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I get a lot of questions about how I get my gifs to be under the Tumblr limit. Considering there are quite a few different methods to reducing the size of a file, I thought it would be a good idea to just compile them all into one post so that I can link that from now on when someone asks.

Hopefully this little tutorial will help you out if you’re struggling with getting gifs under 3MB. If you have any questions after this tutorial, feel free to send me a message.

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brillek  asked:

Tumblr tells me that 1/2 of your recent post contains sensitive media. Do you think Tumblr fucked up on my side or your side?

Can’t believe flowers and tiny dragons are now considered SENSITIVE MATERIAL to tumblr…
Honestly…I have no idea what to do about this. 
Tumblr screwed up so badly.
My blog NEVER contained any sensitive material except perhaps one or two swear words being used in some of my comics.That’s it.
But tumblr has marked my blog under sensitive material in a way that I myself cant view and have no control over. I have no idea how to end this and my anger grows with each day because I never know if my next post will be marked as “not safe for work” and wont appear under the safe tumblr search.

If anybody can help me in this matter, please do. Right now Im just shrugging it off because I ran out of ideas on what to do.

We quit cold turkey
Because otherwise it kills us
Don’t you hear?

Listen to yourself,
Because you’re killing yourself
Can’t you listen?

I’m trying to see what kind of idea you have
that you want to spout
But for some reason,
It makes me wonder how you breathe,
rattling alcoholic lungs like the bottom of a bottle
But we’re done
Like we’re done
So now we wonder
And yell
Words reflect and shake
And shudder
Like an old flapping rubber, rubber wheel

But you’re just old, and tired
With bending backs that don’t want to work
Wanting to quit but you can’t
So what left is there but the fog,
Equally broken in the middle of a fussy tantrum
As the bough quirks in the corner,
And starts to heave up dry for your lungs to collapse

So, it’s in this way that I’ll never understand
Lords of the dead
Just as dead and sad
And bitter like
Bitter brethren
Who can’t get over
But you can’t see yourself, spreading spittle
like a rabid animal whose eyes are glass
I see you and your glass eyes too
Rim red and itching like a rash,
It’s sad and a sham and I wonder for you
Like if you wonder for yourself
The same way we wonder about you too

It seems in spite of that you would rather just watch,
And wait to sink blunt little quips like achy little cramps
Jutting into old bones and tired mouths,
Just to lay us down faster
But why should it be easy for anyone,
When we all know you’re just tired
And venting the throes of issues that are old and tedious

We only quit cold turkey
Because any other way kills us
Like blood like fire
It’s all red like our eyes if you can’t see yourself

So I wonder if in the morning,
If you can see yourself
And how you will think of the things you say
Like if you actually ever hate yourself
Or the thought never comes up
Because you’re so stable in your head
Old misshapen screws to hold it together
When you talk about us or anyone else,
It could have fooled me
Like I’m the butt end of the joke
The bottom of the bottle
You’ll never actually see me until morning
But rather you don’t want to see it
Too ashamed or embarrassed to admit such
a thing had happened from your mouth

It’s okay, you’ll never see me in the morning
I can stay at the bottom of a bottle
Where it’s quiet
Where I reminisce,
Where I wonder how you found the quiet chaos
It rumbles and shakes up your brain,
makes you want to take a shot off the deep end
Straight into liquor and a warm haze
Forgetting the stress, makes the pressure easy
For what else would you want the burn for,
if not to gather the teeth in your mouth
and split it for a smile.

It’s not done.
But I’m done.
I’m quiet
I reminisce,
I wonder when I will find my quiet chaos.
The beehive buzz splitting the inside of my skull,
stunning me to stolid visions until I spew venom
Until I can relieve the stress and forget the pressure,
chewing and chewing and chewing my  gums
Until I forget what my teeth are for,
Split it for a smile,
If nothing else.

I want to run and claim the finish line in the end,
but maybe if you jump first
stew and stew and stew
Until death becomes putrid and indescribable
Because we can only quit cold turkey,
tired and calling for death that much faster
Otherwise everything else will just kill us,
If nothing else.
—  soren j. // 2016.12.17. Cold turkey death i’ll never be free from smoke

anonymous asked:

why do u think hamilton was bi or gay?

Blows raspberries

Technically I don’t? Like, as a historian I don’t, as a dumb fan on the internet I’m willing to wave my bi pride flag around him all day.

But I guess personally, sexual identity in the 18th century is a very contorted topic because sex was at such an interplay with power and heriarchy in society that it’s unfair to assign definitive MODERN sexualities to historical figures. A lot of people who engaged in sodomy would maybe still define themselves as straight today because of the understanding of how sexual intercourse and sexual contact was sort of separated from this idea of gender pre-enlightenment.

So I usually use the rule that anyone can sleep with anyone but in real actual historical discussion, don’t use definite modern terminology, it’s very unprofessional.

BUT for the value of Tumblr which isn’t populated by trained historians: he might’ve loved men more than was traditional.
and I’m bisexual so therefore, in my greedy, greedy eyes - so is everyone else.

Porcelain Puppet

Mother conceived in her maidenhood the abstract
idea of a daughter named for the babydoll
she coddled in cradle caged girlhood, her best
imaginary friend.

I was born a Build-a-Bear brainchild
from the womb of a prophetess who preached
how to play pretend, fulfill her prophecy:
my purpose her living vicariously
on a shelf amongst cobweb safety nets.

She said the proof of porcelain
lay in my pale skin, but I cut the strings;
scar tissue evidence of healing
proving I can move and I am living
without her puppet master’s pulling.

oh heck it's not a meme or a recipe what scatter brained idea does Alex have in store for us now

I’m starting a self love(?) fitness(?) share your recovery tumblr page

I’m think about adding 5-10 people at first to see how it goes (LMAO IF THAT MANY PEOPLE WANNA DO IT)

I want it to be like (my goal for it to be like) is a safe space for all genders, races, sexualities, and ages to be able to come together in a happy HEALTHY sort o way

Like there will be set challenges for different weeks (set by admins, heavily influenced by those who were added) whether is exercise challenges or pet a dog or go for a stroll

And people who were added are encouraged to post updates/meals/tips/body/how they’re doing/bad jokes and updates (pictures and text posts :3)

You get what I mean.

As of rn message me if you wanna be in it.

Those I know/who I see most actively in my tumblr will be added first (this isn’t a punishment for those who aren’t. It’s just I trust them more and need that as this is a test run)


Master Post For Secret Witches

From @witchthatiam






Ill be adding more secret witch resources and secret witch help as I find them and storing it on my online Grimoire. For more secret witch help HERE

Follow me for more secret witch help and more <3


There is nothing worse than dealing with a depression caused by your greatest happiness. How scary is it really, to admit that your happiness and enjoyment of life relies on one individual. You’re not sure whether this is true love or just some infatuation with the idea. But regardless of all that, we give and give and give until we give them the power to destroy us. Why are we like this?
Master Post for Beginner Witches

Remember that you don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, and this list isn’t a requirement for witchcraft, just suggestions. Don’t let ANYONE invalidate you as a witch. Whether you have been doing this for 5 mins or 50 years, you are still a witch. Special love, energy, and snaps sent to all the people responsible for these amazing posts: ♥

Basic Information/Anthology etc.

Good things to research when you don’t know where to research (START HERE)

Types of Witches & Witchcraft

The Boring but IMPORTANT Basics of Witchcraft

Beginner Witchcraft

Crystals to Have on Your Altar (Altars aren’t required but if you do use one, this may be helpful)

Familiars (The Who What Hows)

The Goddess and the God (If following a Wicca Path, and just remember you need to find the path just for you. No one else can tell you how/who to worship)

Spell/Ritual Work

Ways to Cleanse

Magick of the Moon Phases (Familiarize yourself with this, many witches use the phases of the moon for spells, rituals, etc)

Spirit Work for beginners 

Crystal Cleansing (Important if you are going to work with crystals)

Salt & Witchcraft (You know witches love their salt)

Spell Writing Tips for Beginners

Divination Tips for Beginners

Spell Loopholes (A Must Read)

Reading a Candle

Color Magick (Lots of great ideas on how to include color witchcraft in your daily routine)

Simple beginner Spells 

50 simple Charms

Stock Up & Set Up! (Materials, meanings, etc.)

Basic Herbs List

Magical Correspondence and foods

Cleansing and Charging Items

Some Crystals for Beginners

Crystals/Stones Grouped by Use

Witchcraft Basics plants


Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖

“Welcome back to the family!!!”

You know when you feel like something’s missing all the time? When you walk into a room and you stop in the centre of it and look around because you already forgot why you went there in the first place? When you feel like there’s no purpose and no motivation in your life anymore and your heart stutters in your chest because there are difficult times ahead of you and you have no idea how to pull through? When all you feel like doing is giving up? But you don’t. You don’t because every mistake we make, every stroke of fate that tries to tear us down carries a hidden lesson to learn from. Why do you think it is that we have to climb a mountain to get the best view of the stars and why we only appreciate the light if our world’s been plunged into darkness? Isn’t it amazing that we’re still here and that it means we haven’t given up, not once?
—  we’re still here/ n.j.

A nice city (small and big) I finished up today (forgot that I had it, finished it up in like 5 mins my dudes)

and guess what guys, I once again used the amazing @8pxl  ‘s tutorial which can be found –> here (I learned how to use hyperlinks, I feel like both an idiot and a genius at the same time, a gediot if you will.)

(I like how they look like a loong thing when put next to each other, also still learning how to do water effects, I have some ideas, but they are hard to execute in Gimp, and Sai is just not cutting it for pixel art)

Get it one redbubble! –> XXXXX

ideas of exercises to help with your practical art skills, as well as things to keep in mind while making art and new ways to find inspiration:

  1. draw every day
  2. recreate a drawing you did before, but better
  3. draw something using only simple geometric shapes
  4. do studies of famous artworks
  5. listen to artists explain their work, it’s super interesting
  6. take life drawing classes (or use online photo resources)
  7. find an artwork you love, and work out why
  8. draw caricatures of friends
  9. set a 1 minute timer and draw an object as quickly as possible
  10. draw something you can’t see, eg. music, emotion
  11. research artists you admire and find out how they work
  12. think about composition: what stands out, what recedes etc.
  13. find a famous artwork you hate and work out why
  14. sit outside and draw the landscape
  15. copy a photo exactly
  16. draw a scene from a film
  17. draw the contours of an object not the outline
  18. visit an art exhibition near you
  19. draw your bedroom
  20. look up tutorials online - there’s so many useful ones!
  21. practise creating contrast between light and dark in pictures
  22. research colour theory
  23. do a self portrait
  24. learn about art history! Research different movements etc.
  25. try a new medium
  26. consider the feeling you want to portray with the artwork
  27. draw without looking at the page
  28. draw a character from a book you’ve read
  29. draw something you don’t usually draw
  30. look at your pictures in the mirror to help you see problems better
  31. follow artists and galleries on instagram for inspo
  32. draw an ugly object in a beautiful way
  33. try using only bold, bright colours
  34. plan your colour palette before starting an artwork, and stick to it!
  35. if you usually work in 2D, make something in 3D
  36. always remember to add shadows
  37. draw an object which is important to you
  38. use 5 lines to depict an object, make every line count
  39. draw using negative space
  40. always draw from life when possible!
  41. think carefully about which direction the light is coming from
  42. study proportions and anatomy!! 
  43. draw your pet
  44. research items symbolic meanings in art
  45. make an art blog to compile images that inspire you
  46. draw using only straight lines
  47. try accentuating any subtle colours in an image
  48. draw models from fashion websites
  49. sketch with friends! They always have great ideas
  50. keep drawing even if you find it hard, you improve with every mistake!

{my art masterpost might also be useful to you} 

Good luck! xx

>> Black♥Jack Masterpost! <<

Hello everybody! Today is finally the day I write a Black♥Jack masterpost with all the related stuff up to this point! I didn’t even write a single line of this post and I’m already sweating, I detest the way Tumblr uses HTML… ugh.
I must state something first: all this art has been made by Rem289, but I am, for the most part, the author of every story and concept. I know it may sound a bit pretentious, and I’m perfectly aware of the fact that is Rem who does most of the job, since I don’t even know how to draw a three, but I think I should at least claim what is mine – that is, the idea which moves every drawing.
That being said, cut the chatter and let’s go!

♠) Black♥Jack storyline:

♠) Zoom on the Black♥Jack characters:

♠) Extra involving Black♥Jack characters:

I’ll update this post whenever a new part of something comes out! Hope I didn’t forget something, I and Rem surely did a lot of art together… and that’s beautiful!
Can You Guess Which Football Signals Robonaut Is Doing?

Meet Robonaut, our humanoid robot (which means it’s built to look like a person). This makes it easier for Robonaut to do the same jobs as a person. 

Robonaut could help with anything from working on the International Space Station to exploring other worlds…and now he might even take up a job as a referee!

We had Robonaut act out a few football signals. Can you guess what they are?!

Signal #1

Signal #2

Signal #3

Signal #4

Signal #5

Signal #6

Signal #7

Signal #8

Signal #9

Get the answers:

But it’s not all fun and games for Robonaut…from performing movements like a referee to helping astronauts on the space station, it’s important to have a robot that can perform the same tasks as humans. Why?  

Robonaut could someday be tested outside the space station. This testing would determine how well Robonaut could work with, or instead of, spacewalking astronauts. Designers even have ideas for sending a robot like Robonaut to another world someday. If testing goes well, who knows where Robonaut - or a better robot based on Robonaut - could end up?

To learn more about connections between space and football, visit: https://www.nasa.gov/football   

To learn more about Robonaut, visit: https://www.nasa.gov/robonaut2 

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com

the signs as blog types
  • Aries: geologist, college student, amateur photographer. Always shows up in "recommended blogs" even if you have no interest in admittedly cool rocks. Science Side of Tumblr©
  • Taurus: pokémon blog, has 2 followers, used to be a personal blog but descended into fandom shitposting. #Has #no #idea #how #to #use #the #tagging #system
  • Gemini: theme designer, is never active but has 5,000 followers somehow, probably part of xkit staff. Has caused the website to crash at least twice
  • Cancer: ask blog, frequent personal vent posts, has no idea how to censor stuff so the post doesn't show up in the tags. Gives brilliant advice that nobody listens to
  • Leo: animal blog that sometimes will accidentally reblog furry art but nobody calls them out because they're too pure. Roleplays disney characters. Fantastic mutual.
  • Virgo: photojournalist, fashion, the occasional thinkpiece. Has never made a typo in their life. The only one to use tags properly as a categorization system
  • Libra: really just here for the shitposts. Has started at least 12 memes in the past 3 months. Reblogs the occasional teal stimboard, has a ridiculously unreadable theme
  • Scorpio: feeds off The Discourse™, has been doxxed 7 times, all for completely different things. Somehow still has thousands of followers despite being #confirmed Problematic
  • Sagittarius: animal blog that intentionally reblogs furry art. Alternatively, cyberpunk aesthetic and robotics projects. Mutuals with Leo, nobody knows why
  • Capricorn: one of those deep-tumblr memeing blogs that only posts original content. it's dadaist meta-level shitposting down there. follow them and you never recover
  • Aquarius: Obviously Fake Tumblr Stories, vagueing, comments on positivity posts with "but dont forget [x other unrelated group]!! uwu". posts too many selfies
  • Peixes: bad liberal discourse, a lot of pink aesthetics, flower crowns, reblogs Fake Tumblr Stories with "its true i was there! XD". Thinks they're next level social justice because they said racism was bad that one time