least of which is the return of one Logy from Atelier Escha & Logy. 

The Logy of Atelier Sophie is a bit different from the one in the last game however. Logy is a 24 year old Blacksmith who has traveled throughout the world. He returns home for the first time in a while, and opens up his own shop. His dream is for the weapons he makes to travel throughout the world with their owners. He’s an old pal of Sophie’s.

As always, Pamela is around, and the sister at a local church. She also runs a nursery school, and is pretty much famous throughout the town. There isn’t a soul there who doesn’t know her name.

We also get some information on the Doll Make system, which functions not unlike from the basic alchemy system. Basically by using certain items to create Plachta’s body, you’ll get different effects on her stats and even change her appearance. Will you choose Plachta’s body-type based on her usefulness in combat, or for the character design?

As noted a ways back, Atelier Sophie has a proper day night cycle. Famitsu goes over a basic in-game day. In the morning, Sophie heads off to gather materials. She arrives at her location at around midday. However, there are also certain materials and monsters that can only be encountered at night, making it worthwhile to go out in the dark. There are also days off which feature special events, and even a weather system which affects which items can be acquired.

I was initially pretty shaky on Atelier Sophie due to the not-so-hot initial character designs, but I’ve since turned around on the whole thing. Now to dig up my copy of Atelier Escha & Logy.

I had heard in New York that the casting couch was a way of life in Hollywood: it posed no threat to me. For one thing, my mother was a constant chaperon, hovering over me like a Secret Service Agent. For another, I had been brought up to believe that you only went to bed with the man you married. In my day girls married younger.

I heard Bette Davis say once, and I agree, that the casting couch existed only at a certain level. It tempted the fringe people, the women-and men-who lacked talent or confidence. At best they might have picked up a bit part. They were not smart enough to know that it wouldn't last. Once they came across, the bosses didn't want them around.

When Miss Davis was appearing in one of her first movies, a secret door slid open in the wall of her dressing room and in walked a studio big-shot. She was sitting at her vanity table, brushing her hair. She looked up and said hello. And kept on brushing her hair. He stood there, waiting. After a while, he said, “Nice to have seen you, Miss Davis,” and left by the same hidden door. She had not known why he was there, and he was smart enough to make a discreet exit. She didn't recognize it as a pass. Innocence can be very effective defense.

Most common were the stories of studio heads who promoted careers of their sweethearts. That was different. Relationships were involved, and often these unions were not cheap or insincere.

- Gene Tierney (Self-Portrait)