with no teeth

i’m still really in love with the idea that sans and pap don’t actually “speak” in the sense that humans do. instead of somehow forming words automatically while moving their mouths, they just, kinda have these disembodied voices they use to communicate with while in reality they just sound exactly like those fuckin skyrim skeleton and draugr enemies you constantly have to fight.

papyrus, being who he is, just wants to be liked, picks up the habit of moving his jaw to the “rhythm” of his voice since that’s what every other monster with a mouth does. He’s completely unaware that he sucks at doing a convincing job and therefore unintentionally making himself even more of an unsettling presence. and he can’t stop himself from emitting hissing and grinding sounds whenever he’s excited or surprised. so it’s like. you hear him go “I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU SINCE YESTERDAY!!!” but at the same time you get to hear the worst “HHGGKHHGHKKKKHH” sound you’ve ever had to listen to in the background.

sans, of course, doesn’t bother with moving his jaw. if people can hear and understand him just fine, then why waste the energy? there’s no one else in the underground his voice could be mistaken for anyway